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Phuket (Patong) 29nov2016

Phuket (Patong) 29nov2016

Summary: Food is overpriced (twice of what you would pay elsewhere), gogo bars reasonably priced and good offers, beach looks much nicer than in Pattaya and now has umbrellas coming back, but still no beach chairs. Many Russian and Chinese tourists. As a gay prostitution destination, I consider Phuket a good alternative to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai.

Tue 29nov2016
Trip to southern Thailand with a Farang friend FF leads us to one night in Phuket (Patong). FF meats a friend in a restaurant (nothing special by my standards), and after looking at the menu, I decide I have to draw the line at 80 Baht for a water and leave to find reasonably priced food elsewhere.

My quest leads me to the food court of  Banzaan Fresh Market. The fact that there are signs in Chinese, and lobster (in a food court!) and no prices displayed should have clued me in; only after seeing what’s left on my cash card I see that Khao Pad Gai (basic dish chicken fried with rice) was 120 Baht! (To be fair, it was a big serving, so let’s generously assume it would have cost 60 Baht elsewhere in Thailand in a similar place).

For the rest of this short stay, I would live on food from 7/11 (same price as elsewhere in Thailand). Afternoon walk through Paradise Complex, massage places open but no cute boys.

Then to Patong Beach. Umbrellas are coming back, but still no beach chairs allowed, this is partially circumvented by making piles of sand to be used as beach chairs:

At night go to Paradise Complex. A first walk-around around 21:00 shows low numbers of boys and customers, and I wonder if I should rather go to bed, but stay on for research.

MO2 (in Thai โมทู, from that pronunciation mo-two) 21:22- Pineapple juice 160. One other customer. 6 boys in individual underwear and closed shoes on stages, and 5 more in white singlets and shorts sitting around and waiting for their turn to get on stage. Some real dancing on stage. One other customer. Mamasan tells me they have room for massage upstairs. 

I recognize one boy from Bangkok (had foot massage with him in preparation for more, but then he disappeared). Heavily tattooed and several mooks (from pictures and porn, I haven’t seen myself). Music, temperature, light ok, but rotation too slow. It took about one hour until I had seen all boys on stage. Ask mamasan for prices: off fee 500, short time 1500, long time 2000. I’m sure there is room for negotiation, I didn’t tell mamasan that I have spent a lot of time in Thailand, but as this is my first visit to Phuket bars I might have appeared to be a newbie.

Mamasan points to the stage and says all these boys can go with customer, whereas the others do not go. Seeing the surprise on my face, she adds it’s a joke, everyone can go. (Racist, anti-Semitic, jokes about gays, women, disabled people are fine with me, but jokes about boys not being offable are NOT FUNNY!)

They have only sofas, no couch, which is unsuitable to have someone sit next to you (I mean unsuitable for touching, there will be two armrests between you). When I leave 6 boys on stage and 12 sitting around and 4 customers. I would take 4 of their boys for free.

The Heavily tattooed boy appears in several amateur porn (pictures and video), and various others use his pictures on their profiles. Here a recent one from Line:

I can accept some tattoos, but the above is too much. But he has an awesome body, pic from just one or two years ago:

My Way 22:40-23:55. Pineapple juice 100 Baht (pay when order arrives). About 15 customers. When I arrive boys in white jeans on stage, then show 22:43-23:30. The usual ladyboy, singing, dancing stuff, plus a fire-eater and big cock at the end completely nude and walking through audience for a grope and a tip. At 100 Baht for non-alcoholic drink, this is by far the best value for money show in entire Thailand! Temperature and light ok, music too loud. There is a column in the middle of the room, blocks view to stage depending on where you sit.
Over 10 boys when I leave, quick rotation (between 1st and 2nd floor, going down on a chrome pole from second floor). 3 worth a second look, but wouldn’t take any of them for free. But I’m sure their boys would appeal to my readers.

My Way and Zap seem to share their boys, outside in white jeans shirtless, in bar in white trunks and closed shoes. I didn’t go into Zap.

Passport bar has all their boys clad in black (black jeans outside, black trunks on stage).

MO2, Zap, Passport have large windows, so you can partially see the boys on stage when walking past outside (whereas everywhere else – Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai – you might just be able to get a glimpse at the stage when the door is open).

More recent Phuket (Patong) reports see here:

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dating Thai boys (46) One-liners

Dating Thai boys (46) One-liners

A collection of one-liners regarding Thai boys and prostitution, with source where available.

If there is a will, there will be a fatal accident.
(Summarization of multiple deadly accidents shortly after the Thai boyfriend/girlfriend learnt that he/she is the beneficiary of the Farang’s will.)

If you want love in Thailand, rent it!
(Often quoted by gaybutton, original by Richard Burk.)

Lend money to a friend and you lose the money, the friend or both.

Original in German:
Wenn das Geld alle ist, ist auch die Liebe alle.
My translation:
When (the Farang’s) money runs out, 
(the Thai’s) love runs out as well.

A hard cock equals a soft heart and 
a soft cock equals a hard heart.
An old Thai saying according to an anonymous reader’s submission at However, none of my educated Thai friends knows it.

What’s the difference between a straight boy and a gay boy? 
5 beer or 500 Baht.

The 4 F in dealing with Thai money boys: 
find, fuck, feed and forget them.

How do you know a Thai money boy is lying to you? 
His lips are moving!

Prostitution is a job like any other. At least, it’s not dusty.
(My loyal reader vinapu). I compare prostitution to going to a restaurant or getting a haircut. You could do it yourself, but it’s nicer if you have someone else do it. Coincidentally, my mother goes to the hairdresser as often as I enjoy the company of money boys, and we spend about the same amount of money per encounter.

If you help a Thai boy when he has a problem, 
he will come to you every time he has a problem. 

When a Thai boy says “I want to take care of you”, it means he wants you to take care of him, his family and his village. (ChristianPFC)

When a Thai boy says “Yes”, it means he heard you, it does not necessarily mean he understood what you said or agrees with you. (ChristianPFC, but see the following)

Every answer other than an immediate and enthusiastic “Yes” is a “No”.
(Idea by Farang friend, wording by ChristianPFC, kind of contradictory to the previous)

If you go into a brothel, you will find hookers. 
(ChristianPFC on people who take boys out of gogo bars to become boyfriends.)

An empty stomach does not like to fuck.
Based on, from my time in the army:
Original in German: Ohne Mampf kein Kampf.
My translation: No food no fight.
Similar from my time in university:
Original in German: Ein leerer Bauch studiert nicht gern.
My translation: An empty stomach doesn’t like to study.

Finding a new sexual partner can be easier than meeting someone again.  
(ChristianPFC, after contacting over 5 boys on Line and not getting any of them come to my room, I just go to a sauna and hope I will find someone new.)

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Durian and pomelo varieties

Durian and pomelo varieties

Durian ทุเรียน tú rian

A display of rare and expensive gâan yaao variety whole fruit:

A display of common variety mŏn tong peeled:

Most common variety is หมอนทอง mŏn tong "golden pillow", rarer and more expensive varieties are ก้านยาว gâan yaao "long stem" and ชะนี chá-nee main meaning "gibbon" but side meaning "prostitute".

Names and shapes give rise to indecent thoughts:

There is even a website and a book The Durian Tourist's Guide To Thailand dedicated to the durian fruit.

mŏn tong comes in hard and soft, can easily distinguished by looking at how the foil it is wrapped in clings to the fruit.

Pomelo ส้มโอ sôm oh

I once bought an entire fruit and peeled it, the effort to peel it is not worth the money saved compared to peeled.

There are two main varieties on sale: ส้มโอสวนผึ้ง sôm oh sŭan pêung "bee garden" (reddish) and ส้มโอทองดี sôm oh tong dee "good gold" (yellow).

Other fruit that come in varieties are Mango มะม่วง má mûang and Banana กล้วย glûay.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Baan Hun Lek Ang Thong

Baan Hun Lek Ang Thong

Thai name บ้านหุ่นเหล็กอ่างทอง translates as "House of the metal men = robots in Ang Thong" (with the name of the province อ่างทอง Ang Thong meaning "golden basin").

14.6274133,100.4731769 = 14°37'38.7"N 100°28'23.4"E
directly east of hwy32 at km 56

Entry is 20 Baht (only 10 Baht coins accepted at turnstile), however the exit gate was wide open so we slipped in through the exit for free.



Their workshop:

Shop with items manufactured there for sale (food and drink for sale elsewhere on the premises as well):

  Pictures made of nails:

And animal statues made of old car tyres:

  Read here as well:

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Dragon Coffe Korat

Dragon Coffe Korat

Thai name หุ่นเหล็กโคราช which translates as "metal man = robot Korat" (other name of Nakon Ratchasima).

14°52'09.6"N 101°45'59.5"E = 14.869337, 101.766523 
directly south of hwy2, 40 km west of Nakorn Ratchasima

The dragon statues which gives it its name can easily be seen from hwy2 when driving past:

Giant Ganesha statue made of scrap metal:

While the cafe and the Ganesha are free to enter/view, the following part has an entry fee of 50 Baht:

Sometimes they display elsewhere:

read here as well (the only English language article I found):

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Gay activities Oct 2016

Gay activities Oct 2016

Thursday 20oct2016
Arrive in Bangkok, put my stuff in a friend’s room where I will sleep the first night and go out to look for new rom (I gave up my room of May2014-Sep2016 and put my stuff in a friend’s room). Cross paths with a Black money boy (details separately). 

Friday 21oct2016
Books or boys, what is more important? An easy to answer question. (Some day might post a list “Why books are better than boys”, for straights there are already lists “Why beer is better than women”). Spend the day at 21st National Book Exhibition in QSNCC. At night, meet BFC4in2016 for a walk around the Royal Palace. By chance, he found my blog! But still wants to see me.

At the end, chat becomes too emotional and gives me headache. It’s like listening to a foreign language when your level is intermediate, however in this case my English is better than his. Or another comparison talking about grammar, him talking to me about emotional stuff is like me asking an average native speaker about grammar intricacies.

We separate and will meet some day in Korat (his stay in Bangkok was only temporary).

Saturday 22oct2016
The cute boy who chatted me up in front of 7-Eleven near my room in Sep 2016 is on Line and now lives in Putthamonton Sai 3 wants to meet me in Central Plaza Rama 2 at 3 pm. I agree, but other business in Sathorn delays my departure and in addition, bus 141 doesn’t come. While waiting for bus 14:35-15:20 I message him about delay, messages not read. By the time bus 141 finally comes 15:20, I have made up my mind: ABORT!

Without reliable means of communication (boy is very slow on Line and has no phone?) it’s pointless going to Central Plaza Rama 2, even if he is there, it would be difficult to find him without agreeing on a meeting point. Spent one hour to/from bus stop and waiting for bus, will move on to someone closer and more reliable communication.

My current favorite boy Top Suk 62 has not been on Line for weeks. Call his phone numbers and after 5 calls to 3 different numbers/people, I can finally get him on the phone. He is still in a temple in Sakaeo (was supposed to be back in Bangkok end of lent).

I save phone number with “Name–location of boy-month-year” and then go back from most recent number. Sometimes he calls from friend’s phone, then I ask friend for his current location and current phone number.

Babylon Sauna 17:15-18:50. Entry 260 Baht. Over 100 customers, half White, half Asian, and 3 Black. One boy who is clearly my type passes, and spot several border cases, but no action for me today.

Seed 21:28-22:30. Entry 100. Spend most of the time on internet. About 15 customers throughout, some look promising. At the end, hook up with J who speaks good English and lives nearby and invites me to stay overnight. Skip Farose 2 and go with him. J tells me you can keep your key when you leave Seed and come back later and don’t have to pay entry again.

Sunday 23.10.2016
When I wake up, J tells me that my clothes were smelling and they are now in the washing machine and then will need one hour to dry. And indeed, the contents of my pockets is neatly piled up on the table. An inacceptable breach of my privacy. Rules him out as boyfriend candidate. But an intellectual match: master student of veterinary medicine and fluent in English (and had Farang boyfriend before).

Another visit to book expo in QSNCC.

Laem Tong sex cinema is on the way home and time is right. Details there as comment, nothing to write home about.

Have the masseur Lek Lao come to see me in my room. Everything fine as last time.

Seed 22:04-56. Less than 10 customers throughout, none my type. On both Sat and Sun there was a note that you can enter fully dressed, seems theme days abolished (naked day wasn’t observed anyway).

Farose 2 23:20-01:35. Increases from less than 50 to more than 50 customers. One other Farang. No more cats, but still one dog. 4 bordercases, one follows me so we have a wank. Slim and brown, but a bit too hairy. Don’t exchange phone numbers. To put it poetic: our liaison would not have survived the next morning’s daylight. Of the other border cases, I find one sleeping (passed out from alcohol?) and put my hand up his shorts: hairy upper thigh, no way!

They put a towels over the doors to prevent slamming, how clever!

Tue 25 to Thu 27oct2016 Pattaya separately: 

Thursday 27oct2016
A Cambodian boy J had messaged me on gayromeo. Profile looks promising, so I follow his invitation to meet in Telephone bar (after asking if he is moneyboy: no). All fine, but more PDA (public display of affection) from his side than I am comfortable with. As I just moved, my room is untidy, so we have a look at his place first. He actually works in Pattaya and is in Bangkok for holiday over the weekend and stays at EVE guesthouse near Soi Twilight. No aircon and shared bathroom on the floor. At 700 per night, this place is overpriced, will point him to something cheaper and better or even let him stay with me next time he is in Bangkok.

Taxi to my room where we have a good time. In fact, the wildest sex I remember. Almost lost my dental fillings. Will need some days rest after that.

Friday 28oct2016
Sake disco 23:26-01:58. Meet a Farang friend there. When I arrive, only about 20% full, but midnight fills up. There is a show 00:26-01:18. First ladyboys, lipsynch and dancing, then 00:55 about 10 coyote boys (none of them my type) who later mingle with audience.

Some boys are worth a second look, but a boy NCS65 I have met on hornet months ago and been chatting with is in Khao San, so I go to see him there.

Around 2 am disassembly at Khao San and places closing. Have dinner with NCS65 and he wants to come to my room. We go to bed and try to sleep, with the occasional touching, then finally around 4 am have sex. The following morning another round. My type and my style, BFC5in2016.

Take bus to Victory Monument and split there. He goes home and I go sightseeing.

And that’s the last I have seen or heard of him. Messages on Line not answered, can’t find his profile on hornet and our chat is gone.

Sat 29 to Mon 31oct2016
Now really take a break from boys, do some sightseeing and tidy up my room.

Summary 20-31oct2016:
6 gogo bars: Nice Boys, Dream Boys, 360 Degree, Vassa, Power Boys, Kawaii.
5 free sex: Seed, Farose 2, J Cambodia and NCS65 twice.
4 saunas: Babylon, Seed, Seed, Farose 2.
2 paid sex: Lek Lao massage 1000, Kawaii.
1 no sex BFC4in2016.
1 no show: boy in Putthamonthon 3 / Central Rama 2.

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