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Gay activities Jan 2017

Gay activities Jan 2017

Details about Nake sauna, dating Thai boys, another thief?

Wed 4jan2017
Nake 21:20-23:20. About 10-15 customers, none my type. While waiting for show to start (and the performers Bom and other boy waiting as well, estimated 20 min for signal from management to start), I have a look at their porn: Japanese pixelated leather bondage, not my style, but interesting that the performer got to precum dripping out just from nipple play. Show about 22:25-23:15 (still going when I leave).

Part of the sauna only opened for show. This time they had an emcee for the show, which partially fucked it up. Best was weeks ago, when the boys just lay down on the mattress and everyone can grope/suck/wank/fuck within reason. First the other boy dancing, then Bom dancing, then both together. Only after that, the part where customers can touch started. Bom pleasant body odor* and warm and dry skin. But another customer is quicker and gives a long blowjob to Bom, so I can get only one hand on his body, and even that in an uncomfortable position. But later they separate and I get my hands on Bom and have a wank into the towel (in darkrooms, sometimes you step into sticky liquids that could be cum, lube, saliva, whatever)(not counted as sex in summary).

*Showering before sex destroys skin temperature, humidity, body odor equilibrium. Best is if the boy showers hours before, then everything can be perfect, like in this case.

Thu 5jan2017
Ball from Sanam Luang comes to my room, 520 for wanking. Skin temperature and dryness ok, but can’t remove ตะกรุด dtà-grùt (string around his waist to carry amulets like ปลัดขิก bpà-làt-kìk - penis shaped amulet).

Fri 6jan2017
Meet BFC3in2016 for a visit to National Museum, then Patpong night market. In my room, we have a look at maps, where I notice again that he cannot fold maps. Once the map is unfolded, he is totally clueless how to fold it, and I have to take it out of his hands to avoid damage.

Sat 7jan2017
Meet a boy from hornet, Tee in Bang Sue in his room for 500. Will meet again some day. (Full story might be reported separately.)

Farose 1, stay 18:20-20:26. Entry 120 Baht. Small towels. No dress code, from underwear to fully dressed and one in kind of leotard. Some weird characters (as during previous visits), meant in a positive way. Excessive smoking, everywhere in the sauna. Sauna and steam room luke warm, Jacuzzi cold. Several cats. Part of the sauna is now blocked (too dilapidated, number of customers too low to keep everything open?). Around 7pm, food is served in the roof garden (rice and one other dish, too spicy). There is supposed to be a cabaret show at 11pm.

One cute customer. Burmese, but born in Saraburi and spent all his life in Thailand. After noticing my interest and before starting to chat, he asks another customer to translate: he lost his locker key and if I could give him 200 Baht to pay as fine. Not a good start. Refuse. But later chat him up again, he seems interested and we exchange Line. But then smoking and playing with his phone. Lets me put my hand in his pants and gets hard after a few gropes (but afterwards my fingers smell of his cock, and that’s meant in a negative way). I realize I wasted an hour and leave, might meet another time.

Nake 22:00-23:39. Entry 199 Baht for special show. About 30 customers and 20 spectators. Special show about 22:30 to 23:30. 4 Actors (Bom and other cute boy Gop, other 2 too fat) and 2 supporting staff. Emcee bearable. First show (can watch, but not touch), and I didn’t understand how the orgy part was supposed to work, there was a migration of people up and down the stairs and in and out of the cabins, in the end I didn’t even get to touch Bom!

Food more choice than usual, even brownies cut into cubes. (With halved toothpicks to handle them, but not in all of them. In half-darkness, I recognized the halved toothpick just before putting the brownie in my mouth, and subsequently removed all halved toothpicks so nobody gets injured.) Some customers bordercase, but no action for me. I won a water boiler in the lottery, passed it to another boy as I have one already.

Farose 2, stay 00:10-01:52. About 5 candidates, but none interested. Several Farang as well.

Sun 8jan2017
Last message on Line by Boss McDo was 1jul2016, after that my messages not read, I finally gave up. But now suddenly reply, and he wants to meet me. He works near my place and finishes work at midnight, so I don’t contact any other boys or go anywhere all evening and night. Slow chat between midnight and 1 am, finally 1:21 am I call him and he wants to postpone to tomorrow. Switch my phone to airplane mode and go to bed. Following morning see a missed call 2:06 am. I vaguely remember previous encounters were similar: finish work midnight, then eating and drinking with friends, and 2 am to my place. But I value a good sleep at midnight more than free sex at 2 am. 

In brief: No sex after midnight!

Mon 9jan2017
Afternoon meet a boy Oat from hornet in Central World. A bit too hairy. Fishing for an invitation to my room, so we go on his mocy. Great in bed, will surely meet again (despite too hairy).

At night meet another boy Champ from hornet in Central Rama 9. Good English, no character flaws, but not a clear hit (neither was Oat, but then great in bed). Boy is fishing for invitation to my room, but this time I have to say goodbye and go home alone, to sleep soon.

Tue 10jan2017
The boy Yoi from my neighborhood hasn’t replied anything understandable after 17may2016 to my messages on facebook (I wrote “Hello” about twice per month), but was online regularly, and finally replied, and now in my room. Almost missed, we agreed on 16:00, I later wrote that I would like to change to 16:30, but he hadn’t read the message (has no mobile phone), and was there already 15:35 waiting for me until I was back 16:15. Everything fine, he wants to come again tomorrow, but that's too quick for me, postpone by 2 weeks.

(Update 10feb2017: same problem: online but doesn’t read my messages.)

At night dinner in Soi Twilight with B and N. Afterwards they go to Classic Boys (get in for 300 without problem, official price is 400), but I have another boy scheduled. (B says it was disappointing, low number of boys, none cute, boring show.)

Bow from NBL (first chat 26.09.2011 (!!!) on Camfrog, then Dec2016 first met in real life) is in Bangkok and stays in a hotel near my place (5 min walking). I go to see him (quicker than explaining how to get to my place, anyway he is in a hotel which will be tidier than my room) and we have a few hugs and gropes. But both of us are tired, so I invite myself to stay over night.

Wed 11jan2017
Wake up around 9 am. Bow is sound asleep. Fully wrapped in blanket, wearing shorts, I can’t even get my hands on his body without distortion. There I am with my morning erection and a boy next to me, our bodies and mattress in thermal equilibrium. Some indecent touching and wait for him to wake up, but around 9:45 hunger and boredom drives me out of bed and home for breakfast. An hour later message: Bow is getting up and out for business in Bangkok.

Nake 22:00-23:47. Nude day observed. Over 10 customers, none my type. Show about 22:20-23:10, Bom and other boy. Over 5 spectators during show, some of them too shy to come in, stand on the floor or in the door (similar on previous visits). I let a boy who is too fat and too pale for my taste play (wank and suck) with my dick, while waiting for a chance to get my hands on Bom (busy with someone else). After about half an hour I give up and leave.

(I should offer the owner a fucking show with Bom and me, and offer Bom to keep all the money. Would that still require a work permit, and how to word it?)

I thought that was it, but on the way to locker room spot a cute boy (warm and dry skin, very shapely), and he seems interested. Follow cute boy into cubicle, and there is a queue to fuck him, I’m 2nd of 3. It’s a biological miracle that I can get fully hard and fuck him, after getting half-hard and soft several times before (after a few hard-soft changes, it’s usually over for me).

Slowly it dawns on me: it’s the 30 year old from Fri 23dec2016, with short haircut even more attractive than last time. Having sex with a 30 year old once can be dismissed as “wouldn’t stand the test of daylight”, but twice, there must be something to it. Exchange Line. (Last time I didn’t ask for Line because I have a back lag of boys from Nov 2016 on, whom I had a good time with in sauna, but meeting again failed so far despite occasional chat. But this one seems to be different.)

FB1in2016 (favorite boy 1 in 2016) Top calls when I’m on my way home. He is in the area, so I invite him. Mistake! He is late (and I’m tired, just waiting for him to arrive before going to bed) and I’m not looking for sex. After short chat, send him away with 100. I had similar situations before with other boys, lesson learned: no appointments after midnight, and say “no” even if it’s the third time in a row.

Thu 12jan2017
Top comes again, 11:30-12:40. I’m not horny, and there is not much to talk about, so I ask him to give me a massage after some awkward silence (and I can’t just hand out money for nothing). He misinterprets this, and soon gets naked and hard (I deliberately don’t get hard after over-sexed yesterday). Our previous sex I filed as “so-so”, but this was good, give him 500 (filed under “paid sex” in summary).

Fri 13jan2017
Paradise sauna 17:55-19:27. From about 10 customers to about 20 customers, 2 bordercase. Sauna and steam warm, one hot shower, free unlimited self-serve soft drinks, part of 2nd floor blocked (was accessible last time I went), small towel, customers in underwear. Karaoke room in operation.

I wanted to go to Cruising sauna Ratchayothing, but feel slightly unwell and tired, with hindsight harbinger of upcoming diarrhea.

Sat 14jan2017
Last message on Line with Boss Vipa16 was 15may2016, after that not read. Now finally reply. The third miraculous (looking for a word: online again after long absence) of a boy I thought I had lost. (Update 10feb2017: keep in touch, but haven’t met again.)

In evening notice red spots on my glans.   

Sun 15jan2017
Red spots increased, and now on inner foreskin as well. Cancel trip to Korat and go to Pulse Clinic instead to have it checked (with other medical problems I would wait at least two days to clear up by themselves, but penis is nothing to joke about). Doctors diagnoses balanitis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanitis and prescribes Clotrimazol, which works quickly.

Now it all falls into place: I can’t remember most of my 65 sexual partners from last year, my penis is overworked and I’m in a sauna fatigue and tired of online dating as well.

Mon 16jan2017
Ball comes in the evening and stays over night, no activities, 300 Baht.

Tue 17jan2017
Feeling much better (balanitis and diarrhea almost over), venture to Nake to make use of my 3 entries for 299 THB within two weeks of purchase before they expire.

Nake 21:30-23:27. Over 10 customers throughout, a good number for weekday night. Army night, most customers in just underwear, some with that camouflage see-through loincloth that is provided tucked in. Two shapely boys Gap and Bank. (Shapely refers to body, cute to face, in this case inferring that I would not have chosen them as sexual partners by face.) Gap is cold and wet after shower, give him some time to warm up. Gap is interested but too shy to come to a room. While we sit in the communal area, a crowd of up to 8 gathers and everyone wants to have a grope at my cock, beard and nose to check if it’s genuine.  Nothing forthcoming with Gap, separate and focus my attention on Bank, who is interested and finally comes with me to a room. That room has a gap under the door, and Bank is concerned someone could look in the room through that gap, so we have to move mattress to block the view. Lackluster wanking (don’t know if that’s his style or if he has no sexual interest and was just curious about Farang).

Rest (still not fully recovered from diarrhea and balanitis, and not in the mood for sex).

Fri 20jan2017
Kot messages me in the morning. After being away/busy/not horny several times before when he messaged me, now is his chance. Wants to meet 11, finally arrives 12:30. Have some nice time, but still: my type, not my style, as before. Give him 500.

At night, Boss McDo comes (after fail on 8jan2017). Arrives 23:40 directly after work (but told me finishes midnight). Smells of cigarette and a bit fat, but perfect warm and dry skin. Records video (?) with his mobile, and when I afterwards ask to see it, tells me he deleted it already. Should have asked and prohibited as soon as I noticed that he uses his mobile during sex.

Asks me for boxers to wear in my room, and then would have worn them and taken them out if I had not intercepted him. (Lost a T-shirt to him and to another boy this way.)

Update 16feb2017: On 26jan2017 (during trip to Esan) I can’t find my Bluetooth headphones. Then in Feb search in my room, can’t find them. Now I finally see a connection to Boss McDo's visit, and check my notes: fits perfectly! The last location I remember was where they could easily be grabbed by a boy (I actually put them where I can see them so I take them to the trip, but because I didn't see them I didn't think about them). The other boy who borrowed a T-shirt and didn’t return it turned out to be a thief. This boy Boss McDo probably is a thief as well. I will invite him again with preparation (nothing worth stealing lying around, secretly record video), and hope he brings the headphones (they are paired to my mobile phone, so I can proof they are mine). That is assuming he managed to pair them to his phone (I had to read the manual - which I still have - to do so) and uses them.They cost me about 1600 Baht when I bought them in 2013. How much would he get selling them second hand?

Update 19feb2017. My only long-sleeved shirt is missing as well. And I remember, I noticed the boy had a bag when he came to see me, and I subconsciously took my trousers (with wallet and mobile) with me in into bathroom when I took a shower. I know where he works, so I will pass and see if my phone's bluetooth can recognize my headphones from outside.
Wants to meet friends and go to market and come back at 3 am and stay over night, no way! I will be asleep and mobile switched off. Asks for an unspecified amount of money, and as he just mentioned Saphan Phut market I give him 100 which is ample to go there. But he has to pick up friends in On Nut first, so I give him 100 more. Might meet again some day, but make clear first: no smoking, no video recording.

Sun 22jan2017
Start of Isan trip. First night in Khon Kaen, where I know a boy, but when I’m in the hotel at night and message him, both of us are tired and rather sleep than meet for se.

Tue 24jan2017
Udon Thani. UD sauna, details there, no actitivity for me. This is the only remaining gay venue in Udon Thani (Boy Zone closed long ago, disco Welcome UD closed about 1-2 years ago).

Thu 26jan2017
In Korat over night. Meet BFC4in2016 for dinner. Hornet in Korat looks promising. I never stayed in Korat before (only passing through many times), but will go again some day (some interesting temples in town as well).

Fri 27jan2017
Back in Bangkok. Ball messages me and is not deterred when I tell him I’m busy. Plays on his mobile phone while I’m on computer. No sign of him leaving any time soon. Telling him that nothing will happen tonight, and I want to be alone in my room now, would be rude. So at 21:00 I leave and take him out with me and give him 100. Afterwards some drama online: it took him long time to come to see me and long time to get back, he will not come again (update: he quickly got over that).

Mind sauna Phra Khanong 21:44-22:05. Entry 99 Baht (before 21 entry 159). Less than 10 customers. Open 15-24. Everything as I remember from last visit about 2 years ago.

Sat 28jan2017
Nake 21:55-23:06. About 30 customers, about 20 spectators during show. Show starts about 22:30 (schedule and real). Now they have 2 performers, one DJ/MC and 2 supporting staff! Two cute boys, one Bom-lookalike, but both skin too cold and wet. Now several corners in the sauna too dark, in locker room as well (can barely read locker number). After some months of visiting, already a decline.

Farose 2 saty 23:35-00:47. Brimming. Boy Rama 2 is there again, that is awkward as I will not have sex with him in the sauna, only when he comes to my room. Some other cute boys, another Bom-lookalike (no hair on legs).

Sun 29jan2017
Top comes to my room, we have a good time despite cold butt cheeks and weak smell of cigarette. 1000 Baht for rent (and last time it was 1000 for mocy repair, have to watch that this doesn’t get out of hand).

Free time at night, go to Zy massage (former Lomchoey). I spotted several bordercases when walking past. Today is Lek’s day (20yo from Nakon Phanom, or rather Lao?). After taking cold shower (they have no hot water) alone, massage starts 21:25. Lek in the nude. Good massage, and he soon indicates that he is up for more (by taking my hand and putting it on his hard dick). But I’m not in the mood for sex, and tell him so. Nonetheless, we have an interlude where he kisses me and makes me wank him. Then continue massage and shower together. 22:25 I’m out of the shop. 500 for massage and 300 tip. Talented boy, but too fat and too cold skin for my taste.

Pattaya, reported separately:

Summary jan20176:
4 free sex: Oat hornet, Bow NBL Camfrog 2011, 30yo Nake, Bank Nake.
1 unclear: Boss McDo 200.
7 paid sex: Ball 520, Tee Bang Sue 500, Top 500, Kot 500, Top 1000, Petch Dream Boys Pattaya 1000, Tor Pattaya 1000=5200.

10 Saunas: Nake, Farose 1, Nake, Farose 2, Nake, Paradise, Nake, Mind, Nake, Farose 2.
4 gogo bars:  Nice Boys, Cupidol, Dream Boys Pattaya, Power Boys.
6 no sex: BFC3in2016, Champ, Top 100, Ball 300, BFC4in2016, Ball 100 = 500.
1 no show: Boss McDo.
1 massage: Zy (former Lomchoey) with Lek, no sex, 500+300.
5 boys from online: Tee Bang Sue hornet, Oat hornet, Champ hornet, Bow NBL Camfrog 2011.
3 boys back on Line after I thought I had lost them (after about 6 months my messages not read).

My new year’s resolution to have sex only when it’s free and at a place and time of my choice failed spectacularly.

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Rare Stones Museum in Pathum Thani

Rare Stones Museum in Pathum Thani

Location of entrance:
14.005103, 100.563966 = 14°00'18.4"N 100°33'50.3"E
The museum used to be in Silom and moved to Pathum Thani in 2008. There are still maps on the internet that show location in Silom (and various other wrong places), and there is still an official road sign in Silom road pointing to the museum.

29/2 Moo 1 Rangsit - Pathum Thani Road, Ban Klang, Amphoe Mueang Pathum Thani 12000
29/2 ม.1 ถนน รังสิต-ปทุม, ตำบล บ้านกลาง, อำเภอ เมืองปทุมธานี, จังหวัด ปทุมธานี 12000 ประเทศไทย

open every day 9-17, entry adult 60 Baht, child 40

No public transport that I know of. From Rangsit railway station, it is 5.0 km along hwy 346, or from Future Rangsit 6.5 km, in both cases westwards.

Landline zero-two-five-eight-one-four-eight-three-five didn't work when I called, but on 092-564-4561 I got confirmation that the museum is open.

Not a museum in the European sense that there are explanations and you can learn something, rather a collection of oddities mostly without comment.

Upon asking, I learnt that these green, blue and purple obsidian come from Bo Ploi (Kanchanaburi province). I knew only black obsidian before. Most pieces in the exhibition have a price tag.

Beside stones, there are ashtrays, cigarette cards and matchboxes as well:

We spent an hour in the museum, and it was well worth the time and money. 

further reading:
http://www.tourismthailand.org/Attraction/Rare-Stone-Museum--2292 (wrong location)

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Royal Barges Museum in Bangkok

Royal Barges Museum in Bangkok

National Museum of Royal Barges
พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติ เรือพระราชพิธี

13.761955, 100.484557 = 13°45'43.0"N 100°29'04.4"E
Easily accessible by bus 19, 57, 91, 127, 146, 149, 157, 169, 177. From main road (Thanon Arun Amarin ถนนอรุณอมรินทร์) it's about 300 m walk, with many turns, through a slum. Signs at every turn. The museum has a pier, but no public boats stops there.

Open 9-17 every day, entry 100 Baht, for taking pictures additional 100 Baht.

All explanations are in English and Thai.

The museum seen from the pier (high water level in Nov):

I went with a friend, we spent half an hour in the museum, and there were few other visitors.

When passing on main road, I spotted royal barges on the western side (the museum is on eastern side), and satellite image shows royal barges in the open (the museum I went to is the large white/metal roof, there might be another with the multiple small red rooves/roofs, requires further reseach):

further reading:

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Khanesha Gallery in Hua Hin

Khanesha Gallery in Hua Hin
คเณชา แกลเลอรี หัวหิน

Khanesha is alternative romanization of Ghanesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god.

Khanesha Gallery
15/1 Chomsin rd, Hua Hin 55
Hua Hin, Prachaup Khirikhan, Thailand, 77110

open Mon-Thu 11-20, Fri-Sun 10-20
entry Thai adult 150, Foreign adult 300, free for children under 120 cm, monks, students with ID, disabled.

I got a ticket for 100 Baht, valid one year, at their booth at travel fair in Queen Sirikit Center. 

Tour starts on 5th floor (with large windows, view over Hua Hin), some pictures I took of the artwork displayed:

All the art is by Rachan Saengthong ราชัน แสงทอง, here biography from book at the exhibition:


More pictures above reception:

1st floor (=ground floor) reception, 2nd floor shop, 3rd-5th floor exhibition. I spent there , time and money well spent. No busy, I was the only visitor during my stay.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

New songtheo lines in Pattaya

New songtheo lines in Pattaya

On 24dec2016, songtheos in Pattaya have been organized into lines. There are 4 lines named 4,5,6,7 (sic!). 

4 Bali Hai pier - Banglamung
5 Charoenpattana village - Na Jomtien
6 Circle line
7 North Pattaya - Central Pattaya

They are all dark blue and bear the name of the line on front:

(They all have line number and end points in Thai on the side, but these have long been abandoned.)

Price remains at 10 Baht (there were discussions to raise it to 20, which I find outrageous - songtheos everywhere else in Thailand cost between 7 and 10 Baht update - except Chiang Mai 20 Baht, see comment), but you still don't know if a passing songtheo is regular or hired.

Best map of old baht-bus routes is here:

Map of current lines (the colors are arbitrary, all songtheos in Pattaya are dark blue; but elsewhere they are color-coded):

from: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/960043-baht-bus-route-signs-new/ (with separate map for each line and list of places they pass in Thai; despite search in English and Thai and by picture, I couldn't find another source)

In my opinion, an improvement from the previous situation. Let's see how long these lines stay. Remember what happened to the designated areas to stop for getting passengers on and off?

Other baht-bus lines around Pattaya:
1631จ (Joo Jaan) white Nakluea - Sattahip นาเกลือ - สัตหีบ
6079 dark red Nakluea - Siam Country Club 

นาเกลีย - สยามคันตรีคลับ (via Sukhumvit Pattaya Soi 53, not Soi Siam Country Club)
6085 light blue Nakluea - Pattaya Tai - Lotus - Chak Ngaeo 

นาเกลีย - พัทยาใต้ - โลตัส - ชากแง้ว
do my readers know more?

Language note: baht-bus = songhteo สองแถว literally "two rows (of seats in the back of a pick-up truck)". Baht-bus because they cost 1 Baht when they were introduced?

The subject has been discussed on forums, e.g. Thaivisa (see link above) and here: Major changes for Pattaya baht bus system ?

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Pattaya 30jan-1feb2017

Pattaya 30jan-1feb2017

Monday 30jan2017
Bus from Bangkok to North Pattaya Bus station. I’m lucky and instantly (but had to wait long on other occasions) get a songtheo that passes on North Pattaya road and goes to Walking Street for 10 Baht (at the bus station they ask for 50).

My favorite place Baan Dok Mai is booked out, so I have to look around for some place to stay. Marina Inn, Ting Tong red, Baan Lek, the Thai place (advertisement “room for rent” only in Thai) diagonally across all full, finally Ben Sri has rooms for 800.  

I haven't paid that much for a room since 2010, but size and standard of the room is good, and I don't want to walk around any longer looking for room. 1000 Baht deposit, and originally they even wanted to keep my passport at reception, but waive that when I refuse. All boys I brought had to leave their ID at reception, and when they left alone reception called me in my room.

Nice Boys 20:22-21:01. Orange juice 150 Baht (no pineapple juice). 7 boys and no customers when I arrive. Boys in individual underwear (trunks, briefs) and closed shoes. Some cock on display. #12 (tattoo on right upper arm) is the cutest, tip him 100 Baht and check skin temperature: ok. Might take him another time. When I leave, 10 boys and 5 customers.

Say hello to Farang friends in Sunee. I should have opened “No handshake, I just touched a boy’s cock.” Witty reply would have been “In that case, I want to suck on your fingers.”

Pass Boys-Boys-Boys, one very cute, tall slim boy in jeans outside. Several tattoos, one a stylized depiction of two people in intercourse on his abdomen. Does anyone know him?

Spot 3 available boys on Beach Road.

Cupidol 21:48-22:47. Pineapple juice 160 Baht. Up to 20 boys on stage and 5 sitting with customer, in white individual underwear (briefs, trunks), bare feet. About 20 customers. The place is full, stage and audience. Two cute boys: #40 Tor whom I know from before and #51, but crab ladder. Tip Tor 100 (we chatted on Line a month ago, can get him directly when I want).

Have a look into 360 degree bar: about 5 boys in jeans on stage, didn’t spot any customer. Tell mamasan that I want to see boys in underwear. The very cute boy with big cock and owl tattoo on chest, whom I was enamored with on my last visit, is there again, sitting outside, but doesn’t notice me.

Dream Boy 22:58-23:24. Hot tea 170. Only 5 boys and no customer when I enter, but one of the boys is worth a closer look. Individual underwear, closed shoes. Staff says they had 15 boys when they opened, but now most taken off. I chatted with the cute boy Pet on hornet Aug-Dec 2015, now I see him in real life first time, and take him off (400). As soon as I call the boy over, staff who was sitting next to me gets up to get him a drink without waiting for my confirmation. But I don’t want to sit and drink, I want to get the boy back to my room. When the bill comes, I refuse to pay the boy drink (200), and it is taken off my bill without discussion.

Pet speaks some English, so we do all chat in English. I spot 844 unread messages on his hornet. He is surprised that I have his old hornet (where we chatted Aug-Dec 2015) on my phone. Gayromeo deletes these abandoned accounts, but on hornet they accumulate. He is not on gayromeo, but we exchange facebook.

Screenshot of his old hornet (current is @dy4w6):

Very shapely and talented, but medium size dick (didn’t get hard) and balls/crotch too hairy for my taste. 1000 well deserved. From Lao; I have had at least 5 Lao money boys in Thailand, and all good. Out 00:22, and after that I sleep. 

Tue 31jan2017
Visit two Farang friends in Huay Yai, then go to a temple. Back in hotel 19:30. I should have booked only one night and left my luggage at reception, then I could return to Bangkok now.

But with another night paid for, I have to do something. Tor (#40 Cupidol) takes the decision out of my hands. He remembered me and found our chat on Line and wants to come. On time 21:00, dinner first, then to my room. The best mannered boy I have met, excuses for using his phone during dinner, later asks if he can smoke (that’s a clear “NO” from me). Very shapely, big cock, no hair on balls or crotch, but I can’t rekindle the excitement when I met him first time on 12nov2014: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/11/pattaya-11-13112014.html Nonetheless, 1000 well deserved. We leave 22:35, too early for me to sleep.

Walk past Good Boys, many boys and several I would take, same as yesterday.

Power Boys 22:50-23:25. Hot tea 135 (no pineapple juice). 8 boys on stage, 3 customers who have 5 boys sitting with them. Individual underwear, bare feet. When I leave 11 boys on stage and 3 sitting with customers, 7 customers.

Both days on hornet surprisingly low number of messages, about 5 boys wrote to me. Find some old acquaintances again on hornet.

New Queens bar closed, there is a long dark stretch now at night (places next to it vacant as well).

Former Funny Boys (gogo bar) now converted to a beer bar Prism.

Wed 1feb2017

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