Saturday, 27 August 2016

Cham Yeam to Baan Hat Lek border crossing

Cham Yeam (Cambodia) to Baan Hat Lek (Trat Thailand)

My plan changed back to original (because friend in Battambang not available, stay one day longer in Phnom Penh to wait for friend who lives there).

Wed 10.08.2016
Check at Sorya: no buses to Koh Kong any more (and new table with destinations without Koh Kong, while the picture I took in January still had Koh Kong). Lady at counter recommends I take taxi, but then I can find someone else who points me to G.S.T. (about 50 m south-east of Sorya) where I get a ticket to Koh Kong for 9 USD (staff tells me to be at G.S.T. bus station 7:00, departure will be 7:30 from in front of bus station). Furthermore check Mekhong Express and Capitol Tours: no buses to Koh Kong! (I didn’t check with Giant Ibis Transport, Tep Sokha Express and Virak Bothan Bus.)

Thu 11.08.2016
Arrive at G.S.T. bus station 6:45 and show staff my ticket to Koh Kong, then have breakfast around the corner. Then back at 7:25, they put me on a tuk-tuk with two local passengers to drive us to Olympic transport (Olongpich transport, street 217 between street 328 and 338, 11.554733,104.9056134),

where we board the bus and depart 7:42. It takes a while to get out of Phom Penh (slow traffic). Stop at Phnom Penh Bakery 8:23-30, stop for toilet and lunch 11:01-28, arrive at Koh Kong bus station (just a field and a roofed waiting area at 11.6195648,102.9857148 about 1km by road to the bridge) 13:31. Apart from aircon too cold, a quick and pleasant ride that was not delayed by medium rain. (Insert is information table I saw at the bus stop, don't know if this information is correct and complete.)

At the bus station get a motorbike for 3 USD to take me to the border crossing (11 km, 13:34-51), after original asking price of 5 USD. Toll for bridge (1400 Riel) included, don’t know if there is any parking fee as he said, well then that’s included as well. After about 1 km and some small talk in good English, change to another mocy and driver who takes me the rest of the way to the border. Maybe they have only one who speaks good English and approaches foreigners?

View from Cambodian side:

Immigration departure Cambodia 13:54-56, immigration arrival Thailand 14:04-07. The fastest and most pleasant land border crossing I have experienced in South-East Asia (comparison with Nong Khai to Vientiane twice, Vientiane to Nong Khai, Sadao in both directions, Poipet to Aranyaprathet, Luang Prabang to Chiang Rai, Phnom Penh to Saigon).

View from Thai side:

On the Thai side, there are vans (6107 Trat - Khlong Yai - Hat Lek) at the border, they will leave when full (which might take an hour judging by low traffic). Approach mocy taxi drivers and get to narrowest point of Thailand for 60 Baht (about 7 km ride, 14:22-33). After walking around there, hitchhike to Khlong Yai (lady who stops for me even calls songtheo in Khlong Yai and delivers me to their stop – such acts of kindness by strangers happen to me all the time when I travel in non-touristy areas in Thailand, having a good command of Thai probably helps), 60 Baht to Trat (15:09-16:40).

Side note about google maps: Cambodia is not available for download for offline use. But when I zoom in and move around the areas I need on my phone, it saves these areas in cache and I can navigate without internet connection. (I don’t want to buy a SIM card for 3 days in Cambodia, but I want to use google maps.)

For my questions before the trip and report as above but without pictures see here:

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gay saunas in Phnom Penh Aug 2016

Gay saunas in Phnom Penh Aug 2016

Details about M Health Spa #175 Street 254 and Love Spa For Man #103 Street 105. For other places see my report from Jan 2016:

Currently there seem to be 5 gay saunas in Phnom Penh, from north to south:
CLOSED Galaxy Khmer Sauna & Spa #18 Street 246 CLOSED,
M Health Spa #175 Street 254 (between street 51 and 55),
Love Spa For Man #103 Street 105 (corner of street 105 and 350),
Hatha Khmer Spa, Sauna and Gym #59 Street 350 (between street 105 and 113),
AMAM Café & Spa #20A Street 390 (between street 113 and 143),
Arthur & Paul #27 Street 71 (between street 398 and 400),
CLOSED Khmer Sauna & Spa #26B Street 410 (between street 123 and 135) CLOSED.

Love Spa For Man Tue 09.08.2016
Entry 3 USD, stay 18:15-46. Two floors. Everything as I remember from my visit in Jul 2014. Estimated 20-30 customers, none my type. Locker room and and sauna well lit, groups shower and Jacuzzi too dark, steam room completely dark. Upper floor private rooms and rooms for massage (and some fully dressed masseurs offering their service). Jacuzzi with warm water.

Hatha Khmer Spa, Sauna and Gym Tue 09.08.2016
About 50 m west of Love Spa For Man. When I arrive, staff tells me they have only sauna, no massage service, but at the moment all lockers are occupied. Have dinner first and return to stay 19:16-20:24. Entry 3 USD. Three floors. The place is brimming with estimated 50 customers, several look promising, but when I finally have a clear hit, he is not interested. First time I see effeminate Cambodian boys. Locker room (well lit) busy throughout with over 5 people in there, and that’s the last time you can get a clear look because everywhere else is too dark. Jacuzzi with luke warm water.

Clearly best value for money of all saunas I have been to in Phnom Penh and clearly the place with highest probability of finding someone for me.

Both places have free drinking water (single use plastic cups), supply white flip flops, customers walk around in towel, staff speaks English. 

I saw at least one customer with a surgical mask in each sauna (I have seen people with glasses or hats in saunas, but surgical mask is a first).

Continue to Khmer Sauna & Spa #26B Street 410. Can’t find #26B, only #26. There are no signs (there is a small sign on google street view from Dec 2013). Ask locals: they seem to know the place and lead me to #26. Due to total lack of signage, I would tentatively say it’s closed permanently.

Walk past M Health Spa Wed 10.08.2016 in the afternoon to check if it’s open. It is, and two customers who are near reception offer me massage (or anything else I want), but I have an appointment for the evening already.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Dating Thai boys (42) Z is back!

Dating Thai boys (42) Z is back!

I told Z that I don't want to see him again because he lied to me too often (and two other Farangs I know report problems with him), but keep him in gayromeo and facebook. Here screenshots from our interesting last conversations (on gayromeo for computer you can only save messages you receive; messages you sent will be delated after some days; but on my mobile whole conversation is available, however only as screenshot, not as text):

Then he contacted me again and I just copied my previous message.
Usually I am more diplomatic, but here only the truth helps:
I am not away, I am not busy, I just don't want to see you again!
In addition, this guy is one of the two people I ever had to block on Line.

Z is referring to me letting him sleep in the hallway in front of my room in January 2016, details see here:
There I help someone and get thinly veiled threats as thank! Some of the other stuff I don't understand. There is no open debt as far as I remember.

Update Aug 2016: spotted him in Soi Sri Bam Pen.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wat Khao Wang Ta Ko in Chonburi province

Wat Khao Wang Ta Ko in Chonburi province
วัดเขาวังตะโก ต.หนองข้างคอก อ.เมืองชลบุรี จ.ชลบุรี 

The interesting feature of this temple is a boat-shaped structure:

13°17'23.3"N 100°59'46.9"E = 13.289805, 100.996352
Easily accessible from hwy7, total just a 5 km detour on the way from Bangkok to Pattaya.

(Insert drone pictures here when I get them from FF.)

On the boat are some pavilions, one of them houses the mummified corpse of a monk.

A quiet place, just us, a few monks and some dogs that bark but do not bite. 

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Pattaya quicky Fri 5. – Sat 6.8.2016

Pattaya quicky Fri 5. – Sat 6.8.2016

Usually I travel to Pattaya anticyclic (during week while the majority of visitors come on the weekend) and stay 3 days 2 nights (arriving in the evening, two full nights and one full day, departure after breakfast), but invitation by a Farang friend FF with a car (free transport and stops for sightseeing on the way) broke that pattern.

Friday, 05.08.2016

An old acquaintance Nake messaged me just the day before, and arriving 17:34 (usually 18-19) allows me to fit in one boy before going to bars. Comes to my room and doesn’t waste time talking. Talented oral, but cold and wet neck (gets better later). Willing and able, but nonetheless so-so. Would highly recommend to friends, but will probably not meet again.

Around 7 – 8 pm heavy rain, and then light rain throughout the night. Advantage of flip-flops: you can simply wade through ankle-deep water and your feet and shoes will quickly dry afterwards.

On way from Baan Dok Mai (my current favorite place to stay) to Sunee pass another old acquaintance A in massage shop. Warm and dry handshake, but have to have a look at bars first, but keep him in mind as back-up.

A stroll through Sunee Plaza around 8 pm is rather disappointing: light rain, few boys and fewer customers, several places closed leaving dark spots. If the night continues like this, then the temple visit on the way to Pattaya was the best part of the trip!

Nice boys 20:05. Poke my head in, only 4 boys (due to rain, more later), come back later.

Power boys 20:05-36. Orange juice 145 Baht. Music a bit too loud, light and temperature ok. 10 boys in individual underwear and bare feet, wide range of types. I would take #2 and #6 for free in a horny moment. Tip #6 100 Baht on leaving.

Eros 20:40. Enter, there are estimated between 5 and 10 boys. No hot tea available, no pineapple juice, no orange juice; only beer, soft drinks and water. By the time we have established that, I have seen enough of the boys and leave.

Walking street “the craziest place on earth” becomes only “mildly entertaining” if you go several times per year, now for 3 years. On southern end of Beach Road not many people out.

Kawaii boys 21:25-22:07. Water 150 Baht. Music too loud, airflow from fan is annoying, light ok. 12 boys in individual underwar and bare feet, mainly twinks. I don’t remember any of them from before. I would take #8 and #13 and #23 for free. FFd joins and we spend the rest of the night together.

Cupidol (new location, now north across the soi from BoyzBoyzBoyz, where Castro used to be) 22:10-32. Pineapple juice 160 Baht. Music too loud, temperature and light ok. Over 23 boys in white individual underwear and bare feet. #5 and #54 are cute.

Talking with a Farang friend about boys on stage as if they were used cars is great fun! FF prefers boys with cold and wet skin. FF has an IR camera (price about 300 EUR, connects to mobile phone for display and operation) which he brought to check skin temperature from a distance (his idea, not mine!).

When approached by staff, he told them this is an X-ray scanner and he doesn't record anything. Would need some more work (finding best settings and comparing with skin temperatures measured with a thermometer) to make it useful.

We have a look into Vassa, 360 degree boys (new venue, where X-Boys and Lucky 7 used to be on western side of Soi 13/3), and Dreamboys, but none enticing.

Nice boys 23:01-00:09. Hot tea 150 Baht. Music and temperature ok, but poor light (from above or behind the boys, so their front is in the dark). Over 10 boys in individual underwear or white shorts and street shoes. Good atmosphere. I am very tempted with #10 and #49 and tip each 100 Baht upon leaving and plan to come back for #10.

Summary: some pockets of activity if you look at the right places. Customer numbers ranged from few to almost full bar (Cupidol).

Jomtien Complex 00:22-40. With FF’s car, I can visit all 3 bar areas in one night, a first (when I go to Pattaya alone, it’s usually too late or too tired or found someone already). Quite busy with boys and customers, but none appeals to either of us.

We drive to the beach where FF has an appointment with a boy L (Cambodian, good English) he knows from online. While I’m walking around looking for a snack, a boy approaches me (at the 7/11 corner at the beach). Not my type, but possible activities at the beach require further research.

Tamnam Isan 01:20-03:26. Invitation by FF. Good atmosphere, not too big, not crowded, you can easily get an overview of who is there. And real tables and seats which I appreaciate!

While this place is not a gay one, there is a high number of gay boys, some I even remember from the bars. The music level is bearable, so is the inside smoking. However when I see staff in toilet following me to urinal, I tell them I don’t want massage while peeing, and don’t tip for the towel they hand me (cold wet towel before I wash my hands, I don’t get it). Sorry, but providing a towel in toilet is a basic requirement and not a tip-worthy service. Male coyotes and several cute male staff and customers.

FF tells me L is not so much his type, but he is mine and we exchanged a few smiles already. While I would not hit on a boy who is in company of a Farang, I gladly accept FF’s suggestion to take the boy so FF is free to look for someone else. (This is bordercase win-win to using people for your own sexual gratification.) After discussing the issue with FF in the toilet, we come back and swap places, i.e. I sit next to L and FF on the other side of the table. Some touches and smiles and exchange of a few sentences confirm that this is fine for L.

Finally around 3:20 am tell L that I will go home and ask him if he wants to come with me. Yes! From Tamnan Kon Isan it would be 3.1 km walk to my hotel, and if I were alone I would walk, but with company better take mocy taxi. 

After many years without using mocy in Pattaya, I used mocy Sat 05.08.2016 at around 3 am from Tamnam Isan to Tuk-Com with a friend (alone I would have walked). Cost me 150 Baht (originally he wanted 80 per person, I countered with 100 for both, then accepted 150). That's 3.1 km! For 150 Baht, I could go 15 km in a metered taxi in Bangkok. I stated destination in clear Thai, nonetheless he must have realized that I don't know prices because that is clearly too much (but an emergency situation). What do others pay?

(An area I have very little experience in. Usually there is a price table with destinations written in Thai, and the few times per year I have to take a mocy taxi I just read and point to the destination. But this one at Tamnan Kon Esan was clearly price gauging).

Back in my room everything fine. Following morning I probe where and what he works, answers are evasive, but enough to confirm that he works in a bar in Jomtien Complex. I hand him a 1000 Baht note, he hesitates to take it and asks “You pay me?” – “Yes. You come to Thailand to earn money.”

Say goodbye and return to Bangkok.

Summary: after a poor start, it turned out to become very positive and I’m looking forward to my next trip end of the month.

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Quiz: Where and what is this?

Quiz: Where and what is this?

This picture makes answering "where?" pretty easy, 
but the major question is "what?".

Solution in one week. 

This was used to tie elephants to (Gavroche insert issue number and page 2016 French language magazine). One educated Thai friend says it's from waterworks. Everyone else I asked has no idea.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Oh my God! Weird tattoos

Oh my God! Weird tattoos

A collection of pictures of weird tattoos I have come across.

Warning! Sensitive readers might find the below pictures offensive or revolting. Here a picture of my parent's cat before you scroll down:

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