Saturday, 18 November 2017

Scooting dogs

Scooting dogs

Beside the miracle of canine reproduction,
I observed scooting dogs and a friend sent me a video of a wanking dog.
Scooting When a dog sits and pulls itself around with its front legs in an effort to scratch an itchy butt hole. It's an act that is often unexpected and hilarious (if it's not on your rug.)

Circular scooting dog:

This looks more like it is sliding for for fun and not linear scooting: 


Wanking dog:

from: sent by a friend on Line

And more funny dog videos: 



No animals were harmed for making this post except for the chicken and pork the author consumed.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Pattaya Fri 10nov2017

Pattaya Fri 10nov2017

A farang friend goes by his own car and invites me, and with only 2 hours travel time instead of 4 with public transports (and 2 changes!), one night in Pattaya is viable.

Not just one, but two lovely ginger cats opposite Eros! the trip a success before I even set foot in a bar. Maybe I should stop pursuing boys and go and work in an animal shelter?

Nice Boys 20:11-48, orange juice (no pineapple juice available) 150 THB. 9 boys and 2 customers, and the cutest boy #9 offed shortly after I enter. 3 boys have a cigarette behind their ear, a turn-off. One customer smokes. I would take #6 and #30 for free. 10 boys and 7 customers when I leave.

Power Boys 20:58-21:25, hot tea 145 THB and Leo beer boy drink 190 THB. Only 5 boys and 1 customer, but one of the boys is my current favorite and he saw me, so it would be rude not to enter and invite him for a drink and a grope and a tip 100 THB, but no off today. One boy offed during my stay, maximum 2 customers.

Chat with Farang and Thai friends.

Winner Boys 21:30-22:06, pineapple juice 79 THB. Over 12 boys and about 10 customers, half of the boys busy with customers. Boys in towels (some without underwear underneath). #3 Add, #7 and #16 are worth a second look.

Someone tried to break into closed Krazy Dragon:

To Boystown. The entire Soi 13/3 is now a construction site (new sewers) but bar operation continues. However, you have to go through/over mud:

Kawaii 22:25-50, hot tea 150 THB. 7 boys 1 customer to 8 boys 1 customer. Most of the boys I remember from before.

Surprisingly, Kawaii did reopen after renovation (only minor changes inside and outside, I would barely have noticed if I hadn’t known). 

Toy Boys 23:00-15, pj 230 THB. Full of boys and customers. Slow rotation. #3 Tor and one other boy cute. Individual white underwear and bare feet.

Have a look in Prisma and Cupidol but skip for low number of boys (<10 and none sticks out). In passing BoysBoysBoys, I see they still have boys in jeans on stage, I will not set food in this bar before everyone is in underwear.

With no clear hit and upcoming disco visit, I didn’t off a boy.

Jomtien Complex 00:00-10 Busy with boys and customers, but no boy my type. On the beach (south of construction site) groups of people, some seem to be available.

Sinlapin Esan ศิลปินอีสาน disco 01:12-02:02. 
Translation from Thai2English:
ศิลปิน sĭn-lá-bpin (Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin) artist
อีสาน ee săan (Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin) Isaan (the north-eastern region of Thailand)

A pretty new place (on google satellite view there is only field) at
Walking distance to Sunee and Tuk-Com!

and here what I posted there:

By chance (invitation by a friend, else I would not have gone, not even known about this place) I went on Fri 10nov2017 about 1 to 2 am. Music level is bearable without earplugs, and real chairs and tables are nice, but unfortunately smoking is allowed. Beware of staff in the toilet, massaging your back (when you wash your hands, it used to be when you pee years ago) and handing you towel and expecting tips. This is a mixed venue, during our stay I didn't see anyone gay, so I left and walked back to Sunee (conveniently close). 

Read between the lines: Not my style, I won't be back. I will only go to disco if there is a chance for  a hook-up.

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Moving room in Bangkok

Moving room in Bangkok

In Sep 2016, there was a lucky coincidence: trip to Germany to stay 5 weeks (Sep-Oct) on the day my rent contract runs out, some interesting job offers in Germany, and a Thai friend moved in near my place and allowed me to store my stuff in his room for free.

Thus I give up my room and move all my stuff into my Thai friend’s place, which takes over 2 days packing and moving (about 200 kg, of which about 50 kg books, one refrigerator, one heavy wooden table; from 3rd floor to ground level, about 200 m along the road at times when there is little traffic, and up to 3rd floor).

I didn’t get a job in Germany. On my return in Oct 2016, stay at another friend’s place for free and look for a new room (while I was happy with my old room, several friends say I can probably get something similar for cheaper).

Some things to watch out when looking for a room: convenience store nearby (every now and then I run out of toast or butter, and then wake up in the morning and have to go to buy some to have breakfast), restaurants nearby, public transport nearby, mocy taxi not important for me but maybe for others, no flooding during rainy season, no soi dogs, no construction sites.

Charges for electricity, water, WiFi. With contract with electricity company, you pay between 3.5 and 4 THB/kWh, but landlords often charge 7. Water is 18 THB/m3, but landlords often have a minimum charge of 100 or more. WiFi is free in some places, others charge 500 per month which is outrageous considering I had a contract for 499 in 2013.

Another point that would have to be considered is travelling: I have several friends in Sathorn area who I can visit on foot, as well as walking to/from Silom, the money I save in rent I would spend on public transport.

I have a look at various places in various areas: (continuation of

A surprising observation from various places: wide hallway but small rooms.
Grand Mandarin Residence Ladprao Soi 130
I once went to see a boy who lives there, and the rooms are fine and cheaper than in Sathorn (4500 + 590 WiFi vs 8000 THB with WiFi included). But on the day when I wanted to see the rooms (I want a room with window north or west so I don’t have the sun in the morning and during day), there was none available.

Baan Rajaprarop บ้านราชปรารภ near Victory Monument
I had a look at this already in 2014, and now back again. Tucked away in a dead end (I like quiet), but near Victory Monument and Santhipap park. At 7000 a good deal, window north, but at the end I’m indecisive. And there is a manned reception, which means someone sees every boy I take back to my room which I don’t like.

39 Place 39 เพลส Soi Kraisi off Soi Sri Bamphen
Another place that I looked at in 2014 and that almost made it. Dead end side road means quiet. Nice entrance area.

Ask at reception to see a room. If that woman thinks as slowly as she walks and speaks, we will need a while.

Window northward, with view of Q House Lumpini (I like the architecture). Balcony with stainless steel kitchen table (awesome, so I can have all my food storage, preparation, consumption on the balcony). A bit small for 7000, and when looking at the empty room I did not know how I would put all my stuff in.

I want to check the aircon (I can’t sleep with noisy aircon), but the woman from reception does not have the remote control. The owner has it, and I should come back tomorrow.

Go again the following day, and call from the main door to be let in: booked out. I assume woman at reception gets paid regardless of the room is occupied or not, and if it starts with a customer wanting to test the aircon, there is more trouble ahead.

Lumpini Place Rama4 – Sathorn ลุมพินี เพลส พระราม4-สาทร
An awesome room for 12,000, balcony with view of pool (and use of pool as well, and the pool is in the shade most of the day). But I have no use for separate kitchen (all food I prepare is toast and fruit), it would be a waste of money. 

Out of 30 days per month I spend only 20 in Bangkok, and then 10 days out all day, and less than 5 visitors. I need a room only for the 3 s: sleep shower sex.
Along Sri Bam Pen road
Asking wherever I see a sign “room for rent” (most of them in Thai), and at one place the manager (whom I do not recognize) asks me “Last year you stayed in …, why don’t you like it there any more?”. Surprised how she remembers me and can place me.

Sri Bam Pen Apartment SBPA
At the end, settle in Sri Bam Pen Apartment. I stayed there in Dec 2010 to Feb 2011 for 4000, and even now after a price rise to 4800, it’s good value for money considering size and location (but not standard).

I made the mistake of going there with a Thai friend, and when I’m with someone I often mess things up. While the sound of the aircon was bearable during day (with other noise mixed in), during night it was too loud. The window goes east, I have the rising sun in my room. Only cold water in shower. Construction work in the building. No WiFi. How could I miss all these? When I have someone around me who interferes in my activities, my brain does not work well.

Furniture is spartan, I would have to buy door mat, dustbin, table, chair, all of which was supplied in my previous place.

While the charge for electricity is reasonable at 5.5 THB/kWh, charging a flat fee for water of 100 THB is not (I use 1 m3 per month which cost me 18 THB in my previous place). Now that there is no dustbin, and I pay 100 for water anyway, I can as well rinse down all my organic waste (most of my waste is seeds and peels from cutting fruit; the little paper and plastic I can take out separately) down the sink. It turned out not to be a good idea, after some days it drains slower because it’s partially blocked, but I could dissolve the block with soda (caustic soda 400 g for 18 THB, cheaper than drain cleaner).

I spotted several cute boys in and out of SBPA, and some months later a BFC stayed there: But there are more things I don’t like: people sitting on stairs to smoke or telephone, or just to have a quiet moment (when sharing one room with a family). Reception is manned throughout, and even the person who distributes post knows me (one day there was a letter for me, and when I passed he called me to give it to me).

Nonetheless, the place is clean and well managed except for ants and cockroaches and pigeons all around. Now they have renovated rooms with hot water and modern aircon for 5500, which are a good deal (but still no WiFi!).

Live out of boxes for a month (I can bear it, but when I take a boy to my room I am worried he doesn’t like it), then look for a new place and move out. There is a big surprise: the written rent contract in English says 1 month, but the lady at reception tells me minimum rent time is 3 months, and having paid 2 months deposit there is nothing I can do. I put the room on craigslist and within about a month I find a new renter (who is gay and with whom I would become friends), so I can recover one month’s rent (and in the end save money, but the effort of two moves was not worth it).

Now it’s moving all my stuff again (down 5 floors, along the road, up to my new place) which takes two days.

Exhausting, and psychologically dragged me down for weeks (packing and putting into storage, then realizing I don't like the first room, and moving again).

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Thailand railway tidbits 2017

Thailand railway tidbits 2017

New timetables
Various changes in rain schedules over the last years, and now new printed timetables (same as before: Northern, North-Eastern, Eastern, Southern and Western Line, as well as commuter line and Mae Klong and Mahachai Railway Line).

Left: old until 2015 size 260 mm x 371 mm (does not match any format in, that would be a separate research project to find out how SRT came to that size)
Right: new from 2016 size 210 mm x 297 mm (=A4)

Bangkok to Padang Besar
One of the changes in timetables mentioned above is the following:
Train 45 & 46: International Express / Ekspres Antarabangsa.... IMPORTANT UPDATE: This train ran Butterworth-Bangkok for many years but as from early 2016 runs only between Bangkok and the Malay border at Padang Besar, with a connection by Malaysian KTM Komuter electric train to/from Butterworth.  From 2 December 2016 it is renumbered from 35/36 to 45/46.

In my quest to ride all trains in Thailand, I took this train from Bankgok (dep. schedule 15:10, real 15:10) to Padang Besar (Thai) (arr. schedule 8:53, real 8:53) with a stop in Hat Yai where train was split, but passengers to Padang Besar didn't have to leave their train.

New station building Padang Besar (Thai):

The train then continues to Padang Besar (Malaysia) where, but does not go further into Malaysia. For actually crossing the border (immigration is on Malaysia side) see here:

New trains in 2016
On 29aug2016, SRT started over night services with new trains:
and on 6-7sep2017 I finally went by the new train from Pattalung to Bangkok. Flatscreens with various data about the trip (changing between Thai and English, local and national map, timetable) and toilets like in an airplane:

Aircon on trains
2nd and 1st class trains (not that I ever rode 1st class) has aircon that is bearable for a few hours during day, but awfully cold at night, to the extent that I can't fall asleep in night trains. That can be helped by wearing long trousers and long sleeved shirt and most importantly socks, and stick the legs of the trousers into my sock to prevent the cold from creeping in. Then temperature is just ok.

Same for aircon buses over long distances or cinema (need long sleeved shirt and long trousers, but no socks).

From experience, long distance trains are 1-2 hours late for every 10 hours of travel. (I keep all train tickets, and write down scheduled and real departure and arrival, some day I can present these data in a table.) Now there is a website (in Thai; last column is delay in minutes in red, or train on time or early in green) and an app SRT TTS (icon as insert in leftmost of below screenshots; which I can't find any more on google play, however comes close)

Ironically, the SRT TTS app is delayed by 1-2 hours (middle of below screenshots, might be that only some stations are connected and send time train passes to central computer), nonetheless useful: when you know the train was 1 hour late 2 hours ago, you don't have to rush to railway station. The app cannot handle midnight, for a train that starts in the evening and arrives the following day, when midnight passes there will be no data for the train (rightmost of below screenshots).

Update: On recent trip (9nov2017) Nakon Sawan to Bangkok the same: some stations submit data instantly, others not at all; there was a two hour gap without updates about delay.  

Online booking
I buy all my tickets for trips from Bangkok in Hua Lampong or Mae Nam railway station สถานีรถไฟแม่น้ำ, but some day I have to test the online booking at 

No more free trains
From 1nov2017 on no more free trains (there used to be free 3rd class for Thai nationals).

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Bangkok bus tidbits 2017

Bangkok bus tidbits 2017

Make Bus Stops Great Again
Someone with a sense of humor and an interest in world politics started a campaign "Make bus stops great again!" (Imitating Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign: "Make America great again!".)


And a lot of other public-transport-related good stuff, mostly in Thai, on
and a good blog article about Bangkok buses in English:

and a post I made last year: 

And indeed, I have seen some of them (but only on Ratchadamoen) road:

New Bus Lines
New routes to revitalise Bangkok bus network begin test run next week The National August 10, 2017
Be Prepared: Bangkok Buses Getting New Routes August 4, 2017
facebook page of รถเมล์ไทย.คอม

I saw some of the buses, but couldn't take a picture, so one from internet has to fill in:


But the new bus signs are ubiquitous, on plastic board and wire to attach them to the existing bus sign they won't last much longer than the test run!

I saw a bus 556 on Ratchadamoen, that was labelled Victory Monument - Wat Rai Khing, but is on no map!
Unusual fares
I recently (27sep2017) was on bus 180 (expressway, no fan) which cost 8.50 THB. I didn't have a fare of 8.50 THB before, so I asked, and then saw it written in Thai as well: it's composed of 6.50 THB for bus without fan and 2 THB fee for expressway. Wonders never cease in Bangkok!

Bus 46 fan after 10 pm fare 10 THB (30sep2017).

Note in bus "fare 9 THB, after 10 pm 10 THB, starts 10 Feb 2015". Furthermore, bus 46 now (I first noticed in oct2017) goes via Phichai Sawat Alley =  Sukhumvit 44/1 and passes BTS Phra Khanong, thus avoiding the Rama 4 / Sukhumvit intersection.

Bus 507 aircon no 25 and 50 Satang coins accepted (10oct2017). Tried to get rid of 25 and 50 Satang coins by paying 12 THB fare in 10 THB + 2x50 + 4x25 Satang; cashier asked if I have 1 or 2 THB coin which I denied, then handed me the Satang back and gave me the 12 THB ticket for which I only paid 10 THB! 

New electronics on buses
I noticed LCD displays behind driver (displaying next station, history of Bangkok buses and new lines in bus network):

and camera above driver (picture above) and sensors above the door (to detect if someone is standing there?):

And a box next to dashboard where video from camera is displayed, and where driver has to register with ID card?

This device next to the doors, still in bubble wrap, might the the reader for mangmoom card (Picture taken end of Sep, might be unwrapped at time of posting.)

Flat tire
I was riding on bus 44 when there was an usual sound, and the bus pulling to the side. It was a flat tire, everyone got off, and I was close enough to my destination to walk.

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Dating Thai boys (61) Recruiting straight boys for gay activities

Dating Thai boys (61) Recruiting straight boys for gay activities

When it comes to recruiting straight boys for gay activities, there are several scenarios from my experience:

The Easy to get (3 Bon bus 203, Kim Chan45, Gaen Lai)
(3 cases, names of boys)
The boy has an open mind and accepts a reasonable offer (that would be 500 Baht for boys who have not been spoiled by Farang) because it's easy money. Everything goes quick. Meet the boy first time, make an offer of 500 THB, the boy accepts, and off we go. When saying goodbye, the boy will ask: “When can we meet again?”

Hard to get = The Reluctant (3 Boss Vipa16, Yoi, Top Suk62)
The boy would go, but doesn't want to travel, is afraid his friends will know about it, is afraid I will rape him once we are alone in my room, has unrealistic expectations (3000 Baht!).

Being consistent and coming back to renew the offer might help here. Have to meet the boy a few times, over weeks or months, to proposition him in a suitable moment. Once the ice is broken, he will ask: “When can we meet again?”.

In case of Top Suk62 it was not so much that he was reluctant, it was me who took too long to make the first step, which I did only on third meeting in my room. This can be generalized, I had several boys in my room over the years, but waited for them to touch me indecently, instead of touching them indecently.

The Disgusted (1 In front of Chinatown brothel)
Every now and then, I chat with a group of Thais, and chat quickly comes to boyfriend/girlfriend, and when I say that I’m gay and like that boy in the group, the boy in question just walks away.

The boy is aghast at the idea of gay sex, or prostitution in general. A lost case. That could be helped by offering a lot of money, but I don't want to have sex with someone whom I have to pay over the top, and whose only thoughts are how to get out my room as quick as possible.

At least everything is clear after one proposition, move on.

The Mercenary (2 Halbneger, Wut Roi Et)
On the way to my room starts to negotiate about which activity costs how much (starting at undressing), sick relatives, hasn't eaten for days and is very hungry now, wants me to invite him and his circle of friends for drinking before sex (and then come up with an excuse not to have sex The Scammer) needs taxi money, whatever.

The Scammer (2 Wut Roi Et, Nat)
He knows what I want, but he is not going to give it to me. But he doesn’t say so, instead he tries to drain me for as much money as possible.

The boy Nat who asked for a 300 THB advance to go to hospital in the afternoon, and would come to see me at night for a wank and to collect 200 more. It can be generalized that all forms of prostitution that involve and advance are forms of scams.

The boy Wut from Roi Et. I spent many hours and over 1000 THB (for seafood dinner for 3 and small gifts) courting him around 2014-2015, but we didn’t get into business: he wanted between 1000 and 2000 THB. But then h came to my room with a friend, and offered to do a show for me, but he needed 10,000 THB to release his mocy from police, and he offered a Samsung mobile phone as a pawn. He could have brought whatever pawn he wants, I would not have taken it as I’m sure whatever it was, the value is much less than 10,000 THB.

When I did not pick him up on the offer, he was close to tears, and I had difficulty keeping a sorrow expression on my face, when I wanted to laugh out loud and show him both middle fingers and shout: “FUCK YOU! SCAM SOMEONE ELSE!”. But better not offend a Thai, especially in presence of a friend, he might snap. So I displayed it that I don’t have 10 k, and I don’t have 5 k, and I don’t have 2 k, and I don’t have 1000, all I have is 500, and I won’t lend it to him, but he has to earn it (his friend can wait outside).

The boys left without money or sexual activities. A loss-loss situation. But I still think back at that encounter with schadenfreude/glee. That expression on his face when he realized I’m not going to lent him 10 k was priceless. In his little brain he carefully devised this plan to trick me out of 10 k, but it didn’t work out!

The Reluctant (3 Wut Roi Et, Doy, Golf Laksi)
But not much later, Wut came to my room alone, finally I got him for a wank for 500 THB (+200 for the tuk-tuk that he borrowed from someone else, + 100 for food, see The Mercenary). However, he wouldn’t take his clothes off, only pull up his shirt and pull down his pants, and wouldn’t stand up so I could have a good grope at his ass, and talked incessantly, altogether I didn’t have fun.

I had hoped that this has opened the door (he knows where I live and can come here, and we have set the price 500 THB and I have had my hands on his dick once), and now I just have to discuss details. But next time I called he started at 1500 THB and there I gave up. No contact until Sep 2017, where I suddenly spot him as a tuk-tuk driver on Ratchadamri in front of Central World. Some friendly chat, but I don’t think we will get into business again.

The Talker (2 Wut Roi Et, Doy)
Boys you can have a normal conversation with in public, but in my room they would start talking like a waterfall. Wut from Roi Et above. And another one Doy in Sathorn, who was that bad, I couldn’t even get hard. After he came, I gave him the 500 THB and said goodbye. Passed on the street a few times, but haven’t gotten together again.

The Scared (Nin and Non Klong Toey)
Scared of what? That I rape him? Has been warned (by who?) of people like me? Never go with a stranger who offers candy? I know two brothers in Klong Toey who will let me put my hands into their pants for 100 THB in a secluded corner in Klong Toey (not easy to find, there are people everywhere), and I did so twice to show my sincerity, but will not come to my room. I would even take an open-minded friend who is not my type and take him to my room, do some sexual activities and and pay him, just so he can go back and report to the brothers. I have been pursuing these two for over a year, the question is what type will they turn out to be once the ice is broken?

The subject of straight boys sometimes comes up on gay Thailand forums, with some avoiding straight boys, others seeking straight boys for gay sex, and the above post is an extension of a post I made here:

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Money trees and origami

Money trees and origami

Collection of money for temples is often done in form of money trees:

The late Rush of Banbkokbois has written about this custom: and there is nothing I could add.

But use of money for decoration goes further than just money trees or strings.

source: internet

Fish made of 5 x 20 THB notes, hang it on your car's rear mirror for good luck.

Money cakes:

from: facebook


I have a book "Money Flower" with instructions on folding:

or  follow tutorials like this:
from: internet

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