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The narrowest part of Thailand (east)

The narrowest part of Thailand (east)
ส่วนที่แคบที่สุดในประเทศไทย or

(most maps and articles do not distinguish between narrowest part of eastern and western Thailand, but having been to both, I do)

In southern Trat ตราด province, there is a part of Thailand that is about 50 km long and on average 2 km wide from the sea to the Cambodian border, and the narrowest point about 450 m.

View from Sukhumvit สุขุมวิท road (km 480; that's the same Sukhumvit that starts in Bangkok and goes through Pattaya to the Cambodian border) to the border (watershed on top of the mountain):

View from the park across Sukhumvit road to the Gulf of Thailand:

View north along Sukhumvit road:

The park is located at
11.720017, 102.907270 = 11°43'12.1"N 102°54'26.2"E
About 600 m from shore to border. The park is not on google street view Mar 2013, must have been build later. Probably that structure was there before:


The really narrowest part (judging by satellite view on google maps) with about 450 m width is about 500 m south of the park (no signs there). On neither point you can walk from shore to border (on the shore there is private property, and on the border there is forest). 

About 8 km south of the park is Cham Yeam to Baan Hat Lek border crossing where you can get van to/from Trat or mocy to the narrowest part of Thailand (east).

Having walked across the narrowest part of Thailand (east, this post) and narrowest part of Thailand (west, upcoming post) next step would be swimming across which would take too long, I will take the ferry Pattaya - Hua Hin instead.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Gay activities Dec 2016

Gay activities Dec 2016

Details about dating Thai boys.

Fri 2dec2016
Pick up Wit (encounter at Seed) at his work place about 2 km from my room. As I already surmised from our first encounter in Seed, he has a physical disability. My type and my style, but I can’t get hard over that physical disability. Leave it at hugging and cuddling. I can’t get hard with boys with too much body hair, too fat, too cold, and now physical disability, but I might be able to work on that.

Sat 3dec2016
Visit X-Boys with my loyal reader vinapu (reported here:, then alone to Farose 2. Stay 23:25-01:48. Place is brimming and there are several candidates. Finally the price of taking me to a room goes to Boy R2. Very positive encounter, exchange Line to meet again some day.

Sun 4dec2016
Seed 00:03-01:15, about 15 customers.  Spot a slim boy Non with parabolic dick* entering darkroom and follow him. Sits down and lets me grope him extensively, but does not reciprocate. That’s new, so far I had boys who either reciprocated or made clear signals that they are not interested. Afterwards in locker room exchange Line and here I see that he is not that handsome. How to proceed? Asking him to put a bag with holes for breathing over his head next time we have sex seems impolite.

Update: Seed closed around 8dec2016 without giving a reason, and is still closed as of posting this 12jan2016.

Farose 2, stay 01:47-03:35. Busy, Boy R2 is there again, this time only chat and hug.

*Soft penis exits body horizontally and then follows a parabolic curve. Works only when the boy is standing. I clearly remember two cases (both massage boys standing during massage while I was lying on the massage table) where I was thrilled to find a big parabolic dick upon undressing them. So I like parabolic dick, hyperbolic body, semi globular back of head, warm and dry skin, is love just a matter of geometry and thermodynamics?

Examples from internet for parabolic dicks (NSFW!):
Just right:
a bit too stiff:
a bit too soft:

Tue 7 – Fri 9 Dec 2016

Fri 9dec2016
Top comes to my room. I’m still sick, don’t feel like sex, so just chat. Give him the 1000 for mocy repair that he asks for.

Sat 10dec2016
Boy TarA whom I had earlier this year and marked as “meet again” comes to my room. 500 for sick mother. This time only so-so (a bit too pale, too fat), phase him out.

Tue 13dec2016
Boy R2 stays over night. I’m still a bit sick, not sex, only hugging and cuddling.

Wed 14dec2016
MachoX 20:08-21:52 . Schedule for show is 19:30 on Wednesdays, but I’m lucky twice: first that there is a show at all (I went to places to find that the announced show is canceled), and seconds it’s later (I would have missed 19:30 completely). When I arrive and ask for show time, cashier tells me it’s 20:00, and adds it will start in 10 minutes. Today should be nude day, but everyone is in camouflage loincloth that is provided. Enough time for a shower, quick walk through sauna, and a bit to eat from their buffet (fried noodles with whatever, a bit spicy; and toast with jam). Over 10 customers when I arrive. Show is about 20:30 to 21:00, performed by Bom and another boy. Up to 8 spectators/participators.
Part of sauna locked (few customers), but open fri and sat.  

With boy in room (he led me to same room as BFC4in2016). (No further notes on that encounter, and I don’t remember anything, this might be a sign I’m overdoing it.)

Fri 16 to Tue 20dec2016

Go to see a boy Tee (hornet) in Bang Sue, contact breaks down when I’m at Bang Sue MRT around 21:45.

Farose 2 visit 23:35-58. About 20 customers, no activity. Food (steamed rice and buffet two choices) on rooftop. One cat. Sauna hot, steam room cold.

Wed 21dec2016
Nake 21:25-22:57. Just arrived, in locker room make eye contact with cute boy Love and just follow him to private room, where we have a good time. He seems to be popular: just said goodbye to his previous sexual contact in locker room, then went with me, and minutes later had the next.

Exchange Line and now seeing his picture there, I realize I chatted with him just about two weeks before on hornet and suddenly he blocked me (chat is gone and I can’t see his profile, but a friend can see his profile). Update 12jan2017: after initial hello on Line, multiple further messages not read, he probably blocked me there as well. But why?

Thu 22dec2016
Kot calls me 14:00 and I invite him, assuming he would be here soon (lives 5 min by mocy away). However he comes only 14:50, and I have to send him away with 300 Baht at 14:55 because I have an important appointment nearby at 15:00.

Phoenix 22:33-48. 100 Baht entry. Closes midnight. 4 other customers. Top floor accessible, but sauna and steam room locked for renovation and some construction material lying around.

Fri 23dec2016
Ball in my room 15:35-17:55, we get nude and some indecent touches, 510 Baht.

Nake 22:15-23:32.  About 15 customers when I arrive and 20 when I leave. One cute boy, but seems not interested. Show about 22:50-23:20, during show 10 to 15 spectators, almost mistook one of the performers for Bom. The other performer is same as Wed. Food and water provided. This time none of the performers or spectators in the show my type, but afterwards a good threesome with two boys (boyfriends? One my type, the other bordercase). The cute boy is 30!

Sat 24dec2016
Nake 22:33-23:45, then Farose 2 stay 00:09-01:25, no success in both.

Sun 25dec2016
Massage at Magic Hands with Bank the most skillful, but not so much my type. 400 for 1 hour oil massage and 800 for Bank, got me hand and cum, but I should not have, without getting my hands and eyes on a slim brown hairless body it’s a waste of cum and money.

Mon 26dec2016
There was a choice of going to Tak province (to meet Burmese woman near Umphang) or Uttaradit province (to meet a boy from hornet there). The boy from hornet has been making small talk for weeks, but now when I finally wanted to meet him, gone quiet (messages read but no reply).

In Mae Sot finally a success on hornet with James. Efficient communication, comes quickly to my hotel, and a good time in my room. Will meet again some day, actually my next trip to the North will include Mae Sot to meet again.

Previous experiences on grindr (2014) and hornet (2015-2016) were a lot of endless talk, two fakers (picture of younger brother in Phrae and Surat Thani), one no-show (Lopburi, I went to the boy’s place and communication broke down), one no-show / time waster in Nakon Pathom, one not so much my type (Surin).

Wed 28dec2016
Indecent touches by Burmese Woman when I stay at her place over night.

Fri 30dec2016
Meet the boy June from Cambodia about 20:35 to 21:00 in Telephone bar. He does more PDA than I’m comfortable with, bordering on disturbing public order. Then about 21:10-54 in my room, where I confirm my previous judgment: my type but not my style. Love bite on my neck, on my nipples you can’t see it but feel it, pulls on my ear and nose, spanks me. Now I am turning my neck to escape his love bites, and I have boys who turn their neck when I kiss and lick it because they are ticklish.

Summary dec2016 (Thailand only):
7 free sex: Wit in my room (Seed), Non in Seed, no name (MachoX), Love (Nake), threesome (Nake), James Mae Sot (hornet), June Cambodia.
3 paid sex: TarA 500, Ball 510, Bank Magic Hands 800 = 1810.

9 Saunas: Farose 2, Seed, Farose 2, Sansuk, Farose 2, Nake, Phoenix, Nake, Farose 2.
5 gogo bars: X-Boys Bangkok, Kawaii, Nice Boys, Eros, Power Boys.
3 no sex: First Samsung, Top (1000 for mocy repair), Boy R2, Kot (5 min 300 Baht) = 1300.
2 no show: Tee Bang Sue (hornet), Uttaradit (hornet).
1 massage: Bank at Magic Hands.
1 boys from online: James Mae Sot (hornet).
0 disco.

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Monday, 9 January 2017

Taiwan general impressions

Taiwan general impressions

Based on one visit staying in Taipei (Fri 16 to Tue 20 Dec 2016), I can fully recommend Taiwan as a destination for tourism and gay activities (see subsequent post).

Thanks to all friends who recommended and gave advice about Taiwan.

List of positive observations, in comparison to Germany and Thailand:
Weather was nice during my stay (not as cold as Germany in winter and not as hot as Thailand).
Complete absence of scams (elsewhere in South-East Asia it starts when you step out of the airport, and runs the whole duration of your holiday).
Entry to national parks is cheap and there is no double pricing as in Thailand.
Public transport network extensive and cheap.
Little traffic.
Street food easily available and cheap.
There are plenty of convenience stores open 24/7.
Most houses in Taipei overhang over the sidewalk, so you have a covered sidewalk as protection from rain or sun (similar to Singapore and Phuket).
No stray dogs or cats, no rats, no cockroaches.
No unsightly cables hanging in the air.
I saw only one fat person, everyone else in normal shape. Whereas in Thailand, there are even 5-year-olds who are overweight. In all sauna and gay spring visits, not a single fat customer!
A wide range of natural attractions (especially interesting for me: geological parks and old mining town), museums, architecture, of which I could only sample a small part.
Whenever I needed help, my request was processed quickly and competently.*
90 days visa free entry for German.
Level of English spoken is ok.

Only drawback is hotels are more expensive then I'm used to in Thailand, however there are hostels in Taipei below 500 Baht that are fine for me (obviously I can't take anyone to my room).  And I like brown skin (even Thai-Chinese are too pale for my taste), Taiwanese boys are lacking in that department.

*Around 15dec2016, I went to bookshop in Goethe Institute to buy December issue of "Der Farang" (German language magazine in Thailand, December issue was published on 9dec2016). I could only spot the November issue, so I asked cashier about December issue. Cashier called another staff for help, and both scrolled through all pages of November issues, finally telling me that December issues have not been delivered yet.

Opposite experience in Taipei. I wanted to withdraw money in main railway station, entered PIN and amount, but only a receipt in English (not enough for me to understand what was the problem) and Chinese came out, but no money! After staring at the screen and tapping the cover of the money slit several times, I realized this will not work. I went to the counter and showed receipt, cashier immediately told me that their ATM cannot process foreign credit cards and called another staff to walk me to an ATM that can.

Overall, from all my travels in south-east Asia, Taiwan is the optimum of civilization, reasonable prices and cute boys. Singapore comes second (my visit to Cruise Club was devastating: and as a city state less area/volume/population than Taiwan.

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Gay places in Taipei

Gay places in Taipei

Gay saunas, gay hot springs and gay cruising that I visited Dec 2016, in alphabetical order. For address, location and further information see I don’t know about gay bars and discos, and it’s not my area of interest.

ANIKi WoW (World of Wonders). OVERPRICED and OVERRATED. Visit Sat 17dec2016 21:25-23:25. Entry for non-members 1000 TWD (about 1100 THB or 30 EUR or 31 USD; compare Sun City in central Paris which is 20 EUR on weekends). You get a wristband (water and tear resistant paper?) with a chip (contactless data transmission) to enter sauna and open locker, and you can leave and return within 16 hours. But unlike Cruise Club in Singapore (where you pay membership fee and become a member when you first visit), this is obviously not your membership chip. Members wear a removable plastic/rubber wristband with chip and pay 800 TWD entry (information from one member, their website is scarce on pricing).

Most customers (about 100 when I visited) in underwear. Activities in darkroom. Condoms and sachets of lube provided, in addition there are lube dispensers (!!!) in private cabins. Those private cabins are pretty small (when I lie on the mattress, my feet poke out of the door, and about 1 m wide, but sufficient for activities – I tested with other customer). You can dim the light by sliding you finger along a touchpad in the wall, and the light level is indicated by LED in that touchpad.

Temperature and light ok. Water in showers (group showers) only luke warm, sauna only luke warm, part of steam room closed altogether and rest luke warm. Unlimited small white towels.

The sauna is on two underground levels and rather labyrinthine (and not in a good way, I have been to over 40 different saunas and this one is difficult to navigate). Over-engineered (contactless chip to enter and leave, to open locker, and on leaving you can choose on a touchpad if you want to keep your locker and come back later). Over-sanitised (staff in blue and white costumes pick used paper cups from water dispenser out of dustbin every five minutes).

Hans Men’s Sauna Visit Sat 17dec2016 19:45-20:43. Entry 350 TWD. Large yellow towel of good quality, all customers in towel. Over 100 customers, space for many more. Customers a bit older and fatter than other places I visited, but still 2 worth a second look. Too dark and a bit run down. Toilet cubicle small, my knees touched wall and door. Steam room completely dark. Dark room and many private rooms. Single use razors, toothbrushes and family-size tube of tooth paste provided. Cinema (TV programme on screen) with about 35 comfortable seats and blankets. Rooftop garden for smoking, but now cold weather.

Huang Ding Hot Spring Visit Fri 16dec2016 18:37-20:55 and Mon 19dec2016 20:46-22:05. Entry 250 TWD. Bring your own towel! Locker room small and busy. Highest locker number 146, and all seem to be occupied on Friday. Size of lockers ok. Everyone nude, few tattoos, no fatties. Floor cold and body parts looking out of water get cold as well at 15 degree Celsius air temperature. I have a chat in the hot spring, and then we go to steam room for more.

The showers (group showers outside; except for steam room everything is open to the atmosphere, just a roof, but no walls) have hot water at strong pressure, at maximum temperature and pressure you could strip paint off a wall.

Monday night about 50 customers, and high turnover. Three shapely bodies, and one would have been my type but didn’t seem interested. Now I spot the thermometers: one pool is 40 degree Celsius, the other 43. One cold pool as well.

On the internet there are more gay hot springs mentioned, but comments on the internet and speaking with customers at Huang Ding say that Huang Ding is the only one at the moment (management elsewhere discourages gay activities).

Peace Park Sun 18.12.2016 20:55-21:55. Coming from north, nothing interesting (general public), but in the southern half mainly men idling around. Public toilets active (traffic in and out and several standing at urinals), but not a trace of indecent activities when I went in for a pee. People disappearing in the woods (if you can the trees and bushes that), others following, for a kiss and a grope as I could spot (consider it is winter, with night temperatures as low as 15 degree Celsius, everyone in two layers of long clothes). There were over 30 while I was there, and it looked promising.

Rainbow Sauna Visit Sat 17dec2016 17:55-17:25. Entry 450 TWD. Single-use toothbrushes and a family-size tube toothpaste (instead of mouthwash like in Thai saunas), hair dryer, comb, cotton buds. One small towel. Good light in locker room and aisles in front of rooms. Plenty of activity in dark rooms. Estimated over 150 customer, several shapely bodies. The place is so spacious, could easily accommodate twice as many. On average 5 people in locker room coming/going. Two large darkrooms, so big I couldn’t fully explore them. Completely dark, but light comes in when someone opens curtain to enter/leave, preventing eyes from adapting to darkness. 38 private rooms with mattress and light. Video room with porn. Sauna well illuminated with window, but not hot. Pool with warm and cold water. Private and group showers. Will soon move (announcements at cashier). Open smoking corner near locker room.

Taipei I/O Visit Sun 18dec2016 22:43-23:18. Entry 350 TWD. Staff speaks little English, but friendly. Tell me closing time is 2 am. But now only 4 other customers: one local who speaks some English and two Japanese. Hot group shower with shampoo and shower gel. Steam room switched off (due to low number of customers?). Small white towel, condom and lube provided.  Everything new and clean. No labyrinth, but private rooms for couple and group activities. TV room. The place could accommodate 50 customers, more would feel crowded. Ask staff about busy times: 6 to 7 pm (weekday or weekend the same).

XL Club confirmed location, not visited. Shop signs says XL4F (4th floor?).

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Dating Thai boys (47) Silence is golden

Dating Thai boys (47) Silence is golden

There is a saying “speech is silver, silence is golden” which I fully subscribe to. Some of my Thai friends talk too much, especially when it comes to confessing their love to me, and I’m often forced to answer a “I love you” with “I like you too” (hope they don’t notice the difference), and “I miss you” with “I miss you too” (omitting that this applies to many others as well) because everything else would be awkward.

Meine Art, Liebe zu zeigen (Dalia Lavi  1972)

Full lyrics here:, below selected lines with my liberal translation:

Meine Art Liebe zu zeigen                 My way to show my love
das ist ganz einfach Schweigen.         Is to be quiet.
Worte zerstören                                Words destroy
wo sie nicht hingehören.                   Where they don’t belong.

Schwöre keinen lauten Schwur          Don’t promise the moon,
stell mir keine Fragen                      Don’t ask me things
träum die Sternenpartitur                 Look at the stars
ohne was zu sagen.                           Without saying a word.

Is there an English or Thai song or saying with the same message?

I Just Called to Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder 1984)

Now this truly is anathema to me, I almost puked when I read the lyrics.

A boy I met recently called me 3 times in one day, and had he continued I would have had to do something about it. What I consider reasonable would be one exchange of messages per day and one call per week. With my parents I’m down to one or two emails per month.

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