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Kukrit house in Sathorn

Kukrit house in Sathorn

Full name: M.R.Kukrit's Heritage Home (but in Thai just Baan Soi Suan Phlu บ้านซอยสวนพลู) is a collection of tradition Thai wooden houses in a garden and antiques by former prime minister Kukrit Pramot in Sathorn.

M.R. Kukrit is short for
Mom Ratchawong Kukrit Pramot หม่อมราชวงศ์ คึกฤทธิ์ ปราโมช (Mom Ratchawong(se) is title for great-grandchild of a Thai king, in this case Rama II).

Entrance from Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Soi 7 = Soi Phra Phinit ซอยพระพินิจ = Suan Phlu Soi 1 สวนพลูซอย 1

Open every day 10-16 (except when used for private functions), entry 50 THB for adults. 

Aerial view from nearby The Met Condominium:

Inside collection of antiques, library, khon masks:

Further reading:'s_House

List of collections of old wooden houses used as museum:
Jim Thompson House
Kamthieng House Museum  (Siam Society)
Kukrit House
Prasart Museum (admission only on appointment)
Suan Pakkard Palace

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Thai place names in English (joke)

Thai place names in English (joke)

Some not-too-serious translations of Thai place names into English, based on a post I found on facebook:

These are a great exercise for students of Thai, here my translations and explanations where not obvious (some with help of a Thai friend, some translations from Thai2English):

What are these places in Thailand?

1. Stop drug อยุธยา Ayutthaya (หยุด-ยา)

2. Battle town ลพบุรี Lopburi (รบ [to] fight ; combat), or better:

Minus/erase/delete town ลพบุรี Lopburi (ลบ [to be] negative, [to] remove ; delete ; take away)

3. Great matter blue มหาสารคาม Maha Sarakham (สาร săan (a chemical) substance ; essence, คราม indigo ; indigo blue)

4. Mommy room teach แม่ฮ่องสอน Mae Hong Son (ห้อง hông room, same pronunciation as ฮ่อง (no meaning))

5. Diamond complete เพชรบุรี Petburi

6. Pool town สระบุรี Saraburi (same spelling, but different pronunciation สระ sà pool)

7. Money ตรัง Trang (ตัง is short for สตางค์ sà-dtaang colloquial used for “money”)

8. Monk leg สงขลา Songkhla (สงฆ์ Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin monk, ขาขา kăa leg ; limb ; foot)

9. Book war สมุทรสงคราม Samut Songkram
10. Fish china town ปราจีนบุรี Prachinburi
11. Invasion แพร่ Phrae

12. Pool magic city สกลนคร Sakon Nakon (สระ-กล-นคร, กล or มายากล jugglery ; conjuring ; magic)

13. City monk milk นครพนม Nakon Phanom (นคร-พระ-นม)

14. City lion come นครราชสีมา Nakon Ratchasima (ราชสีห์ râat-chá-sĕe, one of the words for lion:
สิงโต sĭng dtoh is the animal from Africa,
สิงห์ sing Leo, fifth sign of the zodiac,
ราชสีห์ râat-chá-sĕe yet another mythological lion)

15. No devil town นครสวรรค์ Nakon Sawan (สวรรค์ heaven)

16. Dot meeting mountain lough ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ (no idea about dot; ประจวบ bprà-jùap [to] coincide ; be coincident with ; collide, คีรี kee-ree mountain, ขัน kăn amusingly ; funnily ; ridiculously)

17. Small monk พะเยา Phayao (พระ-เยา [to be] low ; little ; weak)
18. Growth power อำนาจเจริญ Amnat Charoen
19. That (demonstrative pronoun) น่าน Nan
20. Prime Minister’s city นครนายก Nakon Nayok
21. He’s big เขาไหญ่ Khao Yai

22. KFC casino บ่อนไก่ Bon Gai (บ่อน bòn den ; house (used for illicit activites like gambling)

23. Some Crab บางปู Bang Pu (บาง baang Quantifier some ; a few, but here it means village ; settlement)

24. Beautiful circle yesterday งามวงวาน Ngam Wong Wan (งาม in compounds like สวยงาม sŭay ngaam beautiful ; attractive ; charming, วง wong group ; circle ; sector, วาน waan yesterday)

25. Separate dance wheat แยกลำสาลี Yaek Lamsalee

26. Hold elephant เกาะช้าง Koh Chang (เกาะ has two meanings: island and [to] hold ; cling ; arrest)

27. Soft Lady อ่อนนุช On Nut

28. Speaker head หัวลำโพง Hua Lampong
Used to be วัวลำโพง Wua Lampong (cow/bull/ox gets angry and hits people), then during in WWII, loudspeakers were installed to warn people of allied bombings, and the name was changed to หัวลำโพง Hua Lampong. Furthermore, there is Hua Lampong canal (one running along Narathiwat Ratchanakarin road and another parallel south of Rama 4 road)

29. Some 007 (James Bond) บางบอน

30. Not sad อโศก Asok (อโศก has two meanings: Ashoka the Great (Indian King) and [to be] sad ; unhappy ; depressed)

My own addition:

31. The field of the great cloud ทุ่งมหาเมฆ Thung Maha Mek (sub-district in which Malaysia hotel is located)

And some unfavorable English renderings of names of BTS stations:
Mor Chit - More shit, On Nut - One nut, Chit Lom - Shit room.

And equivalent jokes in English language:
Which country in Europe has the most rain? Uk-rain!
Which country in Asia consumes most beer? Singha-pour!

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Dating Thai boys (54) BFC5in2017 Ball in Kanchanaburi

Dating Thai boys (54) BFC5in2017 Ball in Kanchanaburi

During my Songkran escape to Kanchanaburi, I had a promising chat with a boy Ball on hornet (starting 14apr2017), that warranted a visit. Ball lives and works in Kanchanaburi province, 50 km out of Kanchanaburi town.

Tue 25apr2017 Kanchanaburi
Ball is free now (Tue and Wed for temple fair to which he invites me). Meet at Kanchanaburi bus station (he is already there with a friend waiting for me, a good start) and take another bus (about 1 hour) to his home town. He does not ask for money for the bus trip, a good sign (NOT! We will later come back to this!) At bus stop there, his sister comes by car to take us to nearby resort where I check in for one night (450 Baht). The resort was in walking distance, and I could have walked in less time than we waited for his sister.

By car to temple fair for a first look, then back to my resort on his mocy for a rest. I take shower and we lie in bed and I initiate sexual activities. My type, but a bit rushed and style-wise room for improvement. Sleep an hour, and at night to temple fair again. However, this is not at all my style and at 9 pm I ask him to take me back to resort, where I read 2 hours alone in my room and sleep at 11. Leave door unlocked for him to join me later.

Wed 26apr2017 Kanchanaburi
Wake up around 8 and find the boy sleeping next to me. A few gropes: perfectly warm and dry skin. But alas, the dreaded phone call: the fair will continue soon and we have to go now. (During dressing, I find the pocket that contains my wallet open, and I can’t think of any reasons why I would have left the pocket open, and there might be some 100 Baht notes missing. Should have counted! Keep that in mind for next time we meet.) Breakfast at the temple fair, then sightseeing (temple near his place that is on my list). At the temple, he tells me that his father is mentally disabled and lies in bed all day (that’s not something I would tell on a date, and should have gotten my alarm bells ringing – subconsciously, I changed subjects because I knew where this would lead).

From what I have seen and heard so far, there is nothing to be gained from staying another night (if sex had been awesome, I would have stayed another night), check out and to bus station and goodbye. No money requests!

That was 5h27min and 155 Baht travel (door to door) getting there, and 5h19min and 151 Baht back.

On the way back, I congratulate myself to finding a boy who is my type (we need to work a bit on the sex part) and who I can spend 20 hours with without any games or drama or requests for money. BFC5in2017!

But I was rejoicing to early! Shortly after reaching home, we have the following conversation (my translation; explanations in italic):

Chat history with Ball Kan
(several chats over the week before the trip, to see if he can think clearly and form a full sentence in Thai, and test for delay between messages - all positive!)
12:32 Ball Kan ถึงไหน Where are you now?
12:37 Christian บ้านโป่ง Baan Pong (town in Ratchaburi province on the way to Bangkok)
15:09 Christian ถึง I’m home.
19:47 Ball Kan ครับ Krap = Ok.
19:47 Ball Kan เป็นไง What’s up?
19:47 Ball Kan ชอบไหม Do you like me?
19:47 Christian ผมชอบบอล I like you.
19:47 Ball Kan จริงรึครับ Really?
19:48 Ball Kan บ้านเราจนนะ My family is poor.
19:48 Christian จริง Really?
19:48 Ball Kan ไม่มีเงินนะ We don’t have money.
19:49 Ball Kan คุณจะชอบไหม Do you still like me?
19:49 Christian ไม้เป็นไร It doesn’t matter.
19:49 Ball Kan บ้านก็ไม่ค่อยดี Our house isn’t nice.
19:49 Christian มีแอร์มั้ย Do you have aircon?

(I’m fishing for an invitation to stay at his place next time. In Kanchanaburi town I would prefer a hotel so I have freedom, but in rural area I’m dependent on him for transport, and there is nothing to do anyway, so I can as well stay in his place and save money for hotel.)

19:49 Ball Kan ไม่มี We don’t have.
19:50 Ball Kan คุณก็มาติดสิถึงมี When you come again you can have one installed.
19:50 Christian น้ำอุนมีมั้ย Do you have hot water?
19:50 Ball Kan ไม่มี We don’t have.
19:51 Ball Kan ไม่มีเงินทำ We don’t have money for water heater.
19:51 Ball Kan เงินเดือนน้อยมาก We have very little money to spend.
19:51 Christian ก็พักโรงแรมดีดว่าพักห้องบอล Then I will rather stay in a hotel than in your room.
19:53 Ball Kan เครตามใจ As you like.
19:53 Ball Kan บ้านเราไม่มีอ่ะไร We have nothing.
19:54 Ball Kan บ้านเราไม่ใช่คนมีเงิน Our house is not like the house of rich people.
19:54 Christian หอพักที่ท่าม่วงมีแอร์มั้ย Do you have aircon in your dormitory in Tha Muang?
19:54 Ball Kan มี yes.
19:54 Ball Kan แต่เล็ก But it’s small.
19:54 Christian พักกับใคร Who do you stay with?
19:54 Ball Kan คนเดียว Alone.
19:59 Ball Kan ทำไมรึ Why?
19:59 Ball Kan มีอ่ะไร Why do you want to know?
(I’m still looking for a place to stay for free when I go again.)
19:59 Christian โอกาสหน้าไปหาที่ท่าม่วงได้มั้ย Can I go to see you in Tha Muang?
20:00 Christian รึบอลจะมาหาที่กทม Or will you come to Bangkok?
20:00 Ball Kan เราไม่มีเงิน I don’t have money.
20:01 Christian ก็รอผมจะไปกาญอีกประมาน2เดือน Then wait until I go to Kanchanaburi again in two months. (Estimate, I have no plan yet. If the sex had been good, I would be back in a week.)
20:02 Ball Kan อ่อ Oh
20:02 Ball Kan มาพักต้องช่วยกันออก When you come to stay with me, can you help me?
(I can’t figure out what he means, so I leave this message read but no reply to see if he gives more information.)
20:06 Ball Kan คุณไม่โอเครใช้ไหม Is it ok?
20:06 Christian งง ช่วยกันอะไร I’m confused. Help with what?
20:06 Ball Kan ช่วยออกเงินไง Help paying rent.
20:07 Ball Kan คุณไม่โอเครผมไม่ว่า It’s not ok?
20:07 Christian ถ้าผมพักกับบอลที่ท่าม่วงช่วยออกเงินรึ You want me to pay rent when I stay with you in Tha Muang? (How awkward!)
20:08 Ball Kan ใช้ Yes.
20:09 Ball Kan เราก็เสียเงิน I have to pay for my room.
20:09 Christian ห้องเดือนละกี่บาท How much is your room per month?
20:09 Ball Kan 2000
20:11 Ball Kan ท่าไม่โอเครไม่ว่า If not, that’s fine.
20:11 Christian พัก1คืนจะช่วย100 When I stay for one night, I can give you 100 Baht.
20:13 Ball Kan คุณหาคนอื่นก่อนคริสเตียน Maybe you better find someone else.
20:13 Ball Kan เราจน I’m poor.
20:13 Ball Kan ลองหาคนมีเงินดู Try to find someone rich.
20:14 Christian ไม่เป็นไร It doesn’t matter.
20:14 Ball Kan คือ What do you mean?
20:15 Ball Kan อ่ะไร What does not matter.
20:16 Christian ผมไม่เลือกคนตามรวย I’m not looking for someone rich.
20:16 Ball Kan แต่คุณประหยัดมาก But you are a very economical person.
20:19 Ball Kan เคร Ok?
20:20 Ball Kan คุณก็ลองหาคนอื่นดู Go and look for someone else.
20:21 Ball Kan คุณก็หาเอา You will find.
20:24 Ball Kan โอเครนะ Ok?
20:24 Ball Kan คริสเตียน Christian
20:26 Ball Kan คุณเที่ยวซาวหน้าต่อเถอะ Go for fun in a sauna.  
(I mentioned visits to gay saunas in Bangkok, a mistake.)
20:28 Ball Kan โอเค Ok.
20:30 Ball Kan พาคุณเที่ยว Go on a trip.
20:30 Ball Kan คุณไม่เลี้ยงอ่ะไรเลย You didn’t invite me for anything.
20:32 Christian เอาเลี้วยอะไร What do you want me to invite you for?
20:33 Ball Kan คือไร What?
20:34 Christian อยากผมลี้ยงคุนอะไร (rephrase the above)
20:34 Ball Kan เลี้ยงข้าว Invite me for food.
20:34 Ball Kan หรือเลี้ยงอ่ะไรก็ได้ or whatever you want.
20:34 Christian ที่งานมีข้าวฟรี But at the fair there was free food!
20:35 Ball Kan ก็ใช่ Well that’s true.
20:35 Ball Kan จ่ายค่ารถเมย์ก็ยังดี Pay for my bus.
20:35 Christian ก็ต้องถามขอค่ารถ Then you should have asked for the bus fare.
20:36 Ball Kan ต้องให้ผมขอ You want me to ask you?
20:39 Ball Kan ใช่ไหม Right?
20:39 Ball Kan มันไม่ใช่นิสัยคนไทย That’s not customary in Thailand.
20:40 Ball Kan มันคือน้ำใจที่คุณต้องให้ It’s your obligation to be kind and offer to pay.
20:41 Ball Kan ไม่ใช่ให้เราขอ I should not have to ask.

(I’m taken aback. Did I miss something in all those years I have spent here? It is not customary for Thai people to ask for favors? Is he pulling my leg?)

20:41 Christian ผมไม่ชอบคุยเรีองเงิน I don’t like to talk about money matters.
20:42 Christian ตลอดเมีองไทย ทุกที่ผมไป ทุกคนขอเงิ Everywhere in Thailand, everyone I meet, they all want money!
20:42 Christian ทุกคนขอเงิน Everyone asks me for money!
20:42 Ball Kan ตามสบาย Take it easy!
20:42 Ball Kan เราไม่ได้ขอ I didn’t ask for anyting.
20:42 Ball Kan มันคือน้ำใจ It’s your kindness to take care of me.
20:45 Ball Kan [Sticker] (Do you understand?)
20:47 Christian โอกาสหน้าเจอกันที่กาญจะเลี้ยงกินข้าว Next time we meet in Kanchanaburi, I will invite you for dinner.
20:47 Ball Kan ไม่รู้จะว่างป่าว But you don’t know yet when you will be free?
23:14 Ball Kan [Sticker]
(Resume chat with change of subject to stay in contact and meet whenever I’m in Kanchanaburi again. He is still on my list, but we haven’t met again at time of posting.)

Now the lackluster sex makes sense: he was thinking how he can get me to fill the vacant position of a provider.

(The lowest point of lackluster sex was in 2013 when I went to see a boy who lived nearby, who asked me during foreplay if my mobile phone has data and if I could set it up as WiFi-hotspot so he can play on his phone using my data package.

The boy Bank whom I gave my phone numbers in Seed in 2015 (?), then met a week after in The Mall Bangkapi. There he walked me through the mobile phone aisles, then we took boat to Seed, there I had some gropes, but couldn't get him into a cubicle, and I was wondering what that all was about, until I got an SMS on my way home: "I want an iPhone".

Recent examples of boy having other things on his mind than sex is the one I took to a gay sauna, and who was afraid someone would look over the wall and lost his erection over this; and Rit the Muslim who was more occupied with getting the right light and angle for taking pictures and videos of our activity than pleasing me.) 

This can be generalized for most of my non-paid encounters:
I’m looking for sex, boy looks for a provider or some material or financial advantage.

There is no such thing as free sex in Thailand! (Between people of different status.) Others probably have said it before, but I thought this doesn’t apply to me because I speak the language and have more knowledge than the average tourist, but I was wrong!

Except for encounters in saunas and the errant horny boy online, all boys I meet are looking more for a provider than for sex.

Rather sooner than later, rather more than less, they expect a financial or material reward. This is expressed in weak or strong hints, lackluster in bed, slow reply, no-show.

Some boys tell me they are looking for a provider, and I leave them. Others don’t tell me, but leave me.

Boy tries to find someone else who gives money, I try to find someone else who doesn’t ask for money. That’s what I’ve been doing since 2009.

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Tourist train 909/910 to/from Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi

Tourist train 909/910 to/from Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi

The classiest way to go from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and beyond is by train, on the Thailand-Burma railway built by the Japanese during WWII.

Facts about the railway line and the movie about the bridge can be found on Wikipedia:
but let me point out the following: The movie is "The Bridge on the River Kwai", based on the novel "The Bridge over the River Kwai", original in French by Pierre Boulle “Le Pont de la Rivière Kwai” which I would translates as "The bridge of the river Kwai".

Regular trains end at Nam Tok น้ำตก railway station, but in my quest to ride the train to every possible point in Thailand, I had to use the weekend excursion train which goes 1.4 km further to Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi น้ำตกไทรโยคน้อย. After the war most of the railway was dismantled, leaving Nam Tok at the terminus. In 2003 the 1.4 km from Nam Tok station to Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi was reopened for easier access to the nearby Sai Yok waterfall. However, as Sai Yok Noi is a single-platform terminus with no run-round loop, the line is only used by diesel multiple units. In 2010, the only services to use the extension are trains 909/910 which run an excursion to the waterfall each Saturday and Sunday.

Fri 19may2017 ask at ticket counter in Hua Lampong: 2 fan and 34 aircon seats left. Only return trips sold in Hua Lampong: 3rd class fan 120 THB, aircon 234 (?). I would have to buy Kanchanaburi – Nam Tok in Kanchanaburi, but for fear of train sold out buy the return ticket in Hua Lampong.

With 6:30 am departure at Bangkok being prohibitively early, and then 1 hour stop in Nakon Pathom which would be of no use to me as I can go there any time, I go to Kanchanaburi with a Farang friend FF by car to get on the train at a not-so-ungodly-hour.

Sat 20may2017 9:22 enquire at railway station in Kanchanaburi: indeed excursion train is sold out. Glad I bought the ticket the day before in Hua Lampong. Train enters Kanchanaburi railway station (in town, 3.2 km by rail from bridge):

Departure schedule 9:33, real 9:37. The Japanese can build that track and bridge in difficult terrain, at the same time fighting in a world war, in less than projected time, and the Thai can’t even run the train on time!

Train stops before bridge 9:40-10:10 so passengers can walk on the bridge:

Then slowly drives over bridge, short stop in Tha Kilen, no stop but drives slowly at Tham Krasae (separate post), no stop in Nam Tok.

The ride in 3rd class was rather uncomfortable: I had a seat near the end of the carriage with no overhead storage (had to keep my backpack between my legs or on my lap - beware of drinks spilled by others on the floor!), open windows and all kind of dirt and dust blowing in, no platform between carriages, and I had the aisle seat so not easy to look out the window.

Finally 11:41 arrive at Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi, 
the platform at  is shorter than the train (4 carriages): 

Front end of the train, after the masses have dispelled, with insert of train label EXCURTION TRAIN (sic!):

There are open restaurants (reasonably prices, but slow), toilets (5 Baht, no running water), and the train engine is running and making noise throughout the stop. Near the train station are old train:


Sai Yok Noi waterfall dry:

A bit further away is the source of the river (not much water, but the giant tree is interesting) and a cave (was closed):

FF picks me up at the highway, and we go to a temple on the return to Kanchanaburi, where I catch the same train (schedule 16:53, real 16:58) to Bangkok.

See here for general information about train travel:

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