Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Thai Best massage update

Thai Best massage update

I have written about Thai Best Silom Soi 6 before. Have been back a few times and had a massage by my favorite masseur. There is a slight decline in massage quality, afters very good, still worth every Baht.

Last time I went (Wednesday 14.05.2013) he was not in, so I took another cute-ish boy. Massage good, after turning around I got an erection and he asked if I want him to do something about it.

ChristianPFC: Ok
Boy: Do you tip me?
Do you tip me?
How much?
How much do you want?
1000 ok?
2000 ok? (very poor style to try to increase the price after an agreement is reached, this bodes no good)
No, only 1000.

Then he started wanking me, remaining fully dressed. I asked him to take off his shirt, which he did hesitantly. A bit too fat for my taste. There was some reluctance when I touched him. I should have realized that it won’t end happy for me and stopped here (and just tipped for massage). But I ask him to take off his trousers and underwear, same as before (hesitant, reluctant). Overall, a waste of money and cum.

My idea of a happy ending is full nudity and my hands all over him.

This is not the first time where it goes completely wrong (but I still tipped the agreed amount in all cases), the lowest point being a massage at Thai Boy Massage 2011 (?, now Super A ground floor), where the boy had no talent at massage or happy ending. In other cases, the boy could at least give a massage (but my main objective is the happy ending).

I have to come up with a plan how to get out without happy ending (after agreeing to a tip and/or some indecent touching), when I realize that our ideas of a happy ending are fundamentally different and irreconcilable. What would my readers do? How much would you tip in such a case?

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  1. my dear, if you want more as massage, go to other places and away from silom. Places that advertise a high min. tip from the start (mostly also 1000). Or those advertising on thaimassageboy.com or gthai.net. there used to be a very good one very close to your place (beside the Valumart on Ch Wattana), but now closed/moved. Talk with the receptionist and take his advice.
    For only just massage, go to normal style Thai places-all over town. Tips of 20-40 enough.

  2. I have no fixation on Silom, but I choose masseur from those sitting outside when I walk past. I often have business in Silom, so I walk past often, which increases the chance that I see one whom I like.

  3. Two weeks ago I went to Bonny Massage. Cute looking boy, but he even kept his towel around his hips when we showered together.
    And of course his underwear on when giving me a massage. He just wanted to jerk me off, which I can do myself.
    Had to give him 600 baht tip as shown on the "menu". Waste of time and money.

  4. i was told down soi twilight tips 500 minimium & to increase depending on massage & extra services recieved, (this is what the receptionist told me) normally i give around 800bt here a friend does also this is excepted ok,

  5. I never tip less than 1000 but somehow always manage to have boy undressed at one point with indecent touching and at least one of us happy ending as minimum


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