Monday, 26 January 2015

Oh my god! (17) Homemade Fleshlight

Oh my god! (17) Homemade Fleshlight

Some Thai friends came to see me in my room, and played facebook and youtube on my computer. This video is worth sharing: จิ๋มเทียม ทำเอง (home-made fake pussy)! from


Thai language note. Have fun! หนุกหนาน! nùk-năan is short for สนุกสนาน sà-nùk-sà-năan. Similar สวัสดี sà-wàt-dee is abbreviated หวัดดี wàt-dee. The first letter ส is replaced by ห in writing (but not pronounced) to retain the tone. (Will add further examples if I find some.)

Amusing pictures from the comments to that thread:

Translation? (google translate doens't make much sense)

I did not draw this (untranslatable). Bring a rubber eraser and remove it!

A Thai friend had an industrial masturbation aid like a Fleshlight. The only time I saw one from close. The interesting part is that it vibrates and you can select how it vibrates. Might get one some time.

18 More Ways To DIY A Fleshlight Than The World Ever Asked For

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  1. Indonesian translation: Because of you, I'm in this state. Eduard

  2. ขนม (sweets) is can be shortened to หนม


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