Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Big Bad Wolf Children's Book Sale in IMPCACT

Big Bad Wolf Children's Book Sale in IMPCACT

The book sale took place in IMPACT Muang Thong Thani (Impact forum hall 9) from 10-19feb2017. https://www.bigbadwolfbooks.com/th/english/

But unlike book expos in QSNCC or second hand book sale at Neilson Hays library, there was nothing for me here.

I haven't been to IMPACT before, so I took this occasion to investigate public transport: bus 166 aircon from Victory Monument (but there are two different buses of line 166, one goes to Government complex, the other to IMPACT, ask or read the Thai sign), but not on the shortest way, rather going on Chaeng Wattana all the way to Chao Phraya and then doing a U-turn), 18 Baht, 12:24-13:28.

But the objective of this post is to protest against the vilification of certain animals.

While I have no compassion for illegal immigrants http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-truth-about-european-migrant-crisis.html, I pity the mistreated and vilified animals. Human like and dislike of animals is completely misguided.

Why are wolves, sharks and rats bad, whereas pigeons are good? Especially pigeons are glorified as a symbol of peace, while I think they are vile creatures, shitting everywhere, fluttering around, making noise, carrying diseases. Similar for monkeys in urban areas: there is nothing cute about them.

My translation: One of the most dangerous animals in the world. Year after year causes innumerable grief and millions of deaths. On the left, a murdered wolf.

Source: facebook

Pigeon shit in a wat. Many places now have pigeon deterrents or nets to prevent access.

Here I observed a monkey damaging a car (and various scratches upon close inspection):

If you have ever been in Lopburi Prang Sam Yot, you will see what damage and dirt monkeys can cause.

I don't care about rats and cockroaches, but dislike pigeons and monkeys in an urban environment (in the wild it's fine with me). Feeding pigeons should be outlawed (actually there are signs "don't feed the pigeons" at various places, but people feed them nonetheless; a better approach than just putting up signs would be to catch the pigeons and use them as food). Whereas feeding fish at temples or elsewhere is fine for me, assuming they are used as food later.

Make merit by releasing birds, fish, snakes, turtles, frogs at temples. I disapprove of that.

Feeding stray dogs or cats is a way to make merit, birth control obviously is not. I don't know what happens with all the offspring, but guess most of them die from accidents or diseases. But then I very rarely see a corpse, guess that's where rats come in.

While the intentions are good, the outcome is negative.

Shows with tigers, elephants, snakes. I guess money comes first, and the line of mistreating the animals is often crossed. I don't go to or recommend such shows. 

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  1. LUFTratten sind es!
    Un die fressen auch mal gerne ---pommes, wohl bestimmt eine Naturabweichung, oder?

  2. so no compassion for illegal immigrants who are trying to make a better life for themselves, but pedo sex tourists like yourself are ok?

  3. you don't like animals in Urban environments?
    these places were wild but humans have changed them to Urban. Where do you expect animals to go if their natural environment is decreasing every year?

    1. The problem I'm referring to is man-made. In the wild, there wouldn't be such large number of monkeys, dogs, pigeons or rats like in urban environments. It's because people feed them (either on purpose or by negligence) without thinking about the consequences.

  4. Christian, in a way, could you yourself considered to be an illegal immigrant in Thailand? Should the Thai people also not show you any compassion?

    1. Not at all. Before going to Thailand, I apply for a visa at a Thai embassy. My stay in Thailand is self-funded.


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