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Dating Thai boys (68) BFCs in 2018

Dating Thai boys (68) BFCs in 2018

Boyfriend candidates in 2018. Any boy with whom I do not find character or physical faults (body hair, too fat, not handsome), or communication or money problems, is a boyfriend candidate. Copies from monthly reports in Italic.

BFC1in2018 Tue 5jun2018 James in Rama II
I found James on hornet in Oct2016, and then met him at once in Central Rama II where we expressed mutual interest, but after that he would not come to my room and I would not go to Rama II because then we would have to get back to my room or find a room there, and anyway communication was poor. But now, when I stay in hotel anyway, and with improved communication, I can go to stay near his room. 20 months after first encounter now finally get to a room, where we don’t lose much time talking but go straight to bed, and he is great! BFC1in2018. Gets the prize of being the first to fuck me this year.

After that some chat, mostly me contacting him, and then messages not read. Ex-BFC1in2018. Some day I will call him.

BFC2in2018 Wed 6jun2018 Gai in Rama II
On the way to meet James, I was on the apps and had a GPS misplacement by 10 km. A boy Gai from Bang Kae at that place is very eager to come to see me in the morning, about 15 km by road, and considering how quick he arrived here he must have taken taxi (confirmed by asking him). We spend about 3 hours in bed, and then it’s noon and I have to check out. Another great encounter and clearly worth a repeat. BFC2in2018.

But then, no then show on 20jun2018, and so-so sex when we meet again:

Tue 15aug2018 Bangkok Bang Kae
Chat with BFC2in2018 Gai in Bang Kae and go to meet him again in a hotel near his place. Not that cheap at 540 THB and 200 key deposit. I stay in the room 10:35-16:32, with interruption for lunch. Sex is not as good as first time, exBFC2in2018. Then he falls asleep fully clothed. Not just sleeping, occasionally throwing around his arms and legs wildly, and bruxism as well. (/ˈbrəksizəm/ noun: the involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep) But I can’t sleep at that time (afternoon), and hugging is dangerous as he could hit me, anyway I can’t have skin contact as he is fully dressed, and I don’t know when he will wake up and we will do after, so I leave the room 16:32. And take the key to reception to get my 200 deposit back, but tell receptionist to leave my friend sleeping. About an hour later he wakes up and messages me, seems not happy. But I have stuff to do.

Ex-BFC2in2018, but would meet him again for sex.

BFC3in2018 Thu7jun2018 Samut Sakon
A boy M with stats 23/60/170 messages me, and I dismissed him being too fat, but then he sends a picture of his abdomen and indeed, he has a six-pack, and is only 400 m away, so I give him a chance. Meet on the street is positive, and he stays alone and has aircon and I can stay with him overnight! In his room, those 60 kg are perfectly distributed over 170 cm, and his skin is smooth, warm and dry, and we have a good time in the evening and again in the morning. Clearly worth a repeat! BFC3in2018.

But afterwards slow or no reply. I haven’t met him again.

BFC4in2018 Mon18jun2018 JJ from Ratchada
In the morning a boy JJ who lives in Ratchada messages me on facebook and wants to come to see me. Considering how fast he got here, he must have taken a taxi. Go to bed quickly, my type, my style, awesome! BFC4in2018.

The years before the only trouble: “Too far, I don’t know the way, I have no money” and now suddenly boys come to my place by taxi, to have sex with me for free!

But after that, he lost his mind! Asking for money is not the problem, makes him ex-BFC but we can still have fun. But asking to send money online before meeting is clearly a scam, and all conversation quickly ends with him sending me his bank details, and I sending him pictures of 1000 THB notes.

BFC5in2018 Wed 22aug2018
A money boy Sing is not free (with friends in Silom Soi 4). Invite another boy J to my room, and we have a great time. BFC5in2018. Jesse speaks good German.

We have met thrice since then. No character flaws, good in bed, but I don’t feel in love.

BFC6in2018 Mon 1oct2018 Mandalay / Mingun / U-Bein bridge
Only boat schedule (one boat at 9 am to Mingun) prevented me from inviting a boy in the morning. Afternoon back in Mandalay. So many contacts on blued, I have to sort how attractive, English, distance, who is free when.
ST arrives 14:10 and we go for lunch and then to my room (it’s raining anyway). My type, my style, BFC6in2018. Perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon! Then rain stops, and 16:00 we depart for U-Bein bridge.

Tue 2oct2018 Mandalay / Gokteik
Get up 2:40, and at 3 the mocy (friend or relative) is already waiting outside to take us to railway station (I would have walked). At the ticket counter, his ID is not accepted and he has to get back to hotel to get another proof of identity. When he comes back, he has my bag with him and tells me he checked me out of the room because he doesn’t like that room. An unacceptable intrusion, ex-BFC6in2018.

Meet him again Thu29-Fri30nov2018, but the spark is gone, so-so in bed and more character differences.

BFC7in2018 Thu11oct2018 Nakon Sri Thammarat
My last chance is a boy NatTH whose pictures are not a clear hit, but with stats 24/48/166 you can’t go wrong. Asks for my room number, and knocks on my door. Looks better than in pictures, and my type, my style. Absolutely want to meet him again! Next trip to South is Hua Hin in December (when friend from Germany is there), I will stretch it to Nakon Sri Thammarat!

Communication and money problems, ex-BFC7in2018. But will go to meet him again when I’m in the south.

BFC8in2018 Tue 16oct2018 Nakon Sawan Kim
Kim finishes work 21 and picks me up at my hotel 22:32. Then invites me for drinking with his friends in a Thai style pub 22:44-23:51. That was the maximum I could endure (loud music, many people, being out late). Then back to my room (on his mocy, KimNS slightly drunk), and to bed. My type, my style, will come back!

One no-show on 7nov2018, ex-BFC8in2018, but still running as fuck-buddy.

BFC9in2018 Thu25oct2018 Chanthaburi Boss
Meet on street and go to my room. Chat first, then I initiate sex. After a slow start my type, my style. Worth a repeat!

But from chat and slow start I might have been on the receiving end of pity sex. Or I’m a bordercase for him, but as he is stuck there in the boondocks, and has nothing better to do and I’m staying next to his workplace (and his room is in the same building), he can as well see how it turns out.

Now he is back home in Korat, and I hope I can meet him there some day.

BFC10in2018 Wed5dec2018 Yangon
One of the boys I chatted with yesterday on blued is free today and we have appointment at 10 am. Meet in front of my hotel (he lives 10 km away and came by bus) 10:35 and to my room.

A few minutes later it becomes clear that we will spend a while, so I tell him I would have to check out at 12, and go to reception to pay for another day in the hotel. Better now that being interrupted in whatever we will be doing later by a phone call or even worse knock on the door asking if I will check out or stay longer. That was a wise decision.

After the longest train ride 24 hours yesterday, now the longest time I ever spent with a boy in bed during daytime: 6 hours! And worth every minute: hugging, groping, wanking, sucking, kissing, with rests in between. No sleeping or playing on mobile phone. I had no particular sightseeing planned that day, but had to cut it after 6 hours to go for lunch. Bye 16:58 at Sule bus station.

Still running as BFC. We are in contact online, and I would pay for him to come to meet me in Bangkok, but cannot go to see him in Myanmar before August.

BFC11in2018 Wed 7nov2018 Nakon Sawan Non
On my last trip to Nakon Sawan I chatted with a boy Non who is worth going there to meet him. We have a good time in bed, worth a repeat. He stays over night, and leaves 8:06 in the morning. I take train back to Bangkok.

That repeat took place on 12dec2018. I don’t feel love, but will meet again for sex.

BFCs in 2017 here: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2018/11/dating-thai-boys-64-bfcs-in-2017.html

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Gay activities Dec 2018

Gay activities Dec 2018

Fri30nov2018 Myanmar

Return to Bangkok with Nok Air. Even in cheapest class you can choose your seat for free (except seats in front and near exits which cost extra). I get a window seat in the back (so wings and fans don’t block the view) and have a fabulous view of Yangon on departure and of Bangkok on landing.

I have been chatting with a boy Je from Indonesia who is in Bangkok for holiday for a while, and now both of us are free to meet. A bordercase (a bit too fat and facial hair), but seems very eager. I invite him to my room where everything takes expected course. I don’t get hard, but he cums by rubbing his penis between our abdomen. I never had this before. No repeat.

Fruitless chat with boy in Ramkhamhaeng:

In Royal City Avenue (RCA) there used to be a gay disco Castro
that must have closed sometime between my last visit in 2014 and now.

But there is a quite new gay disco: Project Runway.

200 entry, stay 00:10-03:09 (still going). Coyote boys 01:48-56 (ancient Egypt costumes) and 02:35-44 (4 dancers and 12 boys parading). Quite full, some bordercases, but don’t hook up.

I have been chatting for some months with PeaLao, and today he is free to meet at Victory Monument for movie and then more in my room. We have a good time, worth a repeat. He mentioned travel expenses (lives and works in Ramintra), so I give him 200 THB to cover these.

Tue11dec2018 Nakon Sawan
Time to go to meet one of my boys in Nakon Sawan, Kim, again. And time to make a list to keep track, in chronological order of first meeting:
1. Pae the bottom pig
2. Kim the mobile phone seller (now works in restaurant)
3. Non the technical college student
4. Cutter the smoker
Upcoming 5. Boat the pharmacist

During the train ride try to reach Kim: no reply. From radio silence (i.e. not logging in online dating so the other boys don’t know I’m there) to actively looking for a replacement, and keeping in mind that he could reply any time (at the end, he did the following morning 02:37, saying he just finished work in a restaurant after changing jobs).

But I get another one, Cutter the smoker. We talked on the phone 21:19 and agreed to meet in my hotel, he would finally arrive 23:38 after several more messages and calls from my side. Distance by hornet was 3 km. But it was worth the wait! Cute face, slim body, brown dry warm skin and good in bed. Worth a repeat!

Only downers are long wait, slight smell of cigarette, and make up that got on the white bedlinen. And the goodbye. Just when I think about how to ask him to go home (I sleep better alone and have another one for tomorrow morning), he tells me he has to go home. But the goodbye drags on long. I’m tired and he speaks unclear and in low voice, so I have difficulty to understand. But finally it emerges that he came by mocy which cost 80 THB (which is too expensive for 3 km, or maybe he came from elsewhere?), so I give him 100 and hold the door open. But he doesn’t leave yet, and wants me to send him to 7-Eleven as he is hungry. But I’m very tired and in towel, so I give him 40 THB and hold the door open again, and finally have him out of my room 01:18 and can go to bed!

I could see the disappointment in his face when I gave him 40 THB for dinner. But that’s the average I pay for my meals! Having choice of boys and being able to cut those money requests short is almost as good as sex. Like the one last year who asked for money for travel, and I gave him a 20 THB note for 2x9 THB bus fare and told him he can keep the 2 THB change.

Wed12dec2018 Nakon Sawan
Turn the pillows around so the brown stains from Cutter’s make-up are hidden. Non arrives 9:15 and we have a good time until 11:48, when he has to go to study and I have to check out and get to railway station.

Almost perfect trip! One night in hotel and two boys. Highly efficient. 

Fri14dec2018 Massage Bank Lao
Chat with Bank Lao who has been working here in massage for years on gayromeo. The massage is good, but he is not so much my type, so I have only one or two massages per year. He recently moved to a new place Le Lek in Soi Yen Akat. One hour oil massage at 550 is rather expensive. Massage is okay and so are afters. I'm not horny, but I certainly cannot fault him for not trying, so 800 tip is well deserved. 

Update: He told me he would return to Lao on 16dec2018, but I still see him online, and we passed and recognized each other in the street on 19dec2018. And I vaguely remember, he told me that the same before (going back to Lao soon), it seems to be a lie, but it worked twice with me! 

Sat15dec2018 Sauna Mania
I have not been to Sauna Mania for over a year, but there is an interesting report about show here: http://www.gaythailand.com/forums/topic/12092-bangkok-trip-report/
I can’t find details about upcoming show, go on Sat night (underwear night) which must be a busy time with or without show. Entry 260 THB (500 for over 50 year-olds). When I arrive 19:36, performers for show are already there, and I just have time to shower before show starts. Ends about 20:35. I like what I see and will be back. Upon leaving 21:24 ask cashier: show is Fri Sat Sun at 19.

A boy Men who lives nearby is free and comes to my room. A bordercase, and talks too much. Leave it at hugging, but I can feel he is hard.

I haven’t been in Klong Toey slum for about a year. Proposing straight boys there in 2016 and 2017 was a huge waste of time. By chance meet a boy Non who remembers me and whom I fancy, and while he was reluctant a year ago, now he would go with me for 500 THB. But there is no short-time hotel around I or he know of. So I leave it at having a grope at his dick in a public toilet for 100 THB (not arousing for me, just to show my sincerity) and exchange facebook.

First comes to my room to rest (coming from Chiang Mai in the monrin, going to Koh Samui at night) and sightseeing Wat Arun together. I have a few gropes, but no response.

Jesse comes to my room and we have a good time.

Sake entry 160 THB, stay 00:19-01:04. Two other Farang. Then move on to

Hi Sis Bitchy Club (Pracha Uthit) free entry 01:40-04:33 (closing).
Theme is "fluorescent beach party" which is good for party, but only entrance area and toilets have enough light to see clearly. 

Several other Farang in the disco. Short appearance of coyote boys around 02:45. Exchange a few looks and touch a few times a cute shirtless staff, but before I can take it further: “money, money, tip, tip”.

The party was decadence. And someone has to stay sober to operate it all! Queues for toilet, pissoir, washing hands. Toilet staff (back massage during peeing) leaves me alone. 
Alcohol assisted dating means I can grope everyone and blame it on being drunk, or if they are drunk might not even notice. However noboby passed the "morning after test": When I wake up sober, would I want to have this boy on my side?

A boy G who lives nearby comes to my room. Bordercase, so-so in bed. No repeat. 

Chat with Non Klong Toey on facebook. He is free and would come to see me. Appointment 9 am at bus stop. Around 9 am, just when I want to confirm, he is offline. I assume that he has no credit and is on the way. Wait at the bus stop 9:28-10:00, then back home alone.

Around 11 communication resumed. Next attempt. This time he really is at the bus stop, by motorbike. I didn’t know he has a motorbike. Back to my room where we would spend half an hour. Great body and cock (both soft and hard big and beautiful shape), quickly gets hard. There is a slight smell of glue sniffing in his breath, and his penis smells unwashed, and when I pull back his foreskin there is some smegma. The downside (apart from glue and smega) is that there is only a dribble of cum when he ejaculates. But that body and cock alone was more than I could hope for, worth a repeat!

Cambodian boys S whom I met twice before comes to my room and we have a good time. At night bus to Khon Kaen.

Thu27dec2018 Khon Kaen
Sightseeing all day. For the night, have an appointment with a boy Rap whom I chatted with on hornet on my last stay in Khon Kaen. But he works until 21, so there is time for others!

Chat (hornet) contacts me on hornet and I clearly remember chatting with him in 2014 in Roi Et, and he remembers too. In my room 20:03-43. A bordercase, we play around a bit. No repeat.

Rap comes to my room 21:25-22:15. A better match than Chat, but still I don’t feel horny. He would stay over night, but as I don’t feel horny, and sleep better alone, and chatted with yet another, get him out.

Max (hornet) is still online and wants to meet (I didn’t use my phone while I was with Rap), and comes to my room and stays 22:40-23:20. A clear hit! Mutual! Only because of being tired from walking all day (estimated 10 km), and playing around with the two before do I not get hard. I would love to have him stay over night for fun in the morning, but he has to get up at 6 to work 7:30 and returns home. Worth a repeat!

Max has been deaf since birth, which entails no speaking, and as long as we were together he didn’t make any sound. Considering that excessive talking is a problem with some Thai boys I meet, dating a deaf (mute) boy is not that bad.

Over the years, I had sex with (from memory, in chronological order): orphan, 11 toes, penis insert (various over the years), 3 nipples, cryptorchidism, silicon penis, 11 fingers, deaf.

A mute orphan would be a winning combination: doesn’t talk and no family to take care of.

Beside first sex with a deaf (I met two deaf gays before), 3 boys in my room in one night, nay just 4 hours, for audition is a new record. Previous was one at night and another in the morning. 

Fri28dec2018 Khon Kaen to Maha Sarakam
There is still time for a fourth boy in a hotel room that I stayed one night, making this a dating marathon. And indeed there was another Ray (hornet) yesterday, who would come to meet me in the morning.  but while he claims to be in Khon Kaen university, hornet says 32 km (but distance doesn’t change when I’m out in town for sightseeing, kms away from my hotel, so there might be an error in hornet). But then he asks for money, and I refuse. We would repeat this 8 (eight!) times, he would keep writing, and asking for money in a different way. At first amount not specified, then asks for 500, then lowers to 300, at the end I offer 100 for travel cost, and then time runs out (check out midday).

Maha Sarakam, shortly called Sarakam by the locals. Five years ago I didn’t ever know that there is a province Maha Sarakam, and now I am there! There is one very interesting profile on blued, and he is just 800 m away, and I get a few replies, but at the end he spends the night live on blued (over 300 viewers and plenty of comments coming in, a clear case of sensory overload).
I would pay to get my hands on that body!

Sat29dec2018 Maha Sarakam
Chat with a boy in the morning, but he wants money. Out sightseeing 9-11.

At 12:03 set up a date with Job (blued) for 12:30, which he moves to 14:30 upon my question where he is (12:44). That’s too late, or too early, I have sightseeing for the afternoon.

In parallel, chat with Ohm (hornet) and 12:51 set up a date for 13:15. He is 10 km out of town and would come by motorbike. 13:23 send him a picture of my hotel as a reminder.

13:32 message from Job: I’m here now (picture of hallway of my hotel). So I go for a quick hello and goodbye, telling him a friend is on the way from out of town.

When Job is around the corner I check for message from Ohm: caught in a police checkpoint without helmet. He doesn’t have to go to police station, but has to wait until the checkpoint is disassembled. Last reply is 13:49, and 14:49 I give up and go out for sightseeing.

At night meet Job again, and everything fine in bed. Worth a repeat. Chat with Ohm resumed (no excuse or explanation given, or demanded, so I assume he didn’t knock on my hotel room door while I was away). Set up a date for 9:30 tomorrow.

Sun30dec2018 Maha Sarakam
No reply in the morning. Don’t wait for Ohm, go out sightseeing, and then check out midday, bus to Bangkok, which was a good decision: my messages were only read and answered the following day!

Mon31dec2018 Bangkok
I have been chatting with D from Indonesia for months, and it wasn’t clear if he is interested. Now he wants to meet, or more precisely he wants me to pick him up. But after offering taxi fare for return, he comes to my room and we have a good time. Worth a repeat.

14 Free sex: Kalaw, Yangon, J Indonesia, Pea Lao, Cutter NS, Non NS, Jesse, G, S Cambodia, Chat KK, Rap KK, Max KK, Job Mahasarakam, D Indonesia (500 taxi return).
3 Paid sex: Yangon Massage 20 kMMK = 400 THB, Bank Lao 800, Non KT 500 = 1700 THB.
2 No sex: Men, First.
1 No show: Kim NS.

4 Old: Non NS, Jesse, S Cambodia, Bank Lao.
13 New: Kalaw, Yagon, Yangon, J Indonesia, Pea Lao, Cutter NS, G, Chat KK, Rap KK, Max KK, Job Mahasarakam, Non KT, D Indonesia.

12 Repeat: Kalay, Yangon, Yangon, Pea Lao, Cutter NS, Non NS, Jesse, S Cambodia, Max KK, Job Mahasarakam, Non KT, D Indonesia.
5 No Rep: J Indonesia, G, Chat KK, Rap KK, Bank Lao.

(Repeat + Free)/(No repeat + paid) = 26/8 = 3.25. Best since start of statistics.

3 Disco: RCA Project Runway, Sake, Hi Sis Bitchy Club.
2 Massage: Yangon, Bank Lao.
1 Sauna: Sauna Mania.

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Dating Thai boys (67) Private picture ping-pong

Dating Thai boys (67) Private picture ping-pong

Profiles who do not upload their picture or even worse, put someone else's picture in their profile, is a general problem in gay dating apps, and many people put "NPNC" (no pic no chat) or similar in their profile (I read it in Thai or Chinese as well).  

So do I, but nonetheless, I get messages from profiles without face or body picture, or obviously not their picture; or I message profiles with promising looking body pictures, asking for face picture.

What then often ensues is what I call "private picture ping-pong". As I'm mostly traveling, I'm not permanently on my phone. And by the time I check messages, the sender has already revoked permission to see private pictures, and I have to ask again. 

Ask for private pictures once:

Ask for private pictures twice:

Ask for private pictures three times:

At least the last screenshot led to meeting the boy (19nov2018) and all fine, next time have to take it to room. But I should make a statistics to confirm my feeling that communication with people who do not have their picture in their profile or send it early during conversation is a waste of time.

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Gay activities Nov 2018

Gay activities Nov 2018

Yesterday night I had a boy I know from before in my hotel room in Sakon Nakon. He works from morning, so it cannot hurt to go online (when I arrive already) to see if I can get another for the morning to make full use of the hotel room.
Five years ago I would have dismissed this profile (blued) for having too many tattoos, but now my first thought is “I want to get my hands on that body.” In hindsight, it looks a bit photo-shopped.

But upon chatting I learn it’s not the profile owner’s picture, but that of a straight friend.

Back in Bangkok, set up a date with a cute boy from hornet. We have chatted for a while before. He lives in Pinklao, hence I call him Pinklao. My translations:

14:20 Christian กลับกทมแล้ว I’m back in Bangkok.
14:22 Pinklao  คับ Okay.
14:24 Christian กำลังทำอะไรครับ What are you doing?
14:27 Pinklao [Sticker]
14:27 Pinklao นอน Sleeping.
14:27 Christian คืนนี้เจอกันมั้ย Can we meet tonight?
14:27 Pinklao 555
14:31 Pinklao ที่ไหน Where?
14:32 Christian [my location]
14:32 Christian ห้องผมอยู่นี้ ห้องคุณอยู่ไหน My room is here. Where is your room?
14:33 Pinklao ห้างพาต้า Pata.
14:33 Pinklao ปิ่นเกล้า Pinklao
14:33 Christian อยู่กับใคร Who do you live with?
14:33 Pinklao พี่ Older relative.
14:34 Christian ผมอยู่คนเดียว I live alone.
14:34 Pinklao คับ Okay.
14:36 Pinklao ฉันอยากเจอแบบไม่มีเพศสัมพันธ์ I want to meet but not have intercourse.
14:37 Christian ครับ เจอกันครั้งแรกไม่มีเพศสัมพันธ์ Okay. No intercourse on first date.
(On selected cases I do “no sex on first date”. But better to get right to the point as to not loose time. I should make a statistic where “no sex on first date” leads. From memory, all time waste.)
15:06 Pinklao คับ Okay.
15:16 Pinklao เจอกันที่ไหน Where can we meet?
15:16 Christian พาต้า Pata.
15:17 Pinklao กี่โมง What time?
15:18 Christian 1ทุ่ม หรือ 2ทุ่ม Meet 8 or 9 pm?
15:18 Pinklao 1 Meet 8 pm.
15:20 Pinklao แล้วฉันจะขอยืมเงินคุณ3000ได้หรือไม่ฉันจะมาจ่ายค่าห้องวันที่10เราคือ I would like to ask if it is possible to borrow 3000 THB. I will use the money to pay my rent and pay it back on 10th.
15:21 Pinklao คืน (correction of typo)
15:21 Christian ไม่ได้ Cannot.
15:22 Pinklao โอเค Okay.
15:22 Pinklao งั้นเจอกัน See you later.
15:23 Christian 1ทุ่ม พาต้า 8 pm at Pata.
15:26 Pinklao เค Okay.
17:52 Pinklao ฉันยืม1000ได้ไหม Can I borrow 1000 THB?
17:53 Christian เปล่า No.
17:53 Pinklao .....
17:53 Christian ผมไม่ใช่ธนาคาร I’m not a bank.
18:02 Pinklao คับ Okay.
18:09 Christian ถ่าไม่ไห้ยืมเงิน อยากเจอกันมั้ย Do you still want to meet, even I don’t lend you any money?
(Message read but no reply.) 

What a sneaky little CUNT! Well at least he asked online and didn’t wait until I’m there. So I didn’t waste time and money for traveling, and can pursue other boys.

And there is another boy Nat Sathu Pradit who contacts me on facebook. He wants 500, lives nearby, and within one hour he is in my room!. Encounter was so-so, no repeat. But I would recommend him to friends (the problem is he speaks no English).

What a turn of events! From no sex for 1000 at Pata Pinklao to sex for 500 in my room within one hour. 

A boy BusL who lives in Pattaya, but often has business in Bangkok, comes to meet me and stays over night. All fine in bed, I will see him again. His pajama could be described as Victorian (i.e. length, color, pattern would fit Victorian England). Completely un-erotic and impractical for my purposes (no skin exposed). But the following morning, it gets better, boy in one of my shorts:

I haven’t seen Rit the Muslim for over a year, but chatted occasionally. Time for a reapeat. So-so in bed, no repeat. But I would highly recommend him to friends: good body, big cock, on time, good English. 1015 THB well deserved. He always asks for money for mocy to MRT on top of 1000 for sex. Next time I will pay him 500+4x100+4x20+10+5+5x1 THB notes and coins. Rit the Muslim in underwear from my collection:


Tue6nov2018 Relapse
Over the day, spend several hours online dating, but all fail. Neither for free nor for 500 can I get any boy to come to my room. 

A boy from Ladprao Soi 98 asks for 1000 and then does not reply when I offer 500. We had met shortly some weeks before.

Pinklao boy (see 1nov2018) wants 2500 THB and does not directly reply to my counter offer of 500.

I had a date Ro (from blued yesterday) for free for the evening, but when it comes to discussing details, he goes quiet, and then: 
(copied from https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2018/12/dating-thai-boys-66-pick-my-up-2.html) 

17:38 Christian See you tonight. What time?
(When that message was read without reply, I knew already that something is wrong and I can pursue other boys.)
18:54 Christian ???
19:13 Christian Meet or not?
20:01 Thai boy I'm fear
20:02 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:02 Christian Fear what?
20:03 Thai boy Hiv
20:03 Thai boy Because we just know each other
20:04 Christian I have condoms. Or no fucking on first date.
20:06 Thai boy Ok
20:06 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:06 Christian Only hugging and wanking.
20:08 Thai boy OK my dear
20:09 Christian I stay alone. Who do you stay with?
20:10 Thai boy Alone now
20:10 Christian I mean can we have sex in your room?
20:11 Thai boy (no)
20:11 Thai boy My dear
20:11 Christian So we have to go to my room for sex.
20:14 Thai boy Call time 2:50
20:15 Thai boy I want to kiss you very much
20:15 Christian Do you want to come here?
20:15 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:15 Christian [Sticker]
20:15 Thai boy But today I'm so tired 

But, as soon as problems started (messaged read but not answered), I followed another one:

JJ (ex-BFC4in2018) wants me to send him money online before meeting. We have been there before. I send him a picture of a 1000 THB note, he sends his bank account details.

Out of the blue, Wit Buriram (no sex before marriage) is in Buriram and asks me for money for rent (the third time over the months!). To make it more difficult to understand, he sends computer generated translations in English or German. I find these hilarious! When I refuse to send money, and then not answer his messages any more, he finishes with “คุณใจร้าย = You are merciless/pitiless/heartless”.

Have a look what https://pic.gboysiam69.com/ has to offer (all in Thai). Warnings of fake profiles and not to send money online. And on 10 pages with 20 profiles each, and high turnover (the oldest post is 2 h 24 min old), I find several boys I know from elsewhere, and several who are my type.

Message two, one slow reply (no facepic, no location). The other efficient communication, in Bangkapi, and picture on Line matches picture on gboysiam, but he wants 4000 (!!!), then agrees to 1000, but wants the money online before meeting, which I refuse. Then he tells me that my place is too far, and wonders who would travel from Bangkapi to Sathorn for 1000. (But that’s no lie from my side, I indeed have one boy who comes from Rangsit and one from Minburi to my room for 1000.) 

In the course of the day, several hours and a lot of brain cells wasted and nothing to show.

I think all “send money online before meeting” are scams. I’m not the who is going to provide experimental proof. What are my readers’ experiences? Has any of my readers ever sent money online and that was not a scam? 

Wed 7nov2018 Nakon Sawan
On my last trip to Nakon Sawan I chatted with a boy Non who is worth going there to meet him. We have a good time in bed, worth a repeat. He stays over night, and leaves 8:06 in the morning. I take train back to Bangkok.

Meet EmAT for dinner, then to my room, stays over night. Worth a repeat. 

Fri 9nov2018 Pattaya
Radio silence (hornet, gayromeo, blued) so BusL and Golf don’t know I’m in town. 

Winner Boys 20:08-40. Pineapple juice 79. 13 Boys and 2 customers. 

Nice Boys 20:45-21:28. Hot tea 150. 14 Boys and 2 customers (increasing). Cute waiter Ammy and cute boy #27. So cute and nice body and underwear (red and black Chuan Keao briefs) that I invite him to sit with me (boy drink 200, tip 100). Nice body, but no response to my caresses, and despite considerable effort cannot get hard. Tattoos on lower right arm and right side of back. 

Dream Boys 22:07-31. Pineapple juice 220. 10 Boys and 4 customers (increasing). They recently started performing shows, at 22:20 and 23:30. I stayed for begin of show (22:26 stage empty, 22:28 performers appear), and then leave as it’s not my area of interest. 

Toy Boys was on my blacklist after reports on the forums that there are straight boys who only go with women, myself noticing cute boys shirtless outside who never go on stage inside two years ago, and spotting one very cute boy outside last year, exchanging contact information, and him asking for 1500 THB to come to my room. After boycotting them for years, time for re-evaluation. 

Toy Boys 22:39-23:10. Hot tea 250. 14 Boys and 9 customers. Boys in white briefs and barefeet. Several I could take and #75 sticks out in particular. But he looks Vietnamese. Ask staff: all boys are Thai. Chat him up outside: name Im (อิ่ม ?) from Lao. Well, Lao borders on Vietnam, so there might be Lao boys who look Vietnamese. Or are Vietnamese boys aware of their poor reputation and claim to be Lao? Skin temperature check positive. Might off him another time. Overall, Toy Boys is back on my list of bars to visit! 

Cupidol 23:14-41. 11 Boys and 3 customers. 

Kawaii 23:48-00:08. Orange juice 150. 8 Boys and 2 customers. A boy Nat I found online works there and was in, but with customer. Nowadays, when I find someone online and learn that he works in a bar, I use this opportunity to see him in real, combined with entertainment in the bar, instead of asking him to come to my room directly.

There were two boys I like, Nat (couldn't see his number) and Go #44, of completely different intellectual capabilities. Go used to work in Power Boys, where I had him sit with me once but the encounter was indifferent. And when I see him on stage and look into his eyes, I have the impression “the light is on, but nobody is home”. After trying to get his attention during two or three bar visits, I gave up. But from online I know he is gay.

Nat however was sitting in the bar with customer, and I sat behind him but walked past twice on the way to toilet. He remembered me from chat online weeks ago, and found our chat on Line, and messaged me! That puts him high on my list for next trip.

Jomtien Complex 00:34 brimming with boys and customers. Many cute boys. Beach 00:55 promising, but it starts to rain. 01:12 return in light rain.

I have been chatting with a boy S from Lao from hornet for a while. He is free now and wants to meet. He stays alone and I’m closer to his room than to mine, so I go to meet him. His room standard is comparable to my hotel room, so I stay over night, during which he cums 3 times (about 2 am, 6 am, 8 am)! That’s a first! Previous record was twice, at night and in the morning. Worth a repeat.

That means I didn’t stay in my hotel room, just put my stuff in and showered when I arrived, and picked my stuff up the following morning. 

If you think it’s long, stop here and continue another day.

Sun11nov2018 Khon Kaen
Start of one week Esan trip with Farang friend by car. Dinner and strolling in Don Tan market Khon Kaen. A boy J from Philippines is there as well with friends. We meet and he agrees to come to my room. But when I re-unite with Farang friend, J cancels. Later I would learn that he thought we are boyfriends (even though I told him we just travel together) or stay in the same room.

But this is my lucky day, I get a Thai boy Nong 27/49/170 from hornet to come to my hotel. Slim brown warm and dry, but a bit hairy and face not handsome. We have a good time, but yet no repeat. 

Mon12nov2018 Bueng Gan
There is one cute boy online who wants to meet, but he is across the Mekong! 

Tue13nov2018 Bueng Khong Long
Nutt comes to my hotel. Slim, brown skin, temperature okay, no body hair, but sex only so-so. No repeat. 

Wed14nov2018 That Phanom
This boy Ta I know from facebook. He lives a few km out of town, so we have to pick him up by car. Warm dry brown skin, all fine in bed, will see him again! 

Thu15nov2018 Surin
A boy Palm comes to my room (knock on door, I don’t even have to leave my room!). Not handsome, but body and activities all fine. Worth a repeat. 

For all these short times or one-night-stands, I find a nice body more important than a handsome face. Because during sex, I don’t see much of his face, but a lot of his body. Whereas for boyfriend, a handsome face would be important, as I would see more of his face than of his body. 

After sex, he just stays, so I let him. Lights off 00:36 for sleeping. But he doesn’t have sleeping in the original sense in mind. He wants to fuck me! And all discussion leads nowhere. I have to ask him to leave 01:13 am so I can sleep in peace the rest of the night. 

Fri16nov2018 Bangkok
A boy NT from hornet whom I had on 25aug2018 and filed as “worth a repeat”, but did not have time to act on that, suddenly messages me and wants to come to my room. We have a nice time, worth a repeat! 

I have business in Ladprao and meet a boy M from blued at Makro Ladprao. Interesting conversation, fluent in English he is interested in ancient history, especially Mesopotamia. I would never have thought that I meet a Thai boy who knows the word MESOPOTAMIA. 

Meet an old acquaintance JJ Soeng Sang at his hotel (The Pavilion Place) for 500. Sex is okay, no repeat. Afterwards meet his sister in Silom, and he invites us to seafood dinner. 

A boy Fluk comes to my room from Huay Kwang. General chat, English okay, then sex. Slim warm and dry, but pale skin, crab ladder, hairy balls and ass. He cums twice (with two hours rest in between), but I can’t get hard.

During chat leading to meeting he asked for a refund of travel expenses, but when we say goodbye and I want to give him 100 THB, he refuses to take it. Next is boys offering me money for sex! 

Thu22nov2018 Chonburi Bang Phra 
When I last passed Sri Ratcha on way to or from Pattaya, I chatted with a cute boy in Bang Phra on hornet. Fluent in English, cute in video chat, quick response on Line. Today I go to meet him. I stay in a hotel close to his place, and he will come tomorrow morning. That means I have the night (Loy Krathon) for other activities. Several would be interested in meeting, but they are all in Sri Ratcha, 5 km away. Next time stay in Sri Ratcha and have him come to meet me there! 

Fri23nov2018 Chonburi Bang Phra
In the morning, Pat comes to my room and we have a good time. Worth a repeat. 

At night Fake 23:55-02:53 (closing). About 14 hunky coyote (none of them my type) about 01:16-29 and again 01:48-56. Then continue to Hi Sis Bitchy Club (Pracha Uthit), new after-hours gay disco with shirtless male staff. Not very after-hours, we leave 3:47 when they are closing. 

39 underground sauna 15:40-16:45. From 104 to 106 customers. 1 bordercase. 

Top from Sakaew whom I have known for several years, last encounter was 30nov2017, is back in Bangkok and wants to meet. Unreliable, you never know if he will arrive in 15 minutes or in 2 hours. I was out eating, and when I’m coming back he is already waiting in front of my building, smoking a cigarette (not a good start).

In that one year he got a bit fat, got a tattoo on his chest (I knew already from facebook) and a Fang Muk (penis pearl). That Fang Muk was done by a friend, and is a glass bead of about 5 mm diameter, causing a bulb of about 1 cm diameter, the biggest I have ever seen (should have taken a picture).

Brown skin, warm and dry, nice hairless balls. I wank him,but can’t get hard myself. Money problems as usually, give him 500. No repeat. 

Top asks on messenger for 300 THB for petrol for mocy. He is nearby and has run out of petrol and money. After one year trying to get hold of him, now after one day trying to get rid of him!

Out of the blue, a boy Toy/Tong messages me on hornet and is nearby and wants to meet. Something familiar, and when he adds me on Line an old chat comes up from 29apr2016. We didn't meet at that time because he was asking for money, and a bit on the fat side. 

Now still a bit on the fat side, skin not brown, but no body hair and warm and dry. And horny as fuck! Starts sucking me in the shower. Then I fuck him, but he can't get hard despite vigorous wanking. It drags on so long, and his skin stays warm and dry throughout, that I get hard again and almost cum again. Worth a repeat!

But then it turns weird. He tells me he is unwell, but continues wanking and watching porn. I finger him, and as one finger goes in easily, I put in two fingers without problem, then three, then make a cone with my fingers and get in first segment of little finger and thumb, and then he tells me it hurts so I stop. (Anyway, what's the next to fuck him is going to think?)

He then retreats to the toilet, and the sounds I hear match puking. He says he is unwell, but I'm not a nurse, and its has been dragging on: we met 9:00 and I finally get him out of my room 12:22. No money requests. 

And at night another one who lives nearby, GotLL! It's close to my bedtime, so I keep it at some gropes and hugging (fully dressed), but will surely meet again! 

BusL comes to my room (arrival time moved from afternoon to evening to night) and stays overnight. As before, the shampoo/cosmetics he brings cover all horizontal surfaces in my bathroom, and he would spend 32 minutes (10:38-11:10) in my bathroom the following morning. It's important to write these numbers down, so I know I'm not imagining things (the boy spending more than half an hour in my bathroom).

Sex in 9 different places (previous record was 8) in chronological order: Bangkok, Nakhon Sawan, Pattaya, Khon Kaen, Bueng Kong Long (Bueng Gan), That Phanom (Nakhon Phanom), Surin, Sri Ratcha (Chonburi), Mandalay. Boy cumming three times in one night.

4 Paid sex: Nat Sathu Pradit 500, Rit 1015, JJ Soeng Sang 500, Top 500 = 2515.
15 Free sex: BusL, Non NS, EmAT, SLao, Nong KK, Nutt BKL, Tar That Phanom, Palm Surin, NT, Fluk, Pat Sri Ratcha, Tong, BusL, Saw Mandalay, Ziaam Mandalay.
3 No sex: J Philippines in KK, Kitar in Makro Ladprao, GotLL.

8 Old: Rit, JJ Soeng Sang, Top, BusL, EmAT, NT, BusL, Saw Mandalay.
11 New: Nat Sathu Pradit, Non NS, SLao, Nong KK, Nutt BKL, Tar That Phanom, Palm Surin, Fluk, Pat Sri Ratcha, Tong, Ziaam Mandalay.

11 Repeat: BusL, Non NS, EmAT, SLao, Tar That Phanom, Palm Surin, NT, Pat Sri Ratcha, Tong, BusL, Ziaam Mandalay.
8 No Rep: Nat Sathu Pradit, Rit the Muslim, JJ Soeng Sang, Top Sakaew, Nong KK, Nutt BKL, Fluk, Saw Mandalay.

(Repeat + Free)/(No repat + Paid)=26/12=2.2 (slightly better than last month 2.0).

No show: Pinklao Boy.
Attempted scam: Pinklao Boy, JJ ex-BFC4in2018.

1 sauna: 39 underground
2 disco: Fake, Hi Sis Bitchy Club

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