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Dating Thai boys (72) Emotional boy

Dating Thai boys (72) Emotional boy

Sat2feb2019 meet in Farose II sauna. He is dancing in the disco and chats me up. Ask if he is drunk: no. He is here for dancing and singing only, not to go to room. Fine with me, as I like sex in bed better than sauna private cabins. Exchange Line and meet already the following day. His English is okay, but some of the messages must be automatic translation.

Chat history with No members
Saved on: 2019/02/23 20:26

2:21 Christian My name is Christian from Germany.
2:21 Unknown I' m name bom
2:21 Christian Bom Pakse
2:21 Unknown Yes
2:35 Unknown You arrive at your home. Please answer me.
2:35 Unknown Ok?
2:36 Christian On taxi now
2:37 Unknown Ok
2:37 Unknown Yesterday is my birthday
2:37 Unknown [Photo]
2:37 Unknown Lol
2:37 Unknown [Photo]
2:39 Christian Happy birthday to you
2:42 Unknown [Sticker]
2:42 Unknown Thanks
2:42 Unknown [Sticker]
2:52 Christian I'm home. Good night.
2:52 Unknown Ok
2:52 Unknown  Now i go my home
3:31 Unknown  my number [edit]
3:32 Unknown [Sticker]
3:32 Unknown [Sticker]
8:49 Christian Good morning
8:50 Unknown [Sticker]
8:51 Unknown Good morning
8:53 Christian What time do you finish work?
8:53 Unknown 09:014
8:54 Unknown  Now I take a shower
8:54 Unknown [Sticker]
9:12 Unknown Call time 0:28
9:17 Unknown Call time 5:05
9:17 Christian Work 9 to 20
9:18 Christian On 21feb in pratunam เหล็กฟัน
[Write down what he told me in the call: 21feb in Pratunam for dental work; so I have that information for future reference, in particular for meeting before or after.]
10:18 Unknown [Photo]
10:18 Unknown [Photo]
10:19 Unknown Do you want to be a fan with me?
10:21 Christian First we have to know each other better.
10:23 Unknown I want to know me as a friend?
10:28 Christian More than friend.
10:29 Christian We have to spend some time before becoming boyfriend.
10:30 Unknown Ok
10:31 Unknown Now I'm single and I don't know when I have boylfriend.
10:31 Christian Same
10:31 Unknown Now i miss you
10:33 Unknown I think I will make you regret because now many people want to know me a lot. But I do not care
10:33 Unknown [Sticker]
10:34 Unknown Because they want my body They don't want my love.
10:35 Christian Miss you too and want to meet tonight.
10:36 Unknown What I want to love my boyfriend I think my girlfriend is the best person.
10:42 Unknown Meet tonight
10:42 Christian [Sticker]
11:05 Unknown [Photo]
11:05 Unknown กินข้าวมั้ย? [Have you eaten?]
11:06 Christian Yes
11:07 Unknown I will give you in the evening
11:18 Unknown Ok
11:18 Unknown [Sticker]
11:22 Christian Thank you
11:25 Unknown Call time 3:04
11:26 Christian [location]
11:26 Christian MRT Klong Toey or Lumpini
11:29 Unknown [Voice message]
11:29 Unknown [Voice message]
11:29 Unknown [Voice message]
11:29 Unknown [Sticker]
11:29 Unknown [Sticker]
11:30 Christian I can pay for taxi
11:57 Unknown [Sticker]
15:23 Unknown [Voice message]
15:24 Unknown Work today, very tired
15:24 Unknown [Sticker]
15:24 Christian Yes. I wait for you.
15:24 Unknown Can you embrace me?
15:25 Unknown [Sticker]
15:25 Christian Yes. I want to hug you.
15:25 Christian [Sticker]
15:25 Unknown Thanks
15:25 Unknown [Sticker]
15:25 Unknown [Sticker]
15:25 Unknown Love u
15:25 Unknown 55555
16:21 Unknown [Photo]
16:21 Unknown [Photo]
16:21 Christian [Sticker]
16:28 Unknown Missed
16:30 Christian Hello
16:32 Unknown Call time 1:37
18:29 Unknown [Voice message]
18:29 Unknown [Voice message]
18:30 Christian [my phone number]
18:30 Unknown [Sticker]
19:09 Christian See you soon
20:06 Christian  Finish work?
20:08 Unknown Missed
20:09 Christian Call time 0:53
20:09 Christian [directions]
20:10 Unknown Ok
20:10 Unknown Call time 0:36
20:11 Unknown Missed
20:11 Christian [directions]
20:11 Unknown Ok
20:22 Unknown Wait a long time
20:23 Unknown [Sticker]
20:23 Unknown [Photo]
20:24 Christian I will wait for you all night.
20:26 Unknown [Sticker]
20:26 Unknown [Sticker]
20:54 Christian Where are you?

Comes by bus (a good start, compared with other boys who are too hi-so to take bus, or too lazy to walk to/from bus stop, or don’t want to wait for bus, or feel entitled to taxi) and I pick him up at bus stop. He brought me two meals in Styrofoam and cake for Chinese New Year in a gift box. I don’t like people bringing me food, but still better than asking for money!

We walk to my room and have a good time. Worth a repeat! Light cigarette smell, next time tell him to abstain from smoking before we meet. Stays over night and leaves 6:40 in the morning to go to work.

8:30 Unknown My home
8:30 Unknown [Sticker]
8:32 Unknown Missed
8:32 Unknown [Photo]
8:32 Unknown [Photo]
8:32 Unknown [Photo]
9:13 Unknown [Sticker]
9:13 Christian Good morning. Breakfast now.
9:15 Unknown Call time 0:51
9:56 Unknown  Do you have Facebook
9:56 Unknown My Facebook
9:56 Unknown [Photo]
12:10 Unknown [Sticker]
12:11 Unknown What are you doing?
12:12 Christian [Photo]
12:12 Christian Study Chinese
12:13 Unknown [Sticker]
12:13 Unknown Do you miss me?
12:33 Christian Miss you
12:34 Unknown [Sticker]
12:34 Unknown [Sticker]
15:35 Unknown [Photo]
15:35 Unknown [Photo]
15:43 Unknown She came to Hello Chinese New Year.
15:43 Unknown [Sticker]
15:44 Christian Happy Chinese New Year!
16:26 Unknown [Sticker]
16:27 Unknown Missed
16:27 Unknown What are you doing?
16:40 Christian Saen saep canal boat.
17:00 Unknown Who are you going to find?
18:03 Christian Friends
[switch my phone to airplane mode so nobody disturbs us]
21:06 Unknown I'm very tired now
21:08 Unknown Why do not you talk to me You are with a friend or you are with u boyfriend.
21:14 Unknown Missed
21:15 Unknown Missed
21:16 Unknown You close the chopper call. [chopper call?]
21:16 Unknown Ok
21:16 Unknown  Good bye
21:17 Unknown I wish you a happy life with your loved ones.
[There I am a few hours offline, and the boy assumes I am with a boyfriend! Emotional instability.]
21:17 Unknown Good luck for you
21:59 Christian Going home now. Good night.
22:34 Christian I'm home now. Miss you.

9:04 Christian Good morning
13:27 Unknown [Photo]
13:27 Unknown [Photo]
[minor injury with some blood]
13:28 Christian What happened?
13:31 Unknown I think a lot
13:32 Unknown I try not to think of it.
13:32 Christian Get well soon.
13:38 Unknown Thanks
13:38 Unknown Now i'm not ok with you
13:39 Unknown [Sticker]
13:40 Unknown Because you don't call me
13:41 Unknown I call you to switch off the call.
13:42 Unknown Why don't you call me back?
13:49 Christian Sorry. I switch my phone off when I'm busy.
13:51 Unknown I'm not goth, but I don't love you now.
13:51 Christian [Photo]
13:52 Christian Canceled call
13:54 Unknown You and me, we are just friends I don't love you
13:54 Unknown Sorry
14:01 Christian Canceled call
14:02 Unknown Call time 0:46
14:02 Unknown Canceled call
14:02 Christian I'm studying now. Talk later.
14:02 Unknown No Video Call [He is at work and can't video call.]
14:02 Unknown No Video Call
14:03 Unknown You can talk to me
18:57 Unknown Missed
18:57 Christian Eating now. Then movie. Sorry not free tonight.
19:01 Unknown What does it mean? Where now?
19:01 Christian [Photo]
[German language movie at Goethe Institute, here again phone in airplane mode.]
19:02 Unknown Ok
19:02 Unknown Going with friends
19:03 Unknown Have a good evening

8:59 Christian Good morning
18:15 Christian Good evening. Miss you.
18:20 Unknown Hi
18:20 Unknown Me too
18:26 Unknown Jetzt habe ich einen neuen Liebhaber.
[German: I have a new lover/boyfriend now.]
18:27 Unknown [Photo]
18:27 Unknown [Photo]
18:27 Unknown [Photo]
18:27 Unknown I don't love you
18:27 Unknown So sorry
18:27 Christian Congratulations! I'm still single.
18:29 Unknown Du wählst mich nicht Ich muss nicht auf dich warten.
[German: You didn’t choose me. I will not wait for you.]
18:30 Unknown You went to see a movie with someone last night. Why not call me
18:31 Unknown You shut down the phone all night.
18:31 Unknown I wait for you all night
18:31 Unknown [Sticker]
18:43 Unknown From now on I do not call to disturb Kunik. Because Kun's phone number and Facebook, I deleted it all. You can feel comfortable. [Kunik?]
18:43 Unknown Bye
18:43 Unknown  Good Luck

24:20 Christian I turn my phone off when I sleep or when I don't want to be disturbed.
24:21 Christian I went alone to the movie. It was in German language.
24:21 Christian Good night.
4:54 Unknown [Sticker]
4:54 Unknown G n
4:56 Unknown [Sticker]
4:59 Unknown I don't have  a boyfriend. I pretend that someone is my brother.
5:00 Unknown I'm single
5:00 Unknown [Sticker]
5:02 Unknown I want to know what you think about me, but u doesn't love me.
5:02 Unknown [Sticker]
5:07 Unknown Now I have decided That I want to be alone I am very thinking I am not able to have you as a fan. Because if you are a girlfriend with me I will love you so much, I will be jealous of you so much and try only you.
5:07 Unknown [Sticker]
11:23 Unknown [Photo]
11:23 Unknown Don't forget to eat the candy that I gave you.
11:24 Unknown It will boot
11:24 Unknown I don't know how many days the dessert is.
11:26 Unknown If there is a smell, you don't have to eat. It will make you stomach ache. I am a hoop. [hoop?]
11:26 Unknown Ok??
17:15 Christian I ate it the next day. Thank you.
17:37 Unknown [Sticker]
17:38 Unknown Which day do you have free time? I'll go.

9:12 Christian Good morning. Yes. When I'm free we can meet again. Miss you.
9:13 Unknown [Sticker]

17:12 Christian Hello
17:17 Unknown Hi
17:35 Christian How are you?
17:40 Unknown  Adam fry and you
17:40 Unknown I'm fine
17:40 Unknown You ?
17:45 Christian I'm fine.
17:47 Unknown [Sticker]
22:53 Christian Good night

24:16 Unknown Missed [here again: airplane mode]

13:57 Christian Hello. I was sleeping when you called.
14:07 Unknown [Sticker]
14:08 Unknown You go to travel, don't invite me.
14:08 Unknown [Sticker]
14:08 Christian You are working?
14:09 Unknown Yes i know
14:09 Unknown Even though I work, you can invite. Because Thai people will do this like this
[That’s an interesting point. Inviting someone even though I know he cannot come. I would interpret it the opposite way: making fun of or teasing someone who is working and cannot go.]
14:10 Christian Okay. Tonight i watch movie in Goethe institute near my room. In German language with Thai subtitles. It starts 19:30. Do you want to come?
14:12 Unknown Today I am sick. I am a fever but have to work.
14:13 Unknown For me to recover from fever I will go see you
14:13 Christian Get well soon!
14:14 Unknown I promise I am missing from  I will go with you.
14:14 Unknown Thanks
14:17 Unknown I will go everywhere with you when I have time.
14:17 Unknown [Sticker]
14:17 Unknown [Sticker]
14:17 Christian [Sticker]
14:17 Unknown [Sticker]
14:17 Unknown [Sticker]
14:18 Unknown I forgot to ask you Who do you go with?
14:19 Unknown I see your Facebook photos.
14:20 Christian With a friend from Myanmar.
14:27 Unknown Your friend has only one person.
14:28 Unknown [Photo]
[picture of me with another person on facebook]
14:28 Christian Another friend
14:29 Unknown How many friends do you have?
14:30 Christian Many
14:30 Unknown [Sticker]
21:23 Unknown I'm not comfortable. Now I'm alone.
21:23 Unknown [Sticker]
21:24 Unknown [Sticker]
21:24 Unknown [Sticker]

10:11 Christian Good morning. How are you today?
22:13 Christian Good night

8:19 Christian อรุณสวัสดิ์ Happy Valentine's day.
18:32 Christian Dinner with friend now. Then free.

Sometimes Thai boys post emotional messages on their facebook that make only sense to the person who posts it and the one it is addressed to (but the message does not say who is the addressee). Here I'm the addressee:

9:31 Christian Good morning

And another one:

The boy is jealous that I put my friends before him, or expects me that I put him first!

15:15 Christian Messages not read.
15:18 Unknown I or u ??
15:19 Christian You. I was wondering why not read.
15:19 Unknown I want to know what you want from me
15:20 Unknown In line???
15:21 Unknown Do you love me or do you want to sleep with me?
15:21 Christian Both
15:23 Unknown Kun loves me, why don't you have time for me? Why do you have more time for your friends than me?

I had boys in the past who I put above everything else, but it all ended in disappointment for me. Now my travel plans and friends/fuck buddies I have known for longer come before all new acquaintances.

15:24 Unknown I don't like what you do. You give a lot of time to friends.
15:25 Christian Yes. I have many friends. But today I have time for you.
15:28 Unknown Lol
15:29 Unknown Gooddddddddddddddddd
15:30 Unknown I 'm sorry
15:30 Unknown Now I don't need anything from you.
15:33 Unknown I want to know I want to be alone
15:34 Unknown Sorry
15:34 Unknown I don't want to cry for you the second time.
15:35 Christian Why did you cry for me?
15:36 Unknown I call you  Close, call, hack. I send a message via LINE. You don't read.
15:37 Christian I turn my phone to airplane mode when I sleep.
15:41 Unknown What do you have you say to me But you don't speak to me One day and one night
15:41 Unknown I wait for you all night
15:42 Unknown Do you think I love you?
15:42 Christian What day? I don't remember.
15:43 Christian Love develops slowly when you get to know each other.
15:43 Unknown Forget it
15:44 Unknown When my mind doesn't feel that I love you
16:21 Unknown [Photo]
[Picture candles at night – Wian Tian for Makha Bucha day.]
16:22 Unknown At 20:00 I will go to candle lit You have to go with me?
16:25 Unknown ????
16:25 Unknown Say with me?
16:25 Christian Cannot. I will be in Goethe institute watch German movie.
[I didn’t know that there is no movie on Buddhist holiday. I went to Goethe, to find nothing. Then checked schedule: no movie today.]
16:28 Unknown Never mind, I can go alone.
16:28 Unknown [Sticker]
16:38 Unknown left the chat.

And he blocked me on facebook (where we had similar conversation, parallel to Line) as well:

Now I still have his phone number, and I have an idea where he works, so could go there and ask for him. However, as I was thinking anyway how to get a few more free sex out of him, without hurting him emotionally, and then move on to the next as the above clearly disqualifies him as BFC, this (blocking me) is fine with me.

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Substance abuse

Substance abuse

Psychoactive plants and substances are dealt with by the law in two opposite ways:
Legal and often taxed: alcohol, nicotine.
Illegal and possession and use often prosecuted: cocaine, heroin, LSD, cannabis, methamphetamines (yaba, ice, ecstasy, molly).

While the death sentence for drug dealers or users seems not to deter others, at least that is a 100% sure way that person will not deal or use drugs again.

But I digress, the subject of this post is the science and not legality of abuse
for recreational purposes of substances that are legally sold for legitimate purposes .

Here a list of substance abuse I have come across in Thailand

Glue sniffing (toluene)
Glue sniffing is wide spread among the poor, and when walking the slums I often see discarded tins from glue or the plastic bags with dried remains. Sometimes I can smell glue sniffers from meters away, or hours after.

Highly detrimental to body and brain, and those who started in childhood have a look in their eyes and behavior that I call  

"the lights are on, but nobody is home”.

Further reading:

However I can see the allure, and one of the perks of working (long ago) in a chemical laboratory is to occasionally sniff solvents under the guise of “olfactory identity test”. My favorites are THF, di-isopropyl ether, MTBE, isopropanol, and a whiff of pyridine. But I digress.

Betel nut and leaf (arecoline) หมากสง ใบพลู
Widespread in Myanmar. In Thailand, I witnessed it only a few times with older people in the provinces. Betel nut however is still widely sold for donations for religious purposes.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) กระท่อม
No personal observations.
The curse and cure of kratom Bangkok Post Spectrum 6/09/2015

Hydroxyzine and Cetirizine in cough syrup
(Hydroxyzine is partially converted into Cetirizine in the body.)
An encounter in 2013:
Among seven, they were sharing (as far as I could see):
Coke 1.5 l with ice,
Ceza syrup 60 ml (each 5 ml contains Cetirizine hydrochloride 5 mg),
Tramadol HCl 50 mg (about 10 capsules)

And another encounter in Apr 2016 in Sribampen (Unirax, contains 10mg hydroxyzine in 5 ml).
Language note: Hydroxyzine is the only word in the English language to have, in order, x, y, and z.

An encounter in 2013:

โปรโคดิล (procodyl® syrup)

Poppers (lower aliphatic nitrites)
Poppers is occasionally sold in gay saunas, or offered during orgies. I remember one orgy in R3 sauna (now closed) where staff went around with a bottle as if it was unicorn tears.

While fresh poppers has a smell that I find pleasant, decomposed poppers smells vile (fusel oil and lower aliphatic aldehydes)

Laughing gas (dinitrogen monoxide)
Was openly sold on Walking Street around 2013, but then banned.
But on Khao San Road, I saw it on 17mar2017. From McDonald’s (a friend's idea, and I didn't consume anything there, only kept him company while he had a meal) I saw the backstage of their operation. One steel cartridge about 5 cm long and 1 cm diameter is inserted into a foamer for whipped cream and fills one balloon with estimated 2-3 liter volume, which is sold for 100 THB.

Where and at what price are these cartridges sold? I checked in Makro Ladprao and didn't see any.

Mosquito coil
I once read or heard somewhere that those on the very bottom of the food chain smoke mosquito coils to get high, but didn’t find anything to support this on the internet.

Various other substances
Not psychoactive, but in developed countries medicine like ciprofloxacin, prozac,  valium and viagra are only available on prescription, whereas in Thailand they are sold over the counter.

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Dating Thai Boys (71) Price variations

Dating Thai Boys (71) Price expectations/variations

Price expectations vary. There is one boy who lives in Sathorn and occasionally offers his services on facebook for 400 THB plus travel expenses. My translation:

Looking for [sex] work. 400 plus travel expenses. Read before chat. I'm bottom only, not top. My room is in Sathu Pradit [Sathorn]. If interested, contact me.

All information provided, clear face picture (blurred by me for privacy reasons), I wish all who ply their trade were like him!

I met him on 1nov2019, he originally wanted 700, but agreed on the 500 I offered. At that time I didn't know his activities on facebook. Efficient communication  (in Thai, don't know about his English), no character flaws, okay in bed, but somehow I was not horny with him. But I would warmly recommend him to friends.
This one I found on, and his cock pics are impressive, and I like his balls too, but face indifferent. 
Screenshot from gboysiam, edited:

Top only. Horny football player with 8 inch cock. Near MRT Huay Kwang. Have room. ... 

First contact was on 29jul2018, and then get specific on

10:16    Christian    Hello
10:16    Ratchada    ครับ Krap
10:17    Ratchada    Hi
10:17    Christian    กำลังทำอะไร What are you doing?
10:18    Ratchada    กินข้าว I'm eating.
10:18    Ratchada    You?
10:19    Ratchada    That bkk?
10:19    Ratchada    Where hotel
10:19    Christian    เล่นเน็ด อยู่ห้อง สาทร I'm playing internet. In my room in Sathorn.
10:20    Ratchada    ครับ Krap
10:20    Christian    [location]
10:20    Ratchada    ท่านเดียว หรอ Are you alone?
10:20    Ratchada    alone
10:20    Christian    [location]
10:20    Christian    คนเดียว Alone
10:21    Ratchada    Play ice or not?
10:21    Christian    ไม่เล่นยา I don't play ice.
10:22    Ratchada    Good
10:22    Christian    เล่นควยเล่นหำ But I like to play with cock and balls.
10:22    Ratchada    ฝรั่งแท้ไหม5555 Are you genuine foreigner?
10:22    Ratchada    พิมพ์ไทยเก่ง You write Thai well.
10:23    Christian    ใช่ Yes
10:23    Ratchada    You need sex?
10:24    Christian    Yes. I want to play with your body.
10:24    Ratchada    Ok
10:25    Christian    I like.
10:25    Ratchada    Ok
10:25    Ratchada    3000.-for enjoy
10:25    Christian    Come to my room. 500 Baht.
10:26    Ratchada    Oh sorry. My home service  2000.-
10:26    Christian    Too much.
10:27    Ratchada    I'm live in rachada zone
10:28    Ratchada    I'm big size sure and play football. Man
10:28    Christian    [Sticker]
10:28    Ratchada    I go. 3000
10:28    Ratchada    You go my home 2000
10:29    Christian    ไม่ได้ Cannot
10:29    Ratchada    Sorry, 500. Not service
10:32    Ratchada    [Sticker]

That leaves the question if he ever got paid 2000 or is just fishing.
Two Farang friends recently reported having been asked for 6.5k and 10k (!!!). I have never been asked for so much money, but for gifts (mobile phone) that would cost even more.
Current (from memory started end of 2018) craze on facebook is 

XXXXพี่ว่าไง pêe wâa ngai 
How/what do you [polite address for someone older] think about XXXX [Baht for sex]. Is XXXX okay for you?

Mostly 1000, 1500 or 2000. The one in picture is moneyboy, but I saw it from many others who to my knowledge are not moneyboy.

When looking for new talent online, I'm in the comfortable situation that I can play (not in the sense of time waste, but market research) with the boys and offer 500 and see who bites.

In Saranrom, 500 is still widely accepted, most recent report here:

When chatting with money boys in Bangkok, I offer 1000 to those who speak good English, and 500 to whose do not speak English. At those rates, about half take my offer and half refuse.

I have one who speaks good English, efficient communication, and comes from Rangsit to meet me, about 40 km each way, for 1000. 

Another one I met at least twice for 1000, but then lost contact because he changes profiles often and is in his hometown Trat now.

Bom Minburi the thief is an exception, communication only in Thai but I pay him 1000 because first time we met I was really into him.
See the previous post as well, in Bangkok, where one boy (good English) would not come to my room for 500 THB, only 3 km away. And another boy (good English) would not receive me in his room for 300 THB. 
For summary in future "gay activities of the month" I have to add a new categroy "refused", stating how much I offered and how much he wanted.
In Pattaya I pay boys from bars or online all the same 1000, and each of them wants to go with me again, some I have to fend off with a stick. For everyone who pays more than 1000, this means you are wasting your money. 

That means there would be room for negotiation, but I don't want to waste my or anybody else's time trying to find the number at which half of the boys accept and half of the boys refuse to have sex with me.

Similar to measuring toxicity, where LD50 (short for lethal dose 50%) is the amount of poison at which 50% of test animals die, this would be the [what abbreviation?]50 where 50% of money boys accept. 

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Monday, 25 February 2019

Dating Thai Boys (70): Boyfriend or money!

Dating Thai Boys (70): Boyfriend or money!

I have been chatting with a nearby boy Oil in Klong Toey on blued since 18dec2018. Then on 29jan2019 both of us free. My translations from Thai.

Oil: What are you looking for?
CPFC: I like hugging. And you?
Oil: Money and love.
CPFC: Are you looking for money or for love with me?
Oil: Both. Money and Love. Are you okay?
CPFC: Okay.
Oil: Where do you live? I'm top.
CPFC: [location] Do you know?
Oil: I know. Are you top or bottom?
CPFC: Both. What do you like?
Oil: I'm top only. Are you free?
CPFC: I'm free 3 pm. And you?
Oil: I'm free. Do you want me to go to see you?
CPFC: Yes.
Oil: How much will you give me?
CPFC: 500.

[That was 13:26. Message read by no reply, which I interpreted as "not interested". Anyway I was out of my room and would not rush back to meet  him, but do my business without haste.]

CPFC: 4 pm is better. I'm busy now. 

[Message not read. Anyway, I had a massage with happy ending, so no need to meet the boy.]

CPFC: Good night. [Message not read]

Oil: Okay. Good Morning. [Following day 10:45]
CPFC: I'm in my room. I'm free now. Can you come here?
Oil: I don't have any money now. I need money now.
CPFC: I will help you with 500 Baht.
Oil: 1200
CPFC: Cannot.
Oil: Okay.
CPFC: Do you want 500? [Message read but no reply means NO]

I will renew my offer of 500 next time we chat.
The same boy as in Dating Thai boys (66) Pick my up (2).
He speaks good English, but other than that I can't say anything good about him: he is a deceptive, lazy liar! And now he wants money!

And an older from in similar vein:

Tue 11sep2018 Bangkok
An interesting find on facebook "It's difficult to find a boyfriend. Looking for money is easier." Boyfriend or money! 2500 is absurd, but in other posts on facebook he asks for a reasonable 500.

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