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Gay activities Jan2021 Cambodia

Gay activities Jan2021 Cambodia
Details about Heart of Darkness Disco, Hatha Khmer Spa (sauna), Toolbox bar and online dating.

Fri1jan2021-Tue5jan 2021 Battambang
Was published here:

Wed6jan2020 Phnom Penh
In the afternoon K good activities as last time.

SH from grind long discussion (start 18:32) where to meet, poor written English, I was about to give up, finally meet 20:12 in front of supermarket. He comes by mocy and takes me to his workplace nearby. I have to cut it short: I’m don’t like driving around mocy, and I will not chat while riding a mocy (he should focus on the traffic, and the acoustics is poor), so we sit down at a supermarket for chat. Fluent in English and interesting conversation. Slim brown body, and the nude pictures he had sent fit his body as far as I can judge, but facial hair and face so-so. I don’t feel horny, say goodbye 20:26 and go home.

Thu7jan2020 Phnom Penh
Online dating brimming, many new profiles, at end of the day blued 20 chats, grindr 13 chats but nothing materialized: Pollim cancels.

By chance meet SH from yesterday again while I’m out for dinner. This must be a sign, we have a chat and I was about to invite him to my room, but then he is gone. But not long after, messages me from a new profile on grindr.

Knock on my door 20:46. Slim brown hairless, awesome sixpack. Chest and sixpack firm, butt cheeks nice shape but not firm (he is over 30, I can tell age from firmness of butt cheeks). Huge balls, each the size of an egg, I can get both of them in my mouth but no room to play. Good activities, skin temperature okay. At the end he cums by wanking, one line to his nipples (whereas BTB disintegrated to drops).

from: außergewöhnliches/türklopfer-big-balls/

Jane calls and messages many times, I don’t reply or even read, then blocks me on messenger.

Fri8jan2020 Phnom Penh
Chat with a group of students, and one of them looks like a real life version of cartoon character Xandir.  


Jane multiple messages and calls, finally take his call: wants to see me, is crying, locked out of his room, friend will be back 23. Tell him we can’t meet today. Long silence. Do you want to say anything more? Bye.

Public gym on riverside (“Local fitness place” on google maps, 100 m N of Decho Meas Decho Yat monument riders on horses) shapely boys shirtless acrobatics (the best I can describe it, neither gym nor breakdance). This seems to be a regular event about 18-20 every day (?), they bring their music and flashlight.

Can't find the pictures I had taken

Sombat comes at night and stays over night.

Sat9jan2020 Phnom Penh
We have a great time in the morning. Breakfast together, back to my room (he works on his laptop, I read and study). Bye in the evening.

Meet Khun in park, then to my room. His English is soso and he kept face mask on until I ask him to take it off to see his face. To bed, but everything soso: not brown, not slim, not muscle, activities okay.

Out for dinner, and afterwards invite Heng to my room.

Sun10jan2021 Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Heart of Darkness
Heng bye 00:47 in room. I don’t feel sleepy, the occasion to go to Heart of Darkness disco!

Blue Chili 00:58 about 20 customers all outside.
Toolbox 01:05 only one customer. Will close 2am.

Heart of Darkness 1:13-2:35, drink 2.50USD (but one could get in without buying a drink), dancefloor full, 2nd floor only 5 customers. Show about 1:43-2:05. Smoking allowed inside. Some cute and some gay, one touches my hand on railing upper floor but not my type.

Chat on grindr with a boy Bora who was in HoD but is home now but eager to meet now. Initially I refuse to meet, but then agree because this would mean 4 boys in one day (not calendar day, but 24 hours, in this case even 12 hours; however the first stayed over night, so I had 3 boys entering and 4 boys leaving my room within 12 hours) in my room, my first boy marathon. 

I wait for him outside. When he arrives 3:15 pay for passapp 5 kKHR, and I see I made a mistake: too fat for my taste. We walk to my hotel, door is closed. I can see three receptionists sleeping inside. Knock on window: no reaction. Ring the doorbell (and I can hear it ringing loudly from outside): no reaction. Finally old woman from further inside the hotel comes and opens door for us.

I don’t feel horny with him, we have a few gropes at each other, but he makes no attempt at sex, so we just go to bed and sleep. Nothing in the morning either, give Bora 6 kKHR for passapp, bye 8:24.  

Three lies in one picture (it's not his picture, he doesn't have a big dick, age - not in the screenshot - wasn't correct).

Ratha from Siem Reap is in Phnom Penh for family reasons and stays near my place. Go for a drink and then to his room where we have a good time. I fall asleep and bye next morning.

Mon11-Mon18jan2021 Kampot
Reported here:

Mon18jan2021 Phnom Penh
Meet Jay at coffee shop near my hotel. Way of dressing unattractive, glasses for fashion, keeps mask on until my room. Quickly to bed. Shaved facial hair. Can feel hair on his lower back, then hairy upper thighs. I don’t get horny by play along, but he notices that something isn’t alright and when he asks me a second time, I tell him I don’t like body hair.

I had set up dates with Bark and K for the night, and now realize I can’t meet both. But I met Bark three times in Kampot just days ago, and a boy marathon (meeting the same boy 4 times in a row) is interrupted by Jay, so I cancel Bark in favor of K. Bark becomes impolite in online chat.

K’s mocy is broken so I agreed to pay for passapp for him to come here. He quotes 40 kKHR which seems too much, but I give him the money without questioning. He hugs me and whispers in my ear “Can I have some more for me?”, so I give him 10 USD more without asking what he needs the money for. We have a good time in bed and some general chat, during which he mentions that the mocy repair will cost 30 USD. On goodbye, I give him 20 USD more and hope that covers his mocy repair.

This is a very clear case. K has been to my room twice without asking for money, and mocy repair is a one-time emergency where I’m happy to help out. But I would be very reluctant to give money for what I consider luxury (shoes, mobile phone), or regular expenses.

Tue19jan2021 Phnom Penh
Tionko arrives ahead of time. Face okay, but in my room crab ladder and a bit fat (one-pack?). He is hard from start. Aggressive nipple play. Enjoys me nibbling on his ear very much. Nice neck, but rest of his body too fat/pale. No repeat.

Invite Pollim for dinner. He has hair on his hands, which does not bode well. During general chat, he mentions he is hairy. Nonetheless, invite him to my room after dinner. I take shower and Pollim has a look at me naked in the shower. However when I emerge from shower, he says he got a phone call and has to go home to do some work. I’m quite relieved by that! Filed as no sex.

Wed20jan2021 Phnom Penh
Jane comes and stays over night.

Thu21jan2021 Phnom Penh
Invite Jane for breakfast, then bye.

Meet Alex for dinner in Golden Sorya Mall. Interesting conversation and interesting background, but I don’t feel “I want to get my hands into your pants”. It seems he thinks the same of me, I haven’t heard of him since.

Leng comes to my room and we have a good time.

Fri22jan2021 Phnom Penh Ganesh House Massage
Ganesh House Massage separately:

Love Spa (sauna) main entrance (corner 105/350 street) closed, but side entrance open and staff says they have massage service.

Hatha Khmer Spa (sauna) open, entry 3.50 USD, stay 17:26-18:31. Busy. Many areas too dark (I blacklisted Love Spa for being too dark). When I enter labyrinth, a twink with glasses takes my hand and leads me inside. After several attempts, he manages “What is your name?” – “Christian.” – “I am Cambodia. You me money.” That’s a request I can easily refuse. But by the time we got to this point, I had felt that he has facial hair, shaved a few days ago, and what else I saw and felt put him in “would go with him for free, but not pay” category.

Sat23jan2021 Phnom Penh
I had been chatting with KPC since December, but he doesn’t speak English and lives far away, and pictures promising but not clear, so I went for boys living closer and speaking English.

Today KPC wants to come to my place. Long chat in the morning (not much to exchange, just long gaps and communication problems). Last message from him 12:54 distance 3 km, then 13:56 “I do not dare enter” 110 m away. I wait at coffee shop 14:03-21, then reply “I’m bc” (Busy?) distance 3 km. I give up, filed as “no show”.

But he messages me again at night, now with picture from across my hotel. I go to the spot (and even the same car is still parked there), but don’t see anyone. He messages me that he can see me, and tells to go back to my room, he will follow. I’m back in my room 19:10, knock on door 19:12.

When I see him, not a clear hit. Sit on bed and awkward conversation (with google translate), finally “I need money.” - “How much do you need?” – “To your heart’s content.” – “I can help you with 10 USD.” – “It is very little.” Via 50-30-20 we arrive at 15. He mentioned in chat before that he wants money, but I ignored that and continued trying to set up a date.

Activities poor. “Does my beard tickle?” – Nod. “Can I take a picture?” – shakes head (he was shirtless when I asked; I have no interest in nude pictures, only face and upper body shirtless). He will go home by passapp, so I assume he came that way, and gave him 5 USD more to cover travel expenses. 

 A very clear “NO REPEAT”: no English, independent from this communication difficulties and space-time-confusion, attitude, wants money, face and boy average, activities poor. Lowest point for dating in Cambodia.

Toolbox stay 22:25-23:12. Watermelon shake 3 USD. When I arrive 7 customers, maximum 9 customers during my stay. Show starts 22:30. Three boys shirtless dancing. Long gaps between acts, boys shirtless in audience. Music level okay. Waiter makes interesting conversation with me. Smoking allowed but no problem.

Blue Chili about 23:20 drag show in progress, about 50 customers (inside full, outside all tables occupied and more customers standing)

This is general from every time I walked past Blue Chili and Toolbox, the bars are similar in size, but Blue Chili has about 5 times more customers than Toolbox. Are they coming for the drag show, whereas I'm going to Toolbox for boys dancing in underwear show?

Sun24jan2021 Phnom Penh
At coffee shop meet Chinese ZF 10:23. No English. Keeps facemask until I ask him to take it off in my room. Painted eyebrows (I don’t like) but I forget about this when we are in bed. 35 years old but looks younger. Slim body, warm dry skin. We have a good time. My second date entirely in Chinese!

At coffee shop meet Phirom and we have a good time in my room.

And a third one, DaraSun, comes to my room. Quickly to bed, have a good time. Then Dara plays on his mobile phone in bed. I’m hungry and might meet another one. Suggest we go for dinner. But first (better in my room than in restaurant) ask about his travel expenses.

He said it cost him 10USD to come here, I showed him on grab that it should be about 2.50USD. He said he didn’t use an app (because his phone screen is cracked?), but negotiated the fare with driver. I gave him 15USD for return and told him to take passapp for return (if there had been any issue, I would have booked him a ride on grab). This seems to be general (see K earlier) that boys ask for inflated fares for passapp rather than admit they are money boys or directly ask for money.

Invite him for dinner, he plays on his phone, I make a bit of conversation. Other than sex, the boy is of little use, but there is something about him that I can’t define that makes me horny.

Mon25jan2021 Phnom Penh
Dinner and fun in bed with Sombat.

During dinner, a woman approaches us: Philippino volunteer, sells pumpkin seeds, labeled 5k but I can get for 1USD, her last bag then she can go home. But I don’t fall for these tricks! Then young boy and girl come and sell strawberry (spotted them on street 178 as well).

Tue26jan2021 Phnom Penh
Chat with Sophak Battambang 13:20, tell him I will take bus on Thursday. He cannot meet because he has boyfriend now (Cambodian) and will not lie to him or cheat on him!

Keep in touch, some day need or greed for money will be bigger than love to his boyfriend, and that will be my chance! Or he has someone else who gives him more money than I did (10 USD)? Or other issues? To get rid of some boys, I had a lie about having a boyfriend in mind.

A major disruption in my travel and dating plans! I’m not doing this (meeting that many boys) for fun, I would rather meet some I know again, but when it fails due to their fault, I look for someone else.

Just days ago he asked me to buy him a backpack. What a luck I didn’t! And I haven’t gone far in my trip planning, can easily cancel or change. I had planned a trip Battambang-Sisophon-Siem Reap about two weeks, but the reason for the trip was to meet the boy, cancel the trip. I had stopped online dating because I have Sombat on Wed and Sophak on Fri, but now back to fill the gap!

Phnom Penh Sports Club 16:38-18:08, entry 5USD (day ticket, can leave and enter again?). Meet German friend there (who lives nearby and has monthly pass 60 USD). One white towel good quality, choose any locker (of 171) with padlock and key, shower heads damaged, individual showers with curtain. Steam hot, sauna hot, bathtubs 18 and 44 (!) Celsius. Gets busy during our stay, in gym a few worth a second look. Locker room has clothes hanger so I can hang my sweaty shirt to dry (I like this very much, usually I go to sauna after a day of sightseeing, and have to put my sweaty clothes in locker where they stay sweaty). Free hot and cold drinking water with shared glass. No shorts provided, bring your own swimwear.

Have a look at hotels in that area. One has short-time rooms on ground floor, upper floors rooms for over night. 15USD per night, for 1 week stay discount to 14USD. There is a cute shirtless boy, and the manager (okay English) sends the boy to show me the room! Nice underwear (I should have slipped on stairs so I can touch his body!).

Try to have a chat with boy in room, but no English. If he were speaking English, or this had happened in Thailand, I would surely have come to an arrangement with the boy!

Blue Chili no customers 21:55. Three staff, nice cat.

Wed27jan2021 Phnom Penh
Chat with Heng in coffee shop. How nice to have a chat with someone cute, but you don’t have to have sex every time you meet!

Don’t invite anyone because Sombat will come tonight.

Thu28jan2021 Phnom Penh
Sombat gets up 7 am to go to work.

Meet Seth coffee shop, to my room, to bed. The first time I fuck someone in this room, and the bed is squeaking! We have to move around to find a place that does not squeak! He had no picture on grindr because he is not out to family or friends, deleted his profile already. Likes foreigners with white skin.

Meet Dara110 at Royal Palace Park. Interesting chat, but for me not more sex today, leave it at chat.

Fri29jan2021 Phnom Penh
On Hornet message from faceless profile: Krit in Battambang (met in Pattaya twice many years ago, still remember him clearly and will see him when I’m in Battambang again).

Sat30jan2021 Phnom Penh
Meet SayHa at coffee shop, then to my room and to bed. Not cute enough, not slim enough, not brown enough, not warm enough (cold feet and butt cheeks), but good activities, character, no body hair.

Meet Fei for dinner. Interesting chat, but I need a rest and his profile was like “no sex on first date”. He insists on paying our dinner (we had a tug-of-war over the bill folder, I realized he is serious and let go).

Summary Jan2021 Phnom Penh (Battambang and Kampot separate)
19 Free sex: K, SH, Sombat, KP, Heng, Bora (pay passapp return), Ratha, Jay, K (pay passapp and 30 USD for mocy repair), Tionko, Jane, Leng, Chinese ZF, Phirom, DaraSun (15 USD), Sombat, Sombat, Seth, SayHa.
2 paid sex: Ganesh House Massage 20 USD, KPC 15 USD.
6 No sex: SH, Pollim, Alex, Heng, Dara110, Fei.

2 No show: Pollim, KPC.
1 I cancel: Bark.

14 Repeat: K, SH, Sombat, Heng, Ratha, K, Jane, Leng, Chinese ZF, Phirom, DaraSun, Sombat, Sombat, Seth.
7 No repeat: KP, Bora, Jay, Tionko, Ganesh House Massage, KPC, SayHa.

8 Old: K, Sombat, Ratha, K, Jane, Sombat, Sombat, Seth.
13 New: SH, KP, Heng, Bora, Jay, Tionko, Leng, Ganesh House Massage, KPC, Chinese ZF, Phirom, DaraSun, SayHa.

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Gay saunas in Cambodia 2021

Gay saunas in Cambodia 2021

A complete list of gay saunas in Cambodia. If I find more, I will update. Most of the places have “spa” in their name because they offer massage as well, whereas pure massage places will be called “massage”, see previous post for gay massage in Cambodia 2021.

Phnom Penh:
Adam Men Spa street 199 corner to street 358 (visit 6dec2020).
Arthur and Paul street 71.
Hatha Khmer Spa street 350.
Love Spa street 350 corner to street 105.
Ratanak Spa street 204 (details below).
Route 38 Spa street 38 (haven’t been)
Siem Reap:
MEN’s resort & Spa MEN’s road (visit 11mar2020). 

Ratanak Spa (blue corrugated iron roof and green wall): 

Mon8feb2021 Phnom Penh Ratanak Spa

Entry 3 USD. Locker room promising (several other customers, not too old and fat for my taste). Small towel of medium quality, one cloth to wrap around your waist. White flip-flops in locker room. Locker size okay (can fit my backpack, clothes and flip-flops in).

1st floor = ground floor. Mocy parking, reception, boiler for steam room (?) and solid fuel storage (couldn’t see if it’s wood, charcoal or coal), Jacuzzi (cold and not bubbling; friend says you have to switch it on yourself).

2nd floor shower not illuminated, shower curtains. Most shower heads damaged (i.e. water coming out through cracks on the side and not just the nozzles), only ambient temperature water. To take a shower with light go into any of the combined bathroom (toilet, sink) and shower rooms. Steam room with no internal light source and light only through glass doors from dimly lit floor. Sauna well lit. Both steam and sauna can easily sit 10.

3rd floor locker room (4x30=120 locker) well lit, two computers for internet access, gym with aquarium with fish and a cat (grey and white fur, long fur but short nose, friendly). Free cold drinking water (put cup back on tray, discard straw). Gay magazines.

4th floor rooms (one half of the floor ambient temperature and fan, other half aircon, all rooms well lit).

5th floor rooftop garden (covered with metal sheet roof), bar, birdcages and chicken. The cock was sleeping on a line for drying clothes.

Most areas TOO DARK! Double staircase, dark and wet dangerous.

When I check the light (i.e. turn it on to see) in a private room, there is a shapely boy inside (in darkness before I turned on the light). I enter, we look at each other and he closes the door. We have a good time, but at the end it gets sweaty which I don’t like.

I would have exchanged contact information with him, but after we were done in the room, I waited outside and he took a while inside the room, then went to bathroom opposite to take a shower, so I gave up.

In the locker room spot another shapely boy, but he is not interested.

The premises are awful (too dark), but the customer base is interesting, so I will be back.

There are many general sauna/steam/massage/pools with different water temperature places in Phnom Penh, I have passed more in Phnom Penh than I know in Bangkok!

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Gay massage in Cambodia 2021

Gay massage in Cambodia 2021

A complete list of gay massage places in Cambodia (not included gay saunas that offer massage service). Will update when I find more. Locations on google maps are correct.

Phnom Penh:
Aroma Khmer Massage
street 408
(yet to visit),
Ganesh House Massage (detailed report 22jan2021 below),
Hatha Khmer Massage street 330 (open feb2021)
Heco street 19 (yet to visit)
an World Massage street 502 (yet to visit),
Om Massage street 278 (open dec2020),
Paradise Massage street 15 (closed permanently).
Siem Reap:
Man Spa Massage 168
(open dec2020)

n21dec2020 Phnom Penh
Ganesh House Massage open at location on google maps (st 420). 19:30 over 10 boys get up behind glass wall and curtain, two more remain sleeping. Promising, but no clear hit. Anyway, this was just a recce.

Fri22jan2021 Phnom Penh Ganesh House Massage
Enter 15:41. Manager speaks poor English. Opens curtain, 12 boys in white shirts behind glass wall. Number 6 is the only cute one, I pick him for one hour oil massage 10 USD.

Manager leads me to massage room (spacious room, massage table and pillow, no face well, mirror on wall but at head end of massage table so it’s of little use, no hooks or clothes hangers so I have to put all my stuff on floor, poor light; bathroom well lit, hot shower, even a bathtub but some maintenance problems). I undress to take a shower, manager comes in to confirm one hour oil massage, and I tell him as well that I want number 6.

When I come out of shower, a boy (too fat, too hairy for my taste) in underwear is sitting on the massage table. But that’s not number 6! I tell the boy that I want number 6, and after trying “Me good massage. Number 6 cannot.” he leaves, but comes back “You like number 6? I can good massage.” Such thing has not happened to me before, but I have made up my mind: either number 6 or I leave. There might be a booking system or a schedule that I don’t know of, but why would they have to boys with numbers on display?

Finally number 6 enters the room 15:54. Takes of his shirt, promising! Wraps a towel around his waist and takes off trousers and underwear under the towel and goes to bathroom, but doesn’t take long. No English, but he has a Thai language tattoo* on his chest, so I try in Thai and he speaks basic Thai.

*I didn’t fully understand the tattoo, so I took a picture after massage and sent it to a Thai friend, and he doesn’t understand it either.

Massage okay. Then have a grope under his towel: big cock, hard, a good start. No body hair, no hair on balls, but hair in butt crack and bushy pubes. Objects to fingering and kissing, but sucks me without prompting. Good body and cock and attitude, overall a good encounter. He showed me a condom but I was not in the mood for fucking (either way).

He got soft a few times, and that’s not a bad thing because I like it when a soft penis gets hard in my hand or mouth, more interesting than hard throughout.

But now the tip. I was wondering if 10 or 20 USD would be appropriate (300 or 600 THB, sounds cheap, but we are in Cambodia and I don’t want to spoil prices for others by overtipping). I made up my mind and gave him 10 USD and 10 kKHR (2.50 USD). He said he wants 20 USD. I was not prepared for this, so I took the 10 kKHR back and gave him another 10 USD note. But when he asked for one (10 USD note) more, that I could easily refuse as greed.

In my moral compass, overtipping is worse than undertipping. In this case, I had to assume that 20 USD is the expected tip for sexual services. Or was I expected to pay his tip and 10 USD for one hour oil massage to him in the room? I paid another 10 USD to cashier/receptionist and said goodbye.

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Bokor National Park (2)

Bokor National Park (2) Man-made attractions

For a good description of Bokor National Park and a map see here: (many other good stuff on this website as well!)  Here just some pictures and a few notes in order of visit:

1. Yeay Mao Monument
2. Black Palace
3. Giant abandoned hall
4. Sampov Pram Temple
5. Casino and Hotel
6. Abandoned French church
7. Mushroom
8. Bokor Hill Station
9. More man-made structures

From entrance gate to Sampov Pram Temple it’s a long winding road, 31 km long from sea level to about 1000 m above sea level. They should have built a cable car about 6 km to highway 3. I asked several people if it’s possible to hike, and the best answer I got is that I would have to ask at the national park office so they can send a ranger to guide me. 

Entrance gate on highway 3:

1. Yeay Mao Monument
About half way from entrance gate to Sampov Pram Temple.


2. Black Palace
Across the road from Yeay Mao Monument

3. Giant abandoned hall
Giant building, judging by damage on roof, abandoned for original use, some people live and store stuff inside.
Measured on googlemaps satellite view, it is 140 m wide (parallel to road, opposite temple wall) and 104 m deep. The segments on the wall are about 120 cm high, there are 10 segments to eaves = 12 m and 20 segments to ridge = 24 m height. 

View from old temple, giant hall behind new temple building:

4. Sampov Pram Temple
Old (1920s) temple buildings on the cliff with view 1000 m down to the sea.

5. Casino and Hotel

6. Abandoned French church 

I missed climbing the hill behind the church, which should offer good views.

7. Mushroom
This structure, called mushroom for obvious reasons, was constructed as a shelter or viewpoint? Church and giant hall in background.

8. Bokor Hill Station
This French colonial building was abandoned for decades, but I'm late, it has been renovated recently.


9. More man-made structures
For sake of completeness, without details: Chinese temple near casino, water towers, Bokor City construction.

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Friday, 5 February 2021

Bokor National Park (1)

Bokor National Park (1) Natural Attractions 

There was no entry fee to Bokor National Park. Many people ride there by mocy, but I have no driving license and it's too uncomfortable, so I rented car and driver for 55 USD for a daytrip to Bokor National Park. And one day was just enough to see everything of interest to me. In chronological order:

1. Stones at Yeay Mao Monument
2. Popokvil Waterfall
3. “100 Ricefields”
4. “500 Ricefields”
5. Nepenthes field
6. Gateway stones
7. Balanced rocks at Sampov Pram Pagoda
8. Eroded rocks at Bokor Hill Station

1. Stones at Yeay Mao Monument 

2. Popokvil Waterfall
Now just a trickle. On lower level of waterfall, an interesting rock looks like a cube from a certain angle and holes from erosion in river bed. I didn’t see an obvious way down, but on google maps there are pictures taken at the lower level and hotel manager said it’s a difficult and long way down. 

3. “100 Ricefields”
Free entry, it’s along the road.

4. “500 Ricefields”
At the entrance (10.6538, 104.0027), there is a tollbooth that was not manned for lack of tourists. It’s a dead end, about 5 km drive from junction. My driver said he hasn’t been there before because tourists he took were happy with 100 Ricefields, but I say 500 Ricefields is definitely worth a visit, even with entry, and to see 5. Nepenthes and 6. Gateway Stones you have to pay entry anyway.

5. Nepenthes field
When I planned the trip to Kampot and Bokor National Park and didn't know about Nepenthes. I saw such pictures a few times in online dating profiles, but thought it's somewhere in Africa or America. 

On the subject of insectivorous plants, there is Drosera = Sundew as well.  

6. Gateway stones 

There was a board with a story in Khmer about these stones. Coordinates 10.6844,103.9822

All stones are grey, but fresh surface and sand (picture below) formed from the stones is white.

7. Balanced rocks at Sampov Pram Pagoda
There is a story behind it and name might be different, but it was all in Khmer.

8. Eroded rocks at Bokor Hill Station
From Bokor Hill Station about 200 m NE, near the water tower.

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