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Esan trip Wed20-Sat23feb2019

Esan trip Wed20-Sat23feb2019

Khon Kaen, Mahasarakham, Korat. Overall a poor trip. The various chats give a good compilation of all the hardships/bullshit you go through when looking for free sex, or even paid, with Thai boys. The good news is that I asked for reasons for no-show and got sensible replies (waiting for the boy to come with an excuse would be presumptuous).

Wed20feb2019 Khon Kaen
Bus from Mor Chit to Khon Kaen.

When you go to a counter in Mor Chit, they tell you when their next bus is. The first counter had a bus in 1 hour, so I continued and found one that leaves in 10 minutes! However that time was lost by two stops of half an hour each (including detour) in Saraburi and Korat. Some day I really have to write the book “Public transport in Thailand. Volume 1 Bangkok. Volume2 Provinces.” which would have that information (departure time, ticket counter number, how many stops along the way, name and phone number of company). And on top of that, there was a baby that needed diaper changing, and I could smell the shit! 
The night in Khon Kaen was to meet the deaf boy from Dec 2018. He does not like Thai gays because they all ask him for money or gifts! A good start. Below relevant parts of our chat. My translation, keep in mind that I translate “krap” as “yes” or “okay”, but in fact it doesn’t mean consent, it is mostly just a confirmation that he has received my message (not necessarily read, understood, agreed; just RECEIVED).
15:14 Christian พรุ่งนี้ตอนทุ่มว่างมั้ย อยากไปหาที่ขอนแก่น Are you free tomorrow night? I want to go to meet you in Khon Kaen.
15:17 KKdeaf อยากได้อะไรครับ What are you looking for?
15:18 Christian นอนกอด เหมือนเดิม Sleep together. Like last time.
17:22 Christian มาหาที่โรงแรมได้มั้ย Can you come to my hotel?
17:24 KKdeaf อยากรุกครับ I want to fuck you.
17:24 Christian ได้ครับ ช้าๆ เบาๆ Can. Slowly and gently.
17:25 KKdeaf ครับผม Okay.
17:26 Christian พรุ่งนี้ตอนเช้าออกกทม ไปรถเมล์ถึงตอนเย็น I will leave Bangkok tomorrow morning. Take bus and arrive in Khon Kaen in the evening.
17:26 KKdeaf โอเคครับ Okay.
17:27 KKdeaf เดินทางปลอดภัย ด้วย คับ Have a safe trip.
[more chat not relevant, cut for brevity]

7:51 Christian อรุณสวัสดิ์ Good morning.
14:03 Christian นั่งรถ จะถึงขอนแก่น1ทุ่ม I’m on the bus. Will arrive 7 pm.
14:03 Christian เจอกัท2ทุ่มได้มั้ย Can we meet 8 pm?
14:45 KKdeaf กินข้าว ที่ไหนครับ Where will you eat?
15:33 Christian ยังไม่รู้ I don’t know yet.
16:14 KKdeaf ครับ Okay.
18:31 Christian รถช้า อยุดสระบุรี30นาที อยุดโคราช30นาที The bus is slow. 30 min stop each in Saraburi and Korat.
18:31 Christian จะถึงบขสขอนแก่น2ทุ่ม I will arrive 8 pm.
18:31 Christian กินข้าวที่บขส ต่อไปโรงแรม I will eat in bus station, then go to hotel.
18:48 KKdeaf ครับ Okay.
19:57 Christian ถึงบขส I arrived in the bus station. [not read]
20:18 Christian โรงแรมโอเชี่ยนวิว ขอนแก่น Ocean view hotel. [location, not read]
20:18 Christian กำลังไป I’m on the way [not read]
20:36 Christian ถึงห้อง I arrived [not read]
20:50 Christian ห้องว่าง มีถุงยาง Free room, have condoms [rhymes in Thai, not read]
20:50 Christian The person you called didn't pick up.
20:52 KKdeaf ครับ Okay.
20:52 Christian [Sticker]
20:53 Christian ว่างมั้ย Are you free?
20:54 KKdeaf ไม่ไปนะ I don’t go.
20:54 Christian ทำไมไม่มา Why do you not come?
[chat will be resumed further down, for now "I don't go" kicked me in the balls and is all need to know]

From messages not read I knew already that something is amiss and went on hornet and blued to find alternatives. Spend there 40 minutes, heavy work, chatting with two or three at the same time, getting the necessary information, no small talk, and from minute to minute re-calculating who is the most promising (looks, distance, free or money):
One boy B who I met in Pattaya some years ago, and who spends most of his time in Europe, is 1 km away and online. What a surprise when someone who you think is in Europe is 1 km away! But he is out with friends now, and studies tomorrow morning.
One very cute money boy (chat in Thai) wants 1000 and did not accept my offer of 500 (we had that exchange 1000 <-> 500 four times).
Looking for friends LFF. Well, his profile on blued says bottom, but it says as well "chatting, have boyfriend already" (not that having a boyfriend would deter most Thai from having sex with others, and anyway this is no recipe exchange, and I'm there looking only for sex, so I find it hard to imagine why other are looking for other things). I would love to get my hands on that body:

20:55 Christian Hello in Khon Kaen.
20:55 Christian ว่างมั้ย Are you free?
20:58 LFF ว่างครับ I’m free.
20:58 LFF ?
20:59 Christian [link to hotel on google maps]

20:59 Christian เจอกันมั้ย Can we meet?
20:59 Christian ห้องว่าง มีถุงยาง My room is free, I have condoms.
21:00 LFF ขอบคุณครับ ตอนนี้ผมมีแฟนแล้ว Thank you. But I have a boyfriend already.
21:00 LFF แค่คนเพื่อน พี่ น้อง คุยเฉยๆครับ I’m just looking for friends for talking.

21:01 LFF ขอโทษนะครับ Sorry.

21:01 LFF ไม่ได้ไปครับ I can’t go.

21:01 LFF [Sticker]

21:01 Christian ครับ Okay.

21:01 LFF ขอบคุณ ที่ชวนครับ Thank you for inviting me.

21:01 LFF ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักนะครับ Nice to meet you. 
There is a massage boy whose picture looks promising, especially I like his bulge, but would need a bit more information before committing.

I didn't know that there is a maximum number of friends you can have on Line (for facebook the limit is 5000):

Ask for more pictures (more precisely, I want one that is without sunglasses and in focus): 

Talking about this with a friend, he reports the same and sent me screenshot (at the time the boy's picture was even worse):

And let's not forget that there is a male massage Secret Spa in Khon Kaen, and I wisely selected my hotel across from it so I can have a look there. Around 11 pm they had 6 staff, of which I saw 5 and none of them appealed to me. But when one of them sent me a picture on online dating, that's a body I could work with.


Open daily midday to midnight, 1 hr oil/cream 500 THB, 90 min 600, 2 hr 700.

One profile offers to do Fang Muk (penis pearls) and has a picture of his tools (and of the results, which I will spare my readers). In profile text, he says he has anesthetics. Real men do Fang Muk without anesthetics!

I wrote about Fang Muk before:
At the end, end up with the hairdresser whom I had in Dec 2018 but who was not convincing. His red swollen eyes (from cutting other peoples' hair) are irritating to look at, and now again I don't get horny with him. No repeat.

I don't like to treat people like that and keep them on standby. It's unfair, because those who are most reliable and who like me the most are at the end of the list, because I know I can fall back on them if others who I find more attractive fail. But you have to adapt to local customs, and if I were acting by my Western moral standards, I would be the one who loses out. Commitment and sincerity count very little in Thailand. You can think of it as me just relaying their compatriots' behavior and unreliability.
[chat with deaf boy resumed]
22:50 Christian พรุ่งนี้ตอนเช้ามาหามั้ย Are you free tomorrow morning?
23:50 Christian ฝันดี Good night.
5:27 KKdeaf ทำงาน คับ I’m working.
16:00 Christian [Photo]
16:00 Christian [Photo]
16:00 Christian [Photo] [temple in Khon Kaen that I went to]
16:01 Christian อดเจอกีน ไปสารคาม We missed. I’m going to Mahasarakham.
16:01 Christian อยากรู้ทำไมไม่ได้มาหา I want to know why you didn’t come.
16:11 KKdeaf [Photo] [boy at same temple]
21:15 Christian อยากรู้ทำไมไม่ได้มาหา I want to know why you didn’t come.
21:16 KKdeaf ไม่เอานายนะ I don’t want you.
21:17 KKdeaf ไม่เอาเยดฟรี I don’t want free sex.
21:17 Christian ทำไมไม่เอาผม Why do you not want me?
21:17 Christian หาตังรึ Are you looking for money?
21:17 KKdeaf ไม่นะ No.
21:18 KKdeaf อยู่ไหน Where are you?
21:18 Christian ผมไปขอนแก่นเพื่อเจอคุณ I went to Khon Kaen to meet you.
21:18 Christian สารคาม Mahasarakham.
21:18 KKdeaf อ่อครับ Oh.
21:19 KKdeaf อยู่มหาสารคาม เหรอ Are you in Mahasasakham?
21:19 Christian ใช่ Yes.
21:19 KKdeaf งั้น ไม่เป็นไร It doest’t matter.
21:19 Christian ไม่เอาเยดฟรี งง I don’t want free sex. [quote him] I’m confused
21:19 KKdeaf ส่งผิดคนครับ I sent to the wrong person.
21:19 KKdeaf 555 Hahaha.
21:20 KKdeaf ไปสารคามทำไร What do you do in Mahasarakham?
21:20 Christian อยากรู้ทำไมไม่ได้มาหาเมื่อวาน I want to know why you didn’t come to meet me yesterday night.
21:20 Christian พนไปเที่ยวนาดูน I will go to Na Dun (temple).
21:20 KKdeaf ครับ Okay.
21:21 KKdeaf นายหาเซ็กใช่มั้ย You are looking for sex, right?
21:21 KKdeaf ผมหาแฟนไง I’m looking for boyfriend.
[Oh no, not that crap again! How can you find a boyfriend without having a few sex before committing?]
21:22 Christian หาเซ็ก I’m looking for sex.
21:22 KKdeaf ครับ Okay.
21:22 KKdeaf ไม่ชอบเซ็กครับ I don’t like sex.
21:22 KKdeaf ถ้านายอยากเจอกับผมนะ When we meet.
21:23 Christian ถ้าเงียนทำอะไร What do you do when you are horny?
21:23 KKdeaf ถ้านายอยากเจอกับผมเสียวกันก้อเลี้ยงผม If you want sex, you have to invite me.
21:23 Christian เลี้ยงอะไร Invite for what?
21:24 KKdeaf เลี้ยงอะไรก้อได้หมด Whatever you want.
21:27 Christian ยังไม่รู้ไปขอนแก่นอีกเมื่อไหร่ อยากเจอกันทำอะไรเสียว I don’t know when I will go to Khon Kaen again. I want to sleep with you.
21:28 Christian ถ้าเงี่ยนทำอะไร What do you do when you are horny? [Repeat unanswered question. Have to get to the core of the problem.]
21:29 KKdeaf นัดคนอื่น มีเลี้ยงผมครับ I meet someone from online. Someone who invites me.

That satisfies me for the moment, anyway it will be a long time I go to Khon Kaen again. Our fist encounter in Dec 2018 and subsequent chat held a lot of promise, and now a big disappointment, like so many times. This boy is not different, he is like all the others!

And now I have to make the mental acrobatics from having my mind set on getting fucked by a hunk, which did not materialize, to fucking a twink, within 24 hours!

Thu21feb2019 Mahasarakham
I have two boys in Mahasarakham, and as luck would have it, one is free at night and the other free in the morning! The one at night I had before, and now again everything fine, worth a repeat, and the only encounter that saved the trip. He is out 20:30, which leaves me time for one more!

21/65/170 is clearly too fat, but on this picture he looks okay:

whereas on this picture too fat:

There is only one way to find out: invite him over. And indeed, too fat, but play along. No repeat. Nothing risked, nothing gained. Without him, I would have been alone in my hotel room.
Yet another scheduled for tomorrow morning, with low expectations after no-show in Dec 2018. He lives about 10 km out of town and would come by mocy.
8:21 Chayaphon ตอนนี้มาจากขอนแก่นยัง? Are you coming from Khon Kaen?
8:21 Christian ไปเที่ยววัด I’m going to temples.
8:21 Chayaphon อ่อครับ I see.
8:23 Chayaphon อยากเจอคุณมากๆ I really want to meet you.
19:17 Christian อยู่มหาสารคาม พนตอนเช้าเจอกัน I’m in Mahasarakham. See you tomorrow morning.
19:17 Christian ตื่นกี่โมง What time do you wake up?
19:53 Chayaphon ไม่เกิน10โมงได้ไหม Before 10 am.
19:53 Chayaphon [Sticker]
19:59 Chayaphon [Sticker]
20:32 Christian เจอกัน9น.ได้มั้ย Can we meet at 9 am?
20:34 Chayaphon ได้ครับ Yes.
20:34 Chayaphon เจอกันจะทำไร What will we do?
21:06 Christian ชอบนอนกอด Sleep together.
22:16 Chayaphon [Sticker]

7:57 Christian Good morning [not read]
8:27 Christian ตื่นยัง Are you awake? [not read]
9:32 Christian [Sticker] [not read]
10:09 Christian Hello [not read]
10:34 Christian ไปนาดูน I will go to Na Dun. [not read]
14:26 Chayaphon ผมพึ่งได้กลับมา I’m just back home.
14:26 Chayaphon ขอโทษนะครับ Sorry.
14:26 Christian [Photo]
14:26 Christian ไปไหนมา Where did you go?
14:27 Chayaphon ไม่มีคนมาส่งที่สารคาม There was nobody to send me to town.
14:27 Chayaphon รอคนมาส่งเลยช้า I was waiting for someone to take me to town.
[I don’t buy it. He didn’t read my messages, which is a completely different issue. Overslept? Try to meet next time I’m in Mahasarakham, with low expectations after two no-show.]
20:42 Chayaphon คุณอยู่ไหน Where are you?
20:44 Christian โคราช Korat.
20:44 Chayaphon ครับ Okay.

Fri22feb2019 Korat
A boy I met socially before in Korat and would like to meet for sex replies. We miss by an hour. When he sent me his dick pics I was at bus station. An hour later I would be in hotel and could have invited him to come over now. My subsequent messages were all read instantly, but no reply.

The hotel I stayed in was basic/cheap, but conveniently located. There is a small chance that they boy knows it and it’s below his standards. I had a similar problem in Rayong some years ago, boy asks for hotel name and then tells me he cannot come.
Another boy whom I missed in Dec 2018 by 2 min (00:25 I switched off my phone and went to bed, and 00:27 he read and replied after an hour of silence) is free to meet.
15:04  Christian  [Photo]
15:04  Christian  กำลังไปโคราช I’m on the way to Korat.
16:33  Christian  2ทุ่มว่างมั้ย Are you free 8 pm?
17:02  Timeline  ครับ Yes.
19:33  Christian  ถึง I arrived.
19:34  Christian  Cathay Hotel 130 Rajadamnern Rd, …
20:05  Christian  ว่างมั้ย Are you free?
20:19  Timeline  ว่างรับ I’m free.
20:19  Timeline  เดี๋ยวไป I will go soon.
20:21  Timeline  ตอนนี้ทำไรยุครับ What are you doing?
20:21  Christian  กินข้าวก่อน I’m eating.
20:21  Christian  21น.เจอกันนะครับ Let’s meet 9 pm.
20:22  Timeline  ครับ Okay.
20:22  Timeline  ที่อยู่ ตามที่ส่งมาใช่ไหมครับ Are you at the location you sent me?
20:25  Christian  ใช่ yes.
20:26  Timeline  [Sticker]
20:50  Timeline  ไม่ได้ไปนะครับ พี่ไม่ไปส่ง ขอโทษทีครับ I can’t go. My older brother will not send me. Sorry. [The same crap as last time! Both hornet and blued show him in about 400 m distance. Why does he need someone to send him by motorbike?]
20:51  Christian  อยู่ไหน Where are you?
20:51  Christian  ผมจะไปรับ I will go to pick you up.
20:51  Timeline  เอ้า Really?
20:51  Timeline  มีรถหรอครับ Do you have a car?
20:51  Christian  ไม่มี เดิน I don’t. Walking.
20:52  Christian  [Photo] [screenshot hornet shows 380 m distance]
20:52  Christian  380 380 meter.
20:52  Timeline  ทีแรกพี่จะไปส่งครับ Originally my brother would have sent me.
20:52  Timeline  อต่ตอนนี้มันเอารถออกไปแล้ว But he is out now by mocy.
20:53  Christian  อยู่ไหน ส่งพิกัด Where are you? Send your location. [not read]
21:01  Christian  ? [message not read, send a ? so he sees and reads and hopefully replies.]
21:12  Timeline  You อยู่โคราชกี่วัน How long will you be in Korat?
21:13  Christian  คืนนี้ พนกลับกทม Only tonight. Tomorrow to bangkok
21:13  Timeline  หุๆ
21:13  Timeline  วาสนาจะไม่ได้เจอกัน Then we cannot meet.
21:15  Christian  อยู่ไหน ส่งพิกัด Where are you? Send your location. [copy from above]
21:15  Christian  380ม ผมจะำปรับ 380 m distance, I will go to pick you up.
21:15  Timeline  อยู่แถวๆ ศาลากลางครับ I’m near City Pillar.
21:15  Timeline  ไม่เป็นไร It doesn’t matter.
21:15  Timeline  ไม่ต้องมารับหรอก You don’t have to come here.
23:13  Timeline  ฝรรดีคราฟฟ Good night.

17:12  Christian  กลับกทมแล้ว I’m back in Bangkok.
18:43  Timeline  ครับโชคดี Okay. Good luck.
18:43  Timeline  ขอโทษนะครับที่ไม่ได้ไปเจอ Sorry I couldn’t go.
18:44  Christian  ทำไมไม่ได้มาเจอ Why could you not come?
18:45  Timeline  ทะเลาะกับพี่ด้วย และมันก็ไม่ไปส่งด้วย ก็เลยอารมณ์เสียเลยไม่ไปอ้ะครับ I had an argument with my brother, and he didn’t send me [by mocy to hotel], and then I was not in the mood [for sex].

Same crap as last time. Why does he need someone to send him by mocy for a distance of under 500 m? Keep him on my list for next trip to Korat, but with low expectations after two no-show.

Sat23feb2019 Korat to Bangkok
Yet another from online, will be free this morning.

19:26 Christian My name is Christian from Germany. And you?
19:26 Christian Cathay Hotel, 130 Rajadamnern Rd, …
19:26 Christian โคราช1คืน I will be in Korat for one night.
19:33 Nut คืนนี้ตี4 เจอกันคับ Can we meet 4 am? [sic!]
19:33 Christian ผมนอนเที่ยงคืน I sleep midnight.
19:35 Nut ผมว่าคงตี4 I’m free 4 am.
19:44 Christian พนตอนเช้าก็ได้ ตื่นกี่โมง We can meet tomorrow morning. What time do you wake up?
19:55 Nut ตี4 4 am.
20:03 Christian ทำงานกลางคืนรึ Do you work at night?
20:04 Nut ป่าวครับ No.
20:04 Nut เวลาผมตื่น It’s the time I wake up.
20:04 Nut ตี4น่ะ 4 am.
20:04 Nut ขอเลขห้อง What’s your room number?
20:04 Nut ชั้นไหน What floor.
20:05 Christian ผมนอน 0น.ถึง8น. เจอกันตี4ไม่ได้ I sleep from midnight to 8 am. We cannot meet 4 am. [I deliberately did not give my room number so he cannot come and knock on my door 4 am]
20:07 Nut พรุ้งนี้นายก็กลับแล้วใช่ป่ะ And tomorrow you will return to Bangkok?
20:07 Nut เดียวผมไปเคาะห้อง I will go and knock on your door. [Certainly NOT at 4 am!]
20:08 Christian ใช่ ออกโรงแรม12น. ไปกทม Yes. I will check out midday and go to Bangkok.
20:08 Nut ตี4จะไปเรียกที่ห้อง I will be at your room at 4 am.
20:09 Christian ตี4ไม่ได้       9น.ได้ Cannot. We can meet a 9 am.
20:12 Nut ครับ Okay.
[Now I had the other scheduled, who couldn’t come. That means I’m free, so resume this chat.]
22:03 Christian กำลังทำอะไรครับ What are you doing?
22:26 Nut นอนเล่นครับ I’m lying in bed.
22:26 Nut ห้องเบอร์ไหน What room number?
22:28 Christian จะมาหามั้ย Will you come?
22:28 Christian ตอนนี้ผมว่าง I’m free now.
22:29 Nut ตอนเช้าครับ In the morning.
22:32 Christian ห้อง210 Room 210. [Now that he asked twice for my room number it would send a wrong signal not to give it. And I hope it’s clear that he will not come 4 am.]
22:32 Christian งง นอนเล่นแต่ไม่ว่าง I’m confused. You are lying in bed, but you are not free to meet.
22:38 Nut จะนอนแล้วคับ I will sleep.
22:39 Nut พรุ้งนี้กี่โมงดี Tomorrow what time?
22:39 Christian 9น. 9 am.

5:04 Nut ครับ Okay.
7:52 Nut ครับ Okay.
8:11 Christian Good morning
8:13 Nut ครับ Okay.
8:13 Nut อาบน้ำยัง Did you shower.
8:14 Christian ยัง เพิ่งตื่น เจอกัน9น. Not yet. I just woke up. See you at 9 am. [I'm out for breakfast.]
8:15 Nut ครับ Okay.
8:58 Nut ครับ Okay.
9:01 Christian อีก10นาที [I will be back to my room] in 10 minutes.
9:03 Nut เปิดประตู Open the door.
9:03 Nut มาถึงละ I’m here.
And indeed the boy was waiting in front of my door when I came back from breakfast 9:05.
I had high expectations based on this picture he sent me:

But was a bit disappointed to find him a bit fatter. Play along while the boy has a wank, then goodbye. No repeat.

Bus back to Bangkok. The one in Mahasarakham is a keeper, and I will stay there on future trips to Esan to see him again. All others either no repeat or no-show (the no-show stay on my list for next trip, with low expectations).

4 days 3 nights, accommodation costs 1210 THB, travel costs 990, and the results boy-wise one good (as before, and will see him again), three no repeat, three no show. A Stalingrad of gay dating!

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