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Dating Thai boys (81) reading clocks and maps

Dating Thai boys (81) reading clocks and maps

I sometimes write that a Thai boy I met can read clocks and maps, implying that others cannot.

source: http://watches.infoniac.com/insanity-pierre-kunz.html

Reading clocks
A story from my father's childhood. At that time children did not have wristwatches. When children were out playing, they used the church clock tower to know the time. When they were in an area where they couldn't see the church clock, they sent the youngest to read the time. But he couldn't read clocks, so he came back and told the olders "the short arm is between 3 and 4 and the long arm is at 7" which makes 15:35.

With digital clocks you don't have to read the clock any more, but you have to be able to count to 60. I wonder how often delay is caused simply by Thai boy not knowing how many minutes it is from 15:35 to 16:15? Or by thinking that from 15:40 to 16:00 is 60 minutes, because 100 centimeter is one meter?

That would be a subject for a survey in an area with a lot of passing people. 

When chatting with Thai boys, I use 24 hour format or Thai time system (which divides the day in 4x6 hour periods).

There was a related issue in Germany after the re-unification that led to misunderstandings. "Halb drei" (literally: "half three") means "half an hour BEFORE three o'clock" in East Germany and it means "half and hour PAST three o'clock" in West Germany.

Reading maps (1)
On 10mar2019 I met a boy in MBK (his choice of meeting point) who is from upcountry and who has been in Bangkok for one week. He arrived by BTS and we then took taxi to my room. All positive in bed, repeat. Good English.

His family is on the other side of the river, and he stays in a hotel near Chong Nonsi BTS, but does not remember the name of the hotel*, but knows the way from BTS Chong Nonsi to the hotel, and knows the way by BTS between Chong Nonsi and MRT. To get home, he would take the taxi from my room (near Malaysia hotel) to MBK, then BTS from there to Chong Nonsi, then walk home! And I couldn't talk him out of it! 

Screenshot on google maps. Malaysia hotel to MBK he would take taxi, them MBK to Chong Nonsi by BTS, but here on google maps it's both car.

Fortunately, it's not my concern, and he didn't even ask for taxi money. 

*I asked twice in different contexts. But then I saw the hotel key he had with him, and searched for that place, and it all adds up (location and price).

While I have an amazing brain that allows me to learn new things as long as they are of scientific/technological/linguistical nature, but not if anything emotional or dealing with people is involved, most Thai brains are hard-wired and cannot accept alternatives (shorter, faster, cheaper) to known procedures.

Reading maps (2)
While the above was all spoken, I have a written record for the following, so my readers have the same information as I.

The boy travelled from Pattaya to Rayong and as he didn't know a direct connection, he went via Ekkamai bus station (Bangkok Bus Terminal (Eastern) in below map) in Bangkok!

Below screenshot of our conversation. Not just the Pattaya to Rayong, but some general points about online dating as well.

Reading maps (3)
In 2016, I took taxi from my room (near Malaysia hotel) to Suvarnabhumi airport and the driver went via Sathorn road and outer ringroad. When we arrived at the airport, I could not contain my curiosity and I had to ask him why he took that long way: He always goes to the airport this way!

Complete story reported before https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2015/06/taxi-myths-debunked.html

Another unusual taxi trip. From Sathorn to Suwarnaphumi on Tue 10.05.2016. Driver asks policeman who directs traffic at intersection for way to Sathorn road, which I find strange (better go to Rama 4 - Klong Toey expressway). Driver tells me he will go Rama 2 and outer ringroad because toll is cheaper there. But I wonder how much longer we will drive for that cheaper toll. Beyond Taksin bridge, I check google maps: fastest would be via Rama 4 - Klong Toey expressway, but now there is no way back. Later ask driver why he didn't take that route. He never went that way! In total it took 7:58 - 9:23 am, 77 km, 40 Baht toll and 639 Baht fare to get to the airport! In addition to not knowing the best way, he cannot calculate either: I gave him a 1000 Baht note and he handed me 440 Baht change, and I corrected him.  

Reading maps (4)
(Boy from Battambang, chat on facebook 5may2019, we had met before in Pattaya twice, now he is in Bangkok.) Another cumbersome communication about how to meet; the boy was only 2 km by road from my place. When he finally arrived here after much to and fro, I could see on his mobile phone that googlemaps didn't have access to location. I had assumed he knows where he is, and I sent him my location so he knows where I am, and wondered where the problem is.

Scientific explanation  
But it can all be explained by history and society.
Thailand has been an agrarian society for all of their history. The grandparents of the boys I date were living in villages where there was no need for exact times and location, as everyone was in shouting distance and there was nothing that would require a timing more precise than morning-midday-afternoon-evening-night. 

When they dropped a farming tool to the ground and left it there, it would still be there the following day, and it would still be operational. Unlike a mobile phone. In all my life, I dropped a mobile phone once (no trace) and a camera once (a scratch, but still fully operational).

I couldn't find a picture of a watch/clock with one pointer and no numbers to add here to illustrate my point. The closest to illustrate the Thai perception of time is:

source: https://www.moma.org/collection/works/79018

Whereas in the West, there was a number of people involved in trading, crafts, mining, manufacturing, that required literacy and numeracy, that had a positive influence on the rest of the population.

The subject of reading clocks and maps on a gay Thailand forum:

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Online scams

Online scams

This is the second time (both this year) a Thai boy has asked me to translate and to advise on the following matter. A variation of the old Nigerian scam (the scammer even says he is in Nigeria!) where you have to send a small amount of money in order to get a large sum of money.

Screenshots the boy sent me posted here for my reader's entertainment. I assume names, pictures, bank account numbers are fake so I left them as they are.

The scammer did not realize that the boy's English is very limited? On the other hand, it seems my friend did not realize it's a scam. Only after asking me for translation and advice, he stopped chatting. I wonder how the scammers get the Thai boys' contacts.


Below is a message that was in my email junk folder and caught my attention by having one of my passwords in title. I use that password for various low-importance logins, so I don't even know where they got it from.

It further caught my attention by using Greek letters that look like Latin letters. A person can understand, but a computer would not recognize them as such. E.g. if I save the message as ANSI, it looks like this:

? ???w xxxxxx ?s y?ur ??ss. Le?s ge? s?r??gh? ?? ?ur??se. Y?u d??'? ???w me ??d y?u're m?s? l??ely w??der??g why y?u're ge????g ?h?s em??l? N? ?ers?? h?s ???d me ?? chec? y?u.

Ι κηοw xxxxxx ιs yοur ραss
from: xxxxxx xxxxxx <xxxxxx@xxxxxx>

Ι κηοw
xxxxxx ιs yοur ραss. Leτs geτ sτrαιghτ το ρurροse. Yοu dοη'τ κηοw me αηd yοu're mοsτ lικely wοηderιηg why yοu're geττιηg τhιs emαιl? Nο ρersοη hαs ραιd me το checκ yοu.

Ι αcτuαlly seτuρ α sοfτwαre οη τhe xxx sτreαmιηg (αdulτ ροrη) web sιτe αηd τhere's mοre, yοu νιsιτed τhιs web sιτe το exρerιeηce fuη (yοu κηοw whατ Ι meαη). Whιle yοu were wατchιηg νιdeο clιρs, yοur web brοwser sταrτed οuτ ορerατιηg αs α Remοτe cοητrοl Desκτορ τhατ hαs α κey lοgger whιch ρrονιded me wιτh αccess το yοur dιsρlαy screeη αηd αlsο cαm. Jusτ αfτer τhατ, my sοfτwαre gατhered αll οf yοur cοηταcτs frοm yοur Messeηger, Fαcebοοκ, αs well αs emαιlαccοuητ. Afτer τhατ Ι creατed α dοuble νιdeο. 1sτ ραrτ dιsρlαys τhe νιdeο yοu were νιewιηg (yοu hανe α gοοd ταsτe οmg), αηd secοηd ραrτ shοws τhe νιew οf yοur cαm, yeα ιτ ιs u.

Yοu geτ jusτ τwο αlτerηατινes. Why dοητ we τακe α lοοκ ατ eαch οηe οf τhese ροssιbιlιτιes ιη ραrτιculαrs:

Fιrsτ ορτιοη ιs το dιsmιss τhιs emαιl. Ιη such α cαse, Ι wιll seηd yοur νery οwη νιdeοταρe το eαch οηe οf yοur cοηταcτs αηd jusτ τhιηκ αbοuτ τhe humιlιατιοη yοu wιll geτ. Keeρ ιη mιηd shοuld yοu be ιη α relατιοηshιρ, jusτ hοw ιτ wιll eνeητuαlly αffecτ?

2ηd αlτerηατινe wοuld be το ραy me $ 1900. We wιll regαrd ιτ αs α dοηατιοη. Ιη such α cαse, Ι wιll sτrαιghτ αwαy erαse yοur νιdeοταρe. Yοu cαη cαrry οη wιτh yοur dαιly lιfe lικe τhιs ηeνer hαρρeηed αηd yοu ηeνer wιll heαr bαcκ αgαιη frοm me.

Yοu'll mακe τhe ραymeητ τhrοugh
bιτcοιη (ιf yοu dο ηοτ κηοw τhιs, seαrch fοr "hοw το buy bιτcοιη" ιη Gοοgle).

TC Address: 17PDjv
[CASE seηsιτινe, cορy αηd ραsτe ιτ]

Shοuld yοu αre ρlαηηιηg οη gοιηg το τhe ροlιce, lοοκ, τhιs mαιl cαηηοτ be τrαced bαcκ το me. Ι hανe deαlτ wιτh my sτeρs. Ι αm ηοτ τryιηg το αsκ yοu fοr νery much, Ι wοuld lικe το be cοmρeηsατed. Yοu ηοw hανe οηe dαy το ραy. Ι'νe α sρecιαl ριxel ιη τhιs mαιl, αηd rιghτ ηοw Ι κηοw τhατ yοu hανe reαd τhrοugh τhιs mαιl. Ιf Ι dο ηοτ receινe τhe ΒιτCοιηs, Ι wιll defιηιτely seηd yοur νιdeο το αll οf yοur cοηταcτs ιηcludιηg members οf yοur fαmιly, cοwοrκers, αηd sο οη. Hοweνer, ιf Ι receινe τhe ραymeητ, Ι wιll erαse τhe νιdeο rιghτ αwαy. Thιs ιs α ηοη:ηegοτιαble οffer, αηd τhus ρleαse dο ηοτ wαsτe my ρersοηαl τιme αηd yοurs by reρlyιηg το τhιs emαιl. Ιf yοu ηeed ρrοοf, reρly wιτh Yeαh! αηd Ι wιll seηd yοur νιdeο το yοur 15 frιeηds.  


Update 21jun2020: found an old (2011) email with the classic Nigeria Scam.


Mr. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo
Director: Project Accountant of the
Contract Award Committee
Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC) Nigeria.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please permit me to bring this proposal to your attention as I may not have known you before. I have found your email today while searching the internet.

I am Mr. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo, A Project Accountant of the Contract Award Committee of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Nigeria.

In April 2003 my cooperation NNPC, awarded some contracts for refurbishing of the petro-chemical complex at Eleme, Supply and Installation of Rigging and Drilling equipment and repairing of Warri and Port-Harcourt Refineries for USD$320,000,000.00.

But with my privileged position, the contract value was over-invoiced to USD$365,000,000.00, this benefits me and my department (USD$45 Million) as over invoiced.

On August 2004 ,the foreign contractor that we awarded the contract received their full payments and all other additional outstandings from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

In view of this, we require an honest and trustworthy person who will not  betray our trust to use his / her COMPANY and ACCOUNTS to transfer out the balance of the over in-voiced value before we could share it. This is because if we use our local account for the transfer, (CBN) will suspect us.

That is why we want to bestow this trust on you and it is our sincere wish that you do not betray us . So it is because of the balance of (USD$45 Million) which we now have left that we are sending you this confidential e-mail ,we have favoured an incentive of 25% to you as the account owner and 5% to offset all expenses that might be uncured on the process of the transfer, while the remaining 70% will be for me and my department.

PLEASE Confirm to me your interest, trustworthiness and acceptance of this proposal, Your urgent response is greatly required and should you not be in a position to assist us, kindly inform me as quickly as possible so that i could make an alternative arrangement.


Best Regards,

Mr. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo
Project Accountant
Contract Award Committee
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
Head Quarter Annex, Falomo, Lagos, Nigeria 

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SIM-card troubles

SIM-card troubles
SIM-cards have been and still are a source of trouble. At the moment, I am keeping SIM-cards for four countries (Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar) valid.

Decades ago, if your SIM-card expired, the remaining balance was lost. But then the European Union made a law that made telephone companies refund the remaining balance. Thus, when my German SIM-card expired around 2010 (after over 10 years of usage, but spending most of my time abroad and returning to Germany only a few times per year, there must have been a phase of inactivity of over 6 (?) months that led to deactivation and my number could not be re-installed in service center), I wrote to my telephone company and received a new SIM-card (with a new phone number) with the balance of the old SIM-card.

Nowadays I check balance one per month. That is free even when abroad and counts as use of SIM-card. 

Leaving the SIM-card in Germany for my parents to top-up and use is not an option, as I need when I land at the airport to call my parents when I will be home and whether to pick me up at railway station or not.

Thailand AIS
Inspired by the loss of my phone number in Germany, I registered my SIM-card in Thailand around 2011 (long before it became compulsory around 2018), hoping this way I would be able to get back the same number even after card expires. My SIM-card expired between two holidays around 2012, but I was wrong about getting my number back! Buy a new SIM-card and keep it active by transferring balance or validity with friends who are in Thailand permanently.

*140*2*DestinationNumber*Transfer Amount (max 100 THB)#call (cost 3 THB)
*140*2*DestinationNumber*Days of Validity to transfer (max 20 or 30?)#call (cost 3 THB)

That SIM-card could not handle data, so when I bought a smartphone in 2013, I need a further SIM-card for data (and keep my old SIM-card for calling because my friends know that number). Around 2017, I went to an AIS service center and got a SIM-card that has my old phone number and can handle data.

I didn't bother to check data plans* (information from telephone companies is not well presented in the internet) and probably paid too much for data for years.

*I'm not the only one: recently (Mar2020) I talked with Thai friend Top and he says he spends 49 THB for 3 GB of data EVERY DAY so he can watch videos all day. (That's 1500 THB for 90 GB per month; whereas I spend about 500 THB for 5 GB per month).

Then around 2016 I asked one of my clever Thai friends and he showed me this table (volume-duration-price):
which is the best presentation of data plans I have come across.

And elsewhere you can choose speed and duration in a table and buy at the specified price:

And around 2017 I talked with yet another of my clever Thai friends, and he showed me how you can set up my favorite data plan directly: 2 GB within 30 days for 239 THB with code *777*75# auto renewal.

And in 2018 I talked with a Farang friend about SIM-cards, and he recommended I get AIS app which offers some advantages in managing SIM-cards over e.g. requesting remaining balance or data by SMS:

Auto renewal means that as long as you have balance on your SIM-card, the telephone company will deduct the money. But as I spend a lot of time out of Thailand, I keep my balance below 239 THB to avoid paying for data while I'm out of Thailand. There will just be an error message, and when back in Thailand I subscribe again.

For trips abroad, I bought a SIM-2-fly http://www.ais.co.th/roaming/sim2fly/en/ that has served me well on many trips.

Roaming border countries unlimited data 7 days 99THB
*111*407# (tested in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand)

Roaming Asia unlimited data 8 days 299 THB
*111*354# (tested in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam)

You have to be careful when returning to Thailand, the roaming SIM works in Thailand, but on a very expensive package. 

Later I found that the boarder roaming works with a normal AIS-SIM-card by dialing the code above, no need for a SIM2Fly. 

Thailand true-move
Then I got a tip from friend who has no WiFi or data by telephone line, but does all his internet business by mobile data from true.

He told me "True Max 4M unlimited volume 150 per month" but didn't know how to subscribe. So I went on a search on the internet

source: internet 

and https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1103010-where-do-you-find-truemove-internet-packages/page/2/#comments
*900*1767# 1 GB 7 days 41.73 baht
*900*1776# 4 GB 30 days 160.5 baht         

These codes did not work for my SIM-card, but finally
the following package:
*900*8837# 1.5 GB (high speed?) within 30 days, overuse 384 kbps 199 THB + 7% VAT = 213 THB worked great! The key point is the unlimited free overuse at 384 kbps which is fine for me (can even watch movies at that rate), whereas before with AIS, data was capped at 2 GB and overuse would be charged dearly. 

from: https://prepaid-data-sim-card.fandom.com/wiki/Thailand

A negative for true-move is that you cannot transfer balance or validity between numbers. The plan is auto-renewal, and I had more balance than the monthly cost when I left Thailand on 1apr2020. At Don Mueang airport, I canceled my data package with code *902*02# whereupon I got cancellation message and could not go online any more (i.e. cancellation is immediate, not at end of term).

But when I topped up from Germany to extend validity, I found that 213 THB have been deducted for renewal! That problem seems to be general:


The only thing I could do is send a few SMS at 12 THB each to a friend to bring my balance under 213 THB, so subsequent attempt by true-move to deduct the monthly fee fails.

SIM-card expires after 180 days of inactivity. I left some money with a friend in Taiwan and have him charge the SIM card five months after my last usage.

I'm going to spend more time in Myanmar in the future, so I got a local SIM-card. So far it seems validity is up to 1 year which is fine.

Further reading
Mobile Phone Charges etc  by Jun » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:20 pm 


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Gay activities Feb 2020

Gay activities February 2020 

Details about S’Sense massage Suan Phlu, Farose 2 sauna, Screw Boys, Sake disco Arun Amarin. 

Sat1feb2020 S’Sense Suan Phlu
Some weeks ago, I spotted a cute boy on hornet who works in S’Sense Suan Phlu. Two previous attempts to meet him there failed (he was not in or had a booking). Now I chat with him online and go to see him.

Manager tells me that for 1 hour massage, customer cannot select boy. After about 5 min discussion and pondering, I finally I accept 90 min oil massage for 750 THB. Pay 16:53 at reception. All their rooms are occupied so my boy takes me a VIP room outside (Petit Plaza / Plu Garden Villa, the room is indeed VIP with shower cubicle). I shower, the boy showers elsewhere, and finally 17:15 massage starts (half an hour after entering massage shop!). Good massage, fully dressed. After turnaround I tuck on his shirt and he takes it off, then his trousers. We have a good happy ending, but a bit rushed. End of massage/happy ending 18:41. Then back to reception. I should have tipped in the room, now at reception it’s awkward where everyone can see it. 1000 well deserved, maybe repeat. Bye 18:59. That was the longest I have ever spent in massage, 90 min and delays before and after to add up to over 2 hours. 

Farose II sauna ฟารอส ซาวน่า. Entry 170, stay 23:05-01:08. New website https://www.farossauna.com/ and some repairs/decorations: potted plants, pool now filled with water and pool rules posted (but I didn’t see anyone going in; the fountain and light in the center is gone), sauna warm, steam room cold, no more food. The repairs/decorations cannot hide that some areas are still decrepit and piles of rubbish lying around.

In disco 10 to 20 customer, no coke, only soda from dispenser, smoking, music too loud.

One customer is my type. We meet in park and quickly go to a room. Slim body, warm and dry skin. Fuck him doggy and from back his body like an X (shoulder and hip bones at the end, waist significantly slimmer, I try if I can reach around his waist with my hands – thumb to middle finger – but cannot). Get his Line and message him several times in the course of the following weeks: not read. 

Mon3feb2020 HBA (Myanmar)
The Burmese boy HBA comes to see me again. Buy him dinner at 711, then in my room 22:22 to 36. A few hugs with little response, then tells me feels unwell (head and stomach). Give him 500 and say goodbye. After a promising first encounter, it’s going downhill. 

Wed5feb2020 Screw Boys 
Nene comes to my room. Nice body and cock, but character obnoxious, three Farang friends know him and blocked him. My first encounter was poor, second okay, now third okay, maybe I give him another chance (after telling him what I’m looking for).
Another recce in Silom/Surawong/Patpong. 21:50 Nature Boys 3 boys outside, none inside. Golden Cock 2 boys outside, 2 boys inside, all fully dressed. Super A 6 boys fully dressed and one customer. They boys look promising. I tell staff that I’m looking for a place with boys in underwear.
Tawan Bar first drink 400, second drink 300 posted outside. Massage places everywhere promising.
Screwboys drink price 300, stay 22:19-00:09.  About 23 boys and about 6 customers when I enter. They have a boy for every taste, for me the following stick out:
#2 messages me on hornet, but only a bordercase.
#46 has front fully tattooed, upper arms and upper thighs tattooed, religious tattoos on both shoulder blades. Looks straight. Slim and nice body (despite the tattoos), protruding hip bones, would later appear in big cock show with erect penis reaching his navel.
#48 nice body, Vietnamese, I once met him when he was with a Farang friend.
#50 I had some years ago, boring in bed.
#60 nice body and cute face.
At Pattaya prices, I would consider #46 and #60 for offing.
Show starts 23:05. ladyboy lipsync. 23:10 suds and big cock (2 boys). 23:15 ladyboy lipsync. 23:18 big cock (2 boys). 23:13 ladyboy lipsync. 23:28 acrobatic fucking and touring audience for tips. 23:34 ladyboy lipsync. 23:39 end of show, boys on stage. In this show very short gaps between acts (other bars let customers wait for minutes with nothing to see).
During show over 10 customers. Boys and customers smoke, they use a fog machine during show, all of it a slight nuisance. Temperature is fine. Music a bit too loud.
When I leave, one of their staff outside asks me if I really want to go home alone. So I enquire prices: off fee 500, short time for boy 2000. Now comes the best part of the night: I tell her that I will go to Pattaya next week where I can have a boy for 1000. She says some boys can go for 1500, but 1000 cannot. I tell her that I can have any boy in Pattaya for 1000.
Next time I might take this even further and ask staff if #46 or #60 would go with me for 1000, and off them if affirmative.
Thu6feb2020 Mitchell 
Spot a cute boy Mitchell on hornet and agree on 1000+100 for taxi (I rarely give extra for transport, but pictures very enticing). Fluent in English, efficient communication. When he arrives I see that he has ample facial hair (shaved) and later in my room chest hair and skin cold and wet after shower. Nice body and cock, good activities, but body hair and cold and wet skin is a total turn-off and I can’t have meaningful sex and leave it at foreplay. Long interesting chat (spends a lot of time in Europe).
At night, Mahasarakham boy and Top cancel. 
Fri7feb2020 Paung 
After several attempts*, I finally get Paung (Myanmar) from hornet to come to my room for 1000. Used to work in Screwboys, now Fresh Boys. Lives in On Nut and took mocy for 150 THB (taxi is slow and bus or MRT/BTS not his style) to come to see me. My type and good in bed. 
Sat8feb2020 Sake disco Arun Amarin 
Sake disco was one of the longest running gay discos in the same place (Trok Sake across Ratchadamnoen from Khao San road). I first went in 2010, but now they have moved to Arun Amarin road (Pinklao, West side of Chao Phraya). That leaves only DJ station at the same place where it was when I first came to Thailand in 2009.
Sat8feb2020 was Makha Bucha day (no alcohol and no entertainment until midnight, i.e. the disco starts Sun9feb2020). Arrive 23:40, about 20 customers but no music or alcohol yet. Entry 160 THB per person (includes mixers). Music on 00:06. Ladyboy show, then 10 coyote boys 1:39-59, none of them my type. Afterwards customers on stage.
Several cute boys, but none of them interested. Mildly entertaining, but not worth the time and money spent. 
The problems of looking for sexual partners in disco are multiple: after midnight is bedtime and not sex time for me; many boys get drunk which makes communication difficult or impossible; presence of their friends is detrimental to my goals. But I knew this before and now go to disco only rarely and without expectations.
Lights on 3:34, I wait outside in the hope to get someone, leave 3:38.
General problem: Many gay boys are appealing when I see them (in the disco with loud music), but appalling when they open their mouth (outside the disco when I can hear them, awful language when the talk to their friends).
Walk to Saranrom. 4:05 pass cannons. No boys near Palace, but 7 available along canal. 4:25 taxi home. On Mitraphap (near 22 June) market on sidewalk and available ladies.
Mon10feb2020 HBA
Meet HBA at 7-11 22:56 and give him 100 THB for food. In my room he eats and plays on his phone, no response to my gropes. Then asks when last MRT leaves. If he thinks he can show up for a few minutes and get 500 THB for nothing as on Mon3feb2020, he is wrong. I offer him 100 THB and tell him to take bus. He refuses and stays over night (not even touching in bed). 
HBA’s alarm 8:00 and 8:30, out 8:46 with 100 THB from me. At time of posting, we are still in contact, but before we meet again I will ask him what he has in mind, and tell him what I’m looking for with him.
I have business in Silom and have a look at The Best (6 boys outside, 2 cute) and Arena (10 boys, 9 of which shirtless, 3 cute) around 17:15. Worth going again soon to have massage with the one sitting on the bench apart from the others! His neck looks promising, confirmed by seeing his face.

Around the corner, the former Om Yim Lodge (gay owned or managed hotel) where I stayed around 2011. Now there is a different business in the premises, but the sign on top of the building is still there. Om Yim restaurant in Soi Sri Bam Pen is gone as well (no trace left).

Sun16feb2020 D China 
Go to Rangsit to meet D China and stay overnight in hotel with him. 
On way home pass The Best massage in Silom Plaza, hoping to see the cute boys from Tue11feb2020 17:15 again. But now 16:00 only 3 boys, not my type. Manager says more will come later.

Gay bar area in Patpong:

Tue18feb2020 Zy Massage

Several border cases at Zy Massage. One of them J (Lao) sent me enticing pictures (sixpack without face, in hindsight probably not his pictures). Go for one hour massage with him. Hairy upper thighs and not slim and no sixpack; but big cock and hairless low hanging balls. 800 well deserved. Maybe repeat.
Sopheak (Khmer) no show. He works as waiter in Silom Soi 4 and is on hornet.
Mahasarakham boy now works in Bangkok. Comes to my room and we have a good time. But a bit rushed, we were together 20:35-21:14. 500 THB for taxi return trip.
On way home pass Hua Lamphong and spot a slim cute Negro Michael on bridge over canal, and large number of people along canal. Michael approaches me in good English. He is Thai national and homeless. He went to Chiang Mai to meet a girl he knows from online dating, but she didn’t show up. Some more sob stories and no money for food (all the people are waiting for free food distribution), so I give him 100 THB and keep him in mind for another time. 
(Ask a Farang friend who spends a lot of time at Hua Lamphong looking for boys: he knows him and had him in bed and recommends him.)
On my way home, near my room, pass a boy who despite facemask looks promising and he seems to recognize me when we pass walking in opposite directions. My first idea who it could be is Sopheak (Khmer), no show on Thu20feb2020, and indeed he recognized me and messages me on Line and he is free to meet now. 
Meet again soon after, to my room where we have a good time. No money. 
Netipong originally wanted to come to see me 1pm, postponed to afternoon, to evening, then he is in Bangna and does not know the way by bus, can only go by BTS (has never been on MRT), his battery is low when he is on the way to me, finally arrives 22:14. Poor sex. Stays over night and quick leave following morning. No repeat.
Wed26feb2020 Hanoi 
Trip to Vietnam reported separately: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2020/03/gay-activities-in-vietnam-febmar-2020.html
Summary jan2020 (including Pattaya): 
7 Free sex: slim boy in Farose 2, D China, B, Wim, Mahasarakham 500 for taxi, Sopheak Khmer, Netipong.
8 Paid sex: Toey S'Sense 1000, Nene 500, Mitchell 1100, Paung 1000, Nat (ex Kawaii) 1000, Pepsi Winner 1000, KSL 1000, J at Zy 800 = 7400.
2 No sex: HBA 500, HBA 100.
1 Not available: Nine in Nice Boys has booking.
2 No-show: Nine from Nice Boys, Sopheak Khmer.
3 Cancellation: Mahasarkham, Top, Spy from Jomtien.

6 gogo bars: Screwboys, Winner, Dream Boys, Cupidol, Power Boys, Nice Boys.
2 massage: S'Sense Suan Phlu, Zy massage.
1 sauna: Farose 2.
1 disco: Sake Arun Amarin.

9 Repeat: slim boy in Farose 2, Paung, D China, B, Wim, Nat (ex Kawaii), KSL, Mahasarakham, Sopheak Khmer.
3 Maybe repeat: Toey S'Sense, Nene, J at Zy.
3 No repeat: Mitchell, Pepsi Winner, Netipong.

7 Old: D China, B, Wim, Nat (ex Kawaii), KSL, Mahasarakham, Nene.
8 New: slim boy in Farose 2, Paung, Pepsi Winner, Sopheak Khmer, Toey S'Sense, J at Zy, Mitchell, Netipong.

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Friday, 5 June 2020

Gay activities 12-14feb2020 Pattaya

Gay activities 12-14feb2020 Pattaya

Wed12feb2020 Pattaya

Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya. Before going to bars, arrange for an old regular Nat (ex Kawaii, now freelance) to come to see me for 1000. 

Winner Boys 20:35-21:12. 6 boys on stage, 4 sitting with customers, 7 customers. Poor mobile reception (AIS; that makes two bars – Winner and Nice – with poor and one – Power – with no mobile reception). Fatty shirtless (but no number) waiter ? sits next to me and gropes me all the time. A nuisance, I was short of telling me to leave me alone. But I solve this more elegantly by calling very shapely #36 (Pepsi from Ubon) with nice fitting underwear to sit with me. No crab ladder, but some pubic hair poking out on the side. In the bar I couldn’t feel if that extends to hairy balls (one of my banes). There is only one way to find out! Audition okay, take him off. My drink pineapple juice 89 THB, boy drink 139, off fee 600 (sic!) before 22 (and 400 THB after 22, others say on forums).

In the bar I noticed cosmetic contact lenses, and now with better light face completely covered in make-up. A poor start. On the way to my room I realize I didn’t wait to get my change 200, and ask the boy to call the bar to keep the money.

In my room 21:24-22:16 okay activities. Nipple play and sucking okay. Is more top. Kissing a bit of cigarette smell. Skin problems (scales and skin peeling off, looks like sunburn) covered with make-up. Even on the side of his balls he put powder to cover slightly different skin color. Hairy balls. A great cumshot (the boy, not I – I can’t even get hard with make-up on the boy).

Afterwards I tell him next time no cigarette, no make-up, no contact lenses. But to tell the truth, I think there will be no next time. But would recommend him to friends.

Tip him 1000 and ask him for 200 (the change I forgot in the bar, so I don’t have to go back to Winner).

An old friend B is in Pattaya and messages me just when I have a gap. Arrives quickly, spend 22:56-23:12 in my room. A real quicky!

Another regular Wim arr 23:24, that’s just 12 min gap! We have a great time (but tell him to stop smoking), stays over night.

This constitutes the first Boy Marathon (4 boys in one night; can even go further: within 6 hours, and all before midnight i.e. on the same calendar day). I call it a Marathon because it starts with number 4 like the running event. And 4 boys (or 4 sauna or 4 disco visits) in one night is the maximum that seems possible or is sensible. This is my only Boy Marathon in 10 years of coming to Thailand, so you could extrapolate that I will have 5 boys in one night every 100 years.

This poses a logistical problem. After each boy straighten bedlinen and check for pubic hair. Fold the towel used by the boy and put it back. So for the next boy, it is not immediately obvious that I just had another boy. 

Thu13feb2020 Pattaya 
In the morning meet Farang friend. Then sightseeing in Bang Sarae. In all those years of coming to Pattaya, I never made it to Bang Sarae before! 

A-Bomb pass 20:38. Not officially open yet, but over 10 boys in jeans on stage and sitting in audience. Tell staff I’m looking for boys in underwear. Last year #6 was a shapely boy and I was very tempted, but now #6 is worn by a different boy. #222 is shapely. 

Dream Boys 20:41-21:04. Pineapple juice 240 THB (and inquire prices: boy drink 280, off fee 500, short time 1500, long time 2000 – I wouldn’t pay 1500 for short time, let’s says those are prices staff wish I paid if I took a boy). 10 boys and 1 customer. Show will be 23:30 (only one show). #15 looks nice. Tattoo “I love my family” across his chest. Several other tattoos, one of them „Anh Tuan“ on his arm. Vietnamese! Avoid! #21 I would take for free. Move on to elsewhere. 

Cupidol 21:14-21:40. Pineapple juice 180 THB (and inquire prices: boy drink 220, off fee 400, short time 1500, long time 2000). About 14 boys and 10 customers when I arrive. 7 boys and 4 customers when I leave. 

Police Raid in Boystown. One boy gets dressed and leaves, but where is his customer? Another boy gets dressed and leaves, but where is his customer? Then I notice policeman in inconspicuous uniform holding passports. The police have written ศพคส.ภ on their uniform. Can’t find it on google, ask Thai friend: abbreviation for ศูนย์พิทักษ์เด็กสตรีและป้องกันการค้ามนุษย์ (my translation: Center for Protection of Children and Women and Prevention of Human Trafficking); looking for foreign boys, and indeed in hindsight I noticed the boys holding a passport (whereas Thai boys would hold their ID card) in their hand when leaving the bar. 

Cupidol lost half of their gogo boys in the raid. 21:45 pass Toy Boys: door open and nobody inside. Same for Scandic Massage. Dream Boys half of their boys gone.

The barbecue in front of Marina Inn is gone. I used to eat there every time I’m in Pattaya. Ask mocy driver: the lease was not extended. Have a snack from 711 and have to look out where else I can get that kind of barbecue.

The police raid was only Boystown. Sunee Plaza unchanged (I know a Lao and a Khmer boy in beer bars, both still there). 

Power Boys 22:50-23:02. Orange juice 150 THB (and inquire prices: boy drink (didn’t write down or forgot to ask), off fee 500, short time 1500, long time 2000 and up negotiable with boy). 7 boys and 1 customer, #5 and #21 same as last time, I would take them for free. Leave soon. 

Nice Boys 23:04-56. Orange juice 180 THB. 11 boys on stage, 5 sitting with customers, 6 customers. Several smoking during my stay, unpleasant! I was going to off Nine (changed from #10 to #9), but he is with customer. Then moves over to another customer. While I ponder if it’s worth waiting, or better asking staff if he will be available later, he goes on stage. Call him for a drink 200 and a chat. Talk with him about mobile phone reception: my AIS has no reception in Power Boys and poor reception in Winner Boys and Nice Boys. His TRUE okay reception in Nice Boys.

He has a booking for later and could go with me for 30 minutes. That’s not my style, I’m not that desperate that I would pay 400 off fee and 1000 short time to be with him for half an hour. Tip him 100 and go earlier next time.

However, I asked him if he is free the following morning and could come to see me at 10. The answer was yes. Does that constitute a legally binding contract? I don’t think so. He probably forgot five minutes later. Arrange another boy Spy (who gets up early and is reliable) for 10.

Not in the mood for anyone else, I go home alone. As my last intercourse was shortly before midnight on Wednesday, that makes one full day Thursday without sex. That’s a first for me in Pattaya! 

Fri14feb2020 Pattaya to Bangkok
Nine no-show and no reply to my message. Spy messages me he went to be late and cannot meet in the morning.
After taking a gap with KSL because he became greedy https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2020/01/dating-thai-boys-77-inflation.html now time to meet him again for 1000. Good activities, repeat. 

Summary 12-14feb2020 Pattaya: 
2 Free sex: B, Wim.
3 Paid sex: Nat (ex Kawaii) 1000, Pepsi Winner 1000, KSL 1000.
1 Not available: Nine in Nice Boys has booking.
1 No-show: Nine from Nice Boys.
1 Cancellation: Spy from Jomtien.

5 gogo bars: Winner, Dream Boys, Cupidol, Power Boys, Nice Boys.

4 Repeat: B, Wim, Nat (ex Kawaii), KSL.
1 No repeat: Pepsi Winner.

4 Old: B, Wim, Nat (ex Kawaii), KSL.
1 New: Pepsi Winner.

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