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Gay activities (2) in Taipei Mar-May 2018

Gay activities (2) in Taipei Mar-May 2018
Hot springs, beach, park, online, discos, bookstore

Rather than chronological, sort these by venue or method. I was only looking for free encounters, I didn’t even search for places for paid encounters.

Exchange rates at time of posting: 1 THB = 0.91 NTD, 1 USD= 30 NTD, 1 EUR = 36 NTD, 1 GBP = 40 NTD.

Gay hot springs

Huang Ding Sun4mar2018 18:53-22:20
Entry 250 NTD. Under 50 customers throughout. Several bordercases and one very cute (so slim, his hip bones were protruding; I like protruding hip bones and shoulder blades), I get my hands on his body in steam room but he is not interested.

Huang Ding Fri9mar2018 20:57-22:22
Manager or owner offers me 10 entries for 2000 NTD, which I accept. As bonus, this entry is free (making it 11 entries for 2000 NTD). Three other Whites, one Asian customer in towel (everyone else nude as usually). I scratch my leg on the eroded concrete (between the 38 C and 42 C pools), there was blood! Several bordercases, none of them interested. When I leave over 50 customers.

Huang Ding Fri16mar2018 18:05-50
Over 25 customers, gets busier, but nonetheless move on.

Kawayu Fri16mar2018 19:03-38
Entry 200 NTD + 20 NTD for locker. Only older men. From parking at Huang Ding, it’s 117 steps down to Kawayu, or up when you return.

Huang Ding Wed21mar2018
A closing notice on the door! Closed for good for money and hygiene problems, according to
The 10 entries for 2000 NTD was a scam!

Move on to Huang Szu (and other romanizations) 皇池 huáng chí, as Emperor Spa on google maps.

Emperor Spa Wed21mar2018 18:28-20:10
Entry 250 NTD + 20 NTD for locker. From over 30 to over 80 customers during my stay, and still getting busier when I leave. Several with tan lines (skimpy swimwear), are they from Singapore? Here it’s too cold for sunbathing. When I arrive one cute leaving, 3 other cute still around. Several more cute during my stay. Some groping in steam room. One cute is not interested (and I don’t even know if he is gay), another is not interested but he is gay (I saw him fondling someone else’s dick in the steam room). One father with young son (about 5 years old), everyone else estimated 20 to 60 years old, with peak towards the lower end.

Various pools, coming from locker room: flat only a few cm deep very hot water where you lie on your back, round cold pool, one hot (estimated 38 C) acidic (taste), one very hot (estimated 42 C), one hot (estimated 38 C) milky, two warm with massage jets. No thermometers, temperature estimated by comparison with hot springs that have thermometer (Huang Ding digital LED, Kawayu analog pointer on round scale). Steam room visibility about 2 m, hot. Stone bench mostly too hot to sit, but you can pour cold water over it and then sit down. Sauna hot and spacious and with window onto pool area. Promising, I will be back!

Emperor Spa Sun8apr2018 18:05-50
Brimming with about 100 customers, queues at the showers. One White, about 5 bordercases, about 5 minors. No gay activity.

Emperor Spa Fri20apr2018 19:34-20:38
Count 63 pairs of shoes. Some customers shapely, no gay activities in steam room. Some of the pools are turbid, and when sitting in the water I can barely see my knees, so I wonder if you could have a wank and nobody would notice. A weird idea, but in Nake sauna in Bangkok there was a sign in Thai: We ask our customers not to urinate in the sauna. Several cute boys, and I see one has his hand on his neighbor's dick in the turbid pool (that means you can see better when walking past than when sitting in the pool). And that’s as gay as it would get for me this visit!

With great success in Soi13in sauna (upcoming post), abandon all hot spring activities.

Peace Park = 228 Park.

Mon26feb2018 around 21:05
More than 10 boys, sit on bench and hold hands with a bordercase, but he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese yet.
Sat10mar2018 from 22:15
(No further notes.)
Fri16mar2018 visit 20:30-21:08
Over 15 cruising, one approaches me and we have a chat in English. Then I have to leave because it’s getting cold (17 C, and I was wearing just a T-shirt).
Wed21mar2018 visit 20:55-21:10
Barbed wire at MRT exit and in park, and some police around, but cruising area open but less than 10.
Wed4apr2018 visit 21:38-22:00
Over 20 boys, but none of them cute.
Sun8apr2018 visit 22:00-20
About 20 cruising, none of them cute. Temperature 19 C.

That’s six visits, and many more on previous trips to Taipei, all of them promising in number and type of boys, but didn’t find anyone to take home.

With great success in Soi13in sauna (upcoming post), abandon all Peace Park cruising activities.

Shalun gay beach Sat28apr2018 16:20-17:10
I had high hopes (cute boys in swimwear in daylight) on Shalun Beach 沙崙海灘/, but was bitterly disappointed. There were only few people on the beach, none of them cute. In the forest (parallel to road and beach) there was a lot of garbage (elsewhere everything very clean in Taiwan), and walking the paths in the forest I spotted 3 used condoms, 3 wraps of condoms and 1 wrap of lube. So there are interesting activities, but at what day of the week and what time, and can I watch or participate? But it took me almost two hours to get there, and unless I get specific information I won’t make that trip again.

Online dating

Most of my activity on hornet. I messaged 110 cute boys (some of them twice) without reply. 31 members who are not my type messaged me, and I didn’t reply. I get into chatting with 14, but neither of us makes the first step to meet. Chat with 12 who would like to meet me, but I’m undecided (judging from picture, not sure if he will be my type). 5 message me without facepic, and don’t send facepic when I ask for it. Finally I meet 4 and go to bed (details below).

Those 176 mainly Taiwanese (one Pinoy, one Thai, one Brazilian, two Whites, one Indonesian who is my type, but in Indonesia). Chat mainly in English. I exchanged a few messages in Chinese, but my level is insufficient to arrange a date. And anyway, it can be assume that any gay Taiwanese who is interested in Whites speaks English.

On Gayromeo I found two cute profiles who study German, and asked them to meet for language exchange (and hopefully body liquid exchange), but I got “I will message you when I’m free”, and nothing more after that.

There was one interesting profile on Gayromeo that said “not for fr33”, and on asking I learnt that he is a money boy. That was the only money boy I encountered in all my gay activities in Taiwan.

R from hornet Fri2mar2018
Pick up R from hornet from MRT station near my room and spend a nice time in my room. But the weeks after, my messages not read or read but not answered. No idea what was wrong.

D1 from hornet Tue13mar2018
Pick up D1 from hornet from MRT station and spend three hours in my room. Originally he wanted to stay over night, but I would not commit to overnight on first encounter. But everything fine, next time overnight.
D1 comes again and stays over night. Luckily, both of us start study or work late, so we can enjoy both the night and the morning and leave together 10:30.
Thu5-Sat7apr2018 Taichong
D1 moved to Taichong, and there are public holidays (no school for me) so I go to see him. Everything fine in bed (D1 didn’t join me for sightseeing during daytime). This was the first time I stayed in AirBnB (cheaper than hotels). Only afterwards did I get the idea that there might be a rule that prohibits intercourse in AirBnB, but I didn’t find anything about intercourse in their rules.

O from hornet Tue24apr2018
Go to see O (from mainland China) in his hotel. A bordercase, play along in bed.
Meet in his hotel, some hugging, then go to cinema.
Meet for hiking, hello and goodbye at MRT station.

D2 from hornet Tue1may2018
Pick up D2 at MRT station, then study Chinese for half an hour, but that was just a pretext. Spend 15:40-18:40 in bed. D2 has about 2 hours travel time to my place, so I invite him for dinner to compensate for his expense in time and money to come to see me.
D2 comes to my place, then directly to bed. Too much kissing (I’m not so much into kissing mouth to mouth, I rather have my lips on his neck and his lips on my nipples or around my cock) and talking. But warm and dry skin throughout.
D2 comes to my place. Prepare with 50 mg Sidegra 13:42. Then in bed 14:15-18:18 (that’s over 4 hours, I think a new record). Fuck him at the beginning, and at the end I get fully hard so fuck him again. Two fucks within 4 hours, a biological miracle!

Summary for these 4 boys I met: Quality far superior to Thai: no space/time confusion, no money problems, all fluent in English and can hold a conversation. But quantity not enough! I would tentatively say that Taiwanese boys are sticky rice.

And this was experimental proof that in the absence of dark-skinned boys, I can have meaningful sex with white-skinned boys. But in Thailand or Cambodia or Myanmar I probably would have dismissed all of them for being to pale.

As a general observation from traveling and online dating, I can formulate the “3-6 days rule”: when you arrive at a new place and start online dating, the peak of activity (meeting someone and having sex) is between 3 and 6 days after arrival. You have to consider that not everyone is online every day, and you need one or two days to set up a meeting. When I travel in Thailand I usually stay only 1 or 2 nights in a place, which is too short for meaningful online dating (but my main objective is sightseeing, and I came back for some boys I didn't have time to meet on my first stay somewhere). Staying longer than one week will not bring any new contacts, but the number of encounters will just be divided by a larger number of days.

Blued Fri18may2018
After reading a lot of good things about Blued, e.g.
it’s time to install it on my phone. Too late to compare hornet and blued in Taiwan, but for Thailand I can say it’s a valuable addition.

Bars and discos

Commander D 30mar2018
300 NTD entry including one drink. Stay 22:44-23:55. It it’s brimming, I get a queue number when you order my drink. About 5 cute boys and 10 Whites, getting more during my stay. Several boys in sleeveless shirts (at night temperature can be as low as 15 C, I would be freezing). Music, temperature, light okay. Smokers have to go outside (but then stand directly in front of the entrance). The darkroom was not open that night (or is not open any more?). Promising, but I have to leave to get the last MRT home.

I had plans to go to various discos (some of them a once per month gay event), but never made it for two reasons: my Taiwanese friends were not free to join (and alone I feel out of place in a disco), and they are late, so how to get back home after MRT stops midnight? (Check times for night buses, or take a taxi.)

Eslite Xinhi Anhe bookstore Sun20may2018 20:00-22:10
There are reports on the internet that this bookstore is cruisy. It was certainly busy, but not a hint of cruising. Nonetheless, I love books, so a visit to a bookstore is not wasted time.

Upcoming post.

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Gay activities Jun 2018 Thailand

Gay activities Jun 2018

Including last days of May. Details about Bangkok gay saunas, Bangkok and Pattaya gogo bars, online dating.

Before going to Taiwan for 3 months, I moved out of my room and put my stuff in a friend’s room for storage. For this trip in Thailand (30 days visa free), I didn’t rent a room, but stayed in various hotels, with the occasional trip to my friend’s room to get or deposit stuff or do laundry. This experiment (if I can live out of a suitcase and a backpack) was positive!

Sat 26may2018
Arrive at Don Mueang Airport 18:20, then to hotel in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24 (walking distance to Farose sauna). Farose II visit 23:16– 01:23. When I arrive 12 boys in disco, and during my stay it didn’t get much busier. It would take until midnight for the first cute boy (Cambodian) to arrive. In total 5 cute, but none of them interested. Some changes: new trees planted in the garden, new towels, still no coke in disco, sign at soi entrance is gone.

Sun 27may2018
Meet friends in Sathorn. Stroll Surawong: 18:12 Golden Cock has 3 boys (one of them the brown slim but not handsome from Hat Yai who used to work in Super A and Nature Boys), Super A 3 boys fully dressed. At night back in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24, no success on blued and hornet.

Mon28may2018 Nat in Ramkhamhaeng
In the morning, meet Nat from hornet at Big C, then to my room and spend two enjoyable hours (sex, rest, sex again). He was horny and open for everything, money just an afterthought (but his profile said he is moneyboy, so I gave him 500 for rent). Might do a repeat (a bit too fat for my taste, but makes up for that with enthusiasm).

Tue29may2018 Ball in Rangsit
Travel to Zeer Rangsit to meet Ball Kanchanaburi (ex-BFC5in2017 We had agreed to meet at 14 in Zeer Rangsit, but once I’m there he tries to lure me to Klong 8 where he lives (12 km by road to the East). But I’m not going there, there is nothing to do and the one hotel there is expensive. Postpone meeting to 17 in Zeer Rangsit. I use the waiting time to visit Chokchai Museum Rangsit.

Finally meet Ball and walk to my hotel. Okay in bed, but in a hurry. 1000 not really deserved. But I will give him another chance. I counted my money before we met, and left my wallet with him in the room while I took a shower. Count afterwards: nothing missing! Now I can dismiss the suspicion from our first encounter that he might be a thief.

Wed30may2018 Pattaya
By bus from Bangkok to Pattaya. Sunee rather quiet. Chat with Farang friends.

Winner Boys pineapple juice 79 THB, atmosphere so-so.

Nice Boys hot tea 150 THB. The bar is full of boys and customers. Quantity, quality and activities I haven’t seen for years. Invite #38 (Ball from Yala, not circumcised) to sit with me, 200 for boy drink and 200 tip. Groping a boy sitting next to me is awkward, I prefer hugging while standing or embracing while lying in bed, much better access to his body. Tip #8 100 for being entertaining on stage. Plenty of smoking (cigarettes, both staff and customers), but considering what was going on on stage and in the audience, they could have sprayed me with horse manure and I would have stayed.

Dream Boys orange juice 180, atmosphere so-so.

No clear hit tonight, sleep alone.

Thu31may2018 Pattaya
Brunch buffet with Farang friend, then visit another friend out of town, and at night meet my loyal reader Vinapu for dinner and bar hopping.

Kawaii music too loud, staff smoking, low on boys (3-6), overall a poor visit.
A-Bomb drink 200, up to 12 boys mostly hunk, stay until 21:45.
X-Boys drink 240, stay for their show. There is a gap 22:00-05 with nothing to see (unacceptable), but then the show is good. Only 8 boys in red briefs or trunks, tip #39 100. After show two on stage in trousers, #3 cute. Boy drink would be 300.
None of the boys I saw in the bars a clear hit, so I message an old friend, and he is free and comes to see me. Skin cold wet, overall so-so.

Fri1jun2018 Pattaya
Meet Golf from hornet in Tuk-Com, then to my room where we would spend about 5 hours. 1000 THB well deserved and I will meet him again.

Still time to fill before bars open. Go to Relax @ Me massage where I spotted a cute boy (Bird from Surin) earlier. One hour oil massage 400. Massage is repetitive (no skill or training, repeating the same strokes), and afters not better either (I have to abort, it would be a waste of cum and money). You could argue that 600 tip was too much.

Power Boys drink 150, atmosphere so-so. There is one boy #38 Go I had chatted with on hornet when he was in Bangkok, invite him for a drink (200), but we don’t click. Tip him 100 and move on.
Eros drink 100, atmosphere so-so. There is one cute boy, but he is sitting with a customer.
Nice boys drink 150. Two nights ago was great, and today is great again! Invite #9 (Zarah ? from Phuket, not circumcised) to sit with me, but we don’t click. Tip him 200. Tip #1 and #30 on stage 100 each. I’m getting careless with my money. While I’m in the toilet, one of their boys approaches me and says he would bottom or suck me. He has a nice hairdo and bubble but, but a bit too fat for my taste, so I thank him but recline his offer.

Cross paths with my loyal reader Vinapu, whose experiences of that night are here:

At night invitation by a Farang friend to Sinlapin Esan. I stay 01:00-02:20. There are several boys I saw in the bars, but no clear hit. One of them had contacted me on hornet, and when I leave and walk over the parking lot to main road, he comes running after me and asks where I’m going and when I will be back. That’s a first, a boy running after me when I leave the disco.

Sat2jun2018 Chanthaburi
Check out and take van to Chanthaburi to visit a Thai friend Dave who lives out of town. Originally I had planned to stay at his place, but there is no running water, no aircon, and while he has his own room, the walls do not reach the ceiling; we can hear what’s going on in the house, and other family members can hear what’s going on in his room, so at the end wait for a Farang friend to pick us up on the way to Chanthaburi town and stay in a hotel.

Sightseeing (all four of us, my Farang friend brought a Thai friend as well). Over 3 days 2 nights in Chanthaburi, in bed with Dave twice in the morning and twice in the evening, we do not get past foreplay.

Tue 5jun2018 James in Rama II
I found James on hornet in Oct2016, and then met him at once in Central Rama II where we expressed mutual interest, but after that he would not come to my room and I would not go to Rama II because then we would have to get back to my room or find a room there, and anyway communication was poor. But now, when I stay in hotel anyway, and with improved communication, I can go to stay near his room. 20 months after first encounter now finally get to a room, where we don’t lose much time talking but go straight to bed, and he is great! BFC1in2018. Gets the prize of being the first to fuck me this year.

Wed 6jun2018 Gai in Rama II
On the way to meet James, I was on the apps and had a GPS misplacement by 10 km. A boy Gai from Bang Kae at that place is very eager to come to see me in the morning, about 15 km by road, and considering how quick he arrived here he must have taken taxi (confirmed by asking him). We spend about 3 hours in bed, and then it’s noon and I have to check out. Another great encounter and clearly worth a repeat. BFC2in2018.

One night in a hotel, one boy in the evening and one in the morning, both for free and both my type, it’s getting better and better!

Thu7jun2018 Samut Sakon
Afternoon an old friend BFC4in2016 P from Korat comes to Sathorn to meet for lunch. He spent some time as monk recently, and still has short hair and a tan, looks even better than before. But “no sex before marriage” so we meet just as friends.

I went to see Nat in Samut Sakon twice in February, now going to see him the third time. On Wed everything fine, but now when I’m on the way no reply. When I arrive still no reply. Hectic activity on blued and hornet to find replacement, and ponder if I should wait or return to Bangkok. I didn’t check into hotel, have dinner first and see what happens.

A tragedy unfolds:

A boy M with stats 23/60/170 messages me, and I dismissed him being too fat, but then he sends a picture of his abdomen and indeed, he has a six-pack, and is only 400 m away, so I give him a chance. Meet on the street is positive, and he stays alone and has aircon and I can stay with him overnight! In his room, those 60 kg are perfectly distributed over 170 cm, and his skin is smooth, warm and dry, and we have a good time in the evening and again in the morning. Clearly worth a repeat! BFC3in2018.

From failure (3 hours bus to Sakon Nakon, and then no reply from Nat, and if I hadn’t met M I would have stayed in hotel waiting for message from Nat in vain) to full success!

Fri 8jun2018 bar hopping in Surawong
In the morning message another boy C (first contact in Feb on hornet) in Samut Sakon. He lives a bit out of town, but there is a temple near his place that I want to visit anyway, so we meet at the temple. Everything positive, might meet again in hotel room.

Return to Bangkok and at night dinner and bar hopping with my loyal reader Vinapu.

G-Boy 20:34-21:15. Drink 350 THB. This is X-Size moved to where Heart Beat was. When we enter 14 boys and 0 customers. Boys in white underwear and closed shoes. Customers and boys smoke. When we leave 16 boys and total about 10 customers. I would take several for free: 33 (Vietnamese), 40, 49 and one cute staff (Vietnamese).

Screw Boys 21:19-22:30. (Drink 350 or 380 on weekends?) When we enter 12 boys and 0 customers. When we leave, about 30 boys and total about 15 customers. Boys in white and blue striped underwear and closed shoes. Boys coming in in street clothes can be watched undressing. Boys smoking excessively, at one time I saw 3 glowing cigarettes. Many cute, and at Pattaya prices I would off several of them (separately).
#29 is constantly smiling at me, and even though he is Vietnamese (info from Mamasan), I invite him for a chat. English okay, has been here for 2 week, but when sitting and chatting rather indifferent.
#30 I had offed before, but indifferent in my room, no repeat.
#39 from Chiang Mai (info from Mamasan, he could as well be Burmese). I remember him from a year or two ago (with intention to come back to off him), on his back tattoo of wheel and wings, now additional tattoo on his chest “Ice”.

New Fresh Boys two floors above Screw Boys. Have a look in 22:32, about 10 boys and 0 customers. None of the boys stand out. Say goodbye to Vinapu and walk home to go to bed (alone).

Nearby is new Tokyo Boy, that I haven't been to, but Vinapu went there and was the first customer to off a boy:

Generalizing two bar visits: boys come in late (after 9 pm), and the Vietnamese are the cutest. Similar applies to Farose II sauna, the cutest are often from Cambodia or Myanmar.
Sat 9jun2018
39 underground sauna, entry 180 THB, stay 16:53-19:07. A poor start (fewer customers than I had expected, none my type), but find a bordercase and retreat to a room. He gives me his Line ID. Later chat with another bordercase, who gives me his Line ID. Then it gets busier and better, spot three more who qualify for sex. Seems I was a bit too early. On leaving, I spot on staff’s computer screen number of occupied and empty lockers clearly displayed (139 occupied). Why did I not notice this earlier? Now I can finally get the exact number of guests (elsewhere I count pairs of shoes, count occupied lockers – but this works only in some places, where occupied and empty lockers look different – or estimate).

Spot two boys at food stall, they work at “I’m fine” massage under BTS Saphan Khwai. One of them is my type, I will come back for him.

Take BTS to Bearing (59 THB and about 40 minutes), then walk (2.4 km, nothing interesting along the way; there is songtheo dark green line 1236 starting/ending in Soi 2; for return I took mocy for 15 THB) to
Tara Sauna Bearing Soi 40 
Entry 160 THB, open 16-7 every day. About 20 customers when I enter. One big towel of good quality.
1st=ground floor: reception, locker room, shop that sells supersized clothes for fat people (sic!).
2nd floor: bar (free ice, water, coke, whisky, fruit), karaoke, gym.
3rd and 4th floor: private rooms, labyrinth, porn room.
5th floor: sauna (can seat 4, light through window in door and wall), steam room (can stand 20, light through glass door), open shower, rooftop garden.

Stay 20:35-21:43. A friendly reception by locals at bar, one of them speaks good English and is entertaining. He says the sauna has been open for about two years. If that’s true, it rises the question: what other gay activities go on in Thailand that I don’t know of? All of them too old, fat and ugly by my standards. But then a slim, brown and hairless appears. He is interested, but has just been in a room or is shy in front of his friends (it seems everyone knows each other) and we leave it at a few gropes and hugs and he gives me his Line, phone number, facebook.
Sun 10jun2018 Saphan Khwai and Bang Khen
Go to I’m fine Massage to get massage with the cute boy Fluk. One hour oil massage 350. Massage is good, and his hands get close to my privates, but no hint of happy ending. And boy fully dressed throughout massage, so I do not initiate but wonder what he might be thinking, why I come back to have massage with him. Tip 200 for massage. I will be back, and ask if I could get my hands on his body as well. And bring tissue, as there was none.

สาขาวงเวียนบางเขน หาที่แผนที่กูเกิล พิมพ์คำว่า อัมรินทร์3/3 โทร0814777317
TaaRaa Sauna Bangkhen : ธาราซาวน่า บางเขน
Entry 120 THB, open 16-7 every day. About 10 customers when I enter. Free soft drinks and fruit. Receptionist says he expects more later (22-23), and on Fri-Sat busy 20-24 (with free drinks, including alcohol, and food). The sauna has been open for about 3 months, I might be the first foreign customer? Should have asked.
Receptionist asks which condom size I want (choice between 49, 52, 54 mm) and gives me a tour of the sauna, layout from memory.
1st=ground floor: reception, shop that sells supersized clothes for fat people (sic!).
2nd floor: locker room bar (free ice, water, coke, fruit), karaoke, gym.
3rd floor: private rooms, labyrinth, porn room.
4th floor: sauna (can seat 4, light through window in door and wall), steam room (can stand 20, light through glass door), open shower, rooftop garden.
Receptionist tells me that later (23) there might be more customers. Usually busy Fri Sat 20-24, when they have free drinks (including whisky) and food.

No joke! The white on orange XXXL เสื้อผ้าชายอว้น translates as XXXL clothes for fat men
Then train to Ayutthaya. 

Mon11-Tue12jun2018 Ayutthaya
In February I found a cute boy Art on facebook, who lives and works near Ayutthaya and wants to meet me. As he worked and Sunday and finishes late, and I arrive late, we meet on Monday morning and spend the day sightseeing in Ayutthaya, going by his mocy. He brought a gift for me, a polo shirt that still has a price tag of 290 THB. It’s getting weirder and weirder, last year I had stuff worth 2000 THB stolen, and now I’m getting gifts! Art stays over night, but nothing happens when we go to bed.

Tuesday morning is the last chance, I initiate hugging and groping, and both of us get fully hard, but not at the same time, abort. I’m not horny, he is not horny, just wrong time or is he “no sex before marriage” or only looking for friend? He wants to meet me again, but where and when and for what?

Pass Nake sauna in Happyland, it looks like it’s closed for good.

Wed 13jun2018 X-Size massage
The cute boy Lee the Analphabet (whom I first met years ago in Pradipat Karaoke, then he worked in X-Size on stage, then in Fresh boys as waiter) now works in X-Size massage, which is my chance to get him after years of fruitless chat (he cannot read or write Thai or English)! One hour oil massage is 500 (to be paid in advance), and minimum tip is 600. Much cheaper than I thought! Room is big with double bed and bathroom (cold water) attached. I shower outside (hot water, no hooks, no shower gel). We spend about 20:35-21:12 in the room, and massage is okay, but stays clear of my privates. Lee is nude, and when massage of my back becomes repetitive, I turn around and start indecent touching. Very shapely, skin temperature okay, but no activity. I could as well grope a bag of rice.

But how do I get rid of the massage oil without shower gel in the shower? Walk around (nude, as to not get the oil on the towel) on that floor, and finally find a piece of soap. 

Thu 14jun2018 Nat in Lang Suan
In Februar I had sex with a boy Nat in Lang Suan that was so good that I go there to meet him again. Take the overnight train (39/40, no sleeper, only reclining seats). Daytime sightseeing near Chumphon town, afternoon train to Lang Suan.

Nat finishes work 17 and is in my room 19:45. Hugs and shower (separately), then he suggests going to Pak Nam Langsuan (I remember he wanted to go there the first time we met, but rain prevented us from doing so). I would rather have sex and sleep, but go along with his suggestion. We go by his mocy, then spend 20:32-45 at the beach. There are some stalls that sell food and drink, and plenty of people around. We have a drink and then back to town (I have no idea what this trip was about). He sends me to my hotel (21:03) and has some other business and will be back in 30 min (finally 22:06). After shower to bed. I have some gropes, no reply; so I sleep as well.

Fri 15jun2018 Chumphon to Prachuap Khiri Khan
Nat gets up at 6, takes shower, and after hugs goodbye 6:24.

After a great first encounter, now nothing on second encounter. I have to downgrade him, I will not again go to Lang Suan in order to meet him, but will stop and stay over night in Lang Suan on trips to the South.

I had chatted on facebook with a boy who lives in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Once I knew that I was going to Prachuap, resume chat, but messages not read for days. Just arrived in Prachuap, draft a message on facebook (“one night in Prachuap, double bed but no bedmate, if interested message me”; post public but “except some friends”) and suddenly reply. He is free and wants to meet, however a few km out of town without transport, so I would have to pick him up. But I have no transport either!

Search on blued and hornet and find one who is cute, interested in meeting, even speaks good English, and has a mocy to come here, so I meet him instead. We walk along the night market and then go to my room (arrive about 20). I thought this would be easy, but it was not.

I ask the boy how tall he is, then spread my legs to get to the same height, then lean forward to kiss him. But instead of staying in place or moving forward, he moves backward. This is going to be a challenge! Back to chatting and a few indecent touches. It turns out he is 18 and has never had sex before and is a bit shy. I try how far I can go, he can leave my room any time, but stays. Time passes (21:00, make an excuse to get him to leave and find someone else?, 22:00 could I still get the other boy now, by taking mocy to pick him up and then back here?) and around 23 I want to sleep. Go to bathroom and come back in towel. Hug him goodbye, but finally his curiosity overcomes his shyness and he grabs my crotch. We end up in bed, and after hesitation he takes off his shirt and trousers, but keeps on his underwear. I cum by wanking, he doesn’t cum (but is hard).

Overall an experience to forget, I rather have someone with experience. But he wants to meet again! What shall I do?

I had originally planned to stay one night in Hua Hin, and was wondering how I can meet all three boys I know there in such a short time (arriving in the afternoon, check out midday). But now I learn that one is too far out of town and working, the other is in Korat, the third is in Bangkok. Skip Hua Hin and directly back to Bangkok.

Sat 16jun2018 Farose II
Last year I came to the conclusion that saunas are a waste of time and money for me, but now again I’m in the situation that Farose II is the only thing I can do tonight (arriving late and having to check into hotel).

Farose II stay 23:08-00:32. When I arrive 5 boys in disco, when I leave 9. I have seen the place much busier on other Saturdays. A few bordercases, but I’m more tired than horny, so I don’t approach them.

Sun 17jun2018 Tawan Lao
Message several boys without reply. In the morning, Tawan from Lao (whom I met in a disco in Pattaya, but who is now in Bangkok) said he would come 20. Judging from our previous interaction, this is highly improbably. But against all odds, he arrives 20:40 and we go to my room and to bed. Smell of cigarette, cold and sweaty at first but then okay, none of us gets fully hard. Invite him for dinner, then goodbye on the road. Interesting to have sex with someone taller than I, but probably no repeat.

Mon 18jun2018 JJ from Ratchada
In the morning a boy JJ who lives in Ratchada messages me on facebook and wants to come to see me. Considering how fast he got here, he must have taken a taxi. Go to bed quickly, my type, my style, awesome! BFC4in2018.

The years before the only trouble: “Too far, I don’t know the way, I have no money” and now suddenly boys come to my place by taxi, to have sex with me for free! 

Tue 19jun2018 Udom Suk
After all the unexpected success the weeks before, I get bold and book a hotel in Udom Suk in walking distance to three friend’s places, but without having an appointment with them. First is an old friend, we meet for chat at his place. Then it gets difficult, how to arrange two possible sexual partners in one night?

Message Bank (encounter in Tara Sauna Bearing Soi 40) on Line: not read. Message him on facebook: instant reply, free now, will come to see me. Asks for room number, so I don’t even have to get down to reception or main road to pick him up. And indeed, not long after knock on my door. Directly to bed. Usually I prefer directly to bed over showering before sex, as I like warm and dry skin. But Bank, in addition to smell of cigarette smoke, has something unclean that I can’t further define. But great body and cock! Worth a repeat, but have to tell to refrain from smoking before meeting and get him to take a shower.

During joint post-intercourse shower, I squeezed a pimple on his back, and there was some blood which got on the white towel. Take that towel for me and fold my towel so the next boy can use it. Arrange stuff in my room so it’s not obvious that I just had a guest. Then one hour rest before the next.

Pick up Thiha (encounter in Farose II sauna in Jan or Feb) at main road and directly to my room. He has only 15 minutes time, and I just had sex, so we leave it at hugging. But still, he gets fully hard and has his hand on my soft cock, so count as free sex. He is so short, when we both are standing he can lick my nipples. I hope we can meet again for more.

Wed 20jun2018 Gai in Bang Kae
At night to Bang Kae to meet Gai (who came to meet me in Rama II, but now I will stay in walking distance to his room). But when I message him from my room, not read! Look on hornet and blued for alternatives, and indeed there is one nearby who is a bordercase, but eager to meet. Comes to my room, my style, but not so much my type.

Thu21jun2018 Pae in Nakon Sawan
In the morning message still not read, only in the afternoon do I get reply from Gai. He will have to wait a while. I'm fully booked.
I had met Pae twice before when I was in Nakon Sawan for sightseeing or passed on the way to elsewhere. Sex was not that great that I would take the trip for him, but I promised and didn’t find an excuse, so now embark on my longest ever journey for a free fuck: 246 km by train each way, and some more getting to and from railway station. The trip to Lang Suan was longer, but combined with sightseeing, here it’s just come-fuck-stay overnight-return. Everything okay.

Fri22jun2018 G-Point sauna Sake disco
A new sauna (has been open for about 5 months, info from a customer) G-Point near old Southern bus station.
Entry 150 THB, stay 20:07-21:25. One towel too small to wrap around my waist, condom and gel supplied.
1st=ground floor: reception, shop that sells supersized clothes for fat people (sic!).
2nd: locker (216 numbered, more unnumbered).
3rd: fitness and video room (porn).
4th: rooms, sauna with space for 15 sitting,  well illuminated, was switched off and cold while I was there.
5th: labyrinth, rooms, steam room with space for 20 sitting, well illuminated, was lukewarm.
6th: rooftop garden and smoking zone, free cold and hot drinking water, good view of old Southern bus station.
Open showers (cold water) in several floors. 

3 Customers when I arrive, 4 more during my stay. The three are on the rooftop garden and not shy (nudity, playing around), and would join me in steam room (one to play with my dick, one to play with my nipples, and one to watch). All too old for my taste, but I'm having a generous moment.

Then check into S Hotel 1962 (former Ruen Rom hotel where I took many a boy from Saranrom in 2013 and 2014).

Sake disco 00:19-03:58. Each person has to pay 150 THB entry and receives unlimited mixers. Before entry was free. 10 Coyote boys 01:52-02:12. None of them stands out. Several cute boys, one of them leaves early around 1 and waves goodbye, and when I have made up my mind to follow him to exchange contact information, he is nowhere to be seen in front of Sake. But another one Earth who is slim and brown shows an interest, and when disco closes around 4 we take taxi to my hotel. Sleep, and after waking up have sex.

This constitutes the first direct disco hook-up since 2012. In 2012, I went to DJ station four times and got lucky twice, and after that about about 50 disco visits in 6 years, but all money boys or endless chat.

Earth Sake and Bank Udom Suk do not only have similar features (slim brown body, big cock, facial skin impurities) but behave very similar in bed. Interesting.

Exchange Line, check out and say goodbye.

Sat23jun2018 Arm Ladkrabang
Have brunch with a Farang friend in Sathorn, then get my stuff from a friend’s room and travel to Lad Krabang where I will stay overnight for a short way to the airport tomorrow morning. I choose a place in walking distance to Arm, but when I arrive slow communication. Sensing we would not be able to meet tonight, go on blued and hornet to look for replacement. And there is indeed one Phetch in walking distance who looks okay. Go to meet him at his place (he stays alone, nice room with aircon and hot shower). Good English, no character flaws, but a bit hairy. Nonetheless I get naked and he undresses to underwear, and fool around a bit, but I can’t get hard, neither does he. Tell him that he is not so much my type and say goodbye. Counts as free sex as I had my hands on his cock and he was sucking mine.

Parallel to meeting Phetch, a boy I though was in Singapore messages me from 2 km away. He just came back from Singapore and is at the airport. But he is a moneyboy, and I had enough free sex this trip so I tell him we cannot meet now. 

Sun24jun2018 Bangkok to Berlin
Check out and fly to Berlin. While most of my readers come to Thailand for holiday, I go to Germany for holiday to get some weeks of rest from online dating, saunas, traveling.

That was a month of superlatives! In Thailand 30 days and 29 nights, stayed in 20 different places, slept with 21 boys, of which 6 paid (total 4700). Many of them worth a repeat, but all attempts to arrange a repeat this trip failed (Nat and James slow reply, Gai no show).

15 Free sex: Dave, James BFC1in2018, Gai BFC2in2018, M BFC3in2018, 39 underground, Art, Praem, Tawan, JJ BFC4in2018, Bank, Thiha, J, Pae, Earth, Petch.
6 Paid sex: Nat 500, Ball 1000, Gaeng 1000, Golf 1000, Bird 600, Lee 600 = 4700.
3 No show: Nat Samut Sakorn, Gai Bang Kae, Arm Lad Krabang.
3 No sex: BFC4in2016 P, C in Samut Sakorn, Nat Lang Suan.

11 Gogo bars: Winner Boys, Nice Boys, Dream Boys Pattaya, Kawaii, A-Bomb, X-Boys Pattaya, Power Boys, Eros, Nice Boys, G-Boy, Screw Boys.
6 Saunas: Farose II, 39 underground, Tara Bearing, Tara Bang Kaen, Farose II, G-Point.
3 Massages: Bird Surin in Relax @ Me Pattaya, Fluk in I’m fine Saphan Kwai, Lee in X-Size Soi Twilight.
2 Discos: Sinlapin Esan Pattaya, Sake Bangkok.

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