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Dating Thai boys (66) Pick my up (2)

Dating Thai boys (66) Pick my up (2)

I thought I covered the subject of “pick me up” in this post, but I was wrong!

In brief: The boy speaks good English and wants to have sex with me. He videochatted with me several times, and showed me that he is wanking. Then on Fri7dec2018 afternoon both of us had free time and wanted to meet. But I’m not going to pick him up in Ramkhamhaeng! He asked to see a picture of my penis, and then would come to my room. I never sent penis pictures before, but on blued you can send a picture that deletes after 3 or 5 seconds, and cannot take a screenshot, so I did.

He liked what he saw, but still didn’t come to my room. However before our conversation was stuck in a dead end and both outcomes (boy coming to my room or boy not coming to my room after seeing picture of my penis) were in my favor: either having the boy in my room, or being in a position of having fulfilled my part of the agreement, and calling him a liar, and cutting all future conversation short.

The reasons for not coming to my room were multiple. No money for bus. There are two bus lines that go directly from his place to my place, but he doesn’t have 8 Baht, or he is lying. So I offered to pay for taxi (when he arrives at my place) but he didn’t want that either. Instead, asked to send him 60 THB online so he can take a motorbike. But all motorbikes I took were paid after arrival!

These messages show double standards: He does not know the the way to my room based on location on google maps I sent him, but expects me to know the way to his room based on location on google maps he sent me. He doesn’t want to take taxi because there are traffic jams, but expects me to take a taxi to pick him up!

I might tease him with some more cock pictures, erect this time, and finally give up and spend my efforts on worthier cases. 

Conversation started in blued, see screenshot at end of the post, then moved to Line.

Chat history with Thai boy
Saved on: 2018/12/08 17:56

17:23 Christian (his Line ID)
17:23 Thai boy Hi
17:24 Christian Check out (his blued)'s profile on Blued.
17:24 Christian Hello. I'm Christian from Germany.
17:25 Christian (his name and location).
17:25 Christian How do you spell your name in Thai?
17:38 Christian See you tonight. What time?
(When that message was read without reply, I knew already that something is wrong and I can pursue other boys.)
18:54 Christian ???
19:13 Christian Meet or not?
20:01 Thai boy I'm fear
20:02 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:02 Christian Fear what?
20:03 Thai boy Hiv
20:03 Thai boy Because we just know each other
20:04 Christian I have condoms. Or no fucking on first date.
20:06 Thai boy Ok
20:06 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:06 Christian Only hugging and wanking.
20:08 Thai boy OK my dear
20:09 Christian I stay alone. Who do you stay with?
20:10 Thai boy Alone now
20:10 Christian I mean can we have sex in your room?
20:11 Thai boy (no)
20:11 Thai boy My dear
20:11 Christian So we have to go to my room for sex.
20:14 Thai boy Call time 2:50
20:15 Thai boy I want to kiss you very much
20:15 Christian Do you want to come here?
20:15 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:15 Christian [Sticker]
20:15 Thai boy But today I'm so tired
20:15 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:16 Christian I'm free now. Travel tomorrow and next week.
20:16 Christian I want to meet now.
20:16 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:16 Thai boy I'm really tired sir
20:16 Christian See you another day.
20:17 Thai boy Ok
20:17 Thai boy Thanks for understanding me
20:17 Thai boy [Sticker]

9:08 Christian [Photo]
9:08 Christian [Photo]
9:08 Christian [Photo]
9:08 Christian [Photo]
9:08 Christian [Photo]
9:08 Christian [Photo]
9:10 Christian 2 days 1 night in nakon sawan. Today back to Bangkok.
9:23 Thai boy  Wow
9:23 Thai boy So cute
14:45 Christian Meet tonight?
14:45 Thai boy Haha
14:46 Thai boy Meet for?
14:56 Christian Talk first. Sex next time.
14:57 Christian Or do you like sex on first date?
14:57 Christian My room is free.
14:57 Thai boy No
14:57 Thai boy I don't like sex first
15:04 Christian But you wanted camsex.
15:07 Thai boy No because I retink
15:08 Thai boy The real I'm looking for the real love
15:42 Christian How do you spell your name in Thai?
15:44 Thai boy (name in English)
15:45 Thai boy [Sticker]
15:46 Christian Sounds Muslim. Where do you come from?
15:47 Thai boy I'm from puttani
16:24 Christian I have been in pattani three years ago.
16:36 Thai boy Wow.
16:36 Thai boy So amazing

18:49 Thai boy Hi
18:49 Thai boy Miss you so much
18:49 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:21 Christian But I'm looking sex first, boyfriend later.
19:23 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:23 Thai boy Ok
19:23 Thai boy I'm understood

18:46 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:00 Christian I'm fine. In Bueng Kan now.
19:01 Thai boy Ok
19:04 Thai boy Canceled call
19:25 Christian Sorry. Busy.
19:28 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:03 Christian Now free
20:04 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:04 Thai boy Missed
20:06 Thai boy Why?
20:07 Christian The person you called didn't pick up.
20:10 Thai boy Call time 0:13
20:11 Christian [Photo]
20:12 Christian I'm here.
20:14 Thai boy Woww

13:44 Thai boy Hi
13:44 Thai boy I miss you so much
13:44 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:35 Christian Miss you too. I'm in Myanmar now.
20:36 Christian [Photo]
20:36 Thai boy Omg
20:36 Thai boy You are rich

20:51 Thai boy ??
20:51 Thai boy Can you video call me
21:03 Christian I'm on train in Myanmar. Wait until I'm back in Bangkok on Thursday.

17:58 Christian I'm back in Bangkok.
19:14 Thai boy Omg
19:14 Thai boy I love you
19:14 Christian Call
19:14 Thai boy Ok
19:15 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:15 Christian Call time 0:10
19:15 Thai boy I'm waiting the bus
19:15 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:15 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:18 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:20 Christian Call me when free.
19:20 Thai boy Ok
19:20 Thai boy I want to meet you
19:21 Christian Where are you? I'm in my room.
19:21 Thai boy Pick me up please
19:21 Christian (my location)
19:21 Christian I don't go out tonight.
19:21 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:22 Thai boy So sad
19:24 Thai boy [Sticker]
19:24 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:12 Thai boy Please
20:13 Christian Sorry. Dinner now and then to bed to sleep.
20:13 Thai boy I want to sex with you
20:13 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:13 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:13 Christian Come here. Where are you?
20:13 Thai boy (his location)
20:14 Christian Ramkhamhaeng soi 61. Your room?
20:14 Thai boy No
20:14 Thai boy Now
20:14 Thai boy I'm eating
20:15 Thai boy The restaurant
20:20 Thai boy Please pick me up and lead me at your condo
20:20 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:24 Christian I don't go anywhere tonight.
20:24 Thai boy Please
20:24 Thai boy Sex together
20:25 Thai boy [Sticker]
20:25 Christian Sorry. I'm tired and want to sleep.
20:25 Thai boy Ok
20:25 Thai boy Bye

9:25 Christian Good morning.
12:43 Thai boy [Sticker]
13:14 Christian What are you doing?
13:14 Thai boy I'm horny
13:14 Thai boy No
13:14 Thai boy Now
13:15 Christian Do you want to come here? My room is free.
13:15 Thai boy Can you show your dick
13:15 Thai boy And I will go your room
13:15 Thai boy ?
13:16 Christian You can see when we meet. Not online.
13:16 Thai boy Please  1 minutes only
13:17 Thai boy OK?
13:17 Christian Not online.
13:18 Thai boy Call time 0:27
13:18 Thai boy Please show
13:18 Thai boy 1 minutes
13:19 Christian Not online.
13:23 Thai boy [Sticker]
13:24 Christian Come here and you can see and touch and suck and everything. I don't like online sex and i don't show online.
13:24 Thai boy Show only one minute
13:24 Thai boy Please
13:24 Thai boy Don't be online sex
13:25 Thai boy And after I see it I will go your room
13:26 Christian No sorry.
13:26 Thai boy Ok
13:26 Thai boy Don't worry
13:29 Christian What do you like to do when we meet?
13:29 Thai boy Kiss
13:30 Thai boy And
13:30 Thai boy Suck
13:33 Christian [Sticker]
13:34 Christian Are you free now?
13:34 Thai boy Yeah I'm free
13:34 Christian Me too.
13:34 Thai boy But I have to see your dick before we will meet together
13:35 Christian Why?
13:36 Thai boy I want to see it before everyone who will meet together
13:40 Christian Okay. I send to you on blued.
13:41 Thai boy  Oj
13:41 Thai boy Ok
(Here the chat switched to blued. See screenshot at the end.)
14:44 Thai boy Call time 0:30
14:45 Christian Call time 0:41
14:45 Christian Sorry. No cam sex. But i want real sex with you.
14:46 Thai boy Ok
14:46 Thai boy Pick me up
14:48 Christian No. Come here. My room is free.
14:48 Thai boy OK
14:48 Thai boy Send your money 60 baht and I take motorcycle
14:51 Christian I pay taxi when you arrive.
14:54 Thai boy Traffic jams
14:54 Thai boy With taxi
14:55 Christian [Photo] (Screenshot of google maps. distance 14 km and time 45 minute from his place to my room.)
14:55 Christian No problem. I'm here all afternoon.
14:56 Thai boy Traffic jams in Bangkok
14:56 Thai boy Im boring with traffic jam
15:10 Thai boy Sent your money 60baht
15:10 Thai boy Please
15:10 Thai boy I will go
15:10 Christian I pay taxi or motorbike when you arrive.
15:13 Thai boy Taken motorbike have to pay before
15:14 Christian When i take motorbike i pay when i arrive.
15:15 Thai boy No
15:19 Christian Then take taxi.
15:25 Thai boy [Sticker]
15:25 Thai boy Traffic jam 
(End of conversation. Let it rest and try again next time I'm free.) 

My phone allows me to take consecutive screenshots, so I can have the entire conversation in one picture. I would post it here, but blogger compresses the picture and it becomes un-readable. What to do? The picture is 540 x 22,672 pixel and 1 MB file size, and I can easily read and edit it in Paint.

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Dating Thai boys () Asking questions draft

Dating Thai boys () Asking questions

Thai boys ask completely different questions and give completely different answers than Whites do. Here some observations and thoughts.

Have you eaten yet?
Eating is a non-issue for us, but I assume most Thai boys’ grandparents still knew hunger, and for boys from Cambodia, Lao or Myanmar, even their parents still know hunger. So food was an issue just decades ago.

This is mirrored by a friend from Germany, who likes lewd and ordinary talk, greeting me with “Heute schon gefickt?” (Did you have sex today?) because this is one of the main things on his and my mind.

I have one piece of chat from a friend where “Have you eaten yet?” was used to lead over to “But I haven’t eaten yet, because I have no money for food.”

“Have you eaten yet?” is a popular question by Thai boys. As far as I understand, it’s used as general form of greeting. Similar to “How are you?” in English. (WWII, begging Russian soldiers my aunt, rape then shoot)

Meaning of “How are you”, “Have you eaten yet” from times of hunger just two generations ago?,

Where are you now?
I usually ask this early on, because I don’t want to chat, I want to sex! And for setting up a date, location is important. I would use chatting just to establish “Sex yes/no, where and when?”, but have to go through all the crap.

To “Where are you now?”, I expect (often in vain) answer of a similar geographical level. When I’m in Bangkok Sathorn, and the boy replies that he is in Thailand, that is of little use. Similar “I’m at home”, “I’m with my sister” and the like is of no use.

The importance is shown by a chat with attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome (in this case rather retard) boy on 29.10.2015. In the afternoon, he writes he wants to go with me to Khao San in the evening. One hour before agreed meeting time (without place specified), I ask where he is. First reply “@home now”. Then link to location: Phetchabun! I should have asked earlier, then I wouldn’t have lost two hours in planning my evening.

When chatting with Thai boys, I usually ask “Where are you now?” because I chat mainly to set up a real life encounter (I don’t want to chat, I want to fuck!). Thai boys usually ask “Who are you with?” or variations. I don’t know what the idea behind this question is.

Where are you now? At home – X has two places and for others I don’t know at all where they live.
Lim PP or Saigon?
Do you want to meet in Phnom Penh tomorrow night? Yes I want, but I will be in Saigon.
Will you be in Phnom Penh tomorrow night? Yes I will be, but I don’t have time.

What are you doing now?
Irrelevant, but I ask it as well as a conversation starter, or to see if a boy is working or not. When I’m in sauna, massage, bar, have sex, I switch my phone to airplane mode anyway, so I don’t have to lie, and for everything else I wait for some innocent activity like eating, reading, internet, riding on bus/taxi/train.

what are you doing now – I reply with where I am, or wait for innocent activities

Who are you with? Who do you travel with?
Thai boys often ask me “who are you with”, and I still can’t see why that matters. I don’t care and never ask who they are with.

Bpai gap krai and then endless chat about details

Who are you with? Thai or Farang friend? Who do you travel with?

Multiple choice questions
Avoid multiple choice questions like “Do you like ice cream or cake?” The answer might be “Yes.”

Two questions
Never ask a boy two questions at the same time. You might get one answer, but you won’t be able to assign the answer to one of your questions

Strict logic
I lost count of how often I have asked “Do you have Line?” and the answer was “Yes.” Followed by a gap, me waiting for his Line ID, followed by “What’s your Line ID?” Now I just assume everyone has Line and ask “What’s your Line ID?”

However some have a Line ID but don’t use Line at the moment! (try to move chat from hornet to Line, but messages on Line not read!)

Strictly logical approach: Do you know what time it is?

Qustions: where and when to meet, that’s all I want to chat. Conversation that would take 5 min over dinner can take an hour online,
what do you do after work – I go home sleep not a good start

Why does my mother want to know if my Farang friends in Thailand have siblings

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Gay activities Oct 2018

Gay activities Oct 2018

Details about Saranrom, gay dating, boys in the provinces, Bangkok gogo bar hopping, science of dating (thermodynamics, geometry, chemistry in the original sense).

Mon 1oct – Thu 4oct2018 Mandalay

Fri 5oct2018 Bangkok Sake
Sake disco 00:16-02:28 (still going, official closing 03:30?). 11 Coyote boys 01:47-02:08, so-so. Poor start with few people, then getting better. Give my phone number to a cute boy, who would later add me on Line. (At time of posting, we have exchanged many messages but haven’t met yet.)

Sat 6oct2018 Bangkok 39 underground
39 underground sauna 17:40-19:04. From 116 to 134 customers. One clear hit not interested, several bordercases. Underwear day observed.

Taxi to Pinklao, where I meet K again. Dinner and chat, but he isn’t in the mood for horizontal activities.

On way home by taxi pass Saranrom, and it looks promising (about 10 boys of various ages and types). I should have gotten out of taxi for a closer look! Current positive report here:

Sun 7oct2018 Bangkok bar hopping
Bar hopping with my loyal reader vinapu, reported here:

Mon 8oct2018 Bangkok Saranrom
Have to check out Saranrom again! The little trade that is left is concentrated around the canal (Khlong Lot) near City Walk (gay bar). Around 23:15, there are about 10 boys who look available. No clear hit, however the last boy looks okay, and he takes the initiative (my translation from Thai):

Boy: Where are you going?
CPFC: I’m just walking around.
Boy: I know you are looking for boy. Can I go with you?
CPFC: Okay.

35 taxi to S Hotel 1962 (former Ruen Rom Hotel). 200 short time room. Game from Phetkasem Soi 63. That’s about 15 km by road, proof that there is only one gay street trade area. Why else would boys come from that far - I had one from Samrong - if there were similar places elsewhere?

Okay in bed. Good nipple play, gets hard by wanking (medium to big), no body hair, brown skin, slim body but no sixpack. Let him wear various underwear, but then he gets impatient, so we wrap it up. Asks for my phone number (he has no Line, no smartphone, no credit).

I’m vacillating between take him again next time (if I can’t find someone else), and making an excuse why I can’t take him again.

That was the southernmost place 13.746076, 100.496085 I ever took a boy. The northernmost is 13.752516, 100.492174, the westernmost 13.753590, 100.491525 and the easternmost must have been along Atsadang road.

Tue 9oct2018 Ger in Rangsit
In the morning online dating 1 hour, but can’t get anyone to come to my room. Ger in Rangsit is working, but can get an hour off. When we first met in Aug it was for free, but now he needs money, so I offer 500. I go by public transport to meet him. About 2 hours to get there, spend about 1 h 40 min in short time hotel 320 THB, 500 THB for Ger, and 2 hours to get back. But it was worth every minute and every Baht!

There is a connection, not just in bed but outside as well. None of the usual passive-ignorant crap “I don’t know”, “It’s too (anything)”. Some day I might take him on a sightseeing trip.

Thu 11oct2018 Nakon Sri Thammarat NST
Duean Sip Festival is over, but the statues from the procession are still on display. Sightseeing during day and heavy working on the apps (I had contacted two boys from NST on facebook a few days in advance, but none of them eager to meet). With very little detour/wait meet Nio. Hairy upper thighs and not handsome. Later, with very little detour/wait meet NatM. A bit on the fat side.

My last chance is a boy NatTH whose pictures are not a clear hit, but with stats 24/48/166 you can’t go wrong. Asks for my room number, and knocks on my door. Looks better than in pictures, and my type, my style. Absolutely want to meet him again! Next trip to South is Hua Hin in December (when friend from Germany is there), I will stretch it to Nakon Sri Thammarat!

(Update: NatTH has gone quiet online. But I know the hotel he works in, so I will have to go to NST and ask there if he is still there. Update 22nov2018: he is active on blued. Back in his hometown Pattalung and no work and no money. Is irregularly on Line or facebook and can’t give me his phone number. I didn’t ask why. He asks for money, and I agree. It’s just 200 THB – he even offered camsex as he doesn’t want to take money for free, but I declined – and now I have his bank account details and sent him 200 at an ADM. In Germany you can send a message with a money transfer, but not in Thailand.)

In addition to thermodynamics (I like warm and dry skin), geometry has an impact as well. I like slim boys, and the best part is protruding hip and shoulder bones that create concave zones on the body (whereas a fat person is convex almost everywhere, like a balloon).

And let’s not forget smell. Most boys’ smell is indifferent, but I like the body odor (which is chemical compounds) of Bom from Minburi so much that I forgive him stealing money from me several times.

In online dating, after pictures, the first thing I look for is age/weight/height, and numbers like above 24/48/166 get me salivating.

A bit like this paragraph from The Little Prince
p14 If you were to say to the grown - ups: "I saw a beautiful house made of rosy brick, with geraniums in the windows and doves on the roof," they would not be able to get any idea of that house at all. You would have to say to them: "I saw a house that cost $20,000." Then they would exclaim: "Oh, what a pretty house that is!"

If someone told me “I know a Thai boy who takes good care of me, and cooks very well.”, I would reply “So what?”. But if someone told me “I know a Thai boy who is 20 years old, weighs 50 kg and is 170 cm tall.” I would reply “That sounds fantastic! Can I have his phone number?”.

Fri 12oct2018 Chumphon
Travel from Nakon Sri Thammarat to Chumphon takes all day. My friend NatLS (Lang Suan) moved from Lang Suan to Chumphon. He recommended a hotel and checked already in. (When I refunded him the money on Sat he even said that would not have been necessary.)

In Nakon Sri Thammarat I said hello and goodbye to NatTH in my room dressed in towel, and here was a chance that NatLS is already in the room when I arrive, but he was out in town.

Dinner, then back to room and I initiate horizontal activities. First encounter was great, no sex on second encounter, this encounter was okay.

Sat 13oct2018 Chumphon
I get up at 8 and NatLS is still asleep (we were in bed 19, and he was sleeping from 20). When I touch his penis, defensive hand movements in sleep. What time will he wake up? This could fuck up my entire day (boy wakes up in the afternoon, and then tells me he has to go home, after we made plans for sightseeing together yesterday). I go out for lunch and when I come back it’s after 12, so I pay for another night in the hotel. Back in room, NatLS is awake (that makes over 16 hours sleep!) and finally around 14 we can start going for sightseeing (on his motorbike to places near Chumphon). In the end, everything fine!

Mon 15oct2018 Bangkok Nana

Tue 16oct2018 Nakon Sawan
When I passed Nakon Sawan on the way to Sukhothai, KimNS chatted me up on blued. Now I have time to go to meet him. My travels are getting more and more daring. Last time I went to Nakon Sawan (250 km by train, takes 5 hours) to meet a boy I have met before (but who disappeared online), and now one I have not met before!

Kim finishes work 21 and picks me up at my hotel 22:32. Then invites me for drinking with his friends in a Thai style pub 22:44-23:51. That was the maximum I could endure (loud music, many people, being out late). Then back to my room (on his mocy, KimNS slightly drunk), and to bed. My type, my style, will come back!

Wed 17oct2018 Nakon Sawan
While waiting for KimNS yesterday, I was online and chatted up some more boys. One Cutter would have come to see me right away, but I was waiting for KimNS so couldn’t invite him. He doesn’t work or study in the morning, but sleeps late. I call him around 9, and he picks up, but sounds like I just woke him up and after a few words hangs up.

This profile (left) looked very enticing. He was looking for money, and I agreed. Then he sent me his real picture (right), and careful readers of my blog just have to look at the hair on his knee and leg and will know my reaction.

Another one didn’t reply on that day or the day after, but some days after I was back in Bangkok got very interested. Now I have three contacts in Nakon Sawan and don’t know how to schedule them for my next trip! 

At night (back in Bangkok) dinner with EmAT, then to my room for horizontal activities and stays over night.

If you think it’s long, stop here and continue another day.

Fri 19oct2018 Pattaya
Golf from hornet comes to my room, 1000 fully deserved as before.

Bar hopping: Winner Boys, Nice Boys, Eros, Power Boys nothing new. The first time I didn’t make it to Boystown.

For detailed current description of Pattaya bar scene look here:

BusL usually works until 3 am, but finishes midnight today. Perfect timing! So I don’t go to disco, but meet him. Everything fine in bed, will meet him again.

Sat 20oct2018 Bangkok
I have been chatting with a boy Fork from Ayutthaya on facebook for a while, and did consider visiting him in Ayutthaya. Now he is in Bangkok and comes to meet me. Pick him up at MRT station, then to my room where he takes shower and emerges in towel. Too fat! Skin too cold! We both lie in bed, Fork plays on his mobile phone and I study Chinese. Then dinner and bye on the road. Filed as “no sex”.

No repeat. I don’t even know why I befriended him on facebook. But still better than me going to see him in Ayutthaya!

Sun 21oct2018 Samrong
The boy Lek in Samrong is free every Sunday. Last time we just met in Imperial Samrong, now I have to take it to the next level (room!).

There seems to be a standard mating ritual. In public the boy is indifferent (my translation from Thai):
CPFC: Where do you want to go?
Boy: I don’t know.
CPFC: What do you want to do?
Boy: I don’t know.
(Consider that I went to see him near his place, so he should know places of interest, and consider that I invited him for lunch and cinema last time, so could choose places or activities he could not afford.)

As he had earphone in his ear I couldn’t even be sure he hears what I’m saying, so I wrote on Line.
CPFC: Do want to go to my room for hugging and cuddling?
Boy: Yes.

In my room, I take shower and emerge in towel. Lek is playing on his mobile. I initiate sex (put hand on knee or under shirt, hug him, kiss his neck), pry the mobile phone off his hands and take off his clothes. Finally response. Okay in bed. Slim and brown, but hairy balls and ass. No repeat.

Goodbye can be difficult as well. I’m hungry, but he is not. I go out for dinner and ask him how he will get back home. No clear answer. So give him 100 THB and tell him to take mocy to MRT, then change to BTS to Samrong. Wait on the road until mocy taxi comes, then say goodbye and go for dinner.

Tue 23oct2018 Kabinburi
On the way to Korat last month a boy Beer from Kabinburi chatted me up on blued. Now is the time to go meet him (I have sightseeing there as well). Train to Kabinburi. Until now I didn’t know that train station is a few km out of town, and there is no public transport. I didn’t even see mocy taxi, but fortunately BeerKabin picks me up at the railway station shortly after I arrive.

Check into the hotel he recommended, then go for dinner. Back in room, I take shower and emerge in towel. Beer is in bed, fully dressed, watching TV. I initiate sex, but Beer is a bit too fat and pale, so I don’t get hard. No repeat.

Wed 24oct2018 Sakaew
Meet a friend and stay near his place, then sightseeing.

Thu 25oct2018 Chanthaburi
About two years ago I saw this picture on and was smitten. Marriage material!

Here we come back to geometry of dating. Look at his upper thighs. There are flat or even concave zones, which I like very much. The shape of his upper thighs is almost like the body of a shark, a rounded triangle. For a fatty, it would be like a drum.

This year I found him Boss by chance on facebook and befriended him. A first attempt to meet in June failed for rain. Now I could go from Sakaew either directly back to Bangkok, or stay one night in Chanthaburi to meet Boss.

Once again I’m stepping far out of my comfort zone. Boss works out of town, but fortunately there is a resort right next to his workplace. Arrive in Chanthaburi bus station at night and take taxi (150 THB for 8 km, songtheo that does not follow a line) to that resort. Have dinner and wait for Boss to finish work. Meet on street and go to my room. Chat first, then I initiate sex. After a slow start my type, my style. Worth a repeat!

But from chat and slow start I might have been on the receiving end of pity sex. Or I’m a bordercase for him, but as he is stuck there in the boondocks, and has nothing better to do and I’m staying next to his workplace (and his room is in the same building), he can as well see how it turns out.

As a side effect, looking online, I found a money Bas Trat who was in Bangkok last year, but is now back home in Trat, and whom I would like to meet again but lost contact online (i.e. his online dating profiles and Line have gone unread and unanswered).

Sat 27oct2018 Bangkok
After a long day at Book Fair in Sirkit Center, and fruit shopping in Klong Toey Market, I’m home about 23. A boy Aof on blued messages me and pictures look okay. I would go to bed to sleep, but he is eager to meet and not far, so I invite him. Arrives soon and quickly to bed. Slim but no visible sixpack. Unpleasant smell/taste during kissing. Good sucking and nipple play. However he talks too much. And he has an underbite (Mandibular Prognathism) that I could just live with when his mouth is closed (or sucking my dick), but a total turn-off when he is talking. No repeat.

Mon 29oct2018 Bangkok

Tue 30oct2018 Bangkok
39 underground sauna 18:36-20:36 with a Farang friend. Nude day observed. From 94 to 60 customers. Several bordercases, but no action for me.

If I had nothing else to do, I would make time – customer number profiles for various saunas, by either counting occupied lockers where this is possible, or sitting outside and counting customers going in and coming out of the place.

Continue to barhopping with Farang friend.

Classic Boy 21:18-22:06. From 12 Boys no customer to 16 boys 4 customers (Asian) during our stay. Gogo boys in white, coyote in black individual underwear and closed shoes, coyote boots. Slow rotation, and very little chance to see the boys from the side or behind.
#41 Ran from Lao (characteristic 4 stripes tattoo on chest) has been around for years, but didn’t age well.
#42 Noi worked in Zy massage a while ago, where I had massage with him, so-so.
#26 from Cambodia (info from staff) sticks out. Cute face, nice body and bulge, but hair on upper legs and above waistline. If I had seen him in briefs (I could see the contours of briefs under trunks) that might have made the difference to off him (or not, if there had been pubic hair poking out on the side of his briefs).

Pubic hair horror in online dating:

Golden Cock 22:18. 4 Boys and one customer (White). Boys in underwear and shirt. One of the boys shapely, but altogether not worth buying a drink.

Super A 22:20. Between 5 and 10 boys (some in the bar in black underwear and shirt, some outside fully dressed) and one customer (White). None of them attractive to me.

Wed 31oct2018 Samut Sakon
The fourth time I go to Samut Sakon to meet Nat, and while the first 3 where “worth a repeat”, now there is a drop. File as “no repeat”.


That must be a new record, having sex in 8 different places. In chronological order: Mandalay, Nakon Sri Thammarat, Bangkok, Nakon Sawan, Pattaya, Kabinburi, Chanthaburi and Samut Sakon.

12 free sex: Saw Mandalay, NatTH NST, Kim Nakon Sawan, EmAT, NatLS, BusL, Lek Samrong, Beer Kabinburi, Boss Chanthaburi, Aof, Kit, NatSS.
5 no sex: K Pinklao, Niu NST, NatM NST, ForkA, Kit Nana.
3 paid sex: Game Saranrom 500, Ger Rangsit 500, Golf in Pattaya 1000 = 2000.
2 sauna visits: 39 underground twice.
1 disco visit: Sake.

New statistics. Divide sexual encounters in “worth a repeat” and “not worth a repeat”, with all cases that are “maybe” filed as “not”.
8 Repeat: Saw, Ger, NatTH, Kim NS, EmAT, Golf, BusL, Boss.
7 No repeat: Game, NatLS, Lek, Beer Kabin, Aof, Kit, NatSS.

Divide sexual encounters in “old” = boys I have had sex with before, and “new” = boys I have had sex with for the first time.
9 New: Saw, NatTH, Kim, Lek, Beer, Boss, Aof, Kit, Game.
6 Old: EmAT, NatLS, BusL, NatSS, Ger, Golf.

These new statistics allow me to check my numbers. The sums must be the same free + paid = repeat + no repeat = new + old. How successful the month was can be calculated by
(free+repeat)/(paid+no repeat)=(12+8)/(3+7)=2.

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