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Durian Jackfruit Breadfruit Soursop

Durian Jackfruit Breadfruit Soursop

To the untrained eye, they look similar, hence full title: Do not confuse durian, jackfruit, breadfruit, soursop. In my early years I confused durian and jackfruit, and I'm not the only one:
https://www.facebook.com/theamazingw0rld/posts/1162507574509693 (confusion see comments).

Durian ทุเรียน tú riian
The love of durian by the locals can take strange forms: durian print on bedlinen.

The above offers durian at 199 THB/kg, but in general they are much more expensive, which is the basis for the following joke:

Harvesting and cutting durian:

Sale of durian. The text says (m
y translation): Please touch gently, it's durian and not pussy. The last line (กระหน่ำจิ้มกันอยู่ได้ grà-nàm jîm gan yòo dâai) I don't understand.

Here a durian that looks indeed like a pussy:

More jokes in an older post: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2016/12/durian-and-pomelo-varieties.html

Beloved by the people, but banned in public transport and hotels. The problem is the strong smell that polarizes people: some love it, some hate it. I love it, and can smell ripe durian for sale from dozens of meters away. In Kampot, there is even a durian statue at Durian Roundabout:

Durian can be fried and loses all odor. The fried durian can be eaten like potato chips (Monthong Durian Chips, 150 g, 210 THB bought in MBK):

Can't insert the following video, click the link:
100 People Try Durian / Keep It 100 / Cut

Jackfruit ขนุน kà-nŭn

from: https://www.facebook.com/theamazingw0rld/posts/1162507574509693

Jackfruit peeled on sale in Cambodia. The seeds are processed separately (eat after boiling in water?).

Breadfruit สาเก săa-gay
o personal experience, see e.g. here:

Soursop ทุเรียนเทศ tú riian têt
The Thai name literally is: "foreign fruit that looks like durian". Adding เทศ (têt 1. adj. foreign, non-Thai;  2. noun locality, municipality) is a general way of naming fruit, another example is tomato มะเขือเทศ má-kĕuua têt (มะเขือ má-kĕuua eggplant)

Soursop is produced in much smaller amounts than durian and jackfruit. I rarely see it at markets, e.g. here in Cambodia:

However, there are soursop flavored drinks in Cambodia:

In Thailand, I know of only one soursop farm in Saraburi and "Discovery garden pattaya" (in Thai สวน ทุเรียนเทศ = Durian Garden) with soursop near Pattaya:

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Gay activities Feb2022

Gay activities Feb2022
Gay dating in Bangkok, Pattaya and the provinces. 39 underground Sauna and Krubb Bangkok Sauna and their show/orgy.
Public transport.

Tue1feb2022 Pattaya
Daytrip with Farang friend with rented car and driver.

An old regular Mike comes to my room and we have a good time. 1000 well deserved.

Artee (recommendation by a friend: big cock and nice character, chat the boy up on online dating) comes to my room. I can confirm the nice character, but not my type at all, and he didn’t hint at sex either. Both of us stayed fully dressed and I can’t confirm the big cock.

Wed2feb2022 Pattaya
After several failed attempts, here screenshot from 31jan, finally meet Preaw again. Last encounter was years ago where I took a mental note: "body and activities okay, give him another chance".

Preaw slow reply, then arr 11:09. Activities and body okay, then falls asleep in my bed and I have to wake him up because I have other business. 1000 Preaw, no repeat.

But at least I get information that a Lao boy who has been working at the same massage place, and whom I would like to meet (difficult because several profiles use his pictures, and I assume all but one fake), has been back in Lao since Covid started.

Sunee Plaza 20:35 count 21 people. Jomtien busy, too many to count, hundreds. Boystown 22:35 about 50 people during show.

Go to beach to meet Petch. Original contact was on facebook. He is sitting there alone with a beer. I join (for sitting and chatting, not for beer). We spend there an hour, interesting chat, but uncomfortable (sitting on beach, mosquitoes). Then along South Pattaya road to go home. I invite him to my room and he asks for money. I offer 500, he wants 1000, no deal. Although it’s not unheard of that boys in Pattaya ask for money for sex, that came unexpected and I would rather have had it at the start, to save me one hour uncomfortable sitting at the beach and mosquitoes.

Thu3feb2022 Pattaya to Koh Chang
I get lucky on online dating and agree on 100 THB for petrol for Non to come to meet me from 2 km away. His profile picture was medium long hair, but when we meet long hair which I don’t like. To my room. I take a shower but keep door open and spot him rummaging in my suitcase, then patting my trousers’ pocket, and come out to ask “what are you looking for?”. No reply, but now sits on bed and wait for me. Activities and body okay. No repeat.

Fri4feb2022 Koh Chang to Chanthaburi
On online dating three profiles who look promising and reply to my messages, two almost meet, finally P comes to my room. Quickly to bed. Good activities, but a bit pale and fat. No repeat.

All power plugs run over key tag with time switch. Humming noise, have to take key tag out so I can sleep, and charge my phone from power bank.

Sat5feb2022 Chanthaburi to Bangkok
Back in Bangkok, I arrange a date with SuWin for 23. My message 23:31 not read, last online 22:45. No show.

Mon7feb2022 Bangkok
Set up a date with Em, no reply and no show. Message about 10 boys, some replies: Wit Rainbow too far/expensive, doesn’t have money for taxi.

Finally Bee is online and wants to meet, comes to my room and we have a good time.

Tue8feb2022 Bangkok
Meet a friend N from before Covid and we have a good time.

Thu10feb2022 Bangkok
A comes to join for sightseeing (temples in Bangkok). We want to go to Khao San Road, but A forgot his ID card and cannot get in. Fun at night and A stays over night.

Fri11feb2022 Bangkok
Another day of sightseeing and A stays over night.

Sat12feb2022 Bangkok
Hugging in the morning, bye after lunch.

New Haier has no money to come to see me from Lak Si. I offer to pay for taxi, he says he has no money, I say I will pay taxi when he arrives, he says he has to pay in advance. Same discussion with Wit Rainbow yesterday.

And not just once, every time I chat with these two! Sometimes I wonder why I left Cambodia.

39 underground. Entry 200, stay 17:20-18:17. My Cambodian vaccination card accepted. All about 100 customers wear a mask. One slim brown warm skin not interested. Three bordercases not interested. No more cookies (notice: temporary no cookies). Porn cinema now additional cabins. Hot water in shower (single lever mixer tap, can adjust flow and temperature, what a luxury from only cold water years ago). Steam and sauna hot. One cute staff.

Check massage places on Sutthisarn, details previous post.

Many cars, even empty taxis, on Sutthisarn. Have to wait for a gap to cross road. Whereas around Malaysia and Ibis Sathorn, I have to wait to get an empty taxi.

At night, a boy Sulai comes to meet me and stay overnight. Good character, a bit on the fat side as I could already see on pictures. There were a few positive surprises in activities with boys who I would dismiss as “too fat”, so I tend to give everyone a chance now. But in this case, I didn’t get horny with him. No repeat.

Sun13feb2022 Bangkok
Bye after breakfast.

Meet a Farang G who is in Thailand for holiday. Originally he had planned 3 months, but will cut his holiday in Thailand short for boredom and will spend the last 3 weeks home. G was in Chiang Mai at Classic House Massage and spoke well about the boys available there, but expensive (1h massage 1000 tip in menu). Their website http://www.classichousemassage.net/ has 1 hour oil massage at 600 THB and no minimum tip specified.

Ter no reply / no show (screenshot Line). Why didn’t I stay in Cambodia for the boys?

Mon14feb2022 Bangkok
C MBK has no money, and judging from following conversation, 500 is not enough any more.
We met a few times before Covid, and there were issues so I won't pay more than 500. Good luck getting more from someone else.

Meet a Farang friend in On Nut, and after dinner and chat a Thai boy April. General chat, then taxi to my room and we have a good time and April stays over night.

Tue15feb2022 Bangkok
That means we have to get up at 6, I give him 100 THB for taxi and go down to main road to wait for a taxi with him. Afterwards back to bed.

Ter wants to come after work (restaurant, finish 22:30) and I agree. But then I get a message from K-Pak and invite him (K-Pak is closer, earlier, more reliable, free) and switch phone to airplane when he is here. And indeed, after two no-show, message 22:42 from Ter (read following morning).

Wed16feb2022 Bangkok Makha Bucha
Fun in the morning. Bye 8:50 in my room.

Walk past Bua Chomphu Massage in Silom Soi 3 to check for cute boy (original contact was on hornet) and indeed there is one cute without mask and several girls having BBQ dinner. Soon after he messages me on hornet, recognized me with mask.

Thu17feb2022 Bangkok to Baan Pong
My preferred way of travel is by train. During Covid, even here it’s better to call to make sure everything is running by schedule. Call Railway 1690: the train 13:25 from Thonburi is suspended during Covid, no trains from Hua Lampong or Bang Sue due to accident or construction work ? But the train runs from Bang Bamru. However, when I reach Rama 4 road and see the traffic, I guess by bus I would be late for the train and change my mind to take a bus to Baan Pong.

Last time I took a van from Southern Bus station, they passed MRT Lak Song and stopped there to take up passengers. My Thailand travel hack is not to go to Southern bus station (can only be reached by taxi or bus), but to take MRT to Lak Song and wait there for passing van. And it works out! Van to Nakon Pathom, then bus to Baan Pong.

In Baan Pong I will meet a friend for sightseeing tomorrow and chatted with a boy Gop who looks stunning on pictures, but from chat it’s not clear if he is interested (or rather, he seems not interested but might just be playing hard to get). The only way to find out is to go there and approach him “I’m here!”. Walk around town and take pictures. Send selfies to Gop, and he is online and nearby and we can meet.

Go to meet him at a café where he is with two girl friends. Gop is shy to speak English, but the girls speak good English. The four of us go to temple fair and have dinner.
At the temple fair I see a penis doll in real for the first and only time so far. 

When they send me back to my hotel by motorbike, I put my arm around Gop's abdomen and chest and stroke his hand to see if there is a reaction. Negative.

Gop is not interested in more, and in real I don’t find him as attractive as in pictures. Case closed. 

But it would be a waste to spend 650 THB for a hotel room and spend the night alone (I could as well sleep in the park for free). Invite Gorn from hornet and we have a good time.

Fri18feb2022 Baan Pong to Kanchanaburi
Sightseeing around Baan Pong with local friend, then train to Kanchanaburi. There are two railway stations in Baan Pong, Songpon railway station (just a platform with shelter) leads to Kanchanaburi, main railway station (currently being extended and second track being laid) to southern Thailand.

Tae comes to my room and we have a good time.

Sat19feb2022 Kanchanaburi
During sightseeing at a temple, a few children age estimated 5-10 follow me and talk to me in Thai. I understand but pretend not to speak Thai to keep our interaction short and because one of the first things they say is ขอตังหน่อย kŏr dtang nòi "money please". Where do children in the countryside at that young age get the idea of asking a random Farang for money?

Soda spring, details here: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2022/03/soda-spring-in-kanchanaburi.html

Back in Kanchanaburi. After long chat, I was about to give up, Apinan comes to my room and we have a good time.

Sun20feb2022 Kanchanaburi
Sightseeing by rented bicycle, details here: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2022/03/cycling-near-kanchanaburi.html

Ball messaged earlier he is not sure he can come, but no cancellation, file as no-show. Chat with moneyboy TT (poor pictures, haven’t talked about how much), and when I’m ready to meet suddenly offline (both hornet and blued). Filed as no-show. Go to bed about 22:30.

I can’t fall asleep, then 23:47 knock on door, it’s TT. Play along, good activities but not so much my type. He cums by wanking on me and bedsheet, easily wiped off and last night anyway, but else it would have been inconvenient. After some whining I give him 100 THB for mocy (he said 80 for return). Bye 00:23. No repeat.

I have given my hotel room number to boys many times, and when everything goes alright, I can stay in my room in towel after shower after a day out and for a knock on the door at the appointed time. In a few cases, I had to go down to reception to pick up the boy, and in a few cases no-show. But this was the first time that I gave up on a boy and he knocked on my door at an inopportune moment. But it could have been worse: I’m in bed with someone else and a boy I chatted with earlier and gave my room number knocks on my door.

Mon21feb2022 Kanchanaburi to Bangkok
Van to Bangkok passes New Southern Bus Station 12:05-07, but I continue to Pinklao (not Pata, but bus stop opposite Old Southern). Wait in vain 12:13-13:07 for bus 149 or 507, then get on bus 40 to Hua Lampong. Go to taxi stand, I am led to a taxi in 2nd row, but when I state my destination he refers me to a tuk-tuk. Driver slim, brown, young, hairless as far as I can see with mask, and would be worth a closer look, or at least a chat along the way. But he wants 200, I counter with 60, he lowers to 150 and 120. I take a taxi for 60.

Have been chatting with Bies for a while (money boy, 20 km away), but the usual whining: no money for taxi, can you come here? He didn’t unlock his private pictures for me, but those posted for all to see looked great, but I had doubt if all pictures are from the same boy, or the profile owner.

Today I find one of the pictures
(no head, nice chest and abs and grey shorts with white band) on his profile on instagram, and chances are high that the picture does not show the profile owner. Case closed.

Tue22feb2022 Bangkok
A boy Tavan from Ladprao comes to my room and we have a good time.

Thu24feb2022 Bangkok
Extension of stay at immigration. Last time I was there I found New Haier online, but neither of us willing to travel to meet. Now I’m here anyway and we meet and go to a hotel. There are no short time rooms, I have to pay 700 for one night. We have a good time. But after cum quickly dressed and whining about money. I give him 100, but the whining continues, so I let him keep the change (reception had no change on 1000, they would give me change on check-out). Activities and body good, in principle repeat, but too far, too expensive.

Fri25feb2022 Bangkok
Several attempts to get Bank to come to my place failed, so I go to meet him in On Nut for dinner (he asked for dinner invitation). Bank lives alone (aircon, hot water), but inconvenient to go to his room now. Cannot come to my room either. Bye in On Nut.

I have a back-up plan: Krubb Bangkok (former Mind Phra Khanong) sauna. 290 entry (pay on leaving), stay 20:03-21:37. Walk around, about 10 other customers. Then in sauna a customer tells me there is an orgy in one of the lower floors. Walk around and find it. Light okay, about 30 people. Hired performers ? wear glowsticks around wrist or neck. One shapely (tattoos on collar bones as far as I can see) interested, would fuck me there, I try to get him to a room, but then pairs up with a fatty and they go to rooms where I lose them (far too dark there). Then spot both (shapely and fatty) fully dressed in locker room, shapely denies having met in dark room. Make a round through sauna, when I’m back in locker room the two still sitting there.

Entry 20-24 y.o. 190 THB, 25 and up 290, before 5 pm and after 10 pm 190. Thursday cock molding event plaster 690, silicone 1200.
Plaster samples for cock molding on display. Free entry for big cock (56 mm or > 7 inch).

Overall best sauna visit in 2 years (judging by overall experience, in Cambodia I had sex but that was pure luck) and event can compare to before Covid. Fri underwear. Most customers wear mask throughout. Talk with manager: didn’t know this was a sauna before when he took it over. Clean, well lit locker room 321 lockers (lock with wristband contactless), condoms size 49, 52, 54, 54, 56 and lube provided. Most areas okay lit. Sauna and steam glass door and wall to Jacuzzi, but mostly frosted. Lukewarm. Jacuzzi only one level, uncomfortable to sit with legs stretched out (i.e. I slide down and have to get up to sitting position).

Top floor (Jacuzzi, sauna 54 C, 66 %; steam room steam outlet too hot, rest lukewarm) cute boy chats me up. Anish from India. We have a chat in Jacuzzi. Fluent in English. He likes my beard, but I don’t like his body hair (facial hair shaved, some hair on chest, abdomen, balls). But still, everything else fine (brown skin, slim body), so we take a taxi to my room and have fun. No character flaws, but not so much my type and activities not my style either. No repeat.

Sat26feb2022 Bangkok
The Best Massage 18:45 spot 4 boys. Arena 2 boys (men), another (cute, the one who was playing on his phone last time I checked) on the way to Arena. Sauna Mania open, inquire at reception: no show.

Massage with Ball at Bua Chompu, details previous post.

Mon28feb2022 Bangkok
On our first encounter I met April near his place in On-Nut and we went to my room. Now repeat, ask him to come to my room. And to my surprise, without further ado (no whining about taxi money, no space-time-confusion, finds my place from location on google maps) comes here. We have a good time, April stays over night, 200 for taxi for return.

Worst profile picture of the month

Summary Feb2022
15 Free sex: Non Koh Chang (100 for petrol), P Chanthaburi, Bee, N, A, Sulai, April (100 for taxi), K-Pak, Gorn Baan Pong, Tae Kancha, Apinan Kancha, Tavan, New-Haier (400), Anish, April (200 for taxi).
4 Paid sex: Mike 1000, Preaw 1000, TT Kancha 100, Ball at Bua Chompu 800.
3 No sex: Artee, Gop Baan Pong, Bank On Nut.

2 Sauna: 39 underground, Krubb Bangkok.
1 Massage: Ball at Bua Chompu 400+800.

2 Refused: Petch 500 <-> 1000, C MBK (doesn't accept 500).
3 Missed: Wit Rainbow (no money for taxi), New Haier (no money for taxi), Ter (after several no-show, not listed separately, I have someone else whereas he remembers our date, and now it's no-show from my side)
4 No show: SuWin, Em, Ball Kancha, TT Kancha.

13 Repeat: Mike, Bee, N, A, April, K-Pak, Gorn Baan Pong, Tae Kancha, Apinan Kancha, Tavan, New-Haier, Ball at Bua Chompu, April.
6 No repeat: Preaw, Non Koh Chang, P Chanthaburi, Sulai, TT Kancha, Anish.

7 Old: Mike, Preaw, Bee, A, K-Pak, Tae Kancha, April.
12 New: Non Koh Chang, P Chanthaburi, N, Sulai, April, Gorn Baan Pong, Apinan Kancha, TT Kancha, Tavan, New-Haier, Anish, Ball at Bua Chompu.

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Bangkok gay massage 2022

Bangkok gay massage 2022

Massage places change even quicker than saunas, too quick for me to keep track. And not my core business anyway, but with several recent positive experiences (whereas the years before mostly soso), and promising pictures online, I will dig deeper when I'm back.

There are other reviews of massage places with better coverage:
https://m4m-massages.com (currently offline: Bangkok M4M Massage Shops Coming Soon)

Sorted alphabetically by location. Some just mentioned, some with details from visit.

White House Spa
22 Soi Ladprao 128/1 (opposite Ladprao Soi 101)
Not on google maps? Coordinates 13.7745, 100.6287

285 massage&spa โชคชัย4แยก83 (Chokchai 4 Yaek 83)
https://twitter.com/285_spa Promising pictures!

K B Boy Massage ลาดพร้าว 101 แยก8 (Ladprao 101 Yaek 8)

Malaysia Hotel area
Magic Hands changed name (and owner?) to Mooklada.

The Palace (Soi Sribampen) has one gay boy (tall slim, he is on gay online dating) who has been there for years, and I spotted and chatted with another one who is clearly my type. But he was there only a few times and we didn't get to business.

Zy Massage (former Lomchoey) operating as usual.

From East to West. The following three all
North of Silom road, under BTS Silom. DD Massage. Olivia Massage. Chang Massage has one slim boy, but he wore a face mask every time I passed.

Paradis Massage in Silom Soi 2. Paradis (sic!) Massage upstairs from S&P. I met Nin there a few years ago and massage and extracurricular activities were promising. We stayed in contact on Line, communication was awkward, but he sent me this picture which kept me hooked:

One hour oil massage 500. Nice room and shower. In room 14:37, take shower, massage starts 45. Good massage, no erotic touching, but after turn around points to my penis and asks if I want massage here, which I confirm. Then grope him, he pulls up his shirt and takes off his long pants, then boxers, then trunks down. A bit cold and wet skin. No sixpack as in picture, rather a hint of a belly. Nice balls and cock, little pubic hair. Soft nice shape and size, gets
only half hard, no increase in size. Continue massage to 15:40. 800 tip. No repeat.

Bua Chomphu Massage in Silom Soi 3
One hour oil massage 400. Ball is the only massage boy there? Shower, massage 19:17-20:15. Good massage, good erotic. Then turn over, continues good. Hand under his shirt, he takes off his clothes but keeps mask on. Gets hard quickly, nice cock and balls, crab ladder. Skin temp and color okay. Good activities. 800 for Ball well deserved. Repeat some day and full recommendation.

Details here (members only): https://sawatdeenetwork.com/v4/showthread.php?22755-Ball-at-Bua-Chompu-Massage-Silom-Soi-3

Silom Soi 6
Massage places in Silom Soi 6, starting from Silom, on right side unless otherwise indicated: The Natural Massage, Relax Thai Massage (left), The Paradise, Maha Massage, M Star Massage, Thai Prime Massage, The Prime Massage (left). Tawan Massage = The Sun is gone.

Silom Plaza (not to be confused with Silom Complex)
Copied and edited from gay activities dec2021:
Fri31dec2021 Bangkok
Arena Massage 17:08 count 7 boys. One looks okay but busy in gym. Ask for Ne from Buriram to make an excuse. (Ne used to work there many years ago, but better than telling them all their current boys are not my type.)

One boy at Thai Best looks okay. Sit nearby and play on my phone and finally make up my mind to get massage with him. Go in and ask how many boys, she shows me boys on mobile. The boy I wanted is not their staff (wears different shirt). Go for Top from Roi Et.

400 oil massage one hour (17:30 to 18:20, I point out that we have 10 minutes left, Top says for shower, points at my penis and says “very good”. Was that an offer for a handjob?) Fully dressed and mask most of the time. 300 tip for Top good massage but no erotic.
No repeat.

Saphan Khwai and Inthamara =
Sutthisan Winitchai
The part of Sutthisan Winnitchai that has the massage places is called Inthamara: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutthisan_Winitchai_Road 

Check massage places on Sutthisarn: a place B.P.House that I don’t remember from before empty and for sale. 69 Massage gone (premises now part of KFC? still listed on google maps). Entire area opposite Home Spa https://twitter.com/spagay31, including Soi 31, empty plot behind corrugated iron wall. Home Spa open, staff shows me about 10 boys on pictures, none clearly my type. Among them Pond former X-Boys, I saw him there but ruled out for crab ladder. Have a look at Inthamara Spa, they have the same boys. Kop Thong (golden frog) massage enter and spot two ladies at reception. They were busy with a customer, so I left without being noticed. Days later I would learn from an online-dating-acquaintance that Kop Thong has massage boys. Weeks later, I find
Ogasms Health Spa Inthamara Soi 14 online https://www.facebook.com/Ogasms-Spa-100243725064481.

Kop Thong changed name to 27M Massage (Inthamara Soi 27) https://twitter.com/bkboyboy not to be confused with K B Boy Massage in Ladprao. ฟ้าหลังฝน นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ Fah Lang Fon Massage changed name to Choe Kan Massage.

There is yet another place 15M Massage https://twitter.com/boybk12345 with pictures of boys and phone number of places above, but no address. Or just a backup twitter account? Update: their Line and location connects to ฟ้าหลังฝน นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ Fah Lang Fon Massage = Choe Kan Massage.

ฟ้าหลังฝน นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ Fah Lang Fon Massage
(Shares boys with Kop Thong Massage, select from pictures.)
One hour aroma massage 400. Shower, wait in room, boy arrives 13:45. I'm lying on my front and hear the boy undress. Later feel his naked skin (upper inner thighs) on mine (upper outer thighs), this should be standard! A mirror in the rooms would be advantageous. Good leg massage, but I would rather have more back massage. Then puts my leg on an angle to reach genitals and good erotic, but not my style (can’t see or touch him), indicate to stop. Boy continues good back massage. Then turn over and repetitive massage of my upper thighs, so I take action. Boy ticklish on neck and evades kiss. Good nipple play and wanking. Small balls and cock soft, medium size when hard (with difficulty, and quickly looses it). Nice buttcheeks* and body in general, tensed sixpack. Good attitude and nice character. From Myanmar, but seems to be fluent in Thai. No English. We leave room 14:40 and shower together to 45. Boy washes my back and legs, I return the favor. That should be standard everywhere! 800 tip for Mueang (minimum tip was 700 for him, 600 for some others). Repeat some day and full recommendation (except if you like big cock, nothing to gain with Muang).

*I have him lying on his front and when I run my fingers through his buttcrack, he tenses his butt cheeks to indicate “no more”. Love those grooves in his butt cheeks when tensed!

Details here (members only): https://sawatdeenetwork.com/v4/showthread.php?22768-Muang-at-Fah-Lang-Fon-Massage
There are several long-running (pre-Covid) gay massages near BTS Saphan Khwai, but from memory Gbeat massagehttp://gbeatspa.com/ is rather recent.

Expensive places not covered
(Everything > 500 THB for one hour oil massage or minimum tip > 800 THB is expensive by my standards.) In general, I find my needs served better by meeting boys from online. To get a massage with happy ending, I have to go to a place, pay on average 400 THB to the shop and 800 to the boy. Chances that I'm fully satisfied are 25% (but 50% so far this year). Whereas meeting a boy from online,
I don't have to spend time traveling, tip is 500 to 1000, and chances for a good encounter are 50%. Furthermore, oil and happy ending do not go well together for me. And I don't like to be restricted in time. 
Climax Spa Charansanitawong Soi 13
One hour aroma oil massage 800 THB and minimum tip 1000 THB? Not with me!

Ganymede was on my list of places to go some day, but after reading their price list, no thanks. I can get two boys for that price.

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Bangkok gay saunas 2022

Bangkok gay saunas 2022

Overview of currently open gay saunas in Bangkok. Update of previous similar posts:
For general remarks see these. This posts includes saunas closed since my last post as well.

This post is mostly armchair research. I have only been to a few. In all other cases I just called or checked their Facebook, Twitter, Line. In these uncertain times it's better to call everywhere to make sure they are open.
Times are in 24-hour-system, omitting zero minutes for full hours.

Alphabetic list (numbered, disregarding numbers, articles, punctuation marks, “sauna” in name) with websites (only their own website or facebook, not counting entries on other websites; “offline” means nothing comes, “overtaken” means other stuff is displayed, date is when I first noticed) and landline phone number:

NEW 1 Baan.JV (Sukhumvit Soi 81, about 5 min walk from BTS On Nut) confirm location 4may2022
https://r3groupth.com/#branch says:
R3 Group has 4 branches of joy. Ready for everyone to taste different styles in each branch as a different flavor. The party line at R3 SAUNA, the warm Daddy line at SAUNA MANIA, the premium line at BKP and the outdoor line at BAANJV.

CLOSED 2 Babylon (Sathorn Soi 1) 2jun2017
Threads about their closing:
https://sawatdeenetwork.com/v4/showthread.php?22371-Babylon-the-Great says French restaurant 'Le Bouchon' moved from Patpong to former Babylon, report from 3may2022, but I didn't notice anything on 5may2022.

NEW 3 Ban69sauna (access from Ramkhamhaeng Soi 66 or 68; same owner as Mailbox)
https://www.facebook.com/บ้าน69-ซาวน่าเกย์-Ban69-Sauna-Gay-100308072458496 (last post 14dec2021)
www.ban69sauna.com (29may2022: 404 Not Found)

4 Beach Resort (Sukhumvit Soi 71, Soi 10, Yaek 10)
02-711-1240 (call 29apr2022: open; Fri Sat until 5 am).

NEW 5 BKP (Ladprao Soi 115, near The Mall Bangkapi)

6 Chakran ฉกรรจ์ (BTS Ari, Soi Ari)
02-279-1359, 02-278-5310
twitter vckcoolspace: 20-23 y.o. 120 THB, 23-24 160, 25 up 390 (and a ticket for a free second entry Mon-Thu except holidays), various theme nights.

ASSUME CLOSED 7 Cruising (Pahonyothin opposite Major Cineplex Ratchayothin, now accessible by BTS extension)
02-930-3538 (call 29apr2022: the number does not exist)
http://www.saunabangkok.com (29apr2022: this domain is for sale)
http://cruisingsauna.com/ (29apr2022: this domain is for sale)

ASSUME CLOSED 8 Dejavu (Ladprao Soi 122)
http://www.gthai.net/dejavu/ (gone)
http://www.saunabangkok.com (29apr2022: this domain is for sale)

9 Farose 1 (BTS Saphan Kwai, Pradipat Soi 19)
(one website for both branches)

not investigated

10 Farose 2 (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21)
02-319-4054 (call 5mar2022, then go)

11 G-Point near old Southern bus station.
https://www.facebook.com/GPointSauna/ (last entry 15nov2021: phone number
0923574545), (open every day 14-23, entry 150, for over 50 y.o. 300)
02-041-0090 (call 29apr2022: nobody picks up)

12 Grey Gymnastics (Soi Ronachai 2 near Samsen railway station)
not investigated

13 Heaven (Silom / Mahesak)
02-266-9092 (call 29apr2022: open Tue-Sun 13-22; closed on Mon)

NEW 14 Krubb Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 48) 02-391-9317
By coincidence in same location as Mind Phrakhanong was. I went on 25feb2022 and spoke to manager/owner, they were not aware that this place has been a gay sauna before. Fri and Sat show/orgy from 20, this was my best sauna visit in the last 2 years. Details in gay activities Feb2022.

15 Macho (Borommaratchachonnani Soi 15 behind Central Pinklao)
http://gthai.net/machosaunagay/ (29apr2022: 404 - Document Not Found)
https://www.facebook.com/saunamacho1 (last post recent, frequent posting, 0641084793)
(facebook of Nake has posts for Macho, last post 14dec2021, 02 047 8938)
not investigated

RENAMED 16 Male Box (Rama II Soi 52 next to Central Rama II, opposite Big C and HomePro)
02-848-1190 (call 29apr2022: no connection) changed name, same location:

NEW NAME 17 Mailbox (Rama II Soi 52 next to Central Rama II, opposite Big C and HomePro; same owner as Ban69sauna
https://www.facebook.com/เมลบอกซ์-ซาวน่าเกย์-MailBox-Sauna-Gay-103350152150042 (last post 14dec2021)
http://www.mailboxsauna.com/ (29may2022: 404 Not Found)

18 Mania (Silom Soi Convent)
(26feb2022: confirmed open, no show)

19 M-Place (Tiwanon Road Nonthaburi)
02-951-4918 (call 29apr2022: open 13:30-20).

20 Nake (Happyland / Ladprao / The Mall Bangkapi)
02-047-8938 (call 29apr2022: the number does not exist)
(Muffil in Ladprao Soi 113 closed in Aug 2016, successor Nake opened in Sep 2016 in Happyland)
not investigated

21 Paradise (Bang Khen) Ngamwongwan Soi 23.
http://www.paradisesauna.tht.in/ (29may2022: Not Found File From Server THTWEB)
https://www.facebook.com/saunaparadise (no activity, automatically generated?; 29may2022 gone)
not investigated

22 Phoenix (former EDOK, Taksin road Soi LG near Soi 14)
02-465-6566 (call 29apr2022: open 12-24, weekend to 6 am).

23 Pumarin (Phahon Yothin Soi 72, near Zeer Rangsit) 02-531-0280
http://www.thepumarin.com/sauna (22mar2017 offline)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pumarin-Sauna-and-Spa/132602066936196 (last post 18jul2017)
not investigated

24 R3 (Ratchada Soi 3)

CLOSED 25 Tara Sauna Bang Khen
closed walk past 8mar2022

26 Tara Sauna Bearing Soi 40
https://www.facebook.com/gaysauna.and.hosttell/ error message
(ธาราซาวน่า ฟิตเนส เกย์ gay sauna, recent post 21may2022)

27 39 underground (Pahonyothin BTS Saphan Kwai)

ASSUME CLOSED 28 Warm Up (former Orion, Boromratchachonani behind Lotus Pinklao)
02-884-6090 (call 29apr2022: nobody picks up)
http://orionsauna.com/ (29apr2022: this site can't be reached)
https://www.facebook.com/somkiart.phasuksathaporn (last post 30jul2016)

29 Waterboy Onsen (Rama II road between Soi 17 and 19)
not investigated

This post represents the best of my knowledge. I'm thriving for completeness, if you know more, please comment.

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Thursday, 26 May 2022

Gay activities Jan2022

Gay activities Jan2022
Gay activities and updates on Bangkok and Pattaya gay venues. Culinary discoveries. Public transport Bangkok – Pattaya. All times are in 24-hour-format, omitting minutes for full hours.

Sun2jan2022 Bangkok
A boy Apisit from the outskirts wants to come to meet me, I agree to pay for taxi 340 THB from Om Yai. Actually I had offered 1000 for return trip, but then he wants me to send money in advance or to send a taxi to pick him up, I refuse. In hindsight, should have sent a taxi (grab) to pick him up, send his phone number to taxi driver so they can arrange the details, and I pay on arrival.

Flashback: In feb2011, I had a delicious meal with a Thai friend. I enjoyed the meal so much that I asked him to write down the name: หมูทอดกระเทียม (mŏo tôt grà-tiiam) pork fried with garlic. Few of the หมูทอดกระเทียม I ate until now were as delicious, and the secret lies in the way of preparation: I like the garlic crispy. In Tom’s Café (Soi Sribampen) I found a place that makes หมูทอดกระเทียม to my liking. You can replace the pork by chicken (accidental finding, they were out of pork and suggested I take chicken). For good measure, I order it with extra garlic, extra crispy.

Even better, after trying several kinds of fried garlic and onion/shallot from supermarket, I found some (
Aree Fried Garlic Slice) that tastes as good and that I now eat, in small amounts, like potato chips/crisps:

Mon3jan2022 Bangkok to Pattaya
In these uncertain times, have to call everywhere, in this case bus station, to see if they are open and if opening times or frequency have changed.

Trip to Pattaya as before Covid: bus 46 to Bang Na. Roong Rueang to North Pattaya bus station. Normally I would wait on North Pattaya road for a passing songtheo (10 THB to South Pattaya Second Road), but one of those waiting quotes 30 THB to take me (among other passengers) to Tuk-Com, an offer I accept.

I used to stay in Baan Dok Mai which is permanently closed. But Mosaik is open and has standard room for 500 THB. Great value for money! Room to room in a record time of 3h28 min.

While walking around in town, by chance meet two friends who made it to Thailand. Everyone with a bit of common sense stayed home or went elsewhere, but some of my hardcore sex-tourist friends made it to Thailand. (Referring to entry conditions at that time: original and revised (Omikron) Test & Go, with PCR tests and one or two nights in hotel).

And old regular Spy comes to my room and we have a good time. 1000 well deserved.

Nice Boys soft drink 200 (up from 170 ? before Covid), stay 21:05-44. They have 6 boys (most of them in trousers shirtless on stage) and between 1 and 6 customers. I witness two offs.

BoyzBoyzBoyz open and show in alley. X-Boys one staff outside 23, they are open 12-22:30 but only outside (chairs, tables).

Tue4jan2022 Pattaya
Join a Farang friend for breakfast at Gafae (South Pattaya road, West of Tuk-Com), good food!

Walk around Jomtien Complex, plenty of boys in massage and bars, several my type.

Walk along Jomtien beach during low tide and spot several sea urchins / hedgehogs (some dead, some alive), but no other animals or plants or garbage. Stepping on a sea urchin / hedgehog would be the end of a holiday!

Before Covid I would rarely go to Jomtien, but now there is no entertainment for more than one night left in Sunee and Boystown, and there are no Italian restaurants open here either (but several around Jomtien Complex), so I would make a daily trip to Jomtien Complex. Getting back after 23 can involve long wait (10 min) for a songtheo.

An old regular Wim comes to my room. We have fun, but then a call from his boss: there is nobody left at his workplace, he has to go there to stay over night (fear of thieves breaking in). Meet again another day for overnight. He didn’t ask for money and I didn’t give any (but compensate next time).

Wed5jan2022 Pattaya
So far I met only regulars (with whom I have been in contact during my absence) and haven’t been on online dating, now go on online dating to see who else is around.

An old regular Chan Khmer comes to my room for 1000. He still rates highly for brown skin and absence of body hair, but since we first met, he is 5 years older and 5 kg heavier and the original attraction is largely gone. No repeat.

Thu6jan2022 Pattaya
I go to meet an old regular Sun at his place and we have a good time.

Fri7jan2022 Pattaya
Alek from hornet comes to my room. Nice face and haircut, good character and good English, good activities, but not so much my type. Ask him for back massage, does it good. Didn’t ask for money.

Gogo from grindr comes to my room. Body okay, activities not my style. Didn’t ask for money.

That's a surprise, despite being in Pattaya and the current economical situation, two boys for free!

And old regular Nine comes to my room for 1000. Great body as before, interesting conversation in English, okay activities. Ask him for back massage, good. Let him wear various underwear but no clear hit.

At night, meet a Farang friend in Jomtien. General chat, then ask him to watch me while I go for a swim to see if there is fluorescent plankton. Keep my flip-flops on (afraid of sea urchins / hedgehogs). They float on water, no need to tie them to my ankle. About 100 m from shore plankton clearly visible, but low density and still light from beach. Bye 23:55 in Jomtien Complex. In the center still activity. Have to wait 10 min for songtheo back to South Pattaya.

Sat8jan2022 Pattaya
I thought now I can get any boy at any time, the occasion to get some who are further down on my list who I missed in previous years for space/time problems. I was wrong!

Pla and Zag read my messages but no reply, Vakim suddenly offline while chatting. Zag later writes he has boyfriend already.

Flashback: During my time in France (2011-2013), I had the most delicious salmon I ever ate. No salmon I ate afterwards could match the taste. Now, in La Cuisine au Beurre, is the first time I eat salmon (salmon in white wine sauce with mashed potato 269 THB) that matches the salmon in France in taste and solves the mystery: I prefer salmon boiled/poached, whereas most places serve fried salmon.

Update apr2022: The foodcourt at Ikea Bangna has boiled salmon as well. However the sauce covers the taste, I have to lick off – in my mouth – the sauce first so the salmon can unfold. Or next time ask to have the sauce separate from the salmon.

First-world-problems: salmon, boiled not fried; with a sauce that does not cover the taste.

Another un-matched taste meal I had in France is pizza margherita with goat cheese. I'm still looking for place where I can get something similar.

But back to bars and boys.

Nice Boys 21:00-40. 5 boys 0 customers when I enter, one other customer during my stay. Drink for me 200, ring the bell for drinks for boys and one staff and tip everyone 100 and some encouraging words. Total 2000, highest I have ever spent on drinks and tips in a bar.

In Sunee Plaza open: Winner Boys (only outside, a few boys and owner?), The One (few boys and customers), Euro Boys. Total less than 10 boys and 10 customers.

Sun9jan2022 Pattaya to Bangkok
Return by van from South Pattaya to BTS Bangna, then continue by BTS and MRT, room to room 3h16min, another record!

Bond Korat comes to my room and stays over night, another good time!

Wed12jan2022 Bangkok
No luck: boy on Blued horny but slow reply, Ter was willing but slow and then now reply. NikSNO out with friends.

Thu13jan2022 Bangkok
A comes in the evening and stays over night.

Fri14jan2022 Bangkok
Daytrip with A and another over night.

Sat15jan2022 Bangkok
Hugging in the morning, breakfast, bye.

Go to see an old friend in Ratchada for general chat.

An old acquaintance Jumbo comes to my room and we have a good time. 1000 well deserved.

Mon 17jan2022 Bangkok to U-Thong
Travel to U-Thong for sightseeing with a Farang friend and to meet a boy (first encounter 2019 in Suphanburi). He asked for perfume from Germany as a gift. I don’t use perfume and wouldn’t gift perfume, but years ago another friend asked for perfume from Germany, and I had one bottle left, perfect for this occasion!

Tue18jan2022 U-Thong
Once I made the effort (packing, bus) to get out of Bangkok, it would be a waste to return after 3d2n in U-Thong. Chat with other boys in nearby provinces: Ben in Chainat dead (details see “Roll Call”), Fluke in Ang Thong is afraid of Covid and can’t meet me, but a friend in Phetchaburi is eager to meet, so I go there.

Wed19jan2022 U-Thong to Phetchaburi
Sun Hotel 590 THB per night. Things I don’t like: bedlinen three layers (loose*) that become messed up. Wardrobe no door. Things I like: nice light behind bed (silhouette of Khao Wang), shoes to wear in room provided.

* That’s a general issue in some hotels. I guess they wash only the outer layers that come in contact with skin. Saves energy, but messy.

Thu20jan2022 Phetchaburi
Meet Frank for lunch, to my room 12:04 and we have a good time. Bye 13:58 in my room. Then 14:09 messages me asking for money, I agree. Meet 14:31 in basement/parking, there is staff around and I don’t want to hand him money in front of staff, so I ask him to take me to Wat Yai Suwannaram which is on his and my way. 500 Frank at Wat Yai Suwannaram, bye 14:44.

Fri21jan2022 Phetchaburi to Bangkok
Even before Covid, there were only few northbound trains (i.e. going to Bangkok from Phetchaburi, Hua Hin, Ratchaburi), and now several don’t run at all. I have to take the bus!

Sun23jan2022 Bangkok
Try to get various boys, no luck. Pond ex Super A suddenly offline during negotiations, count as no-show.

Mon24jan2022 Bangkok
NikSNO cancels (gets vaccinated). Ter working, free from 23, agree on 500. But then get Chat and no message from Ter and too late. Update: no further message from Ter. I have had so many sudden loss of contact or no-show from Ter that I stopped counting.

Go to see Chat in his hotel room nearby. Interesting chat, has been to Europe. Fluent in English and similar way of thinking. Too fat, but nice character and brown skin.

Tue25jan2022 Bangkok
NikSNO comes to my room and we have a good time. Stays over night.

Wed26jan2022 Bangkok
Second round in the morning, breakfast, 300 for taxi.

Slow reply from MaxPlok (was supposed to meet for lunch at Lotus Rama 2). Without efficient communication, I will not go to Rama 2 in the hope that he is online, has free time and willing to meet. Count as missed.

Boy from Lak Si (NewHaier, great body picture but face in videochat on Line only soso) would come to my room by taxi but has no money and doesn’t react on my offer to pay on arrival.

Thu27jan2022 Bangkok
K-Pak comes to my room. General chat, good English, then fun. A bit hairy, but else all fine. Repeat.

Fri28jan2022 Bangkok
Try again to get boy from Lak Si or MaxPlok, to come to my room, in vain.

Join a friend to gay discos. (name?) in Mansion Seven in Ratchada, but the disco is closed. Continue to Fake. No vaccination card or ATK required. Everything outside, some food served. Not much to see, not many guests, none my type. Leave 22:22.

Sat29jan2022 Bangkok
Tong Tong forgot to message me after work, SuWin “maybe” then not read, Pong ex Super A agreed but then not online.

Sun30jan2022 Bangkok to Pattaya
Call airport bus (line 389 Suvarnabhumi to Jomtien): next bus 14:30, then 16:30. What a gap! Taxi to Ratchaprarop, ARL to Suvarnabhumi, bus 389 to Jomtien but get out in South Pattaya, songtheo to Tuk-Com. Total travel time 3h32min.

Royal House massage has one masseur (slim brown, but old and facial hair).
X-Boys and Dream Boys (now open, was closed last time) only outside service, few boys, no cute.

Wim is home in Korat, Bond Korat is in Chonburi town, so I go to Nice Boys. Nice Boys is my joker, in easy walking distance and the bar I go every trip to Pattaya. I save it for middle or end of my trip, but now everything else failed.

Nice Boys 21:38 8 boys 1 customer, up to 3 customers during my stay. Boys pull down their pants and work up erection for other customer. 

One of the customers distributes “Hokkaido baked cheese tarts” among everyone present. Delicious! Take a note and later get some in Bangkok. And a friend in Bangkok swears by their chocolate cake, which I have yet to sample.

I have my eye on Dui. He has been there for years, slim body as I like but heavily tattooed which I don’t like. But I have a recommendation from a friend, and he has been on my mind for years. Dui busy with his phone throughout, have to ask staff to call him. Audition positive, out out 22:10 with Dui 200 drink for me, 200 drink for Dui, 400 off-fee.

We go to my room on Dui’s mocy, a good start (my hand on his chest, abdomen, upper thigh). General chat, good activities and body, 1000 tip well deserved, repeat some day.

Mon31jan2022 Pattaya
Many homeless around Tuk-Com, there were none before Covid.

Join Farang friends at Divarium. Cute boys as staff, as customers and in other bars. Great way to observe them in their natural habitat, some who are potential sexual partners judging by pictures on their online dating profiles, and now seeing them in real), I can rule out because we are different in character or they smoke cigarettes.

But overall, I don’t feel comfortable sitting in a bar in Jomtien Complex. I don’t like loud music and cigarette smoke. And I like to operate out of the movement, like Blitzkrieg, whereas sitting in Jomtien Complex can be compared to trench warfare. Walking past a massage place with masseurs sitting outside, and then descending like a dive bomber on my target, is more my style. You can have this at the massage place towards the beach.

Summary Jan2022
11 Free sex: Wim, Sun, Alek, Gogo, Bond Korat, A, U-Thong (perfume as gift), Frank Phetchaburi (500), Chat hotel, NikSNO (300 for taxi), K-Pak.
5 Paid sex: Spy 1000, Chan 1000, Nine 1000, Jumbo 1000, Dui Nice Boys 1000 = 5000.
1 No sex: old friend in Ratchada.

1 Boy cancels: NikSNO (gets vaccinated).
1 Refused: Zag has boyfriend already.
5 Missed: Apisit Om Yai, Mac Pitsanulok, NewHaier from Lak Si (wants me to send money online, refuses my offer to pay for taxi when he arrives), MaxPlok, Tong Tong, SuWin.
2 No show: Pond ex Super A, Pong ex Super A.

12 Repeat: Spy, Wim, Sun, Nine, Bond Korat, A, Jumbo, U-Thong, Frank Phetchaburi, Nik SNO, K-Pak, Dui Nice Boys.
4 No repeat: Chan, Alek, Gogo, Chat hotel.

10 Old: Spy, Wim, Chan, Sun, Nine, Bond Korat, A, Jumbo, U-Thong, NikSNO.
6 New: Alek, Gogo, Frank Phetchaburi, Chat hotel, K-Pak, Dui Nice Boys.

Update: I posted about new talent in Pattaya on online dating here (access for members only): https://sawatdeenetwork.com/v4/showthread.php?22662-New-talent-in-Pattaya-Jan-2022

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Saturday, 14 May 2022

Quiz: What's the purpose?

Quiz: What's the purpose?

A pre-quiz might be to find out what is shown in the picture. It's explained after the following cat pictures taken from:

22 Photos That Prove Anything Looks Better With a Cat Face

A wooden leg of a table in a small plastic cup in a large plastic cup, with water between the cups.

Solution in a week.

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