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Dating Thai boys (88) Popular boy pictures (2)

Dating Thai Boys (88) Popular boy pictures (2)

Continued from, see there for introduction.

All pictures in this post are from social media, and appearance in my blog or on gay online dating does not mean that the boy is gay or available. On the contrary, the online dating profile is most probably not the boy in picture and you are best just wasting your time, at worst being scammed by chatting with the profile.

Some boys appear twice in this post. Most of these boys I have seen on fake gay online dating profiles, and for the rest I can easily imagine their pictures being used for fake profiles.

In some cases, the boy (not pictured in this post) is aware of this. says:
(I don’t have grindr & blued, those are fake accounts and scammers)

The tattoo says: Street Workout.

The following are not clear to me. My attempts at explanation.

Vegetable oil is going to be used as lubricant for fucking?

Money boy is disappointed with tip of 100 THB?

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Sending money to SEAsia

Sending money to SEAsia

When I go somewhere for holiday, I research in advance which way (exchange cash or withdraw money from ATM) has the least loss against exchange rate on But for spending longer time, a bank account in that country is useful for general life and for transfer and storage of money.

Ever since all banks started charging ATM fees around 2015, I have been sending money from my German bank account to my Thai bank account with Transferwise (now just: Wise) and have been happy with their service. Details here:

In preparation of my trip to Cambodia (Oct 2020 to present), I sent money to a friend’s bank account with Transferwise. There were unsually high fees that were not under Transferwise’s control, but still make sending money with transferwise uneconomical. I shared details here:

Now I withdraw money from ATM (4 USD ATM fee, 700 USD withdrawal amount, that's an acceptable loss), details here:

Within Cambodia, I have used Wing once to send money to a boy to see how Wing works. For a transfer of 50 USD there was a fee of 0.75 USD. I had to to give my friend’s and my phone number to the clerk. I didn’t get an SMS, but I assume my friend did. The receipt had an 8-digit number, which I sent to my friend so he can retrieve the money.

Now that I once checked how it works, I can go back to “I can’t/don’t/won’t send money online, because I don’t know how to do it and it’s too late/dark/rainy/windy/far…”.

ATMs in Cambodia are often air-conditioned and alone in a booth or several in a booth:

Here the air-con was set too cold, leading to condensation all over the booth:

Similar in Thailand, every bank has their own ATM leading to (collective noun for ATMs?) of up to 8 ATM (the highest number I have seen). Whereas in Germany, banks work together to share their ATMs without fee for customer, AFAIK there are two such groups and you just have to find an ATM from your bank's group to withdraw without fee.

A friend in Myanmar recently asked me for financial support, and I consider him a deserving case, and was up for the challenge of sending money to Myanmar, so I made some inquiries. Transferwise does not offer money transfers to Myanmar. A White friend who used to work in Myanmar doesn’t have a bank account there and doesn’t know how to send money to Myanmar.

A Myanmar friend who works in Thailand cannot send money from his Myanmar bank account to another Myanmar bank account while he is in Thailand. I don’t understand why, but that’s what he said*. He recommended truemoney, but my friend in Myanmar does not have truemoney and was not able to set up an account on truemoney.

* I refrained from asking the same question in a different way because he is intelligent and I don't want to sound like my Thai friends, who, when I answer a question with a statement, reply "Really?" and I think "Yes, that’s what I just said!"

One of my banks in Germany comdirect does not have Myanmar in their list of countries for online banking (but I inquired: upon written request they can transfer money to Myanmar, with fees).

My other bank in Germany consors has Myanmar in their list of countries for online banking. All I had was a picture of the boy’s bank book with his Romanized name, bank account number, name of bank. With name of bank I got the BIC from internet and the following details (edited for brevity):
Remittance Information
Fees and Charges
For Foreign Currency A/C – USD 11 (or) equivalent amount of USD 11 with SGD and EUR per transaction
Required Documents
Required documents depend on purpose of remittance (eg. agreement, contract, invoices, etc.)
*For any transfer amount of the purpose of Capital / Investment, Loan & Export / CMP Charges, documents must be provided.

Assuming there would be quite some fees, it’s not worth sending 50 EUR, but rather send 100 EUR, the highest I ever sent to a boy in one transaction. The transaction went through, with 100 EUR plus 19.95 EUR my bank’s fees plus 12.50 EUR receiver’s banks fees immediately deducted from my bank account.

7 days later, my friend received the money. I was worried if some documentation is necessary, see above. He received 165 kMMK, at 1 EUR = 1932 MMK that corresponds to 85.40 EUR, a loss of 14.60 EUR or 28,200 MMK on the 100 EUR I sent. That makes declared fees 19.95 EUR + 12.50 EUR + unspecified losses 14.60 EUR. I asked my friend for a screenshot or some other documentation, but he said he doesn't have any.

I spent 132.45 EUR, he received the equivalent of 85.40 EUR, which is a loss of 36 %. This is proof that you can send money from Germany to Myanmar, with unacceptable processing times and unacceptable fees. I wouldn’t do it again unless it’s a matter of life or death (mine, not the boy’s).

Western Union
It doesn't look bad on their website (fee 1.90 EUR, exchange rate 1 EUR = 1828 MMK, a loss of 6% against 1945) but only cash pick-up, which is an inconvenience on my friend's side. It sounds too good to be true, and it probably is.
There must be further hidden fees. There are 6 foot notes which gives an idea of what's to come.

About 15 years ago, using paypal was compulsory on ebay. Something I didn’t like, but had to submit to at that time. But since then, paypal is on my blacklist, and occasional news like this confirm my aversion to paypal. 

I ordered the ‘Persian rug’ pad from Etsy, and then had my account suspended


And reports of people with the same family name, or living under the same address, or having the same birthday as someone else, having their accounts frozen. Kafkaesque! Not with me!

Recently I became aware of a website that compares all money sending services. But couldn't help with EUR to MMK: We couldn't find any provider for a 100 EUR - MMK transfer.

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Gay activities Jun2021

Gay activities Jun2021
Gay activities in June 2021 and some notes on Angkor Wat without tourists and some general notes (restaurants, travel during Covid, life in SEAsia).

Tue1jun2021 Siem Reap
I had invited a local friend to join me on a daytrip (Banteay Srei temple, Kbal Spean and 1000 Linga rock carvings), but he didn’t sound overly enthusiastic yesterday and I can’t reach him on the phone this morning, so I go alone.

Each of these circles represents a lingam (penis), to fertilize the water flowing in the stream. Comparable to those at Kulen National Park and I wouldn’t be able to distinguish which is which and on google maps these two location are often confused.

Of the many restaurants at the car park, one is open, prices in menu start from 6 USD, but when I tell my driver that it’s too expensive, they offer discount to 3 USD. But the problem is not the price; it’s only meat dishes, and when I ask staff (no English) and driver twice each for steamed rice, no clear answer. Bye and eat along the road.

I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat pure meat dishes, only meat as an ingredient like fried rice with chicken. And instant discount of 50%, does that mean that all their prices in the menu are overpriced and they know that I know? I don’t want to support such practice.

Wed2jun2021 Siem Reap
Pich no show for date at 10.

I have one more full day for Angkor Wat (current promotion: day ticket for 37 USD is valid for two days, and valid from 5 pm the day before anyway) that I want to take use of.

Walk to roundabout (where idle tuktuk drivers wait for customer), but already after 50 m tuktuk driver approaches me. Speaks English and can read the list of places I want to visit that I wrote down*. A good start!

Find dinosaur carving at Tha Phrom. Details at

Arrive in Angkor Wat 17:15. Enter about 17:20. A few minutes later, inside, staff tells me they are closing. Stretch my stay inside to 17:30, but see main structure only from outside (I wanted to take pictures of Heaven and Hell Gallery). That means 17:30 closing time everyone has to be out, not last entry as I had hoped! Waste of 1 hour of daylight!

But elsewhere (Prasat Kravan) technically closed, but gate not manned and anyway accessible from everywhere. Use the rest of daylight there.

*Don’t hand your phone (with address or map) to anyone. They can drop it, rob it (more correct: steal, run away with it), accidentally get into my porn folder. Write addresses down on paper

A lesson I learnt in Vietnam in 2016. It was night, poor light, the address on their website was grey on black background, the first mocy driver I approached had poor eyesight. So he took my phone to pass it around the other mocy drivers, until one could read the address and know how to go. I felt like a retard!

Thu3jun2021 Siem Reap
I had agreed with a boy SRSpeFa to meet for 10 USD for fun at 10 o’clock. He finally arrives 10:53 and we go to my room. Weird smell (dental problem? putrid pimple?), some small talk. When he opens his mouth, sometimes a thread of saliva hangs between upper and lower teeth. Yuck! No kissing, no sucking. Then undress and hugging, unpleasant smell intensifies, I send him to take a shower. To bed, sometimes I can still smell, and by sniffing every pore of his body I can later locate it: armpit.

Face soso, activities soso (only does what I ask him, no initiative). Hugging okay, ask for massage okay, ask for nipple play okay. Big cock hard and soft a few times (gets hard when I touch it, I like it!). Skin rash on butt cheek and lower leg. Pubes not excessive in area, but long and bushy. On balls shaved but grown back, now unpleasant spiky. Hairy butt crack.

There is not much I can do with all those turn-offs. After pondering if and how to address the issue of smell, I tell him straight that his armpit smells. Take a picture of the rash on his butt cheeks and show it to him and give him 10 USD more to go to see a doctor. After he is out of my room, the smell lingers.

Déjà-vu: many years ago in Hua Hin, I had a boy from a bar who had rash on his butt cheeks as well (although that was like pimples, and the current is like scales). One of my current regulars in Phnom Penh has a pleasant body odor that lingers in my bedlinen. 

Language note: Déjà-vu the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time, a feeling that one has seen and heard before; (from Merriam-Webster) whereas I know and clearly remember and even have photographic evidence. I use Déjà-vu in the literal sense (French: already seen) here to express that an event is rare and unusual, and most people wouldn't encounter such an event once in their life, and I have been lucky to encounter it twice.

No character flaws other than asking for money (he said he never had sex for money before, and only does it of dire need, and I believe him). I would even describe him as sincere.

Sincere to the extent of being naïve. Weeks later he messaged and said he has no-one else to tell the following story: he fell in love on online dating with a White, and only after White asked him for money, he realized it’s a romance scam. And now he is heart-broken. A 27-year-old should be more street-wise! I feel sorry for the boy, but there is not much I can do.

Fri4jun2021 Siem Reap
No more curfew in Siem Reap, but nowhere to go at night. Gekko Massage open.

Sat5jun2021 Siem Reap
My favorite money boy in Siem Reap LyHeng comes to my room and we have a great time. 20 USD well deserved.

Ask at several bus company offices and a travel agency in town, no bus or inconvenient time or place of departure. But those too far away to walk there, I contact them on facebook and get quick reply and find a van to Phnom Penh on Monday.

Sun6jun2021 Siem Reap
A boy from online dating with a hair tattoo comes to my place. I love hair tattoos, but don’t like skin tattoos! Great body, great activities! Then rest/sleep/hug, I ponder: if he wants to stay overnight, I change bus from morning to midday. But he has to go home.


This was a filler, my mind was more on packing and travelling to Phnom Penh tomorrow than on sex. This boy would be worth coming to Siem Reap again in a few weeks, but he isn’t online everyday, and for every 5 messages I write in the course of a week, I get one reply. (Testing runtime and responsivity, both poor.) I don’t know why! If only he were asking for money, it would be so easy, I could be in Siem Reap in a few days.

Mon7jun2021 Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
Van to Phnom Penh uneventful, trip ends at My Hong bus office. Several tuktuk drivers hang around, one quotes 3 USD to my hotel, then lowers to 2.50 USD, but did not accept 7200 Riel (1.80 USD) I showed him as price on grab, so I use grab for the ride.

Donald is in home quarantine (despite full vaccination) because a co-worker tested positive.

Blue Chili closed. Toolbox no light outside, but some light inside, and indeed open and waiter from last time immediately recognizes me. No show (order from police). Golden Sorya Mall no lights outside, but dim light in bars and total over 20 customers.

Tue8jun2021 Phnom Penh
A friend moves rooms and has overlapping rent contracts (old room until 30jun, new room from 8jun, else landlord would have lent it to someone else), and the location and standard of room is good, so I stay there and pay him part of rent.

Arriving someplace new, it’s always interesting to see who is on gay online dating and I soon get a hit. Ching comes to meet me. Small talk. Used to work as mocy delivery but now unemployed. Serious skin issues on face (and later on chest and back), looks like he got under a bus. But nice character, slim brown warm dry, body hair okay. Ceiling lights off on his request. To bed and undress. He says I looked better on pictures with beard. He is hard from start, average cock and balls. Hugging, then he on top of me kissing (eyelids about 5 mm open, can see white), rubbing his dick between our abdomen and I can feel pulsating, and indeed he came. Wipe it off, continue hugging. Repeat.

Wed9jun2021 Phnom Penh
Giva free from 6 but unwilling to come here, and I unwilling to pick him up.

Thu10jun2021 Phnom Penh
Jane messages me he is here. I have a balcony to main road, and there is usually no person or passing traffic, so I can look down and I don’t see him and go back to my room. Elsewhere, I would have had to go down to main road and wait there. Jane messages me that he needs 5 min more, and finally arrives 10 min after original message. We have fun in bed and Jane stays over night.

Fri11jun2021 Phnom Penh
Fun in the morning. Jane is supposed to leave in the afternoon.
Chat online with Nico, we can meet tonight at Aeon Mall.

Jane stays in bed all day, sleeping or playing on phone.
13:30 ask him: when is your bus? I don’t know.
About 14:00 ask again: no reply.
Then 14:50 makes phone call and tells me his bus is 6 pm.
About 16:30: “Christian, can I stay one more night?” – “No.”
17:00 remind him of his bus and get a hug as response. Heavy rain, Jane calls bus station: departure by schedule. He missed the bus, next bus is 7:30 am tomorrow. I let him stay another night.
Cancel Nico under pretext of rain.

Once again too much encroaching on my time and freedom. Comparable to a boy Zacky in Bangkok many years ago. able with Zacky. After one or two hours together, with most boys I feel “Do you want to go home now?”, only few “Please stay!”.

Sat12jun2021 Phnom Penh
Jane leaves in the morning.

Go to Aeon Mall to meet Nico. Cute and interesting conversation. His room is nearby, so I ask to have a look: no aircon, no hot water. Toilet is blocked, for pooing has to use public toilet, but peeing in bathroom drain is okay. Rent reduced from 50 USD/month to 45 because toilet doesn’t work. Invite him to my room tonight.

Walk back and pass an intersection with bridges. No footpath over bridge, have to walk underneath. Homeless people living there and some insalubrious characters (look mentally ill or drug addict), one man approaches me in English “What are you looking for?”, “Where do you come from?”, “If you need something, you can ask me.” But today I'm a good boy (or rather I have learnt elsewhere the hard way - waste of time - that it's futile to tell him that I like boys) I reply only short and keep walking.

It's important to keep walking in such encounters. I do so subconsciously, and recently read that it's psychology: when you stop, you have shifted your attention from getting to your destination to what he is talking to you.

Nico comes to my room, we have fun and he stays over night.

Sun13jun2021 Phnom Penh
In the morning hugging, fun, lunch, bye.

Tue15jun2021 Phnom Penh
Online dating chat with Sophea. He is 10 km away but will come here. Delays from 12 to 13, I’m on road 13:30 waiting for him, finally he arrives 13:40. (Why did I not check from balcony as I did with Jane before? I don’t remember!) To my room. Face okay, shaved beard, does he wear make up? General chat in English, interesting background. But he didn’t come here to chat. Indecent touching and we undress. He is a bit on fat side. Skin temp okay, no hair on ass or balls. Talks too much during foreplay, playful in an annoying way. He wants me to fuck him, or he wants to fuck me. If we can’t fuck, he will go home, which is a relief for me! Bye 14:24. No money request for tuktuk either way.

Chat on Line with Nang Em, but not forthcoming. Anyway, okay picture on grindr, soso picture on Line (can’t even tell if it’s the same person), video chat okay. We have been chatting since 22mar, either he is a retard or evil forces in the universe prevent us from meeting, give up, i.e. abandon him.

Wed16jun2021 Phnom Penh
Jane finally here 13:19. Has not eaten breakfast. Share my lunch with Jane. Postpone trip to post office and Oudom garden because I don’t want to leave Jane alone in my room. His former workplace will not open again this year. Fun in bed, Jane stays over night.

Thu17jun2021 Phnom Penh
Jane bye in the morning.

Arthur & Paul Sauna fully open (ask at reception: everywhere open and full time open, busiest on weekends evening). Ganesh House Massage closed.

Fri18jun2021 Phnom Penh
Long chat with Horthy. Sometimes asks for money, sometimes is horny and wants sex without money. Pictures and videochat poor, but there is something that attracts me. I agree to go to pick him up, ready to call tuktuk, but then he asks for money again. I agree on 10 USD, but if he wants money, he has to come here and I will pay for tuktuk. Chat continues all afternoon and evening, postpones meeting several times, finally cancels 19:45 because he can’t come now (no further explanation). Big waste of time.

I had this before, extensive chat where the boy asks for details that I would leave for when we meet, and then boy cancels for some bullshit reasons.

Then 20:44 Horthy videocalls me, he is naked in bathroom and wanks until cum. Finally good light, face and body a bit on fat side. At least I know for sure he is horny in addition to needing money.

Vutra messages me 20:07. Video chat, face soso. Wants me to pick him up but I refuse. Comes on his own, arrives 20:55, I meet him on main road. Average looking. To my room, to bed. Average body. Limited English. Can’t figure him out, but when I ask if he likes my nippleplay, he confirms. Ceiling lights out on his request (he would like all lights out, but I keep one on). Hint of chest hair, pubes okay, no hair on balls and upper crotch. Nice balls and cock, quarter circle downbent. Wank him, glans free, notice a bit of smegma. But that shall not deter me from taking that beautiful cock in my mouth, after sending him to my bathroom to clean it. He lies on back (since beginning), I suck him, good geometry. He says “water will come out soon”, and asks if I want to eat it. Confirm. Cums in my mouth, semen duct and balls and crotch pulsating. Love it!

Afterwards: no money for passapp. Ask him how much he paid to come here, doesn’t understand the question. Then shows me on google translate: “You can give as much as you want.” 5 USD should be enough judging by distance, bye 21:34 on main road.

Two day hiking trip. Apart from our group, there are hundreds of locals, among them dozens of cute boys.

Mon21jun2021 Phnom Penh
Kai arrives by mocy 19:19. First visual impression soso and froggy eyes which I don’t like (can see full iris, looks like he is staring at me, this is enhanced by mask). To my room, general chat. English okay. Don’t know what to talk about or what to do, ask him to massage my back. He says he never did massage before, but does it okay. Long hair and a lot of giggling which I don’t like. Talk about traveling. When he shows me pictures of him on his mobile phone, there is one that shows hair on upper thigh, and I noticed hair on back of his hand, how do I get out of this? Somehow we get into hugging, he takes off his shirt and trousers, and I get nude as well. Hair on inner butt check and upper thighs. Didn’t even get into butt crack for fear of worse. Just enough hairless outer butt cheek and thigh to rest my hand on. Perfect warm dry skin throughout, even butt cheeks. Several turn-offs, no repeat.

Tue22jun2021 Phnom Penh
Donald postpones to Friday.

Horthy comes to my room for 5 USD. Last time I had offered him 10 USD, but today he messaged me (meaning he is horny or needs money, and I beat him down to 5 USD to compensate for my waste of time for fruitless chat before). First impression, even with mask, positive. In my room mask off, pimples no problem, rotten teeth? Takes shower, I have to dry his skin, then to bed. He is hard from start, about 10 cm bent down nice shape. Area of pubes okay, but too long. Likes kissing and getting sucked. Would like to fuck me, maybe next time. Good activities but a bit rushed. Then hurry to get home (mama calling, only 8% battery left).

Gorgeous body, good activities, repeat! This encounter can only count as getting to know each other, we spent only 33 min together (from meeting at main road to bye at main road, including shower), for which 5 USD is overpaid. But now I know that it was worth the long chatting, and how to handle him next time, in particular setting a minimum time of 1 hour.

Wed23jun2021 Phnom Penh
Old acquaintance Dara110 comes to my room for fun.

Go to meet Samnang near his workplace after work. A not so cute boy approaches me and shows me my chat on his mobile phone, I am confused how I could fall for him. But then he leads me to a BBQ restaurant where Samnang and friends are sitting, and Samnang is cute!

They invite me for BBQ dinner BBQ. The not so cute boy speaks okay English, Samnang not so much. Hold hands with Samnang under table. A good start, hopefully more next time!

Fri25jun2021 Phnom Penh
Accidentally deleted Blued yesterday (had 1.9 GB of data). Install new, log in, recent chats (48 chats, from 18jun2021) are still there, but older chats are gone, cannot get them by scrolling down or with search function. Friends list still there.

The loss of chats is annoying. With so many fake profiles, when there is a promising profile picture or promising stats, one has to ask for a face picture and make some small talk, now those pictures and small talk are gone and I might chat with the same profile again! Can lead to embarrassing moments like the following.

A friend in Thailand blocks all profiles that are not interesting to him, so he doesn’t see them every time he uses the app, maybe I should do the same.

Furthermore on the subject of gay online dating apps, worst (photographic quality) profile picture of the month:

A friend of mine manages a gay bar. I told him that he has 4 sqcm of my screen and 200 msec of my time to grab my attention with a profile picture.

Finally meet Donald again, after his quarantine and two postponements. We have fun and watch a movie.

Donald’s place is halfway from my room to Giva, so arrange to meet Give afterwards to save money and time on travel. Giva has been unemployed and needs money, that will facilitate negotiations. Wait for Giva half an hour, then chat 10 minutes. He cannot stay over night with me because his mother is sick, but he will come to my place tomorrow. Go home alone.

We met three times and it’s going downhill: first time good activities, second time call (sick relative in hospital) just when I want to start foreplay, third time nothing at all! But I see potential and will try again.

Sat26jun2021 Phnom Penh
Reasey is in walking distance to my room, we meet at local market and then walk back separately to my room, i.e. after one eye contact he follows me in a distance so nobody will see us together.

Very limited English. I take shower, he takes shower. Nice black/blue swimming trunks. He is hard from start. Nice body and skin color, some facial hair and excessive pubic hair and some on butt and upper thighs and crab ladder, but find spots for my hand and mouth. We have a good time, then rest and hug, he is sleeping. Then he plays on phone and shows me translation “Can I have 5 Dollar?” but I decline. Interesting, and excessive body hair not so much a problem, repeat!

Arthur & Paul entry 6 USD. Receptionist tells me steam room is closed. Then I see sauna is closed as well, not allowed due to Covid. But Jacuzzi is on and hot. There is a bordercase sitting across me, and I can just reach him with my foot. He takes my foot and massages it, later we go to a room. Good activities, exchange contact details.

About 10 customers throughout, total about 20 during my stay. Cute staff. No condoms and no drinking water provided. There are 102 locker (34x3), you can use any locker with wristband (contactless closing and opening).

Nico comes to my room and stays over night.

Sun27jun2021 Phnom Penh
Hugging in the morning, breakfast, bye.

Mon28jun2021 Phnom Penh
My friend in whose room I stay moves in. He had offered me several times to stay together for some days, and because that would save me one move to a hotel before traveling out of Phnom Penh, I accept. My first gay shared apartment (deutsch: schwule WG = Wohngemeinschaft)!

I was expecting incompatibilities (sleep-wake-pattern, aircon temperature, light/sound issues, you name it), but it worked surprisingly well! I would not have thought that after 17 years of living alone, I could live with someone else for several day, even worse, at his place under his conditions!

Tue29jun2021 Phnom Penh
Donald cancels, meeting at work took much longer than expected.

Wed30jun2021 Phnom Penh
Check Man World Massage (street 502, open 9-24, glass wall with curtains, boys not up yet 8:50, get business card, has 20-25 boys and I can get massage now, manager okay English).

Horthy is free now but wants 20 USD, does not accept 10.

Summary Jun2021 mostly Phnom Penh.
13 Free sex: SR6jun2021, Ching, Jane, Nico, Nico, Sophea, Jane, Vutra 5 USD, Kai, Dara110, Donald, Reasey, in A&P.
3 Paid sex: SRSpeFa 20 USD, LyHeng 20 USD, Horthy 5 USD + tuktuk = 45 USD.
3 No sex: Samnang, Giva, Nico.

4 Canceled by boy: Horthy, Donald (postponement counted as cancellation), Donald, Donald.
1 I cancel: Nico (because Jane stays longer than planned).
1 Negotiate: Horthy wants 20 USD, does not accept 10 USD.
2 No show: SR1jun2021, Pich.
1 Missed: Giva (I won't go to pick him up, he won't come to my place).
1 Abandon: Nang Em.

13 Repeat: LyHeng, SR6jun2021, Ching, Jane, Nico, Nico, Jane, Vutra, Horthy, Dara110, Donald, Reasey, in A&P.
3 No repeat: SRSpeFa, Sophea, Kai.

6 Old: LyHeng, Jane, Nico, Jane, Dara110, Donald.
10 New: SRSpeFa, SR6jun2021, Ching, Nico, Sophea, Vutra, Kai, Horthy, Reasey, in A&P.

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hair tattoo

Friday, 20 August 2021

Jokes about religion

Jokes about religion

Warning! This post contains blasphemy and I and everyone who reads this and finds it funny are going to hell, or at least get a laughing fit.

I came across these jokes/memes in a facebook group DACAD Dinosaurs against Christians against Dinosaurs. As I understand it, a counterpart to a group Christians against Dinosaurs, where Christians spread their belief that Dinosaurs are a hoax because they are not mentioned in the Bible.

Jokes (or rather memes, as it's picture and text that belong together) about religion. Christianity to be precise. Somehow Buddhism doesn't lend itself to being ridiculed, and jokes about Islam are suicidal.

I find Hindu deities much more interesting than Christianity. I never miss an opportunity to visit a Ganesha or Rahu shrine.

Some tales of Christianity are counter-productive. Take the "Immaculate Conception", or, in simple words "pregnant without fucking". For millennia, mankind has searched for ways to fuck without pregnancy.

Some of these jokes/memes made me laugh heartily, and I want to share the mirth with my readers. There are so many of them, I can even group them by subject. Fasten you seatbelt, here it goes.

How Christianity spread across the world

Noah's Ark:

And: Couldn't Noah have swatted those two mosquito?


And a scene from Borat: "Your lips are made to suck cock." - "My lips are made to praise the Lord!"

About homosexuality

Proof that there is no God

In the same vein, from memory:
"Did you know that 1 meter is exactly 1000 millimeter, that can't be a coincidence! That's God's plan!"
"Yes, and your legs reach exactly down to the ground!"

their typo: Its -> It's

The Pope

Their mistake: no comma after "but"
. Can't these people write a single sentence without a mistake or typo?


The Bible

their mistake: much -> many

It's not premarital sex if you never get married.
Follow me for more biblical loopholes.


A final warning

Let's not forget that religion is only funny for atheists as long as religious fundamentalists don't have power. When they are in power,

no more buggery, can't even sleep in on Sunday morning! I am writing about homosexuality because millions of people this month are celebrating it. My hope is to help Christians disapprove of it in a distinctly Christian way.

I first wrote about  this article here:

The difference between disapproval and castration/incarceration/stoning/you_name_it is just a question of power. See
Alan Touring, The Handmaid's Tale, Afghanistan, Iran.

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