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Gay Activities Sep 2018

Gay Activities Sep 2018

Sat 1sep2018 Bangkok
Prepare for trip to Cambodia. The boy S whom I met in DJ-station last month and who is supposed to be in Siem Reap now (and my message to him was just to confirm that we will meet there soon) is still in Bangkok and wants to meet. Why not? Have dinner, then to my room for horizontal activities.

S falls asleep, then wakes up and tells me he cannot stay overnight for lack of a Buddha statue or image in my room. Gaybutton once reported a case where a boy could not stay overnight for fear of ghosts in the bathroom. What stories do others have?

Up to 2013, I was looking for longtime. But nowadays I sleep rather alone. Particularly in this case, where I had travel preparations and an early start tomorrow.

Sun 2sep2018 Nakon Ratchasima
On a previous trip, I found a cute boy online and now we can meet. He is at a bar, drinking with a friend. I join for one drink, and then the life music becomes unbearable. Carefully approach the issue if he wants to come with me to my hotel: not now. In parallel work online (hornet and blued): when we are about to set up a meeting, one asks for money, sorry, bye. Another works until midnight, too late for me. To bed alone.

Mon 3sep2018 Siem Reap
Sightseeing all day, arrive in Siem Reap at night. Meet a boy Yabi from hornet for dinner, but I’m undecided whether to invite him to my room, so I don’t. Look in Barcode bar for an old friend and ask for him: don’t know. I should have brought a picture, but I was so convinced that I would find him online or in real, that I didn’t think of it.

Tue 4sep2018 Siem Reap
Sightseeing all day. Last year I met a very nice boy, but lost contact online. But I know where he works, go there and ask for him (with picture). He still works there, but is sick at home. Online contact re-established.

Wed 5sep2018 Battambang
Few weeks ago Tim from Battambang contacted me on hornet. Now would be the chance to meet him, but he works in Poipet. Same for another boy from Battambang, works elsewhere in Cambodia.

Thu 6sep2018 return to Bangkok
Boy-wise, no luck on this trip since I left Bangkok.

Fri 7sep2018 Bangkok
A boy I met some years ago in Seed Ramkhamhaeng Soi 53, and stayed in contact with, comes to meet me. Skin temperature okay, slim brown, but too hairy (I knew already from first encounter). Afterwards invites me for dinner. Good English and no character flaws, but too much body hair is no base for a repeat.

Sat 8sep2018 Bangkok
Meet the boy from yesterday for movie. Say goodbye and directly to Farose II (22:07-00:10). No more food on rooftop garden/restaurant. No more coke in the disco. Two changes that make Farose II less attractive. Some structural changes, and now a fridge with glass door and cold drinks for sale.

There is one cute boy who seems interested, but reticent? It took me over one hour of approaching him, the leaving him alone and looking elsewhere, then coming back, repeat; until I got him into a room. Very shapely head and neck (it was the perfectly globular back of his head that was the major attraction for me), body shape and skin temperature okay. But a crab ladder.

Exchange Line and should I ever travel to Yala, hope to meet him there. A lot of foreign boys (from Cambodia and Myanmar almost every time I go there), and Thai from the provinces in Farose II. Much more than in other saunas.

In Pattaya I know a boy who has no body hair at all (but is money boy - I just can't have everything together). To compensate for the two hairy ones above, next time I meet him I will kiss and lick from one knee via crotch to the other knee, and back, and forth.

This is how I feel about hairy upper legs (arbitrary pictures from gay dating and internet combined):

Sun 9sep2018 Koh Si Chang
During low tide, it’s possible to walk from Koh Si Chang to an uninhabited neighboring island. A fact I learnt of only recently, and a good reason to visit my friend there. Brown and slim, and we sleep in the same bed so I make a few probing gropes, but no response.

Tue 11sep2018 Bangkok
Ball from Kanchanaburi is in Bangkok and comes to my room 11:13-58. All fine in bed, but a bit rushed once again. Have to ponder if it’s worth 1000 THB.

For the afternoon a boy B wanted to come, no show. And as I had one in the morning, I didn’t message him to remind him (at 12:16 he said he would come to my place between 14:00 and 14:30), just to see if he remembers, or at least apologizes afterwards: nothing!

At night, a boy Em who works nearby comes for dinner and horizontal activities. Worth a repeat.

An interesting find on facebook "It's difficult to find a boyfriend. Looking for money is easier." Boyfriend or money! 2500 is absurd, but in other posts on facebook he asks for a reasonable 500.

Wed 12sep2018 Samut Sakorn
Go to Samut Sakorn to meet an old friend there. As before, activities in bed are worth the trip (about 3 hours each way) and cost for hotel (750 THB, usually I don’t spend that much, but he recommended the place and it’s in convenient location for me – close to bus stop – and for him).

Thu 13sep2018 Bangkok
Back in my room from Sakon Nakon, Tim from Battambang comes to meet me. Quickly get into bed, so-so (ticklish on neck and nipples, two areas that I very much like to get my lips and tongue on). Furthermore, he lied about is age (25 in hornet, but in real 30). No repeat.

Sake disco 00:56-3:07. Recently they introduced 120 THB entry which includes free mixers for the night. Surprisingly busy for a Thursday night. 12 Coyote boys 01:24-45. Mutual interest with Art, exchange Line to meet another day. Closing 3:00 sharp.

Fri 14sep2018 Bangkok
Art lives nearby (in Surawong) and is free now (early afternoon), go to meet him. His room is a bit bigger and nicer than mine. Activities in bed good, I’m looking forward for a repeat. Gay and living in Surawong can only mean one thing, and with little probing, he tells me he works in the show in a bar in Soi Twilight. We have lunch (Sukiya Japanese, my suggestion) together, and I would have invited him, but he was quicker with paying and refused my money. That’s a first, that a boy who works in a gogo bar (I don’t know if he goes with customers or just performs in the show) sleeps with me for free and invites me to lunch!

At night meet Em who works near my place again (comes after work for dinner and horizontal activities).

Sat 15sep2018 Bangkok
Meet an old friend NM whom I once offed years ago in Kawaii in Pattaya. He is not so much my type, but very interesting person. Now we are just friends, no sex, no money. We meet at Siam. NM brings his younger brother, who is gay but not my type. Both speak good English, and many a laugh is had by all of us, which is very rare. We have dinner and then embark on a quest for a new mobile phone case for NM. In Siam Paragon they don’t have what he is looking for, but in Central Chitlom. I would not believe it if someone told me, but I saw it with my own eyes, he paid 2500 THB for a phone case! My last phone cost 6000 THB.

Say goodbye and take bus to Pata Pinklao. Macho X sauna 20:23-21:10. Show is in progress, the very shapely 41 y.o. and a slim but a bit hairy younger one, and about 15 spectators (all too old and too fat for me). Show is Fri and Sat 8 pm.

Chat with K on blued, and go to see him as he lives nearby (Pinklao) and is free now. Confirm mutual interest, but postpone horizontal activities for another time.

Sun 16sep2018 Bangkok
A boy J whom I met twice in 2013, and whom I would have met more often but think he lost interest, is nearby on hornet and wants to meet. A bit too fat (already in 2013), and wet skin, and slight smell of cigarette smoke when kissing, but everything else is fine. “Fine” is an understatement, his blowjobs are the best I ever had, and he makes me cum twice within one hour. A biological miracle!

source: sent to me on Line by a friend

In the afternoon bus to Imperial Samrong to meet a boy Alex from hornet who lives there. Have lunch and watch a movie. After cumming twice today, I’m not in the mood for sex; agree to meet another time for more.

But even after cumming twice, once I have made the trip that far out, I can do a repeat visit to Tara Sauna Bearing Soi 40. Stay there 20:01-46, count 15 customers, estimate over 20, but all too old and too fat for my taste.

Mon 17sep2018 Bangkok
A boy Aran (hornet or blued?) who lives nearby comes to my room. A bit on the fat side, but perfectly warm and dry skin and no body hair. Have a good time in bed, worth a repeat.

Wed 19sep2018 Bangkok
After no actities yesterday, message various boys online, but either no reply or not free. But finally, I had given up for today, a boy J who lives nearby and whom I met last month, comes to my room for horizontal activities.

Thu 20sep2018 Bangkok
The straight boy I recruited at the pool last year was offline for months, but now is back and has been asking me daily for over a week when we can meet. Today is his chance! His body is fine, but small penis and doesn’t get hard, and no response to my caresses. But at 500 THB, and boy coming to my room on time, I can keep him on my list.

Fri 21sep2018 Bangkok
Sake 00:12-01:37. Entry on Friday 160 THB including mixers. 10 coyote boys. Several bordercases among the customers, but none of them interested.

Sat 22sep2018 Ang Thong
I have been in contact for months on hornet and Line with a boy Mos who lives in Ang Thong. And there is some sightseeing left, so I go to meet him and sightseeing.

Comes by old car from about 20 km out of town. Probably not his car, as he told me he owns a mocy. But Mos works in car repair and they might have a pool of old but road-worthy cars. My type, my style, will do a repeat some day. The first time that I have seen a cock-ring in action. Before only on pictures or rarely in a sauna.

Mos has to return home for early start tomorrow. That leaves me time to see who else is online in Ang Thong. And indeed, there is another cute who wants to meet. Picks me up at my hotel and we go for dinner. Then back to room, but doesn’t even want to take off his shirt. And chat before was all about relationship and not about sex.

Sun 23sep2018 Sukhothai
Sightseeing in Ang Thong, then bus to Sukhothai.

Mon 24sep2018 Sukhothai
Months ago, I came across a cute boy Tor on hornet, and we stayed in contact, and this trip was to meet him. He is free this Monday, and while my preference would be to meet at night (so I can do sightseeing during day), he wants to meet 14. That leaves morning and midday for sightseeing, and considering how hot and sunny the day was, that was enough time outside!

We meet at the bus station (he comes by mocy from about 20 km out of town), and then go to my room (hotel near bus sation). I take shower and emerge from bathroom in towel. Then hugging and groping and undressing (I naked, Tor in underwear), but Tor is indifferent in bed. Filed as “no sex” in summary. A bit on the fat side anyway. After about an hour napping together, Tor says he has to go home. Say goodbye and I remain a bit puzzled what he thought this meeting would be about.

Now I can cross him off my list of promising potential sexual partners. But when passing Nakon Sawan, I chatted with a boy whom I will visit some time soon (16oct2018, positive).

Still two hours daylight, perfect for sightseeing near town.

General note on using English or Thai. This boy (Tor Sukhothai) speaks good English, but still there are confusions:

The boy Alex in Samrong even more confusing:

Then I found out that he doesn't speak English, but used online translation, and switched to Thai, and now all clear.

Here one case that is incomprehensible:

Wed 26sep2018 Bangkok
An old acquaintance (ex-BFC3in2017) comes to Bangkok and looks for a place to stay. My room is free, and I will be in all the time, so I invite him. Slim and brown, I would be up for horizontal activities, but he does not seem interested.
Thu 27sep2018
Myanmar reported separately, but encounters in summary.

14 free sex: Sei (knew from before), Got (knew from before), A (Farose II), Em (hornet or blued?), Nat, Tim (from Cambodia, hornet), Art (met in Sake), Em (knew from before), Jack (hornet), Aran (hornet or blued?), Jesse (knew from before), Mos (hornet), James Yangon (gayromeo), NK Mandalay (blued).
10 no sex: Yo in Korat, Yabi in Siem Reap, Got (watch movie), Yui, NM, K, Alex Samrong, Golf Ang Thong, Tor Sukhothai, First.
4 paid sex: Ball Kanchanaburi 1000, Kim 500, D’lax massage Yangon 20 kMMK = 400 THB, Lashio Mandalay 20 kMMK = 400 THB, sum 2300 THB.

2 disco: Sake, Sake.
3 sauna: Farose II, Macho X, Tara Bearing Soi 40.
2 massage: D’lax Yangon, Lashio Mandalay.
1 no show: B.

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Gay activities Myanmar Sep/Oct 2018

Gay activities Myanmar Sep/Oct 2018

Details about online dating, male massage places in Yangon and Mandalay (several hitherto unreported places).

Currency: Myanmar Kyat MMK, 1000 MMK = 1kMMK. At time of writing: 1 EUR = 1840 MMK, 1 USD = 1593 MMK, 1 THB = 49 MMK.

Thu 27sep2018 Bangkok to Yangon
Arrive at night in Yangon airport. Directly to hostel and to bed.

Fri 28sep2018 Yangon
Embark on my quest for the masseur TW (with awesome body and cock) in Sands Spa in Dec 2017. I had him write down his name in English and Burmese. Sands Spa is closed for good. Have dinner nearby and ask people at the restaurant and in front of former Sands Spa for TW: no idea.

Chat with a boy on gayromeo. He is nearby, and can host, so I go to visit him. Nice apartment with aircon and hot water in shower. Stay at his place 10:35-13:07. Typewise a bordercase, but in bed my style, and good English, no character flaws, and place and time and circumstances perfect (avoid the midday heat and sun, instead in an air-conditioned room in bed with a boy). Will see him again.

Sightseeing, then to D’Lax massage. Ask for TW, no idea. But there is another one who is fine (cute face, slim, brown skin), so I have massage with him (90 min oil for 15 kMMK, they did not have 60 min on the menu). During massage I have a déjà vu, and checking my notes afterwards, I find I took the same masseur as in Dec 2018. Nice body, promising cock, but doesn’t get hard. Maybe see him again.

At night meet a friend from my last trip. Gay, but not my type, but good English and interesting conversation. Go to 19th street for drinking, and by chance come across some of his friends. They invite me to join for a disco, but it’s late (nowadays I go to bed before midnight unless there is a good reason to stay up longer), and the smoking inside is horrible.

Pass Lion World 23:30, no gay activities (as all other times I was there).

My friend sent me a link to a massage place 
(in Burmese, with pictures of their staff).

Sat 29sep2018 Yangon
Breakfast at the restaurant (English menu, wide choice) overlooking the National Swimming Pool next to Hotel Olympic. Not a gay place, but a great spot to ogle at cute boys. It starts to rain, so I stay there 9:45-11:18 until the rain stops.

Sightseeing. My friend from Fri is not alone (he shares apartment with others, I thought each has his own bedroom), and several others who are interested in meeting cannot host. Neither can I, I stayed in a dormitory and checked out. Night train to Mandalay.
Sun 30sep2018 Mandalay
Arrive in Mandalay in the morning. Hotel prices are lower than in Yangon, so I can afford a hotel room (whereas in Yangon I stayed in dormitories). Rest in room and start online dating. Less than two hours after checking in, the first boy NK from blued arrives, directly to my room after call from reception. Type-wise a bordercase, style wise okay. But a weird smell either from food or cosmetics. Quickly to bed, but neither of us gets hard. Say goodbye and meet later for sightseeing.

Go to his hotel room (which he shares with a friend, and the next room two more friends), where we would spend 30 minutes until he and friend are ready to go. Taxi to Kuthodaw Pagoda. After the pagoda, his friend is unwell. NK asks me for 10 kMMK for taxi to go home, which I refuse. Coming here cost 5 kMMK (which I paid), so 10 kMMK for return is over the top. And anyway, he is not so much my type, a good chance to get rid of him (but making it look the other way round!).

I continue sightseeing alone. Walk along the moat. Plenty of people, but no gay activity at the SE corner of the moat 18:28.

Continue my quest for TW by asking for him in all gay massages in Mandalay, in vain.

Paradise Spa (27th between 69th and 70th) has 3 boys sitting outside, they look okay. 

GGG is still there (27th between 74th and 75th; wrongly reported closed on travelgayasia, correction submitted). Out of the 4 boys present when I arrive, one would be okay, but I have more places to visit. (Picture is upright when I open it on my computer, why on the side in blog?)

By chance, pass Top One (72nd near 29th at 21.977717,96.096765). An all-male massage place (as far as I could see, don't know if it's gay). But the masseurs sitting outside look all over 30, nothing for me.

Look for Paradise Health Spa (which is reported on three different places in the vicinity of 71st/72nd and 32nd/33rd), but can’t find it. See and slightly different locations on google maps and on travelgayasia.

I found a very promising looking boy on blued who advertised as working in a Spa. He is nearby and free to meet, so I go to see him.

Lashio Boy (in an un-numbered street 21.971010, 96.091930 in the rectangle formed by 74th/75th and 33rd/34th). 12 kMMK for 60 minutes oil massage. I take shower and lie naked on the mattress on the floor on my front. Boy does massage fully dressed. Starting with legs and back dry, then switching to oil. No turnover. At the end tells me to take a shower, and when I come back presents me the bill (with starting and ending time noted). I slip my hand under his shirt and ask if I can extend from 60 to 90 minutes (15 kMMK), so we can do more. He agrees, but has to go to reception first. When back, we have a nice time. Great body, cock (and gets fully hard), I might go to see him again on this trip. When I leave, some of the others are shirtless and look promising.

Yet another spa boy on blued. His shop is “Magic Hair Style (for man only)” on “Theik pan 57 st”. He sent me picture of business card. There is a place “Magic Spa” on google maps nearby. No time to go to there.

Mon 1oct2018 Mandalay / Mingun / U-Bein bridge
Only boat schedule (one boat at 9 am to Mingun) prevented me from inviting a boy in the morning who was eager to come to see me. Afternoon back in Mandalay. So many contacts on blued, I have to sort how attractive, English, distance, who is free when.

ST arrives 14:10 and we go for lunch and then to my room (it’s raining anyway). My type, my style, BFC6in2018. Perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon! Then rain stops, and 16:00 we depart for U-Bein bridge. His home is halfway between downtown and U-Bein bridge, so that’s perfect for him to get out on the return. At least I thought so. On return he invites me to his home (very basic) and picks up clothes to stay with me over night.

All the other boys will have to wait! I had plenty of incoming messages that I didn’t read. ST is free tomorrow and wants to spend the day with me. To get away from all the temptation in Mandalay, I suggest going to Gokteik Viaduct (he hasn’t been and is interested). Alone I would have pondered if it’s worth the trip (train departs 4 am, arrives 11 am, then 12 return train to cross the viaduct again), but now with him it seems the best option.

My hotel room is a single bed room. But the bed is wide enough for us two, and hotel staff lets us stay with two in a single bed room.

Tue 2oct2018 Mandalay / Gokteik
Get up 2:40, and at 3 the mocy (friend or relative) is already waiting outside to take us to railway station (I would have walked). At the ticket counter, his ID is not accepted and he has to get back to hotel to get another proof of identity. When he comes back, he has my bag with him and tells me he checked me out of the room because he doesn’t like that room. An unacceptable intrusion, ex-BFC6in2018. Quick check if everything is in the bag, and ponder to send the mocy back to the room with my bag to check me in for another night, but decide against it as it opens the possibility to stay in Pyin Oo Lwin on the return.

(I have one bag which I use during trips for stuff I need during day, and leave my other stuff lying around the hotel room. It was just luck that he got all my stuff – there was no safe, and I didn’t hide stuff somewhere, or sent clothes to laundry that I would have to pick up.)

Trip to Gokteik all fine. On the return, there was a free derailing of a coach. I was reading on my mobile phone and didn’t even notice, until our train stopped and engine was turned off. Asking what happened, and how long it will take (1-2 hours), and having a look for myself (and estimating that 2 hours is more realistic than 1 hour), I decide that we walk to the nearby main road (Lashio – Mandalay) and organize return to Mandalay from there. Railway sleepers are not synchronized with my steps (anywhere in the world, I either have to take short or long steps), and here they were overgrown and not visible. So each of us walked on one of the rails, and we hold hands to keep balance. More than twice as fast as walking alone!

On return to Mandalay he recommends a hotel which I can’t find on google maps, and which is considerably more expensive (30 kMMK versus 18 kMMK), but if he wants to stay there, I happily pay.

Wed 3oct2018 Mandalay
WARNING! DESCRIPTION OF KINKY SEXUAL ACTIVITIES! It was raining in the morning, so we stayed in and had some fun. For my readers to understand the following activities, they have to know that I have ample foreskin, which even when fully erect covers my glans, and which I only retract when soft for cleaning purposes. ST puts his mouth around my soft penis, but not to suck me, but to blow air in the space between foreskin and glans. Then he holds the opening closed with his fingers, and my penis looks like a silicone dick. Then he releases the trapped air with a farting sound.

Spend midday sightseeing (Mahamuni Buddha image). In the afternoon return to hotel, where ST picks up his bag to go home and come back later.

That allows me catch up on the messages accumulated on hornet (6 messages) and blued (59 messages), and to invite another boy. No picture of him in his profile, and the one picture he sent in the chat, he deleted shortly after. I have to eat anyway, so meet him at the restaurant. Good English, no space-time confusion, but not at all my type. He would have a full beard if he wasn’t shaved. He is fishing for an invitation to my room, but I make an excuse.

Walk around town and by chance pass Top One (2) on 37th near 81st at 21.966096,96.081998. Four boys sitting outside, who all could be described as twink. If I had no other commitments, I would surely come back here! 

Back to hotel, where ST is already in my room (when I ask for key at reception, they point to my room). Go for dinner and say goodbye.

My type, my style, no character flaws, but too emotional “I love you forever” and what I would call cultural differences (or is it just me with my various mental health issues?):

What he considers “take care”, I consider meddling in my affairs and impeding my activities. Pointing out subjects for photography, explaining things with his limited English, folding tickets I give him to hold, during day sleeping with head on my lap or shoulder limits my mobility, and at night when I want to sleep he is awake and plays on his phone or watches TV, orders too much food and feeds me and wipes food off my mouth or sweat off my forehead, pours shampoo on my head just when I’m done rinsing, holding hands when walking. But I have to credit him for organizing all transport (tuk-tuk by app).

I felt like shampoo prank on youtube, e.g.

So, after 3 days / 2 nights, I was glad to be alone again. After checking all other profiles on blued who contacted me or replied to my messages, staying with him 3 days / 2 nights was the best possible outcome! And on my next trip to Myanmar, I absolutely want to see him again!

ST's English was okay. Whenever he used online translation, the outcome was incomprehensible:

General observations about online dating: of the apps I used, blued is clearly the busiest. Hornet and gayromeo not worth bothering with. Many members do not show their picture, so I have to ask for it, and then often poor quality. Or even better, video chat (I used to dislike video chat, but now use it to assess cuteness, body shape – from face you can see if someone is fat or slim – and level of English). Many have wrong stats (they use imperial system in Myanmar, so they wouldn't know their cm and kg, and the numbers do not fit the body type). “What’s your role?” or just “Role?” is used to ask for top/bottom.

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Surawong gogo bars Oct 2018

Surawong gogo bars Oct 2018

After a lot of fuss about closing of Soi Twilight, and some bars already moving, now: "This Soi we go on for 6 years" (sic!).

Gogo bars in Soi Twilight (=Soi Pratuchai), clockwise: Hot Male, Dream Boys, Classic Boys, Fresh Boys, X-Boys.

Gogo bars elsewhere in Surawong area: Moonlight (former Jupiter 2001), X-Size moved and changed name to G-Boy (where Heart Beat was some years ago), New Screw Boys, New Fresh Boys (upstairs from New Screw Boys), Super A, Golden Cock, New Nature Boy (changed name from Nature Boy recently), Tawan, Jupiter 2018 (in Silom Soi 4). Of which Moonlight, Golden Cock, Jupiter 2018 do not usually have boys in underwear, and therefore hold no interest for me. 

My interest in these bars is very limited (attitude, prices, Vietnamese boys), and nowadays I only visit when friends come to Thailand.

Sun 7oct2018 Bangkok
Dinner (pizza in Madrid Tavern, they have a new menu) and bar hopping with my loyal reader vinapu.

Have a look in Screwboys 19:35: white light, several boys already in, and walking around in underwear, show will be 11:15. Staff invites us in, and I find these conditions (white light, boys coming in and changing without paying attention to us) highly erotic, but from previous visits I know there will be a large gap from opening around 8 until it gets going from 9.

Tokyo Boys moved to a place that doesn’t even have the name any more, and is mixed boys and girls according to staff, and has no gogo and no show. I assume Tokyo boys is gone, and staff of a girl bar is just trying to sell us their male staff.

New Fresh Boys 19:35 several boys eating fully closed, will open 20. Positive report about their show here:

Have a drink at Maxi’s and observe the traffic in the soi.

Fresh Boys 21:18-22:10. First drink 350, second 300. Boys in individual white underwear and white closed shoes. 14 Boys and 1 customer when we arrive. Boys and customers smoking. The cutest is #45 (three stars tattoo on left side of neck), and nice fitting underwear. He notices my interest and comes for a chat. But soon after finding out he is Vietnamese and checking skin temperature (okay), the pressure to buy him a drink becomes so high that I send him back to stage without tip.

But 350 for a drink or a tip for what felt like 30 seconds cannot be justified. Compare Winner Boys in Pattaya, where I have drink for me, drink for boy, and 100 tip for boy after fondling for 5 to 10 minutes for 309 THB altogether.

Show starts 21:57. Some boys sit in the audience, most go upstairs. The show is mixed boys, ladyboys lipsync, dancing in costumes. The latter two hold no interest for us, so we leave 22:10.

Hot Male 22:16-23:42. First drink 400, second 350. Boys in blue briefs (all the same, supplied by bar, a cut I don’t like and that fits most boys poorly), closed shoes. Coyote in jeans. 16 Boys and 9 customers when we arrive, numbers increasing during our stay. I didn’t notice smoking.

Two boys stick out. #9 Pu (whom I met in a gay disco in Feb, and chatted online, but not interested), tall and very shapely, and later in big cock show impressive. But his facial expression was dull throughout our stay. The underwear fits very poorly.

#17 (tattoo of anchor on left lower arm and compass on left upper arm, from Cambodia according to a Vietnamese boy #40 vinapu is chatting with). Cute face, nice haircut, underwear fits okay, awesome body, interaction with other boys and customers positive. Marriage material. Notices my interest, but I don’t invite him as I’m neither willing to spend 400 on a drink, nor off fee, nor 2000 on short time. But if this had been in Pattaya, bar hopping would have ended here.

Show starts 22:43 and ends 23:19. No ladyboys, no dancing in costumes, just boys. Congratulations on providing exactly what I’m looking for. However, gaps between the acts too long. At the end, big cock show. Some impressive peni, but underwear pulled down to let balls and cock out is not my style (here I prefer total nudity), and constrictions around the base of penis is a total turn-off for me.

Screw Boys 23:51-00:23. Bar is full when we arrive, and last act of show (start was 23:15, end 23:52) ladyboy lipsync. 

General discussion of Screwboys and Vietnamese boys:

Over 16 boys. Blue and white striped underwear provided by the bar, closed shoes. Boys and customers smoke.

#6 is cute and shapely, approaches me in the toilet, he is Vietnamese.

#11 (Thai) I had offed some years ago, and he is still attractive, but dull expression on his face (actually every time I saw him), and hugging and groping a bag of rice would be cheaper.

#29 is the cute Vietnamese twink I even invited for a drink in June, but I didn’t feel any sexual vibes.

#40 and #41 are cute and look Vietnamese.

#44 looks Vietnamese and is the cutest of them all, but from observing him I get the impression he will be no good in bed. (Star tattoo on left wrist, where a wristwatch would be.)

Summary: after a so-so start in Fresh-Boys, a peak in Hot Male with two boys I would have offed (separately) if prices were lower. In Screw Boys as well various I could have taken. Problem is outrageous prices and my poor experience with Vietnamese in 2012 and 2013, confirmed by many others.

The calculation is the following: there is an estimated 20% chance to have good sex with a boy I off from Surawong. At 400 drink price, no drink for boy, 500 off fee, 2000 short time, it would cost me 14,500 THB to find that boy. In Pattaya, 50% chance, 200 drink for me, 200 drink for boy, 300 off-fee, 1000 short time = 3,400 THB.

If any of my readers knows any of the boys, share your experience. I’m certainly willing to spend money for a drink, and off-fee and 1000 for short time to see if value for money can be had in Surawong gogo bars.

But I assume most boys can’t do math, 1x1000 THB is more than 0x2000 THB, and rather think like:

he glad to throw a quick fuck, wait for it......... for $200 US dollars! I nearly fainted. Naturally I though I heard wrong, so I asked over, and over what is his rate, and what currency are we talking about. Turned out I did not misunderstand him in the first place, he explained that he was once paid $200 USD, and he now he won't go for less.

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