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Saphan Kwai bars update 17.09.2013

Saphan Kwai bars update 17.09.2013

Abstract: went to Street, Be High and had a look into Charmming, all comfortable music level, cute boys and English speaking staff.

Tuesday, 17.09.2013

A Farang acquaintance Bob messages me in the morning to cancel a dinner invitation for the evening due to unexpected work commitments. That puts a Thai friend Yu on top of my list (with whom I have a date for the same evening, but this was already postponed twice from Sunday to Monday to Tuesday; I would have told him I am not free). He is free and we can meet at 7 pm in Central Ladprao.

After work, I go home to shower and change clothes. Call Yu, he doesn’t pick up. But as usual, I have backup plan. First, meet a grindr acquaintance Air who works close to the bus stop. After some confusion about his place of work, I find him and we have a chat. We will meet again some day at a time when he is free. Call Yu again, he doesn’t pick up. Switch to my backup plan, which is massage and chat and happy ending with a boy Bas whom I first met in Soi Twilight and who now works in Saphan Kwai area. Helas, he too doesn’t pick up his phone (update: he had a customer).

But I know where he works. I can’t see him outside and want to have dinner first. I spot a cute Thai boy on a table in a streetside restaurant. I am greeted by a lady (boy?) Carla and invited to her birthday party on the same table. There is a boy Bank as well in the group, whom I first met at Songkran in Soi Twilight and later saw in X-Size and who is on my wishlist! She shakes my hand and tickles my palm with her finger, which causes great mirth with the boys who witness it. (I still don’t know when and where it’s appropriate.)

After dinner, we walk to Pradipat Soi 20 (this is where most of the Saphan Kwai area gay bars are, I was there three years ago and wanted to go again anyway). The party continues at “Street” (สตรีท, the name of the bar is in such a horrible font in English that I had to check the name in Thai to confirm). We arrive about 21:30, there is one other group inside already. More alcohol, karaoke. To my great surprise, the music is at a comfortable level (I forgot to take my earplugs with me and was fearing the worst). The two cute boys in our group are slightly drunk and quiet, the two not so cute boys are drunk as well, but chatty and touchy (I am subjected to public display of affection – kissing and crotch grabbing and sitting on my lap). I take a walk outside to have a look at the other venues and a look inside Be High (a real gogo bar in that area, at 10 pm open and boys on stage, but no customers).

We leave and go to Carla’s place (she made hints about group sex). Her room has the perfect size for me (my current room is a bit too large) and is in a good location, but 8000 Baht per month seems to expensive. In the room, the boys go to toilet and Carla showers and changes clothes. No six-some. We leave and on the way to the main road, Carla asks me if I want any of the boys. I don’t say “Can I have Bank for 1000 Baht for short time, now?”, I just tell her that I think they are all drunk. At the main road Carla says goodbye. They take two taxis to Saphan Taksin / Rama 3 / Tawan Daeng (as far I could find out) for more drinking and karaoke. That’s more than 20 km away, are there no similar venues closer?

Suddenly I am left alone at 22:30. That suits me well, joining them would have been too far away, too late, too loud and not have lead anywhere closer to getting one of the two cute boys. I have a walk around in the area. There is a bar Kit Teung (คิดถึง) with some cute boys next to it. They obviously live in the house next to it and are drinking on the street. I see only male customers in Kit Teung, worth further investigation. Go to Charmming and have a look inside, there are customers, the music level is comfortable. I walk back to Soi 20 and come across a stall that sells sticky rice with mango (60 Baht, take away), that’s my first sticky rice with mango in this season.

I go to Be High. There are three boys, one on stage, one sitting near the stage and one sitting with a customer. They wear underwear that leaves the butt cheeks uncovered, not my style. I order orange juice (140 Baht; but this is not orange juice, it contains orange juice but is too sweet). Two boys approach me, both speak good English. One of them (Earth เอิร์ท) is cute. He later invites himself to sit with me and asks for a drink, which is fine as I wanted to talk with him anyway. Skin temperature check is positive. I ask him about short time hotels, there is one in walking distance.

So I off him (300 Baht). We walk to Pradipat Hotel (about 5 minutes). The short time room is 400 Baht (expensive, those in Saranrom area are 200 or 210). He has nice underwear! The TV in the room plays straight porn. Earth likes girls, but performs well in bed. Certainly no lack of activity! Hugging, stroking, kissing, sucking, nipple play, everything (I didn’t inquire if I can fuck him). But not as good as Dee from Super A. Skin temperature not perfect (I should have told him to take a hot shower). I tip him 1000 Baht for short time (I asked him in the bar what the expected tip is, and got a straight answer!), and even give him the additional 100 Baht he asks for because he really did his best.

Altogether 2100 Baht (two drinks at 140, 20 Baht tip in bar, 300 off fee, 400 hotel, 1100 Earth). I will go back some day to have a look at the other boys (I asked: usually they have 7 or 8 boys) and might take Earth again (the sex was good, but not overwhelming to justify 2100 Baht total expenses).

In case you have never heard of any of these bars, I might elaborate on reports about future visits and make a map some time, as there is only little information in English on the internet and most of it is old.


  1. test by ChristianPFC

  2. went into that soi (only) a few days agO
    Its still as it was: Be High as gogo, Street, Tax, Heaven (mostly closed) and ADAM (one of BKKs longest remaining gay bars) all do KaraOK with boys for rent too, all open 21.00 and close by 1.00. One of the older karaOk places is now massage m2m-Waterloo (the place with the potted plants protecting views).
    There are cheaper short time rooms in the old Liberty HTL end of soi and also across from big road toward Suttisarn (250 or 300- for pretty long 3 or 4 hours)
    There is also m2m massage beside Praditpat hotel, the NINE or so..


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