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Foursome with mocy drivers at Hua Lampong 05.10.2013

Foursome with mocy drivers at Hua Lampong 05.10.2013

Warning: description of homosexual activities and picture of penis with mooks.

In case you wondered why there were few new topics from me lately, beside “internet”, there is “work” and “life”. But this story is worth sharing.

The foursome was not at Hua Lampong station, but that’s where I met the mocy drivers.

After a day out sightseeing, I end up at Central Pier Saphan Taksin. There are some boys sitting and drinking under the BTS station, one asks me where I go. I miss this chance to start a conversation. But I hang around to observe them. Two of them go to a place not far away where a wall is separated by water, they stand on the edge and pee on the wall (about 1 m water between them and the wall) so see who can reach a higher point. It is in public, so I have a look and a lot of laughters are had. I wonder how far it is from checking who can pee further or higher to checking who has the longer dick and who can cum more quickly or has more cum. Maybe next time I should join the pee contest and then comment that I might not be able to pee high, but have the longest dick or the most cum or whatever and see where that leads (just bet 100 Baht that I have the longest erect dick?).

Wet marks left on the concrete:

I take bus to Hua Lampong. Half a year ago, there was a very cute mocy driver with number 12. I went back a few times, but never saw him again. Now there was number 12, but it was someone else (not my type). But there is another cute mocy driver C. He asks where I want to go (walk around at the station, good for people watching). He then asks if I am looking for girls (no, I like boys), I leave it at that and have dinner about 20 m away. While I am dining, another boy N appears (mocy courier) next to the mocy drivers and he beckons me to come back when I finish my meal.

So I join them and he says he has a friend who is gay and asks if I want to go to a place in Soi 4 (not Silom, see below) nearby for drinking (i.e. if I can pay for beer). That sounds interesting, I agree. Another mocy driver Y appears and we (N, Y and I) go to a place about 1 km away (Rong Mueang Soi 4 = Rama VI Soi 7). I beckon C to follow us (he is the cutest) when we leave.

At the bar, we order beer. They have glasses half filled with ice (I wonder why the glasses don’t crack when the water freezes), so the lower bottom of the glass is filled with ice, the upper with beer. They have beer that is kept very cold (below freezing point of water?), and when it is poured on the ice, crystals of ice form so the beer looks like a fruit shake. 

No need to worry about C, he joins us not long after we arrived. There I am surrounded by three boys who are not stunners, but I wouldn’t throw them out of bed to let my cat in.

They ask about my life in Thailand and how much I earn. I ask back how much they earn: 20,000 Baht per month. That must clearly be a misunderstanding, so I ask about daily income: 200 Baht on a poor day, 300 Baht on an average day, 700 to 800 Baht on a good day. These numbers are more reasonable.

We have a few bottles (about 5 shared between us 4), my contribution is about 300 Baht (didn’t count). They pay for part of their beer and food, which is a good start. I don’t like the mentality that the farang pays everything. I once had a friend who bought some drink in 7/11, I was waiting outside, and when he came back he asked if I can refund him the 15 Baht for the drink. That was enough to cross him off my list of friends.

I don’t remember how we got to the subject, but N asks me if he can go with me or if I want to go with him or whatever and then suggests that Y joins us. We discuss distance to my place (20 km) and ways to go there (bus or taxi). Finally C wants to join. No way I take 3 boys I don’t know to my place! (That would include travel at least 30 minutes and I don’t know if the will make a mess in my room, like Ice.) So I ask about hotel in the area. They know one, and off we go. The hotel (Tian Tong in Rong Muang Soi 2 or 3) is expensive (620 Baht per night) but I don’t want this encounter to fail for monetary reasons. I am in the room with N (the least attractive of the three). I take a shower. C and Y appear later. They are hungry, so I let them order food (140 Baht for two dishes).

We are in towel or underwear (boxer shorts, the three boys), and now money is discussed for the first time. I dismiss a tentative request for 1000 Baht each. They ask for 500, I counter with 300. I am in a good position for negotiating: with three boys, whoever of them is not satisfied can leave. Anyway, they are cute, but not stunners, and I don’t have to have sex with any of them, we can part without sex and it still would have been an interesting evening (but a waste of 620 Baht for the hotel). Finally, they agree to 300 Baht each. Later we get to 1000 Baht for all three.

I always keep plenty of 100 Baht notes in wallet, but after the drinking my reserves were depleted.

Now if you are waiting for a description of an orgy, I have to disappoint you. Sex was so-so. There was some spontaneity on their part (other than most moneyboys, who are either completely indifferent or poor actors). They had straight porn running on the TV and each of us was wanking himself, and I had my free hand on one of the boys. I was hoping they would fall over each other, as I know it from gay porn. All had mooks in their dicks, one had four of them! But I can live with mooks. This time I took pictures:

picture of penis with mooks removed 24aug2017 to comply with adsense

I am not sure if any of them was gay. An interesting experience, but I have only two hands, and if I wank myself I have only one hand free to touch someone else. My idea is standing and hugging (so I can run my hands over his front and back), or lathering each other in the shower, or in bed I lying on my back and the boy on his knees above me (so I can touch his body everywhere where it is important to me: lower back, waist, abs, butt, crotch). When they lie on their back and wank, I cannot touch their back and their butt.

After each of us came, shower time. I join one boy in the shower to soap him. While I am in the shower, my trousers with wallet and mobile phone is in the room with the three boys. I am still in the bathroom, when C comes in with my phone (which he obviously took from the pocket of my trousers) and asks if he can watch football on it. I don’t know about football, he asks for google and I switch the keyboard to Thai so he can do whatever he wants, and he would be busy for about 10 minutes. One of the boys starts smoking in the room, I have to tell him to go outside for smoking.

C is playing internet on my mobile phone:

I give one of the boys 1000 Baht to share amongst them, and we haven’t even left the room when they ask me if I come back next Saturday. That settles the question if 300 Baht is a fair price for boys you meet on the street. Experimental proof! Each of us could have walked away at any time and we would have stayed friends. Of course, if you spend all your time in Soi Twilight where a drink sets you back 300 baht, it is difficult to understand that a few km away, you can have a boy for that money. Welcome to the real Bangkok!

Total cost about 2100 Baht (1000 for the boys, 620 hotel, 140 food, about 300 beer). I am better served with taking 3 boys separately at Saranrom park (boy 500, hotel 200). I will most probably not do it again (these three boys), but would recommend them to friends.

Nonetheless an important step, first immediate hook-up on the street. I’m not a fan of exchanging phone numbers (then you have to arrange a meeting that suits both’s timetables, and involves traveling), or rather I prefer exchanging phone numbers after sex, not before.

We go back to Hua Lampong and say goodbye. I meet a tuk-tuk driver whom a friend had a while ago and who remembers me and who is cute. Too late for today! Maybe next time. I ask for his phone number. He doesn’t have a phone! But he asks for my phone number. I write it down on a piece of paper, it would be rude not to give him my number. But now I don’t know when he will call me and from which number and I will not be in the mood or in the area anyway.

I ponder about going to Soi Twilight, but it is late, I have done enough for the day, and bus 29 is coming, so I go home.

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  1. I tried to find out some medical information about those "mooks" but only found the meaning of 'undesirable guys'.
    All 4 of the boys had them ? Must be vey common then, but I have no idea what causes them or if they are 'homemade' to provide more friction.

    1. Mook is not medical, it's a penis implant. Details here:
      It's not common, less than 1 out of 20 boys, this was a surge.


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