Monday, 14 October 2013

Men Factory Sauna

Men Factory Sauna

update 23mar2017: closed for good. Friend says has been closed for about 6 months.

13.10.2013 visit 17:45 to 19:30

MenFactory Sauna
Silom Soi 2/1
(same Soi as G.O.D.,. now G Bangkok)
Open 2pm to 6am every day

Mon-Thu 150 Baht, Fri-Sun 170 Baht
Before 5 pm 99 Baht, from 2 am to 6 am 100 Baht,
younger than 24 years 99 Baht,
Prepaid 10 entries 900 Baht
Re-entry 30 Baht (please inform our staff before leaving)

Sauna, steam room, locker, one computer with internet, gym, Jacuzzi, labyrinth, private rooms, rooftop bar, smoking area, shower, bathroom, toilet, WiFi (password displayed in locker room: kim5n), one rather small CRT TV with porn, free cold drinking water (one machine that does not require cups and others with reusable cups – environmentally friendly)

There were only small thin towels (for drying after showering, not to be taken into other areas on naked day).

Bathroom well lit, mirror, horizontal space to put stuff on, hairdryer, hair gel, Q-tips, no comb, no towels.

From rooftop bar, you can see the top platform of BTS Sala Daeng. If you were taller than 2 m, you could look over the roof in between from the platform into the sauna.

Construction area. Use of perforated sheet and dry walling for walls, used tyres, metal tubes pipes for handrails. Too dark, music level ok

Theme days
Mon Towel; Tue, Thu, Sat Underwear; Wed, Fri, Sun Naked

Sexy Boy Live Show Wed 8:15 pm Fri Sat 9:30 pm
(on a different notice): Hardcore show: Monday, Boys show: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

On my visit, there were about 20 customers at any given time. Total number of customers during my stay maybe 50. About 90% Asian and 10% White. Age range 30 to 40, average bodies.

Positive: steps in hallway European size, handrail on both sides
Negative: some private rooms have barbed wire on top of their walls (that do not reach to the ceiling). Barbed Wire? WTF!


One of my saddest sauna visits. I didn’t put in my contact lenses, and I’m glad I didn’t because it would have been a waste of time and money, there was nothing to see that would justify contact lenses (I am short sighted, can’t focus on anything further than 2 meters away). I will be back one time (on an underwear day) to confirm the findings above.

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