Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pattaya Weekend 27.-28.09.2013

Pattaya Weekend 27.-28.09.2013

For this holiday, I had a plan to fit in four boys in two nights. It almost worked (on Sunday night I was more tired than horny, so I went to bed alone).

Friday 27.09.2013

Trip from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus as usual. Stay in Jomtien Complex as before. This has the advantage that bus terminal and beach are in walking distance, but I found that I spend my evenings and nights in Sunee and Boyztown and have to commute too much, I will stay near Sunee next time.

Meet friends from Germany (on holiday in Thailand) for dinner in Sunee. Then to Mic My Boy, looking for the boy I had two months ago. Unfortunately, he is not in and mamasan can’t reach him on the phone. Lesson learned: if you look for a particular boy, call him first before going to the bar. He might be elsewhere. This happened to me three weeks ago (boy I was looking for was not in bar, offed already). If mamasan calls him and he comes to the bar, I am sure I would have to pay an off fee. But there is another boy who looks promising, so I take him. It gets even better on the baht-bus, he sits next to me and puts his arm around me. In the room, it is so-so. Nothing wrong from his side, just doesn’t match my very peculiar preferences. I will not take him again soon, but would recommend him to friends.

It’s only midnight, but I am tired (only 4 hours sleep last night). I message a friend who works in Boyztown. He is not at work tonight (glad I didn’t go there to meet him!), and he is tired and doesn’t want to come to me tonight. I take a stroll to the beach. My friend changes his mind and wants to come to my room. I am waiting for him in my room and fall asleep, my phone is on the charger so I don’t notice the vibration when he calls me. Luckily, I wrote him my room number and left the door open and the light on, so I wake up when he enters the room about 2 am. I want to sleep, but he is horny and you could say that he molested/harassed me sexually for a while (about 2 am to 4 am) before both of us sleep. In the morning, the situation is reversed: I wake up around 11 pm and molest/harass him until 2 pm (interrupted by reading and sleeping). He is not ticklish, I tried all places. I want to go out sightseeing with friends around 4 pm, so I have to wake him up for a horizontal activity. Mismatch by 12 hours! He is the first moneyboy I slept with four times.

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