Sunday, 6 October 2013

Shower Show at Castro RCA 26.09.2013

Shower Show at Castro RCA 26.09.2013

Gay bar Castro in RCA (Royal City Avenue), on the map it’s approximately where the A is:

The alley on the map parallel to RCA (Rama 9 Soi 8) is in the backyard of the venues, for delivery and storage, there is little light and there is no pedestrian traffic. There is a gate at the main road, our taxi dropped us there (about 200 m walk), but I saw others drive in. From MRT Rama 9 about 15 minues walk.

I went there with a Thai friend. We arrived 00:20 (27.09.) and sit down on their huge armchairs. They could easily seat someone in XXL, but are a bit too small for both of us on one. But I have to commend them for providing seating, so we don’t have to stand all the night. At 00:20, there are a few other parties. We order orange juice (120 Baht, they bring me some kind of fruit nectar/concentrate in a glass with a long stem) and Smirnoff for my friend (180 Baht). Music is too loud, aircon is too cold. There are women in the audience and shishas are being smoked.

00:58 the curtain opens and boys appear first fully clothed, then shirtless.

01:34 Live music. I certainly do not go to gay bars to listen to live music, actually that’s a good method to scare me away from bars or restaurants.

02:13 Inevitable Ladyboy comedy show.

02:30 Shower show starts. There is a sign “No photo”.

03:00 There is a break in the show (I think mid time, I estimate half of the boys that appeared in the opening have been in the shower), but it’s getting boring and late, so I leave. I give my friend 600 Baht, so he can stay for another drink and has money for taxi, but he leaves with me.

Verdict: on a weekday, even with show, only half full. For me, it is too late, it stretches too long (too much stuff I have no interest in: live music, ladyboy). Not enough cute boys (neither in the audience nor the performers). Altoghether, a waste of time and money. (After attending the Sporty Man show last year, I came to a similar conclusion.)

How did I know about this event? It was advertised in gay magazines.

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