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Singapore Pub 08.10.2013

Singapore Pub 08.10.2013

I haven’t met the Burmese B from my neighborhood for a while, but last time we left with the intention to go to a gay disco. I haven’t been to Singapore (former ICK, Ramkhamhaeng 89/2) for a while and they have a sexy show on Tuesdays (I know from gay magazines).

Advert in the soi (Translation: Singapore Pub – Every Tuesday – Sexy Night – Come see the special show for free !!! – young male models – show from Silom – for questions call – address – phone numbers):

We leave about 22:40 and pick up a friend of B (C, Burmese, looks promising) on the way. Arrive in Singapore about 23:30. The bar is filled at about 20 % capacity. I let them do the ordering (Blend 285 plus mixers, total 759 Baht for the first order, later more mixers, ice and snacks) and I drink coke all night.

B gets drunk and quiet quickly (within the first half bottle of whisky). C goes from skin too cold (when we shook hands in the taxi) to just right (after half a bottle) to cold sweaty. C dances a lot and involves others in dancing (and hugging and kissing) and drinking. B and C exchange phone numbers with staff and other customers.

The show (7 coyote boys in underwear on stage) starts 01:05 and shirtless boys on stage lasts until 01:15. After that, cabaret and ladyboys and lipsync. Even during show bar filled at less than 50 % capacity.

B is quiet and goes to toilet several times for long periods. C dances vigorously. We order another bottle of whisky which gets half empty in the course of the night (several staff come to drink with us and C offers drinks to people in show). I am afraid he might fall or tip a table, but everything is fine. C takes off his shirt for dancing on the stage. He then goes to toilet for smoking with a coyote boy (now dressed after show and in the audience). I wonder if they are up to more than smoking and have a look. Both dressed (C shirtless), but in a position that could be misinterpreted. They beckon me to join for some hanky-panky and C opens his zipper and pulls down his underwear. No body hair on abdomen, I should have used this occasion to check balls size and if there is hair on balls. The coyote boys opens my belt and zipper and pulls down my underwear and starts to wank me. I get semi-hard, enough for them to judge that I have the biggest dick. I interrupt the activity at this point. We return.

At 3 am, the music gets softer and lights go on. I am not sure if we are the only customers left, because they have plenty of staff which has no uniform, just a lanyard with name. Staff take away the bottle of whisky (half full), but I don’t get a receipt to claim it back next time (maybe I should have waited or asked?).

We take taxi home. C asks for a bag to vomit. The taxi driver has plastic bags for that purpose. It takes some time and C makes strange noises. All goes into the bag. We stop near his place and he can walk home alone. B has a long chat (in Thai) with the taxi driver. Continue back to my place (and let B out on the way, close to my place). Sleep about 4 am, alarm clock rings 8 am.

C has an interesting dose-effect relationship for alcohol. Just a glass to get going, then there is a long plateau over a full bottle of whisky where he stays entertaining, dancing, chatting, and then once the disco closes he gets quiet an quickly passes out.

Total cost about 2000 Baht (didn’t count, we had two bottles of Blend 285, plenty of tips for show and staff, some snacks – B and C made a small contribution). “It was such a fun night.”

There was one special event at G Star Paradise. I saw Plernpiss outside and had a look inside: significantly more customers than in Singapore, at estimated 80 % capacity. Maybe the event draw customers from Singapore.

Changes in Soi 89/2 since my last visit (a few months ago): Door Dum is now G Star Paradise. SeeK Dance pub (High High?) is closed and has a new name: Meeting Dance. (I did not check “Meeting”, an after-hours club a few sois before, but when I walked past a few weeks ago before opening time there was some activity.) 

There is a sales office / show room for a condominium to be built in the soi: Start of construction begin of 2014. I could not see on their website ("artist's impression") if that will affect the bars.

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