Monday, 14 October 2013

Turnstiles at Suvarnabumi airport departures

There have been reports about turnstiles at the departure level at Suvarnabhumi airport to prevent people from taking taxis from the departure level (and thereby saving the 50 Baht airport charge and surpassing their system of queing at arrival level). I have been using taxis at departure level since my second trip to Thailand.

On my last arrival, I had a closer look and took this picture:

So there are indeed turnstiles (left side), but the gates next to (right side) them are wide open. Anyway, do you think a turnstile or a gate will prevent ChristianPFC from getting a taxi without airport fee? Think again!

For a more detailed report about this subject read here:

Update 10.11.2013: The gates are closed and a security guard is standing at each gate/turnstile except for the last three (observation when driving past in bus 389 from Pattaya to the airport around 7 pm).

Update 24.11.2013: Gates are closed with security guards on most gates. However, I saw one person sneaking through a turnstile without security guard, and now it is obvious: the turnstiles rotate, but the gate is straight and not bend. That means in 90 degree (or 0 or 180 degree) there is no gap, but at 45 degree there is a gap that easily allows a normal built person to sneak through!

Update 05.12.2013: A friend from Germany arrived today and told me that he went to 4th floor as usual and was surprised. The guard told him to go down, my friend refused, and the guard opened the door for him!

Update 07.01.2013:

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  1. Update 9sep2016: turnstiles turn only one direction (from taxi to airport), but at 45 degree angle people can easily slip through in opposite direction, and when I departed from the airport someone did so to get a taxi at departure level.


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