Thursday, 28 November 2013

Saranrom park Tuesday 26.11.2013

Saranrom park Tuesday 26.11.2013

The boy I wanted to meet today writes to me in Line that he is not free this week due to family commitments. So I suddenly have a free evening and night to spend. After staying in all Monday and going to bed early (to catch up missed sleep from the night before), I decide to go to Saranrom again. Take bus directly from work (saves time compared to going home first, and I can shower in the short time hotel) to Central Ladprao and have pizza for dinner. Call a boy East whom I met in Saranrom and ask him if he can meet me here. Cannot, I have to come to Saranrom. Change bus (line 524 to Sanam Luang).

Get off at Khao San, have a stroll through Khao San. There is a cute boy who sells stuff on the street, at the same place where I saw him last time, I stop again and he says he remembers me. I will pursue this next time. Stroll through the night market Talat Klong Lot. Very entertaining, as usual. Arrive in Saranrom 21:20. Give wide berth to the spot where my regular T usually hangs out because I don’t intent to take him today, I want some change. Not long afterwards, he gives me a missed call. Coincidence? I don’t call back because I told him yesterday that I will be busy this week. And I have to try to train him to come to my room instead of me picking him up, that will save me one hour time of traveling.

At that time (21:20) there are over 20 boys in the area (estimated), and there is significant turnover (on my second round half an hour later, about half of them are gone, and new boys are there). The boy East whom I called earlier is not where we met last time. I continue my round. I pass a Thai man, he is saying something so I go back. I have no idea who he is, but he remembers me and tells me a boy Braem whom I had three times is not there today. I asked about him (Braem), he had a fight near Saphan Phut and is now recovering at home. When I met Braem last time, he was there (Saranrom) alone, his group of friends had been arrested by police for a knife fight.

At 22:00, estimated 30 boys in the area, and growing. Bee from my last visit is there again, but skin temperature check is negative (cold and wet), so I pass him. Then I come across Neung (19 year old, very cute face) who was not available the first and second time our paths crossed, but is available now. The fact that negotiations are done by his friends and previous unavailability forebode that not much is to be expected. We take taxi to short time hotel. He watches TV while I shower.

I should have told him to turn off the TV, as it occupies him completely. He tries to negotiate 700, then 600, but I stay at my offer of 500 which he quickly accepts. He does not let me take a facepic, but underwear pic is ok. Twinky body, but I have seen nicer shapes. Brown skin, I can live with the tattoos. Skin temperature perfect, warm and dry. Take of shirt and trousers. His boxers are not at all my style, so off with them as well, but the underwear is ok, it can stay on. A bit too much pubic hair (poking out of underwear and on crotch) and I can feel one mook on his dick (no further investigation).

He is from Bangna, that makes three boys I have met at Saranrom who live in Bangna, quite a distance (about 20 km). He comes by bus 82 and goes back by taxi (200 Baht, can that be true?). No activity in bed, so I have one hand on his body and wank with the other hand. He stays while I shower and even longer, to watch TV until advertising break. Then I pay him 500 and another 40 (he asked for money for taxi, but I observe him walking back on foot later). After that, he leaves without saying goodbye or looking back or waving his hand. We were in and out within 25 minutes (22:20 to 45). If he had shown some activity, I might take him again.

I go for another (abbreviated) round and come across East whom I called earlier. Maybe he draws a connection that I would have gone with him if he had come to meet me at Central Ladprao. If I know whom I want, the boy can come to my room to save me time for traveling.

Go to Sanam Luang and wait (about 5 minutes) for bus 59 to go back to my room (23:19 to 00:16). Buy some food at 7/11 in my area, there are three boys in the night shift who I would take for free! A group of boys I know is sitting and drinking, they invite me to join them and show me CDs with straight porn and covers with pictures. Disgusting! I wonder where they are going to watch them (these boys are lo-so, I don’t know if they have a computer), maybe I should invite them to watch them in my room and see what evolves.

Current demonstrations: Part of Rachadamnoen (around Democracy Monument) is completely closed to traffic and demonstrations are going on. There are motorcycle drivers from other parts of Bangkok, waiting for customers. Barbed wire near Saranrom Park. Bus 59 still operates, but takes a different route to bypass demonstrations.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Singapore Pub Sunday 24.11.2013

Singapore Pub Sunday 24.11.2013

Quicker than expected, a repeat visit to Singapore Pub (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2) with Burmese Woman (unfortunately, her friend C from two months ago wasn’t well and couldn’t join us). Arrive around midnight. A friend W of her joins us and three other friends join later. We enter Singapore around midnight. Filled at about 20% capacity. W pays the first round of whisky and mixers. At 1:30 am, three (in words: three) coyote boys in underwear get on the stage and dance for 7 minutes. There has been a decrease in number of boys (7 to 5 to 3) over my last visits. After that, usual show, but fewer acts than before. Anyway, I don’t come for the show (but for the coyotes in underwear). More customers come in, still far below 50% capacity.

Last time (2 months ago), Burmese Woman got drunk quickly, becoming quiet and bored. Not this time: drunk, happy and dancing around. Unfortunately, she got talkative and touchy as well. Cold sweat, unpleasant. I have to change place so she can’t reach me and talk to me (music is too loud, I have my earplugs in, and with still a bit of sore throat I don’t want to shout back at her, so I just ignore her talking). There are a few cute boys, but I cannot make eye contact to them.

We get a shisha on our table. Shishas have spread quickly over the last years. When I came first to Thailand in 2009, I didn’t see any, now they have penetrated areas outside the tourist bubble. I am indifferent towards the smell (contrary to cigarette smoke, I try to get away from it), but it occupies space on the table, costs money (fortunately not mine so far), and there is a chance to knock over the shisha or glasses with the tube. In addition, the glowing coal is dangerous. On our shisha, it fell down and singed the cardboard windshield (made of packaging from a whisky bottle), so it was slowly glowing where the coal touched it. I wonder if there have been fires caused by shishas. My suggestion: ban them.

At 3:10 am, lights go on and at 3:15, music goes off and customers leave. Boys stay in groups outside, waiting for friends/taxi/food/whatever. This is where contacts are made! One boy had a fancy for me, but was shy, so his friend introduced us and the boy asked for my telephone number. He was not my type at all, but it would be rude to refuse (but now I might have to deal with a few calls where and when we can meet).

Other bars in the area: Door Dum closed, Meeting/High/Seeman (former SeeK dance) closed, new place Harlem open, G-Star Paradise open.

Take taxi back to my place, in bed at 4 am, alarm clock rings at 8 am.

(Originally, I wanted to stay in my area and we first walked to a place I saw during day or in the evening before. It turned out to be a massage place with restaurant/bar/karaoke. The massage part had an aquarium with three ladies waiting for customers, in the restaurant/bar/karaoke I saw some customers sitting with ladies. Then I excused myself that I am gay and looking for boys, not for ladies. The first time I saw such a place.)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ramkhamhaeng bars update 19.11.2013

Ramkhamhaeng bars update 19.11.2013

Went again on Tuesday, 19.11.2013 (Tuesday is day with coyote show) with a friend. Had dinner at the food court, there are two lovely cats, the most gorgeous I have seen in a while. Enter Singapore Pub about 00:50. Boys from the audience dancing on stage; filled to less than 50% capacity. There were only five coyote boys, on stage 01:25 to 01:40. When we left at 02:40, filled to more than 50% capacity.

Other bars: Door Dum closed, Meeting/High closed, G-Star open, a new bar Harlem open, but when I had a look no customers, but bottles on one table.

(add pictures from their advert)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 1

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 1

Friday 08.10.2013

Bus from airport as usual, then baht bus along South Pattaya road to Tuk Com. Arrive in Sunee around 21:30 and check in. After a stroll through Sunee, I continue to Walking Street and to Boyztown. I have a look into Wild West Boys. Five boys on stage (total number of boys working today is seven, a member of staff told me). Two of them look cute, but they all are wearing trousers. I should have told staff that I don’t like the boys wearing trousers, I want underwear. You can’t charge your customers gogo bar prices and try to get away with boys in trousers.

I read several positive reports about Vassa, so I go there. Friday night is towel night. I count 14 boys, there are more than ten in the bar at any given time. They have plenty of customers, too, at about 80% occupancy of seats. Good atmosphere and attitude of boys. There is one boy G with a great body and cute face, but I am not absolutely sure, so I wait and watch. Another boy comes who is even a bit cuter, but the first boy has been flirting with me for a while, so I call him over for a drink. Everything is fine, skin temperature check slightly positive. I off him. My drink (fruit juice) 150 Baht, drink for boy 180, off fee 400. We have dinner at the market on South Pattaya road. Not easy to get something for me. Khao Man Gai (rice with boiled chicken and chicken soup) is finished, so I settle for Khao Kha Muu (Rice with pig leg). Not so much my taste, too much fat. We go back to my room and have fun. Very talented, one of the best money boys I ever had. Not only good in bed, can hold a conversation in English as well. No question, I will keep him overnight. We go down for a drink in the bar and chat with other customers (in German, as most customers are German). They have concluded that the boy will stay overnight because he went up with backpack and came down without, a detail I had missed. We go to bed comparatively early (about midnight).

All three boys I know who have a black spot on their nose were great in bed. I had E from Toy Boys a year ago, if he wasn’t a heavy smoker I would have taken him many times again, but with smoking only once. I had D in Super A three times, but now he is gone. And now G from Vassa.

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 2

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 2

Saturday 10.11.2013

We wake up around 11, have another round and go for lunch together and part. I tip 1500 for long time, that is money well spend! I think T will become my favorite money boy in Pattaya, great body and cute face similar to G (my current favorite), but our sleep-wake pattern matches better and he is more interesting to talk to.

I spend some time chatting with friends in Sunee. A part-time resident (half of the year working in Germany, half of the year holiday in Thailand) has a live-in boy who gets 500 Baht per day and free accommodation, food, internet, TV. This has been going on for a month and both are happy. He further told me that he likes to play with milk and yoghurt, and some straight boys are turned on by this. We share an underwear fetish and it seems we like the same type of boy. I will investigate further next time.

About 2 pm, I leave and take a stroll to Pattaya Avenue to check movie times at major Cineplex (I should search for an app for movie times). The movie I want to watch (Escape Plan) starts at 18:00, that means I have about two hours left. A cute massage boy I spotted in a mixed gender massage parlor on my way to the cinema is gone, but keep the place in mind and check again next time. I go for a meal (pizza) instead of massage and chat with a boy on Grindr. I remember him from two weeks ago, now he has a gayromeo profile and pictures there look promising, so we plan to meet at 6pm for the movie. Good English, efficient communication, on time. We move conversation to Line (can store messages infinite and send them to email account).

I invite T for the movie. We exchange a few looks and hold hands. When he leaves for toilet, he excuses himself. Stong contrast to M, whom I invited to “Life of Pi” about a year ago and who played with his mobile phone for an extended period of time and then left without saying a word, leaving me wondering where he went and if he would come back. No manners! After the movie, I he told me that he was cold!

After the movie, we sit outside and T writes to me on Line, and I read directly on his phone while my phone is vibrating in my pocket. Cute! Here our full conversation on Line for educational purposes.

16:58    christianpfc    Hello, can't talk now.
16:58    christianpfc    I am in restaurant.
16:58    Thai friend    Ok
16:58    Thai friend    Just make sure
16:58    Thai friend    This number work ! Lol
16:58    Thai friend    See u soon
16:59    christianpfc    Yes, I will write when I finish dinner.
17:00    Thai friend    [Sticker]
17:00    Thai friend    [Sticker]
17:40    christianpfc    I go now, at cinema in ten minutes
17:45    Thai friend    Sorry
17:45    Thai friend    I driving now
17:45    christianpfc    asiabooks
17:45    Thai friend    See u at cinema
17:46    Thai friend    Go cinema
17:46    Thai friend    Where buy ticket
17:46    Thai friend    Front blowing
17:46    Thai friend    Cya x
17:46    christianpfc    I don't have ticket yet
17:47    Thai friend    Yes!! Just wait there
17:49    christianpfc    I asiabooks now
17:49    christianpfc    parrots avenue second road
17:58    Thai friend    Im here now
17:58    Thai friend    Walk up to cine ma
17:58    Thai friend    Cinema
17:58    christianpfc    OK, I go to cinema
20:02    Thai friend    How about now
20:03    Thai friend    U like me??
20:08    Thai friend    U want sex with me?
20:08    Thai friend    Go fallow me
20:09    Thai friend    I have some place
20:09    Thai friend    For u and me
20:09    Thai friend    But my bike have only one
20:09    Thai friend    Then u need to take bike taxi
23:51    Thai friend    [Sticker]

He used to work in Yaya bar in Sunee a while ago and does not want to be seen there with me going to my room. So we go to a short time hotel of his choice which turns out to be about 100 m away from Idol Club.

Rooms are 400 Baht for 3 hours or 900 over night. They have several theme rooms, a selection is here (picture at reception). There is a problem with the electrical installation, when I touched the metal frame I got a weak shock, I had to touch again to make sure it’s not static electricity and the receptionist confirmed that there is a problem with the electrics.

Our room (astro style):

He tells me about his life. He had to leave school at age 15 due to lack of money and was working in different towns all around Thailand and ended in Pattaya at age 18. Before he turned 15, he had never had a 1000 Baht note in his wallet. Now he pursues evening school one day per week. He left Yaya bar because he didn’t like going with old fat Farang and now works as a waiter in Pattaya. An interesting story and a difference from other boys I know who are not talkative, neither in English nor Thai, and whose horizon ends after eat, sleep, TV and sex. He wants to refund me the money for the cinema ticket and the short time room, I have to refuse twice. He earns 8000 Baht per month, I earn a multiple of that. That’s a first, that a boy wants to refund money I paid for common activities. He does not look for financial support, he gets by with 8000 Baht per month. But his iPhone was bought by a Farang friend (closet gay, now with a girlfriend).

We spend about two hours in the room, talking and cuddling. I am somehow not in the mood for sex (had sex the previous night and this morning), so we leave it at him cumming on my abdomen. That constitutes my first hook-up on gayromeo (de facto, I didn’t ejaculate).

We part and make a date to meet again at Yaya bar in one hour. He would be sitting there talking and drinking with his previous colleagues and I walk past and pretend to be a customer. I walk back all the way to Sunee along Beach road and Walking street.

When I walk along Beach road, I have to think of a German song “Skandal Im Sperrbezirk” by Spider Murphy Gang (1981), which has a line “und draußen vor der großen Stadt, stehen die Nutten sich die Füße platt” which in English is “and outside of the town borders, hookers stand along the road until their feet become flat”

Back in Sunee, I shower and change and go to see him at Yaya bar. We chat and drink and take motorbike taxi to Idol. A friend from Yaya would join us later. We arrive about 1 am, fare 140 Baht (70 each, we took one motorbike for us two). I buy a bottle of whisky and mixers. I never spend that much money in a disco.

The disco is at less than half capacity. There are a few cute boys among the customers. Nothing special in the show. T gets drunk. His friend doesn’t come. He thanks me profusely several times during the night. We prepare to leave. I intend to take the bottle of whisky (still 80% full) with me, but after I am back from toilet, T gives me the voucher. I want to salvage at least the bottle of whisky (not for me, I think whisky is bottled evil, but I can give it to friends). I argue that I want to take the bottle with me, as I have no intention to go again, validity of the voucher is only one month, but then drop the subject as it will lead no-where and leave him the voucher so he can go again. We leave about 3 am. I am hungry, so we take taxi to a street food stall a bit east of Sunee (160 Baht, 80 each on the same motorbike). But they have only spicy food (buffet style), and my friend is not hungry, so we take motorbike to Sunee (60Baht) and I put my friend to bed. He will have to get up before 10 am so he can start work at 11 am. I walk to the market at South Pattaya and eat there. No money boys there, but on my way back to Sunee I meet a boy B I had before and we confirm phone number and set an appointment for midday.

I never spend that much money before for not getting laid: 120 Baht cinema, 400 short time hotel, motorcycle taxi 140+160+60, Idol 1940, together 2820. But next time, everything will fall into place.

Copyright 2013 ChristianPFC

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 3

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part3

Sunday 10.11.2013

My friend gets up around 8 am, I lead him outside (have to open a lock downstairs) and go bed to sleep. At noon, I call B and he is already (or still) up and can meet me. He lives less than 100 m away from my room, but was at Tuk Com so it took half an hour until we met in a restaurant in Sunee (I am hungry and invite him for lunch). Then we spend an hour in my room. Straight boy, but shows some effort. Ticklish, so I can’t spend much time on his neck and nipples, but elsewhere is fine.

In the afternoon, a friend takes me on his motorbike and shows me places where he picks up boys (straight construction workers). I then continue to the gay beach (about 15:00 to 16:30). Not many boys, and those who are there are in company of a Farang.

Summary: in Pattaya, an inflation of boys (there are currently three straight boys for body worship just a phone call or a 100 m walk away; and there are two gay boys just a phone call and 10 minutes wait away) meets a sex fatigue on my part (once per day is enough). Plenty of leads on Grindr and Gayromeo, several of them not money boys as far as I can tell, but I don’t have time to meet all of them. Life is cruel!

Whereas in Bangkok, not many contacts online or in real life, and the problem is traveling distances up to 30 km. After plenty of disappointments in the past, I am not prepared to travel 30 km unless I am absolutely sure the boy is my type and will turn up.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Library bus

Library bus

During lunch break, I saw this bus in my area. It was there a few weeks ago, so I assume it makes its rounds through Bangkok.

Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 European Union

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Engine is running, door is not locked (I can see the latch is open) I can't see anyone inside through the front window, when when I walk around someone opens the door and beckons me to come inside. Aircon, take off your shoes. I go in and have a look and a chat with the operators (they speak reasonable English).

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Most of the books are in Thai, there are only few books in English nothing noteworthy.

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

 Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013
Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Library bus Bangkok World Book Capital 2013

Lomchoey Massage Soi Ngamduplee

Lomchoey Massage Soi Ngamduplee

Rama 4 Road Soi Ngamduplee
(there is another branch in Bang Na ?, this review is about Rama 4 branch)

Opening times:
Every day 9 am to 2 am

Facilities: basic bathroom, massage rooms mattress on floor, no locker, no tissue. You have to put your stuff on the floor in the massage room, during shower it is unattended leaving it open for theft. After happy ending, there is no tissue to wipe off body fluids, this is done with one towel and you use the other towel for drying after shower.

Update 14.01.2014: I asked at the reception, there is no hot water for showering.

Massage skills: good oil massage and very good transition to happy ending.

I walked past Lomchoey many times over the years and recently decided to try them.

14.09.2013 I am in the area and in the mood for a massage with happy ending and there is cute masseur (name Ne) outside. I book one hour oil massage. Ne takes off his shirt before he ascends the stairs to the rooms in front of me. Good start! I shower alone, turning on the water is not straightforward, you need to figure out how to turn the tap forward and backward until water flows. Oil massage is good, I especially like the massage of my buttocks and butt crack. Then turn over. Ne stays shirtless (i.e. keeps on trousers). During massage of my front, he presses my food against his abdomen, warm and dry, feels good. I very much enjoy the massage of my inner thighs, balls, scrotum and penis (no wanking, just stroking, not hard yet). He then asks if I would like a happy ending. Yes, but we have to do some adjustments. I am lying on my back, seeing his shadow (the light is on the ceiling, behind him) and his body is out of reach. I want to see him clearly and want to touch his body, so I tell him to take off his trousers and come to my side. He does as I want, but is thrown off his routine, from there on it is downwards and the happy ending is so-so. But the transition from massage to happy ending was the best I ever had, very promising, I will be back. 1 hour oil massage 400 or 500 Baht (depending on promotion 20% discount), I tip 1000.

02.10.2013 I am in the area and in the mood for massage with happy ending. My previous masseur Ne is not in, but his younger brother (name Saep) is in, currently busy with a customer. Younger brother? Sounds good! I was going to have dinner before massage anyway, so I told them I would come back after dinner. So I did. Mamasan presented me Saep who was not so much my type (or not at all my type). I think mamasan could feel my resistance and disappointment, but after years in the business she knows how to handle customers, and the operation ("Nice to see you back. He has been waiting for you, let's get inside") was too quick for me to say "no" It was a "deer in the headlight" moment that I had, you suddenly realize that you have gone too far to back pedal (i.e. stopping the transaction would be a loss of face for all parties). The mistake was to tell her I would be back after dinner. Again problem to turn on the water, Saep had to come to my help. The massage was good, and the transition to happy ending even better. Saep used a technique that I think was what shamelessmack described as “undercarriage service”. Saep sat cross-legged and my legs rested on his. It took a bit of gestures until I knew how to position myself. This way, he had access to my front and back nether regions. I should have reclined happy ending and saved a few hundred Baht tip.
1 hour oil massage, tip 1000 Baht. On this day, I forgot my umbrella, noticed minutes later when I was in a taxi to Silom. I called and asked them to keep it.

Mid October 2013 I am in the area and pop in to pick up my umbrella. Mamasan presents me yet another boy as Ne’s younger brother. But by now I have sussed her out. I will be back when they a boy who is my type.

From two visits and two masseurs I can say that they are trained in massage and have the best transition to happy ending I ever encountered. Prices are reasonable, facilities are basic.

Internet: no website I know of, but read here:

Update 05.12.2013: Number of masseurs vary considerably. Today around 8:30 pm, one sitting outside out of three who are on duty. About two weeks ago, there were more than five sitting outside.

Update 14.01.2014: Went 21:10, one masseur outside, two inside sleeping (more busy with customers?), took the one who was outside, one hour oil massage, good massage, could have spend more time on butt crack and buttocks, after front massage proceeded to happy ending, very skillful, leave 22:20, 400 Baht + 1000 Baht tip; when I leave I count 6 masseurs

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Farose 2 sauna Ramkhamhaeng

Farose 2 sauna Ramkhamhaeng

Visit Sunday 10.11.2013 11pm to 3am

Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 Yaek 2. From Ramkhamhaeng road, it’s about 300 m. You drive or walk over a bridge over Khlong Saen Saep, then about 100 m further to the right.
(Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 = Soi Nawa Si ซอย รามคำแหง 21 = ซอย นวศรี แยก 2 ฟารอส 2)

Opening times
No info on their website, elsewhere I found 5pm to 6am.

Sun-Thu, public holiday 150 Baht
Fri, Sat, day before public holiday 160 Baht (This information is only in Thai on their website)


Theme days: none that I know of.

Shows: none that I know of, but I think there are some videos on youtube that were taken there. There are special events advertised in the sauna in print and on their website.

I went there first about 2 years ago, now again with two friends. Two years ago, I said the standard of cleanliness and maintenance is higher than in Farose 1, I have to revoke that. Both are dumps.

Clientele: in the course of that night (11pm to 3am), I estimate there were about 100 customers, 3 Farang and the rest Thai. Age range 20 to 40. I spotted about 5 boys who were cute, and a few other customers were interested in me. Size of the sauna is comparable to Babylon sauna.

With the locker comes a condom (lube is distributed elsewhere), but no towels. Towels are available for free outside. They are too small to wrap around my waist (or any customer’s waist). The used towels are then littered around everywhere. On the rooftop, there is free food (steamed rice and three types of Thai food that I didn’t know and therefore didn’t try) and water. The plate I used had a greasy feel. In the disco, there are free drinks (including alcoholic drinks). The glasses (made of plastic) for the drinks are then left everywhere in the place, often not empty. And there are beer bottles (made of glass) as well, posing a safety risk when they break.

Speaking of safety: I hurt my feet several times when I hit a couch or bed in the darkroom and labyrinth.

As the night continued, I saw more and more customers lying on the couches and sleeping, even in the reception hall. Then it dawned on me: they passed out on the free whisky.

Busiest time is Friday and Saturday and before holidays from 11pm to 1am (information from another customer).

There seems to be no dress code. About 90% of the customers are in underwear. 5% in street clothes (including shoes), 5% shirtless in trousers or in underwear and shirt.

Outside: a pool with a fountain, there is an area that was intended for use as swimming pool, but another customer advised me not to go in because the water is dirty, and I didn’t see anyone in the pool. Gazebos with steam room, sauna, bathroom and showers. A little park with benches, a gym.

Ground floor: reception, locker room, disco, karaoke.
First floor: labyrinth and rooms.
Second floor: labyrinth and rooms. Some rooms on that floor have a glass wall to the outside and two sides covered in mirrors; those at the corner have two glass walls to the outside.
Rooftop: open, partially with a roof, benches and seats, free food and water.

Theme: at some time, someone invested some money in that place. The bathrooms and shower rooms have nice tiling and ceramics. The circular staircase has wrought iron railings, on top is a dome of leaded colored glass (Tiffany style). The rooftop terrace is still in good condition. Elsewhere, I would use the words dilapidated, ramshackle, neglected and filthy to describe it. One could think the place has been vandalized some time and only the absolute minimum was done to put it back into operation. The rooms have mirrors on the walls, most of them with cracks. Towels and used condoms from previous customers lay around. In many rooms, light doesn’t work any more.

If you are looking for a weird sauna experience, this is it! If cleanliness is your priority, go elsewhere.

One of my friends stayed sober and in the disco all the time. My other friend (who lives close to my place, so we shared a taxi) ventured out about midnight. At 1:30am, I wanted to go back and was looking for him, but couldn’t find him. About 3am, I gave up and concluded the he must have passed out and went to sleep somewhere. So I discussed with my sober friend that he would wait and I would go home by taxi (alone, but left 200 Baht for my friend). Almost home, I got a message that he is leaving the sauna, so I know everything went fine.

On their website, it says:

Farose Cleanliness
Farose II, have been so caring for cleanness, we have day shift for clean up the building and night shift to assist you for cleanness, but since we have such a very large space and a huge number of the visitors and varieties of nationality, Thais, foreigner, and adults. Thus, we might not be able to look after cleanness for all facilities we have provided all the time. So, if you notice some defects and inappropriate behavior from others, you may report with our staff in that spot to clean up at any time. Call us at Tel +66(02) 319-4054.

I absolutely agree with this part: Thus, we might not be able to look after cleanness for all facilities we have provided all the time.

All I can comment on this:

Welcome to experience the ultimate biggest sauna in Southeast Asia, Farose II Ramkhamheng, the most biggest and popular sauna in town,…

is that the size is similar to Babylon Sauna.

Tiles made of coulored glass, looks good. Nice sanitary ware, but now part of the stone panel is missing, leaving rusty steel in open view.

Would you like to have sex in these rooms? 

Yes, these are used condoms from previous customers!

Sorry for the poor quality picture, I took them with my mobile phone. Sorry for being so negative, there are a few rooms with real beds (but plastic surface) which are just acceptable for sex by my standards.