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Farose 2 sauna Ramkhamhaeng

Farose 2 sauna Ramkhamhaeng

Visit Sunday 10.11.2013 11pm to 3am

Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 Yaek 2. From Ramkhamhaeng road, it’s about 300 m. You drive or walk over a bridge over Khlong Saen Saep, then about 100 m further to the right.
(Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 = Soi Nawa Si ซอย รามคำแหง 21 = ซอย นวศรี แยก 2 ฟารอส 2)

Opening times
No info on their website, elsewhere I found 5pm to 6am.

Sun-Thu, public holiday 150 Baht
Fri, Sat, day before public holiday 160 Baht (This information is only in Thai on their website)


Theme days: none that I know of.

Shows: none that I know of, but I think there are some videos on youtube that were taken there. There are special events advertised in the sauna in print and on their website.

I went there first about 2 years ago, now again with two friends. Two years ago, I said the standard of cleanliness and maintenance is higher than in Farose 1, I have to revoke that. Both are dumps.

Clientele: in the course of that night (11pm to 3am), I estimate there were about 100 customers, 3 Farang and the rest Thai. Age range 20 to 40. I spotted about 5 boys who were cute, and a few other customers were interested in me. Size of the sauna is comparable to Babylon sauna.

With the locker comes a condom (lube is distributed elsewhere), but no towels. Towels are available for free outside. They are too small to wrap around my waist (or any customer’s waist). The used towels are then littered around everywhere. On the rooftop, there is free food (steamed rice and three types of Thai food that I didn’t know and therefore didn’t try) and water. The plate I used had a greasy feel. In the disco, there are free drinks (including alcoholic drinks). The glasses (made of plastic) for the drinks are then left everywhere in the place, often not empty. And there are beer bottles (made of glass) as well, posing a safety risk when they break.

Speaking of safety: I hurt my feet several times when I hit a couch or bed in the darkroom and labyrinth.

As the night continued, I saw more and more customers lying on the couches and sleeping, even in the reception hall. Then it dawned on me: they passed out on the free whisky.

Busiest time is Friday and Saturday and before holidays from 11pm to 1am (information from another customer).

There seems to be no dress code. About 90% of the customers are in underwear. 5% in street clothes (including shoes), 5% shirtless in trousers or in underwear and shirt.

Outside: a pool with a fountain, there is an area that was intended for use as swimming pool, but another customer advised me not to go in because the water is dirty, and I didn’t see anyone in the pool. Gazebos with steam room, sauna, bathroom and showers. A little park with benches, a gym.

Ground floor: reception, locker room, disco, karaoke.
First floor: labyrinth and rooms.
Second floor: labyrinth and rooms. Some rooms on that floor have a glass wall to the outside and two sides covered in mirrors; those at the corner have two glass walls to the outside.
Rooftop: open, partially with a roof, benches and seats, free food and water.

Theme: at some time, someone invested some money in that place. The bathrooms and shower rooms have nice tiling and ceramics. The circular staircase has wrought iron railings, on top is a dome of leaded colored glass (Tiffany style). The rooftop terrace is still in good condition. Elsewhere, I would use the words dilapidated, ramshackle, neglected and filthy to describe it. One could think the place has been vandalized some time and only the absolute minimum was done to put it back into operation. The rooms have mirrors on the walls, most of them with cracks. Towels and used condoms from previous customers lay around. In many rooms, light doesn’t work any more.

If you are looking for a weird sauna experience, this is it! If cleanliness is your priority, go elsewhere.

One of my friends stayed sober and in the disco all the time. My other friend (who lives close to my place, so we shared a taxi) ventured out about midnight. At 1:30am, I wanted to go back and was looking for him, but couldn’t find him. About 3am, I gave up and concluded the he must have passed out and went to sleep somewhere. So I discussed with my sober friend that he would wait and I would go home by taxi (alone, but left 200 Baht for my friend). Almost home, I got a message that he is leaving the sauna, so I know everything went fine.

On their website, it says:

Farose Cleanliness
Farose II, have been so caring for cleanness, we have day shift for clean up the building and night shift to assist you for cleanness, but since we have such a very large space and a huge number of the visitors and varieties of nationality, Thais, foreigner, and adults. Thus, we might not be able to look after cleanness for all facilities we have provided all the time. So, if you notice some defects and inappropriate behavior from others, you may report with our staff in that spot to clean up at any time. Call us at Tel +66(02) 319-4054.

I absolutely agree with this part: Thus, we might not be able to look after cleanness for all facilities we have provided all the time.

All I can comment on this:

Welcome to experience the ultimate biggest sauna in Southeast Asia, Farose II Ramkhamheng, the most biggest and popular sauna in town,…

is that the size is similar to Babylon Sauna.

Tiles made of coulored glass, looks good. Nice sanitary ware, but now part of the stone panel is missing, leaving rusty steel in open view.

Would you like to have sex in these rooms? 

Yes, these are used condoms from previous customers!

Sorry for the poor quality picture, I took them with my mobile phone. Sorry for being so negative, there are a few rooms with real beds (but plastic surface) which are just acceptable for sex by my standards.

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