Thursday, 28 November 2013

Saranrom park Tuesday 26.11.2013

Saranrom park Tuesday 26.11.2013

The boy I wanted to meet today writes to me in Line that he is not free this week due to family commitments. So I suddenly have a free evening and night to spend. After staying in all Monday and going to bed early (to catch up missed sleep from the night before), I decide to go to Saranrom again. Take bus directly from work (saves time compared to going home first, and I can shower in the short time hotel) to Central Ladprao and have pizza for dinner. Call a boy East whom I met in Saranrom and ask him if he can meet me here. Cannot, I have to come to Saranrom. Change bus (line 524 to Sanam Luang).

Get off at Khao San, have a stroll through Khao San. There is a cute boy who sells stuff on the street, at the same place where I saw him last time, I stop again and he says he remembers me. I will pursue this next time. Stroll through the night market Talat Klong Lot. Very entertaining, as usual. Arrive in Saranrom 21:20. Give wide berth to the spot where my regular T usually hangs out because I don’t intent to take him today, I want some change. Not long afterwards, he gives me a missed call. Coincidence? I don’t call back because I told him yesterday that I will be busy this week. And I have to try to train him to come to my room instead of me picking him up, that will save me one hour time of traveling.

At that time (21:20) there are over 20 boys in the area (estimated), and there is significant turnover (on my second round half an hour later, about half of them are gone, and new boys are there). The boy East whom I called earlier is not where we met last time. I continue my round. I pass a Thai man, he is saying something so I go back. I have no idea who he is, but he remembers me and tells me a boy Braem whom I had three times is not there today. I asked about him (Braem), he had a fight near Saphan Phut and is now recovering at home. When I met Braem last time, he was there (Saranrom) alone, his group of friends had been arrested by police for a knife fight.

At 22:00, estimated 30 boys in the area, and growing. Bee from my last visit is there again, but skin temperature check is negative (cold and wet), so I pass him. Then I come across Neung (19 year old, very cute face) who was not available the first and second time our paths crossed, but is available now. The fact that negotiations are done by his friends and previous unavailability forebode that not much is to be expected. We take taxi to short time hotel. He watches TV while I shower.

I should have told him to turn off the TV, as it occupies him completely. He tries to negotiate 700, then 600, but I stay at my offer of 500 which he quickly accepts. He does not let me take a facepic, but underwear pic is ok. Twinky body, but I have seen nicer shapes. Brown skin, I can live with the tattoos. Skin temperature perfect, warm and dry. Take of shirt and trousers. His boxers are not at all my style, so off with them as well, but the underwear is ok, it can stay on. A bit too much pubic hair (poking out of underwear and on crotch) and I can feel one mook on his dick (no further investigation).

He is from Bangna, that makes three boys I have met at Saranrom who live in Bangna, quite a distance (about 20 km). He comes by bus 82 and goes back by taxi (200 Baht, can that be true?). No activity in bed, so I have one hand on his body and wank with the other hand. He stays while I shower and even longer, to watch TV until advertising break. Then I pay him 500 and another 40 (he asked for money for taxi, but I observe him walking back on foot later). After that, he leaves without saying goodbye or looking back or waving his hand. We were in and out within 25 minutes (22:20 to 45). If he had shown some activity, I might take him again.

I go for another (abbreviated) round and come across East whom I called earlier. Maybe he draws a connection that I would have gone with him if he had come to meet me at Central Ladprao. If I know whom I want, the boy can come to my room to save me time for traveling.

Go to Sanam Luang and wait (about 5 minutes) for bus 59 to go back to my room (23:19 to 00:16). Buy some food at 7/11 in my area, there are three boys in the night shift who I would take for free! A group of boys I know is sitting and drinking, they invite me to join them and show me CDs with straight porn and covers with pictures. Disgusting! I wonder where they are going to watch them (these boys are lo-so, I don’t know if they have a computer), maybe I should invite them to watch them in my room and see what evolves.

Current demonstrations: Part of Rachadamnoen (around Democracy Monument) is completely closed to traffic and demonstrations are going on. There are motorcycle drivers from other parts of Bangkok, waiting for customers. Barbed wire near Saranrom Park. Bus 59 still operates, but takes a different route to bypass demonstrations.


  1. hi, am i missing something about the skin temperature check? is it a sign of something?

  2. Hey Christian, Just wondering where are the boys at Saranrom Park. Are they in the park or around the park?

  3. Around the park and around the palace. The park is closed at night.


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