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Seven-some in my room 11.11.2013

Seven-some in my room 11.11.2013

Sorry, there was no seven-some in my room, but the headline caught your attention, didn’t it? But I managed to lure six local boys into my room, that’s a first.

Abstract: Be careful whom you invite to your place, lo-so boys have no manners, one boy steals my pocket knife.

Monday, 11.11.2013

On my way home, I pass a field for ball games just 200 m before my building. A boy I fancy (and he knows it and his friends know it) is playing shirtless, his body glistening with sweat. A nice view.

I go to my room, shower and change clothes and go out again to have dinner in my area. After a weekend in Pattaya and little sleep the night before, I will stay in my area today. When I come back from dinner, they are sitting around, still shirtless, now dry. I join for a chat. They ask me for money for beer, I give them 100 Baht. We talk (all in Thai) about subjects like work, family, gay and straight sex, drugs.

They ask about my work, I show them pictures of me at my work place on my phone. They scroll through my picture collection, which includes pictures of boys from Saranrom, Pattaya and Hua Lampong shirtless or in underwear. Good idea to turn the chat in a direction I want, but I have to be careful: they might not want having their pictures taken and shown around to other boys.

One of them plays music on his mobile phone, so I switch on my mobile phone (which is the newest and most expensive) to play music I have stored on it. They ask about youtube. I have internet on my mobile phone, but data connection is expensive and I want to get them into my room, so I tell about my computer with internet in my room.

Both bottles of beer are empty, they want more. I point out that there are mosquitos around and that I want aircon, and finally they agree to come to my room.

6 Boys, 12 hands, and I have only two eyes. They take off their shoes, two descend on my fridge, others are busy in bathroom (but no mess) and in kitchen (open shelf doors to look for glasses). They try my chocolate in the fridge without asking, but ask to open bag of crisps. My laptop with youtube is popular. Nobody wants to sit next to me on my bed, they rather sit on the floor or on my chair and two stools. Everything lying around in my room is fair game to touch and play with.

I can use this curiosity, looking everywhere and taking things without asking me, to my advantage by placing gay magazines so they find them next time and we have something to talk about.

Sex talk continues, they show me their dick size through their trouser and two even do dry bumping. I evade all questions about “how much”. Firstly because that didn’t lead anywhere with Mee in August and secondly because I don’t want to lie, so I cannot tell them that boys in Bangkok expect 1500, boys in Pattaya 1000, boys in Saranrom 500, all I can tell them is that I paid 300 at Hua Lampong to set expectations right. Even without a number, they offer each other for sex and ask who I think is most handsome (for me it is clear that 3 of them are my type, and I can sort them, the other 3 aren’t, but I won’t point that out, I say all handsome the same). One of the cute boys shakes hands with me: warm and dry, exactly as I like it.

They have no interest in books. Good for me, as I cherish my books and want to keep them in good condition. I once had a look at a book with a friend, the way he hold it, I thought he has never had a book in his hands before. So in case of doubt, like this, rather keep my Thai acquaintances away from my books, they might drop or break or dirty them or tear pages.

For a reason I don’t remember, we open my wardrobe. Apart from clothes, I have more books in there and a Swiss army knife on the shelf (I use the toothpick almost daily). One boy takes it, flips out the scissors and starts cutting a map that is lying around. Suddenly, the knife is gone. I ask where it is. They present me knives from my kitchen. Beer is empty, so they make a quick exit. Technically, I just don’t know where my knife is (but at least I know I haven’t misplaced it).

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Not a big loss, neither emotionally (even though I have had it about 20 years) nor functionally (despite a recent cleaning and oiling, the tool were difficult to flip out and I used it very rarely).

I wonder if they all played together or if the other five boys are as appalled as I am. You are invited to a friend’s place, free beer and food and entertainment, and steal from him. There was nothing sophisticated about the theft. He was playing with my knife, and the next moment I looked at him it was gone. This is not a case like with bar boys, I have known some of these boys for ten months, our ways cross regularly, but I don’t remember the one I suspect of stealing my knife.

Next time, I have to lock away all small interesting stuff (old mobile phone, tape measure, …I have to keep a better order anyway), and I will bring up the issue of the theft without pressuring them (displaying it that I can’t find the knife and ask where they put it), and find a way to get the cute boys alone into my room for sexual activities, and establish a price.

I everything goes alright, I can imagine in the near future, I pass the boys playing ball games on my way home, say hello and look at one and rise a hand with three fingers (meaning: 300) and after the match he will come to my room, skin hot and glistening with sweat before showering and hot and dry after showering.

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