Friday, 27 December 2013

Dejavu Sauna Ladprao 122 (3rd visit)

Dejavu Sauna Ladprao 122 (3rd visit)

Thursday, 26.12.2013

Arrive 9:30 pm. There is a note at reception: Staff Naked Party 9-11 pm. On the event calendar behind reception, I can see it’s a regular event. That means those with a bow tie are staff and start the activities, then customers join in? Fuck show is in progress, two couples near the bar. Other customers can stand around in a circle.

About 10, the crowd dissolves and about ten minutes later activities continue upstairs. Customers can stand in a half circle, many cannot see what’s going on. Those who know gathered before activity starts to get a good vantage point. About 10:30, crowd dissolves. About ten minutes later, activity continues elsewhere, this time up to four couples. Customers who participate get stamps on their arm.

About 11, everything is over and customers are in labyrinth and rooms (It looks like all rooms are occupied, exept for those few with broken light and broken door). There were about 50 customers watching the show and about 20 elsewhere in the sauna, today I am the only Farang.

I leave 11:30, it’s still busy. Some more observations: area in front of Jacuzzi and the steam room have a drainage problem, there is water a few millimeters high standing there (I hate this feeling of cold water on the floor, has been like this all visits). Today, showers have a draining problem too: water a few centimeters high. There is only cold water (and in winter in Bangkok it can be unpleasant to shower with cold water).

Update Thursday 13.03.2014

Visit 21:05 – 22:45. Everything as previously reported, staff naked party starts about 21:30 and is still going when I leave. About 100 customers, among them about 5 Farang, 4 with glasses (ChristianPFC included), 1 with basecap. Free alcohol and coke at the bar.

Many customers seem to be regulars, they know that the action moves from place A to B to C and gather there before it starts to get a good viewpoint.

Mask Naked Party every first and third Tuesday of the month in Dejavu and every first and third Friday of the month in Cruising Sauna (you will certainly not find me on these dates, mask are the ultimate turn off).

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  1. Update Wed 27.07.2014

    Naked day (I was in the area at the right time, I had not planned to go on Wed, only after paying entry and entering locker room I realized it's not Thursday yet, but then it was too late).

    opening time 4 pm to 2 am, entry 139 Baht, condom and lube supplied, free ice coke water in bar, unlimited small towels in 2nd floor

    21:35-22:30, about 15 customers, some activity in labyrinth and rooms

    Theme days as reported above.

  2. Do you know what Sunday are like at Deja Vu? Planning a visit on Sunday with my Thai friend.

  3. I haven't been on a Sunday, but special events are usually on Thu-Fri-Sat. Sometimes there is group wanking on Sun (17.08., 15.09. in Cruising sauna).

  4. The best days are Thursdays then, in your opinion.

  5. I have only been on Wednesdays (twice, not much activity) and Thursdays (staff naked party, recommended), I can't compare with other days.

  6. Monday 14.09.2015 Déjà vu in Ladprao 122. Entry 140 Baht. Open 4 pm to 2 am. Stay 21:35-57. About 20 customers. Jacuzzi filled with water, but cold and no bubbles. Light and music ok. Unlimited small towels and soft drinks. Small locker with one padlock. Condom 49mm and sachet of lube provided with locker key. Mon Fri underwear, Tue Wed Thu Sat Sun naked, Thu 9 pm show.


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