Friday, 20 December 2013

Dejavu Sauna Ladprao 122 (2nd visit)

Dejavu Sauna Ladprao 122

Thursday 19.12.2013 (my second visit)

I visited a friend in Ladprao and after that was not in the mood for sex. Dejavu is in walking distance, so I pop in again for a mere confirmation of findings from my previous visit (see separate post), which was a disappointment. Not so this time!

Arrive 21:45. From the reception, I can hear sounds that I associated with sexual activity. In the locker room, it gets louder, and then at bar, I see what is going on: they have a sex show, with about 50 customers watching (standing/sitting around). I join the crowd. There are two couples fucking or sucking each other, with some interaction with the audience. Two members of staff (?) have a flashlight to illuminate, so overall lighting is ok for me. One of the performers has a great body. You can sit or stand a meter away, and everything is genuine.

I don’t know if this is a regular event on Thursdays, it’s not advertised anywhere I know, but on my previous visit on a Wednesday staff told me that Thursday 9:30 is a good time (many customers) to come to the sauna.

The show ends about 22:00 and the crowd dissipates. I check the gym on ground floor (=first floor), there are announcements for special events like this:

Orgy Zone
Dejavu                             (my translation and explanation in italic)
โซนของคนชอบโชว์             (zone for people who like show)
9,23,30 มี.ค.56                  (9,23,30 March 2013, these dates are Saturday)
6,27 เม.ย.56                      (6, 27 April 2013, these dates are Saturday)
ทุกคู่ที่เอากันไน Orgy zone    (every couple that has sex in public in the orgy zone)
รับบัตร VIP เที่ยวฟรี 5 วัน       (receives a card for five times free entry)

(I didn’t know that I would soon qualify!)

I proceed to second floor: the area of second floor is smaller because the locker room in ground floor has an atrium which is two stories high.

I continue to third floor and I find another show is going on (the cute boy is there again). It’s next to a wall, so audience cannot stand around (like on ground floor), it is pretty crowded and many have to stretch their neck and still can’t see what’s going on. I have an advantage because I am taller than the average Thai. There is interaction amongst the audience as well, I get groped several times. The show ends, and the cute boy comes to me, smiles at me and puts his hand on my knee. I return the favor, he takes my hand and leads me upstairs, where another show is going on.

He pushes my head down, so I suck him and then he fucks me in various positions, with staff illuminating our activities and about 50 other customers are watching (us and another couple having intercourse as well). Fortunately, I am not shy: I am lying on my back, getting fucked, and when I look up, there are five standing next to me, loocking down on me, one trying to shove his dick in my mouth. Finally, cumshot on my abdomen. I would call this an interactive fuck show, I guess the sauna hires two couples and others can join. And it’s real! (Unlike Soi Twilight Fuck shows, which I find boring, and the cock rings are a total turn off.) A member of staff stamps my arm with a rubber stamp and tells me I can get a card for five times free entry at reception.

The cute boy and I exchange a few sentences (his English is limited, so we speak Thai), shower and go to the locker room to exchange phone numbers. The cute boy leaves, I go on another round. Still plenty of customers (50 estimated) and activities in labyrinth and rooms. I leave 23:15.

Clientele: I guess age mainly 25 to 40, there were at least 50 customers at any given time I was there. Apart from the cute boy, one or two others might qualify for free sex with me. The vast majority is not slim enough (my standards regarding body shape are quite strict). I saw one other Farang.

While my first visit was a disappointment, this visit clearly asks for coming back, and trying Cruising Sauna as well.


  1. Hi Chirstian,
    This is Ben from China.Thanks for sharing your experience in the Bangkok Sauna & Pubs. I find it super useful for my upcoming trip to Bangkok.

    Can I check with you on one thing? For the Nov Event calendar posted on Dejavu Sauna website, Can you translate in English ? I can't read Thai, but I want to check out the Staff fuck zone event...

    1. All events on are from August and September. Where is November calendar?

      "Staff naked party" = "Staff FCUK show" (sic!) on the calender is every Thursday, start 9pm.

    2. Just found website for Cruising and Deja Vu with November activities in English:


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