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How not to seduce straight boys

How not to seduce straight boys

In September, I came across a group of cute boys (i.e. young men) in a public park in Sathorn, we had a chat and exchanged phone number with M (the cutest in the group). Sathorn is too far away to get anyone into my room, so I let it rest until December, when a friend stayed in Sathorn and we could go to his room. (All conversation with my friend in German, with the boys in Thai.)

Sunday 22.12.2013
I call M. He is free and we can meet. However he cannot come to the park, I have to pick him up in his soi. He is with a friend. I invite them to go swimming in the hotel’s pool. They agree, but first we have to push a street food cart along the soi (more than a kilometer), then we sit there, one boy sells food, the other boy chats with me. Finally both are free, we get into a taxi to my friend’s hotel. Time between meeting the boys and arrive in hotel about 2 hours! It was not urgent, but shows how much time you can spend and get nowhere.

I go to the bathroom and change into underwear (to use as swimwear), then I give the two boys (M and D) underwear (from my vast collection) and send them to the bathroom to change, they reappear fully dressed. We get them to take off their shirts, while I am just in underwear. We go to the pool, I swim a few rounds and finally the boys take off their shorts and are there in the underwear I provided for them as swimwear. An amazing achievement! It’s a bit cold for me, and for them it is very cold, so one just has a few leaps and the other one doesn’t even get into the water.

We go back to the room. I shower, and my friend gets the boys into the bathroom, wrapped in towel. I try to entice them join me in the shower, no way. (Even for me a treat, as I have only cold water in my room.) When I leave the bathroom, I see them shower in underwear. I go to 7/11 to get beer and chips/crisps. In my absence, my friend tried to get the boys to sit on the bed, no way. When I come back they sit at the table. We start drinking, eating and chatting. They appreciate the beer, the chips/crisps and the chocolate my friend brought from Germany. Very carefully, I ask about sexual orientation. Both like girls. I tell them my friend likes boys, but we quickly change the subject. The cute boy M was talkative outside, but now plays with his mobile phone. The not so cute boy D was quiet outside, but is chatty now. We conclude that this won’t lead anywhere, so we say goodbye and I see the boys off at a taxi and give them money for taxi.

Nothing happened, but we set the stage for more. My friend is German and he has decades of experience (in Germany, Thailand, and to a lesser extend elsewhere) of seducing straight boys into sex. After our interaction (drinking beer, eating chocolate and chips/crisps, I translate German/Thai), he asked me (my translation, exaggerated for dramatic effect): “Are you naturally stupid and awkward or are you trying to scare the boys away?”

That was referring to me opening the curtain (to let light in, but Thai boys are shy, so the curtain has to be closed so nobody can look inside), and buying two bottles of beer for the two boys (my friend and I don’t drink, but his objections was that there will be an interruption after these two bottles are empty, whereas my line of thought was that we can easily get more from 7/11). And earlier this year, when I stood with a boy in the parking area in bright light so my friend could see us from his room (but so could everyone else in Malaysia). That means those who never met me, but judged from my post that I am doing something wrong, are right! And I am too gingerly in discussing matters of sexual nature. Once we have established that I like boys, I take a step back and discuss general matters. My friend would continue the conversation (who has the biggest dick, how often do you wank/fuck your girlfriend, and so on).

Monday 23.12.2013
Short chat with M: it was fun and we can meet again on Wednesday. My German friend instructs me to bring only one boy, it will not work if there are two of them. His intention is to show porn, talk about sex, get a bottle of beer into the boy, ask is he is horny, stroke his leg.

Wednesday 25.12.2013
After work, go to my friend’s hotel room. We sift through a pile of porn I brought, takes about one hour. The best would porn with a woman who starts undressing. Gay porn with fucking is a no-no (another friend told me this as well, it will seriously disturb straight boys), and gay porn with wanking and kissing and sucking might be acceptable. I need to get some straight porn, with women undressing and shaking their boobs!!

Call M again, meet in his soi at 20:30. He comes with D (the boy from last time) and another cute boy C joins soon. We chat and walk around, finally I am told to wait with D, and after a few minutes, M and C come back on a motorcycle and tell me to get into a taxi with D. Nonono, I can bring only one boy, M. M does not want to go alone. We discuss all for some minutes, them M tells me to call my friend to ask if I can bring several boys. I call, and my friend tells me again: it will not work in a group, one boy or nobody. I stress again that we have beer, food, he can play internet, we can chat, but only one boy. M finally draws a conclusion between my friend’s preference for Thai boys and says that he cannot go because he likes girls. When they ask me I say I like boys and girls, but point out that my role is merely that of a translator (and I think they believe me).

I tell M that my friend is very generous. It doesn’t get me any further. We are in a dead end, just minutes away from exhausting discussion of all possibilities and returning alone. But you never know, if you say what you want you might get it. So I whisper to M that my friend would like to wank with him and would pay 300 Baht. The other two boys understand part of it, so they ask me to repeat and everyone breaks out in laughter. (The entire conversation takes place near a traffic light and telephone booth, in public, with people passing just meters away.) M vehemently refuses this idea (finally crossing his arms in front of his face saying “ban”), he even claims to have a girlfriend (according to information from elsewhere, he has not). Each of the boys suggests one of the other two go with me.

After some more discussion (with alternatives, but none of them would have me end up with M alone), I ask C if it is his motorbike he is sitting on and if he can give me a ride back. Yes. Yes. So I say goodbye and get on the motorbike. There is no grip behind the seat, I have nothing to hold on to. I try to put my arm around C’s body, but he doesn’t like it and tells me to put my hand on my knee (unlike a straight moneyboy I Pattaya whom I met a Bali Hai pier, who stroked my hand when we were driving on his motorbike). So I sit there without any support, my hand on my knee, but ready to move my arm around his body to hold onto him should it be necessary.

We arrive at the hotel, I ask him if he wants to come up for chat, drink, eat, internet: no. I offer him 300 Baht on my friend’s behalf for wanking: no. So I say goodbye (I was prepared to tip him 50 Baht for driving, but he was gone before I could get out my wallet).

Back 21:20. The whole interaction (including ride back) with the boys lasted 20:30 to 21:20, and I am exhausted, but a good practice for Thai.

According to my friend, the mistake was to start with a group, and then single out one boy who can come with me. It has to come across as a special offer that I am making only to M, the best would be without anyone else knowing where he is going. That might be difficult, because when I called him on the phone there was noise in the background that suggested he is in a group with friends/family.

However, I managed to put all blame on my friend (and I told him so), they believe my only involvement is as a translator (but surely I have a serious sexual interest in M and C, but they don’t know yet!). So I can stay in contact, meet again for just drinking, eating and talking, be generous, and let the idea (300 Baht for wanking with a friend of mine) work in their head.

An interesting sidenote: on Sunday, out of the blue M asked if I know Sanam Luang and then said (my translation): “Sanam Luang Chak Wao (Thai slang for wanking) 500 Baht”, but I didn’t inquire for details.

On Wednesday again, out of the blue, M asked if we would wank in my friend’s hotel room. I didn’t ask him to elaborate, but thought that this could be easier than thought (i.e. we can skip all the seduction and go right to “how much?”.

And the boys wanted me to take them to Talad Klong Lot (near to Sanam Luang and Saranrom), and said something about girls (I didn’t understand what exactly). 

A thought that crossed my mind that we consider it as a success to pay money for a straight boy for sex, whereas they see it as a defeat to get money in exchange for sex. When I finally get the boy into bed, I will proudly tell all my friends about it. He will not go home and proudly wave the 300 Baht in his friends’ face and tell them that all he had to do is to wank with me. By my standards, there is nothing wrong with buying sex or selling sex. But in general, it seems to be more acceptable to buy sex than to sell sex.

Different boys, different area:

“There is no second chance for a first impression.” I used this approach in my area. There is one boy who is an absolute stunner, and there are several boys who I wouldn’t mind to take home. In spring, I asked one of the “wouldn’t mind” boys (name Dom) for his phone number and if wants to study English and Thai with me. It didn’t lead anywhere, but the other boys draw a connection between my homosexuality and my interest in Dom. And just last week, I was passing them playing football and out of the blue one shouted “Dom love Christian” over to me. Meanwhile, the absolute stunner is ignorant of my lust for him, so I can try a different approach with him (studying English and Thai will not work).

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