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Pattaya weekend 30.11.-01.12.2013

Pattaya weekend 30.11.-01.12.2013

(including Bangkok activities on that weekend)

Friday, 29.11.2013

After work, take bus and BTS to jellybean’s place. Leave my luggage there, take shower, change and go out for dinner. I read about a restaurant (Madrid Tavern) in Patpong 1 in stickmanweekly, and their pizza was mentioned. So we go there and have a dinner. Never thought that you can have a good and reasonably priced pizza in Patpong. Will go again.

After dinner, stroll through Silom Soi 8 and 6 and go to Soi Twilight. We have a drink at Banana bar and go to bed early (around 11 pm).

Saturday, 30.11.2013

Get up at 8:30 (sic!). Jellybean insisted on leaving early (9 am). We follow the route suggested by googlemaps. We stop at Wat Nanthawan which is on the way and spend about 50 minutes walking around. Total travelling time about 5 hours, total driving time about 4 hours, with slow traffic on the hightway and on Sukhumvit Pattaya and with some delays at toll booths.

Arrive in Pattaya around 2 pm. Jellybean checks in at Flamingo Hotel and I give him a short tour through Sunee before I check in at Gurke Guesthouse.

Quite a difference. Flamingo Hotel requires some documentation (passport copy, fill out a form) and asks for a deposit of 500 Baht. The entire process takes about 5 minutes. But they have parking in front of the hotel and the aircon was already on when we entered the room.

Asking customers for a deposit is an insult by my standards. It implies two things: first, that the customer is going to break something and second, that he will shirk paying for the damage he caused. There is even a list of prices.

I have stayed a few times in Gurke Guesthouse and know the owner, so I just say hello and take the key and pay either on the spot (this time, because I would have to leave early on Sunday) or on check-out. Whole process takes less than 30 seconds.

Jellybean goes back to his room to sleep, I wonder what I can do that early in the afternoon (my last visits to the gay beach were disappointing: many farang, few boys, and the few boys were in company of a farang).

I go to Sansuk Sauna and arrive about 15:10. I haven’t been for over a year for two reasons: first, there were rebuilding and expanding the sauna, these works are now almost finished and second, looking for free sex somehow defies the purpose of going to Pattaya, I can do that in Bangkok. It is a very slow start with about 20 customers (half Thai, half Farang). After one tour through the premises, I sit down and read the newspaper. Customers are coming in, but from my spot I can’t see anyone cute. I am pondering other options (going for a run around Buddha Hill, having a massage, where and when to have dinner). But on another round, plenty of customers (half Thai, half Farang). Activities in the private rooms and in the steam room. I sit down in the steam room and the boy next to meet takes my hand and puts in on his dick. I didn’t have such a well shaped, thick and long and warm dick in my hand for a long time. Balls very nice as well. We wank each other, but I stop him before I ejaculate. He has too much pubic hair and he is a bit too fat to my taste, and as far as I can see his face, he is not that much my type. There is another boy T who looks cute (as far as I can judge with poor light and steam) and shows an interest, but then I lose him.

I walk around in the labyrinth, there are a few boys who I would not throw out of bed. There are couples old Farang young Thai. Then I find T again. I slowly walk past until he beckons me to sit down next to him. I am not in a rush to have sex, in fact there are plenty of gogo boys who I would like to meet again. Therefore, I am in the comfortable situation to let the boys come to me in the sauna. We chat (mainly in Thai, his English is very poor) and then move to another area where a friend of T joins us. I secretely check for body hair (touch his abdomen, cannot feel any hair, touch his chin, cannot feel any hair or stubble from shaving) and skin temperature. T tells me that he would like to drink beer, but has no money. How can that be? Entry to sauna is 230 Baht, beer at 7/11 is 50 Baht. I simply ignore this. T is 30 years old, which is a surprise to me. The vast majority of my sexual partners are younger than 25. T then hints at going to a room. The first room has no light at all, so we leave on my request and continue to another area where rooms have light. In the room, everything fine.

We go to the restaurant in Saensuk. It’s 7:30 pm, I message jellybean that I can’t join him at 8, maybe later. I have dinner, T gets the beer he had asked me for earlier. I have Tom Kha Gai for 160 Baht, you can get it cheaper elsewhere (80 Baht at Le Bouchon Thai), but I am hungry now, there are other cute boys around and we can discuss plans for the night.

We leave Sansuk and go on T’s motorbike to a lady bar near Central Festival where a lady friend works and where T can park his motorbike. The trip is through smaller sois, probably to avoid police checks because none of us wears a helmet? T's hairdo is incompatible with a helmet. We then walk along Beach road which is closed for traffic. There is the international fireworks competition, the firework is scheduled for 21:15, but only starts at about 10 pm. We spend the time walking along Beach road. T is a walker, he asks me if it is fine for me or if I want to stop. Many people out there, plenty of cute boys. I have seldom seen more cute boys. We watch the firworks (about 45 minutes).

After the firework, there is a pedestrian traffic jam on Beach road. We go back to T’s friend’s bar and have a drink (plus one for his lady friend). That’s the only bar I went to this night! I pay and leave around 11 pm. I will have to get up early on Sunday (departure 9 am). T’s lady friend suggests T goes with me, but I am not in the mood for sex again and want to go to bed early (and want to see if I can make more contacts on my way back, and have a look at Boyztown) and have to get up early. We exchange phone numbers to meet again on my next trip to Pattaya. Reconstruction of Beach road is almost complete, people walk and sit among building materials.

On Walking Street, I come across a group of boys, one of them cute. We look back at each other three times, then both of us stop, I ponder a bit too long, when I walk back to him, I lose sight of him. Spot a cute boy outside GUY and another one outside Nice Boys.

(Update: GUY is to close soon. Information from gaybuttonthai forum.)

Have a chat with friends in Gurke Guesthouse and go to bed around 1 am.

Alltogether, that evening/night was close to perfect.

Sunday 01.12.2013

Get up at 8:30, pack and leave (my check out consist in leaving the key on the billiard table). Arrive at Flamingo Hotel around 8:50. Jellybean is about to check out. But there is a problem: the maid (?) has no access to the till or there is no money in the till, she has to contact a superior so jellybean can get his deposit back. About 9:05, I enquire what we are waiting for (just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding and jellybean will get back his deposit soon) and how long it will take. 30 Minutes more! I remember jellybean’s reaction and exclamation when I broke the news to him very well, but I won’t publish it in here in order not to taint his good reputation.

So we prepone our breakfast to fill the waiting time. We are back at 9:25 and staff pays back the deposit. The ride to Bangkok is a very smooth one, no delays, 2 hours. From the elevated tollway, you have a great view and I spot many places I have been to or know from reading (same for trips on the bus). I leave my luggage at jellybean’s place and we have a chat. Then (about 1:30 pm) I leave and take the BTS to Bangna. It was only on Friday that I learned about Book Mega Sale 2013 in Bitec Bangna (27.11.-01.12.2013, 10 am to 8 pm). About 95 % of the books are in Thai, I make a few purchases. Altogether, not as interesting as the last book fair at Queen Sirikit Center, nonetheless I spend about 3 hours there.

Leave about 5:30 and take bus to Mega Bangna, to meet another friend for dinner and chat. After that, free shuttle bus to BTS Udom Suk, BTS to Mor Chit, bus home. Go to bed early (11:30 pm) to get some of the sleep I missed over the weekend due to getting up early.

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  1. By Thai law all hotels and guesthouses are required to ask for passport so Flamingo was doing the right thing.
    I have known farang who stayed at Flamingo and did walk out carrying some item so can understand why Flamingo asked for a deposit. Not everyone is honest.


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