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Dating Thai boys (4) Conversation on Camfrog

Dating Thai boys (4) Conversation on Camfrog

Monday 30.12.2013

This serves as an example for a successful transaction, 1 hour 15 minutes from first contact into my room, then one hour in my room. (The time stamps from Camfrog are haphazard.)

30/12/2556 11:47:36
christianpfc: hello
Thai boy: hi
christianpfc: Do you speak English?
Thai boy: i can
Thai boy: where do you live?
christianpfc: in Bangkok, Lak Si
christianpfc: and you?
Thai boy: ngamwongwan 
Thai boy: the mall
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: I know, not far
Thai boy: do you wanna
christianpfc: your friend?
christianpfc: what?
Thai boy: top
Thai boy: bottom
Thai boy: and both
christianpfc: I am both
Thai boy: i wan money
christianpfc: how much?
Thai boy: 2000
christianpfc: sorry, cannot
Thai boy: 1300
christianpfc: for one or for two?
Thai boy: 2000
Thai boy: for /
Thai boy: 2
christianpfc: with your friend?
Thai boy: yes
Thai boy: only one
Thai boy: 1300
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: I like your friend
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: age weight height?
Thai boy: my frieng 
Thai boy: 21 168 50
Thai boy: i  18 167  48
christianpfc: what's your name?
Thai boy: i kim
Thai boy: freind
Thai boy: aum
christianpfc: My name is Christian
Thai boy: what
christianpfc: can I see your friend?
christianpfc: in cam
Thai boy: yes
christianpfc: handsome
Thai boy: thank you
Thai boy: what
christianpfc: I want aum, is 1000 ok?
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: I stay in (my address in Thai)
Thai boy: phone
christianpfc: (my phone number)
christianpfc: and you?
Thai boy: (his phone number)
Thai boy: (his phone number continued)
Thai boy: call me

30/12/2556 12:06:46
christianpfc: I am in my room
Thai boy: what time
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: we meet here at 1 am
Thai boy: นา (he forgot to switch keyboard from Thai to English)
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: Aum comes to my room
Thai boy: aum go to with my freing
Thai boy: d
christianpfc: ok, you can come with your friend
christianpfc: I live in (my address, details)

30/12/2556 12:13:11
christianpfc: I wait in my room, see you at 1 pm
christianpfc: in 50 minutes

30/12/2556 12:18:17
Thai boy: ok

30/12/2556 12:27:41
Thai boy: now
Thai boy: i meet you
Thai boy: ok
christianpfc: In 30 minutes, 1 pm, I go shower now
Thai boy: yes
Thai boy: i see your face (in Camfrog)
Thai boy: year old
christianpfc: 33 71 184
Thai boy: i seee you

Copyright 2013 ChristianPFC

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