Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dating Thai boys (6): An invitation with a twist

Dating Thai boys (6): An invitation with a twist

[LINE] Chat with Thai boy

20:12     Thai boy               Hello
20:14     Thai boy               วันที่5.6ว่างมัย   (Are you free on January 5th and 6th?)
20:15     Thai boy               Go to ชะอำกัน   (Go to Cha-am together)
20:23     christianpfc         I work monday to Fridays. Not free.
20:33     Thai boy               I no have money go to ชะอำ  with friends.I require you go with me.
20:49     christianpfc         I have to go to work. I am not free.
20:56     christianpfc         I cannot go with you on 5 and 6.
20:56     Thai boy               Ok
20:56     Thai boy               Bye

This "invitation" to Cha-am was based on the assumption that I would pay for the trip. If I don’t go, he can’t go either because he doesn’t have money.

But the idea is promising. Next time we meet I will ask what exactly he has in mind (i.e. if we will spend time together - doing what? - or I am just required to pay, and how many friends will come), so we might go (and I pay for everything) another time.

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