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Dating Thai boys (9): The mob thwarts my plans

Dating Thai boys (9): The mob thwarts my plans

It looks good, a boy I haven’t met for a while and whom I would like to meet again is back in Bangkok and he needs money for school. But with Victory Monument being blocked, he cannot take bus 29 (no change of transport necessary) and does only have 20 Baht left, not enough for BTS and bus. And he is too lazy to walk 3 km to Sam Sen railway station (or he doesn’t need the money that urgent that he would walk 3 km). In this case, I have to wait until mob is over or kind of pick him up at Victory Monument when I am on the way back home.

[LINE] Chat with Victory Monument boy
Saved time2014/01/23 11:06

20:30     christianpfc         Nice picture. Where is this? (New picture in his profile, looks like locker room of a sauna.)
20:59     VM boy                 Ari
20:59     VM boy                Sorry
20:59     VM boy                Can you help me please
21:06     christianpfc         In sauna?
21:06     christianpfc         How can I help you?
21:07     VM boy                Can you transfer money for i go school please
21:07     VM boy                I don't have money
21:09     christianpfc         Sorry, no money transfer, but if we meet I can give you money (A principle: no online money transfer, only directly from my hands in to his hands.)
21:09     christianpfc         Where are you now?
21:09     VM boy                In room friend
21:09     VM boy                Silom
21:10     VM boy                You can come?
21:10     VM boy                [Sticker]
21:10     VM boy                Or tomorrow in Victory monument
21:10     christianpfc         I am in my room, in laksi, do you remember?
21:10     VM boy                Now i have big problem
21:11     christianpfc         How much money do you need for school?
21:11     VM boy                1000 per week
21:12     christianpfc         I work tomorrow, I don't know when I have time to meet you.
21:12     VM boy                Please
21:12     VM boy                How can i do
21:13     VM boy                [Sticker]
21:14     christianpfc         I don't know.
21:14     VM boy                Please help me i don't have way for do
21:15     christianpfc         But I can't meet now, too far away
21:15     christianpfc         Friend or boyfriend in silom?
21:15     VM boy                And when you can
21:15     VM boy                Tomorrow?
21:15     VM boy                Only friend
21:15     VM boy                She its lady boy
21:16     christianpfc         Next week I am busy.
21:17     VM boy                Oh
21:17     VM boy                [Sticker]
21:18     christianpfc         But I want to see you again. I like you. I call when I'm free. Now you stay in Bangkok for how long?
21:19     VM boy                Forever
21:19     VM boy                For study
21:19     VM boy                No work

13:03     christianpfc         Hello, how are you?
13:04     christianpfc         Can we meet tonight?
13:32     VM boy                Not ok
13:32     VM boy                No have money to go school
13:39     christianpfc         I can help you
13:40     christianpfc         Can you come to my room tonight?
13:40     VM boy                I don't have money for go
13:41     christianpfc         You can take bus 29
13:43     VM boy                But you know no have bus
13:43     VM boy                This areas
13:43     VM boy                Cause have boom
13:43     VM boy                At Victory monument
13:43     christianpfc         Bts to mor chit, then bus 29
13:44     VM boy                Then no have car pass this areas
13:44     VM boy                I tell you i don't have money i have only 20 bath
13:45     christianpfc         I think can, I took bus 29 on Friday
13:47     VM boy                But have boom yesterday
13:47     VM boy                Now no have car
13:47     christianpfc         OK, I understand
13:48     christianpfc         Do you remember where I live?
13:49     VM boy                I think yes
13:53     christianpfc         I am free tonight. Is bts running?
13:53     VM boy                Yes run
13:53     VM boy                Can you come to Victory monument (In theory yes, but we would need a room. Out of principle no, it’s the same trip from my room to VM and back as from VM to my room and back, and if I pay I don’t want to travel. I am not a walking ATM!)
13:55     christianpfc         I have free room. Is your room free?
13:59     VM boy                No have
14:00     christianpfc         So we have to meet in my room.
14:03     christianpfc         Can you go to สามเสน.railway station and take train to หลักสี่ (Sam Sen, Lak Si)
14:05     VM boy                I tell you
14:05     VM boy                I have only 20 bath
14:09     christianpfc         I know, but train is cheap
14:09     christianpfc         You can walk to sam sen
14:17     VM boy                Oh so far r
14:18     christianpfc         2.8 km, can walk
14:23     christianpfc         Can you come for 1 hour massage for 1000 baht tonight?
14:23     VM boy                Ih
14:23     VM boy                Oh i can not
14:23     VM boy                [Sticker]
14:26     christianpfc         OK. But I hope we can meet again when the mob is over.
14:28     VM boy                I think long timr
14:31     christianpfc         Is วิภาวดีรังสิต free for traffic? (Vipavadi Rangsit)
14:32     VM boy                I don't know
14:33     christianpfc         If you find a way to come to my place, we can meet tonight.
14:35     VM boy                Oh can not
16:56     christianpfc         Hello, where are you now?
17:00     VM boy                Victory monument
17:08     christianpfc         I am at work, go home soon.
17:09     christianpfc         Can you come by taxi? I pay taxi for you.
(Message not read, another boy calls me, he can come from Ladprao to meet me tonight, so I will take VM boy another time.)
17:32     christianpfc         Or better we meet when mob is over.

23:30     VM boy                I think its long time

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  1. those trains are free for Thai
    There are of course buses-not govmt. BMTA, but private rot ruam, from nearby Vict. Mon-mornings even from, to near samsen-buses 14 and 12. thats 8 bt-orange mini. I also saw yellow AC nrs. 29 on the Vict. Mon., when looking at how the mob went-saturdaymorning.

  2. I took bus 29 aircon from Lak Si to Victory Monument on Saturday early afternoon. This boy has no sexual interest in me, and if he is too lazy to move his ass and find a way to get to my place for 1000 Baht - his loss, I have plenty more boys on my list.


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