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Dating Thai boys (5) Moneyboys on Camfrog

Dating Thai boys (5) Moneyboys on Camfrog

(General assessment of Camfrog: I was hooked two years ago when I was in Europe, now with restriction of only 30 seconds of cam and with the majority not showing their face, it is pretty useless, so I don’t spend much time on Camfrog. Even a plus account (which lets you view an unlimited number of cams for unlimited time) it doesn’t help with users not showing their face.)

Monday, 30.12.2013

I have been on Camfrog a few times the last days, and there were boys asking for money either in private chat or directly in the room. On three days I witnessed three couples doing this. I did not observe this when I used Camfrog extensively two years ago.

I am in favor of prostitution free zones, where you know your hook-up doesn’t expect money. In a sauna, I would tell anyone who asks for money to fuck off, out of principle. In DJ station I accept prostitution, but I want to know shortly after we make contact. I had one boy who waited until we were both in underwear in his room in Sathorn. He was my type, but sorry, that’s far too late to ask for money, so I said goodby.

But back to Camfrog. Out of curiosity and for research purposes I kept the conversation going with a couple. I have no idea why they work as a pair. Maybe because one boy does not speak English, but the audience in Camfrog is 99% Thai. Conversation in a separate post.

They were reasonably close to my place (about 5 km away), so I ordered them to my place. One more phone call from taxi (to ask for directions, I wrote everything on Camfrog but they didn’t write it down or remember), and another when they arrived (5 minutes early). On cam, Kim Thai-Chinese light skin was not so cute and Aum Thai dark skin was cute, but in real life they were comparably cute. Originally I wanted only Aum, but now I am not sure which to take or both.

Kim hints that he will stay on the balcony and close the door so Aum and I can spend some time alone, but I ask him to stay with us. I am not sure which one to take and what to do, so I keep talking. Finally, Aum opens my zipper and we undress. Their underwear is not my style. Aum starts to suck me, and I enjoy it. Meanwhile, I have my hands on his and Kim’s body. None of them gets hard. They tell me they are both bottoms.

Aum has a small dick (didn’t check any further as he has too much pubic hair for my taste) and Kim as medium size (for Thai), with a horizontal scar on top in the middle (from an accident with a table when he was 15) and a thick lump on his foreskin (bot not mooks). I have seen nicer dicks, to be generous.

No money is mentioned during our activities. Originally I wanted just Aum, now I end up in a threesome. I pay Aum 1000 Baht and give Kim another 200 Baht. I still don’t know why they operate as a couple, I should have asked.

I will probably not take them again (sex was ok, but not overwhelming), but I would recommend them to friends. There was nothing extraordinary that warrants a repeat: average cute face, average body, sex ok, skin temperature a bit too cold, underwear not my style, but pleasant company and can hold a conversation.

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