Monday, 13 January 2014

More wonders of the animal kingdom

More wonders of the animal kingdom

In addition to the intricacies of canine reproduction (previous post), I made some more observations:

Cockroaches can fly and rats can climb trees. (No photo or video evidence, you have to believe me.)

In 2013, I observed 3 cases of flying cockroaches. The range was less than 2 meters. In one case, the cockroach took off and landed on vertical surfaces.

I observed two cases of rats climbing trees. It was at night, so I couldn’t see well and it could have been another animal of rat size. But I asked a Thai and he said it’s a rat.

And there are maggots in grey lozenge shaped husks (about 1 cm long and 3 mm wide) on the wall, in my room and elsewhere, they move slowly along the wall. I haven't found out yet what they are. 

And we have short tail (or rather crippled tail) cats. About half of the feline population of Bangkok has crippled tails. This was once subject of "Ask Darika" (citation needed), and the reply was that tails get cut off in accidents. However I observed tails are not just cut off, but crippled. And I once saw a litter of kitten, some with normal tails, some with crippled tails. So I assume this might be a genetic defect.

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