Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2a: general information)

Weekend in Chachoengsao (part 2a: general information)

Part 1 was posted here (on three forums in identical form):

Addendum to part 1:

The music in Dome was light-years better than in DJ station.



In Dome, there is one step in the floor, about 10 cm high, without any other function than making visitors tumble down or hit their toes, depending on which direction they come. With the pattern of the tiling and poor lighting, it is very well disguised. A similar step is in Cartier Boys in Pattaya (now closed, where I hit my toe badly because I didn’t see the step).

For the trip, I had just a backpack with about 5 kg contents, so I can walk with all my luggage for kilometers if necessary.

On the way to the Ganesha temple, we drove past an ostrich farm (would be an interesting stop, if they allow visitors).

At the bus station, the railway station and in town, there are big maps on boards with information for tourists, in Thai and English (the translation to English was not done by someone who is qualified for this). Getting the print version was not easy. I had to ask at one place (no have), but in another place they found one after some searching. (I imagine the maps being displayed in the bus and railway station, so tourists can take them. Similar to Bangkok maps at the airport.)

There is no single publication that has all sites I consider of interest. I bought two books (in Thai) about tourism in Thailand, and got two free maps about Chachoengsao, none of these four is comprehensive (by my standards, I would even go as far as to say that there are serious omissions in each of them).

I took pictures of boys, but I don’t post them because I don’t have their permission, it could be anywhere in Thailand, it is not reproducible. My interest is in architecture, that’s why I post many pictures of buildings. Most of it is unique and if you go to the same place you will see the same building.

Food is not that important to me, I rarely take pictures of food (whereas others write entire blogs about Thai food). Hotel rooms are not important to me, my pictures are only meant as a contrast to Beachlover’s and to show that you can get decent accommodation for 600 Baht per night.

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