Friday, 28 February 2014

ChristianPFC almost gets assaulted/robbed

ChristianPFC almost gets assaulted/robbed

The following events took place around 00:45 on Thursday 27.02.2014. The Thai man’s pronunciation was very poor, even after several repeats half of it was unintelligible, but I could understand the other half and guess what he wants to say. His speech and behavior was uncommon, but there were no signs of inebriation.

I am coming back from a day in Sathorn and walk the usual way, a long alley. About 20 m behind me, a man shouts hello to me. (I don’t know if he was walking there anyway or saw me walking past and came out of his house.) I stop, wait until he reaches me and say hello. He gently grabs my arm for a second. We walk towards my place and talk (with a lot of “can you say that again” and “I don’t understand”). After some minutes, I get it: he has a boy for me!

The encounter was 500 m away from where I live, the message that I like boys has spread far. If you draw a circle with 500 m radius, there are 10,000 Thais living in there! Worse, once I was walking 2 km away from my place, but just 200 m from where Mee and his friends live, half a year after I met them, and overheard Thais talk about me: he likes boys and pays them 300 Baht (or something with similar meaning, I don’t know if he was approving or disapproving of this).

The news of me whoring around has spread far in my area. Despicable. (The gossip, not the whoring!)

The man now walks in front of me and I follow him through the back alley (instead of taking the main road, still busy, just 20 m parallel). He asks for 1000 Baht for the boy (I don’t comment on this, have to see the boy first, event then plenty of room for negotiation), I ask for details and finally for picture. (The most important part, I should not have entered the talk without picture, chances are 100 to 1 that the boy is not my type, making all talk futile.) He doesn’t have a picture. We exchange phone numbers. I want to give him my number (so I don’t have to take out my phone, now with hindsight this was unconscious feeling of danger), but he tells me his phone number so I type it into my phone, along with his name and the name of the boys (different name than when I first asked).

Listening to him is tiring, I tell him I want to go to bed, and not free tomorrow and he can call me when he has a picture or the boy. (repeat a few times) But he doesn’t leave me alone. Now we are walking on the open square in the middle of the housing area. He asks for money for bus for the boy to come here, I deny. (repeat a few times) From my point of view, conversation is over, but he doesn’t leave me alone. He tells me he is special police, tamruat. I repeat: special police, tamruat, I understand. (repeat a few times)

I have an idea where this is leading, only 200 m until I reach the entrance of my building, where a night guard sits all night. He asks for my passport. I tell him my passport is in my room (true, but even if I had my passport with me I wouldn’t have shown it to him). He tries to grab into my pocket (trouser, right side, where I put my phone back, obviously he wants to steal it). I grab his hand, and his other hand. But our hands are not interlocked, so I release his hands and run.

Both of us are in flip-flops, so none has an advantage shoe-wise, but I am a good runner and in better shape than he. After a few meters he gets a grab of my T-shirt. While I am thinking (sacrifice the T-shirt, keep him at that distance, stop to get loose), he gets his other hand on my head, dislodging my glasses. Now I cry: help, help! And he immediately releases me and walks back.

Even at night, there are people around, and just 50 m away two Thai men appear. I tell them I am fine and that man tried to steal my mobile phone.

I got away lucky. If shouting hadn’t discouraged him, we would have been wrestling until someone came to my help. I have no experience in fighting, and I am disadvantaged with a bag and glasses.

What would my dear readers do if they were followed and chatted up by a shady character with dubious intentions, alone (apart from the shady character) at night?


  1. My advice? Don't be so horny

  2. may be a good idea to move to a different area and be more discrete so this kind of thing doesn't happen

  3. Move back to Germany and crawl back under the rock that you came from.

  4. Definitely you are too brave , I'd not discuss any flesh rents in such circumstances nor exchange any phone numbers, may be you are not too horny but too curious definitely.

    Reputation for hiring boys for 300 or whatever is not something you like to bear in dark places well past midnight close to where you live, Saranrom seems o be safer places.

    Disregard unkind comment of second anonymous, for some people only way of easing constipation is trying to offend others

  5. You should not have entered the talk, period. That's where this sentence of yours should have ended. If a stranger said hello to me at night, I'd simply keep walking. If it's unavoidable to acknowledge the greeting, I'd just give a friendly nod and still keep walking.

    I'd move and change my habits a bit (not back to Germany, to be clear, just to another part of Bangkok where nobody knows you yet). Are you familiar with the phrase, "Don't shit where you eat"? In that spirit, I'd keep whoring wherever whoring is commonly done (Saran Rom, Silom, ...), but not in my own neighborhood.

    Be more careful, seriously. You end up in precarious situations far too often. Others live in Bangkok for years or decades without experiencing any of it even once.


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