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now busy packing, soon traveling, no new posts before 10th of April

Words of praise: flight search on checkfelix

Words of praise: flight search on checkfelix

This article is about flight search for return flights between Europe and Thailand in economy class, if you fly from/to elsewhere, completely different rules might apply.

ChristianPFC's travel dates are usually flexible within one week, that makes 49 different combinations for go and return. 

I spent some time over the years looking for a good flight search website, and found opodo allows flexible search +- 1 day, bravofly +-3 days. However, on opodo you often don't get the table and on bravofly, you have to click on fields in the table to see the price.

These two served my needs only partially. Recently, I discussed this subject with a friend and he recommended which I did and was positively surprised. 

Simple (in a positive way) user interface. The search is coded in the web address:

which means you can hit "refresh" and get updated prices. Other websites loose all data when you "reload" or open the window again the following day: "session expired".

Then you have a choice between various websites where you can buy this flight, with prices displayed. However, these prices are without fee for credit card (varies with website and credit card, can easily be 20 Euro). Some websites offer "Sofort-Überweisung"(immediate online money transfer, you need account number and password and transaction number for online banking), which is free.

In my case, 602.23 Euro was displayed on checkfelix and the following end price depending on payment method on the website I used for booking:

                       Sofort-Überweisung    Visa card
flight price        627.32                        627.32 
service charge   +15                            +15
card fee            -15                             +28
discount            -25                             -25 
total                 602.23                         645.32

So, if you play everything alright (Sofort-Überweisung only available on some websites and for some countries), you really get the price that is shown in the search.

A word on insurance: insurance costs about 5 to 10 % of the flight price. I have flown in Europe and between Europe and Thailand dozens of times, never bought insurance and never needed it, thereby saving the money equivalent of some flights. My reasoning is that if I'm unable to take the flight, then it must be something serious* and the money lost on the flight I can't take is a minor issue. 

*Like losing a limb in a car accident.

A word on flight search websites: they all access the same pool of flights that are offered by airlines, and I think there is serious redundancy in flight search websites, just take a look how many of them compare prices on/with other flight search websites, over cross. Finally, the airline makes the price! And for my travels, there are usually only two or three airlines that have prices and times that fit my preferences, checking yet another flight search website that promises lowest prices is pointless.

(I never booked a flight with a travel agency or directly with an airline. Would there be any benefits?)

Update: review about skyscanner here (in German) allows to check a full month

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Thai and Lao artists

Thai and Lao artists

A list of artists from Thailand and Laos whose art I appreciate (biased, I am interested in architecture, but not in painting, sculptures, music) with links to articles on wikipedia.

Chalermchai Khositpipat เฉลิมชัย โฆษิตพิพัฒน์
Wat Rong Khun / The White Wat / วัดร่องขุ่น (Chiang Rai)

Thawan Duchanee ถวัลย์ ดัชนีย์
Black House / Baan Dam / บ้านดำ (Chiang Rai)

Lek Viriyaphant เล็ก วิริยะพันธุ์
Sanctuary of Truth / ปราสาทสัจธรรม (Pattaya),  
Ancient Siam / Mueang Boran / เมืองโบราณ (Samut Prakan),
Erawan Museum / พิพิธภัณฑ์ช้างเอราวัณ (Samut Prakan)

Bunleua Sulilat หลวงปู่บุญเหลือ สุรีรัตน์
Buddha Park (Vientiane), Sala Keoku (Nong Khai)

(I have been to all of them except Sala Keoku.) 

update: Sala Keoku visited in 2015

Veerachan Usahanun วีรจันทร์ อุสาหะนันท์ 

Copyright 2014 ChristianPFC

Does it ever become boring?

Does it ever become boring?

Was the title of a post on ricequeendiary blog (now offline) where ricequeendiary said that there are so many types of boys in so many places, it does not become boring (seducing them, having sex).

But ChristianPFC says it becomes boring. And a few Farang friends who stay here extended times (hibernation, half a year) say the same.

A post I made here is still valid:

[quote]My current condition can be described as fatigue, satiation, desensibilisation.

Fatigue: I rather go to bed early (midnight) and have a good sleep than go out to saunas, discos, Saranrom (and go to bed at 1 or 2 am) and suffer from lack of sleep the following day (when I have to get up at 8 am for work at 9 am).

Satiation: Sex every other day would be fine, the problem is just to arrange it this way. I had three boys on three consecutive days, too much, can’t appreciate it, would rather spread them over a week.

Desensibilisation: (a story I have told before) When I walked past X-Boys four years ago, I caught a glimpse through their open door and got a boner. Now it takes mechanical stimulation, thinking of boys or looking at boys or watching porn is not sufficient. (But I still wake up with a boner from time to time, so there is no physical problem.)[quote/]

Until half a year ago, I felt like Tantalus, cute boys everywhere but as soon as I reach out they retract. But then the situation changed, now I have a harem of boys (actually two, one in Bangkok and one in Pattaya) who want to meet me more often then I want.

It feels like being full after eating and standing in front of a buffet with delicious food. Sometimes even like a tinnitus: I need a break, but it follows me everywhere (boys call, I cross paths with cute boys). In Europe, there could be an entire week where I didn't see anyone I would like to have sex with. Recently I went to meet a friend for dinner, after I left my room I saw 4 cute boys from my area (I know them by name) and 6 more on the way, that's ten cute boys in 2 hours.

It's a bit like a childhood trauma: I didn't have any sex before I turned 29, so natural reaction when it becomes available is to compensate for that lack. It's like growing up in poverty. After the Second World War, people in Germany suffered from lack of food, some even died from starvation. Therefore, ChristianPFC still eats everything that is on his plate, to the last grain of rice.

Regular sex becomes as natural as running water. People in Africa who have to go to a well every day to get water would wax lyrical about running water, but for me, nothing to write home about. But 100 years ago, running water was an exciting novelty, even in Europe. In Paris, some houses still have advertising signs "Running water on all floors" from that time. "Free Wifi" will go the same way, in a few years free Wifi will be as normal as electric lighting.

Last year, I had three encounters "this boy, now!", two of them worked out well, one was the non-offable boy in Scorpion bar. Great sex is rare, where I get a boner from thinking about that encounter days later. Unfortunately, often a repeat is not possible (one boy left the bar, two are back in their hometown). Most sex is just so-so

When I take a boy now, it's like a shark attack on a human: most shark attacks are exploratory bites, the shark just wants to test if it's suitable for consumption or mistakes humans for prey, and leave them after one bite. When I go to bars, I am not horny, I just want to see what's on offer and take a boy in hope he makes me aroused when back in my room. Most don't so I tip the going rate and take some notes and exchange contact details for potential future encounters (once I get the balance right). If they do, I come back for a further attack (unfortunately, often to find the boy is gone).

When I came here, I imagined having sex every day, now three times per week are more than enough. Friends asked why I don't try these little blue pills, but it's a mental issue, not a physical. Anyway, that frees a lot of time (the time after arrival, I spend a lot of time looking for free sex, with little success), and saves some money.

But I have to change my livestyle. Most activities (going to gay bars, discos, saunas, being online on gayromeo and grind) are more or less related to search for sex, now I can spend more time for sightseeing (but at night it's dark, where to go?).

I had one boy almost every week from October on, but after a few months it became boring, so last week finally I just took him to cinema and to gay disco, gave him a bag of dried Durian (his favorite snack, bought it in Chanthaburi) and sent him home with 500 Baht, no sex! Currently I have only one regular with whom I have good sex every time, maybe the trick is to meet only every other week, and not weekly.

I'm looking forward to my stay in Germany entire April, I hope this will help me to find the balance between under-sexed and over-sexed!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Money saving tips (4)

Money saving tips (4)

Went to Silom Soi 4 yesterday (Wed 19.03.2014) with a friend. While we were sitting in Stranger, I noticed a Farang sitting on the steps of Bearbie bar, with a bottle of beer in his hand, for about half an hour.

I walk to the end of the soi and back to Silom without buying a drink regularly, just to check what's going on, but wouldn't go as far as to bring my own drink and sit on the ground or steps to save money.

Later that night (still in Soi 4), I came across Black Woman, she joined us and ordered a drink (coke, 60 Baht). But she was hungry and wanted to go elsewhere. So she gave me 2 20 Baht notes, put the third back into her bag, rummaged around until she found a 5 and a 1 Baht which she gave to me, commenting that she still owes me 14 Baht which she will give to me next time we meet. Needless to say, she will have forgotten about it and I won't bring it up.

Amazing, what some people do to save some Baht!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bangkok International Book Fair 2014

Bangkok International Book Fair 2014

From BK Magazine March 14 2014

[quote]The 42nd National Book Fair & 12th Bangkok International Book Fair 2014 Bookworm week returns with hundreds of booths from publishing houses and bookstores, plus the chance to meet your favorite Thai authors. Mar 28 - Apr 7, 10am, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, 60 New Ratchadapisek Rd., 02-229-3000. Free Entry.[quote/]

I will be away, but here some pictures from last year's event. It was brimming with visitors, I had to go twice because there was so much to see. Most books are in Thai language.

From a similar event in Queen Sirikit National Convention Hall, woodcarvings:

Highest number of ATMs (8) I ever counted:

(end of post)

Night buses in Bangkok (times for bus 29 Hua Lampong - Rangsit)

Night buses in Bangkok (times for bus 29 Hua Lampong - Rangsit)

Most bus lines stop around 10 pm, but some buses run all night, with reduced frequency (one or two per hour), e.g. lines 29, 59, 145, 203, 554 (Don Mueang – Suvarnabhumi). I have used night bus 29 quite a lot last year and recorded times for my common route (Sam Yan near MRT Hua Lampong to Lak Si)

The purpose was to see if there is any regularity, and I think bus 29 passes Sam Yan around full hour (without detailed statistical analysis). Unless otherwise stated, notes below are for bus 29.

Bus 29 Sam Yan 11:34 to 00:16 Lak Si

24.01.2013 21:38 to 22:22

25.01.2013 00:07 to 00:36 (i.e. on 26.01.2013 in the morning)

09.02.2013 23:58 to 00:25 (all times past midnight are the following day, I count days as the time between sleeping)

20.02.2013 00:13 to 00:44

27.03.2013 00:59 to 01:24

18.05.2013 01:05 to 01:31 (00:46 opposite; the bus comes from Rangsit, passes the bus stop on the opposite side of the road, makes a U-turn in Hua Lampong and is back about 15 minutes later)

15.07.2013 00:48 to 01:10

09.07.2013 00:18 to 00:50 (00:02 opposite)

11.07.2013 01:26 to 01:54

03.08.2013 00:58 to 01:28 (00:44 opp)

14.08.2013 01:06 to 01:30 (00:50 opp)

21.08.2013 01:02 to xx (00:48 opp)

22.09.2013 23:50 29 opp, 00:11 to 00:46

30.09.2013 00:53 29 opp, (00:54 bus 34 opp), 01:07 to 01:35

02.10.2013 00:01 29 opp, 00:14-41

13.10.2013 22:54 29 opp, 23:11 to 23:45

17.10.2013 23:57 29 opp, 00:10 to 00:38

30.10.2013 00:05 29 opp, 00:17 to 00:46

06.11.2013 00:10 29 opp, 00:21 to 00:52

17.11.2013 01:18 Hua Lampong, 01:25 Sam Yan, 01:58 home

18.11.2013 23:55 bus 29 opp, 00:09 to 00:39

06.12.2013 23:53 bus 29 opposite, 00:06-37 bus home

07.12.2013 bus 59 2:00-47 Sanam Luang (wait from 1:30 am to 2:00 am)

17.12.2013 bus 29 opp 23:03, 23:18-50

20.12.2013 (wait from 23:00), 23:21 29 opp, 23:36 enter bus 29, traffic jam at Chatuchak, 00:26 exit bus

24.12.2013 bus 59 Sanam Luang 23:51, Central Ladprao 00:24, exit bus 00:43
(asked someone at the bus stop: 59 every hour: midnight, 1 am, 2 am)

25.12.2013 bus 59 in Central Ladprao 23:22 (I drive past by taxi)

30.12.2013 bus 29 1:55 am missed, take taxi 2:02-20, see bus 29 2:20 where I usually get off the bus

31.12.2013 2:04 bus 29 2:40 full

01.01.2014 bus 29 00:07 Hua Lampong 00:14 Sam Yan 00:43 home

06.01.2014 bus 29 22:06 opposite, 22:18-53

(Jan Feb operation interrupted due to road blockage by mob)

14.01.2014 bus 29 22:55 to 23:33

18.03.2014 bus 29 00:58-01:24


19.03.2014 arrive at bus stop Sam Yan 01:55, wait long, bus 29 03:02-28

21.03.2014 bus 59 00:34 Sanam Luang 01:37 Lak Si (detour around Pan Fa Lilat, traffic jam due to road construction work)

Prices in Bangkok gogo bars

Prices in Bangkok gogo bars
I was in Soi Twilight last night (Wed 19.03.2014 about 00:30) and saw a sign "drink 330 Baht" in front of Dream Boy. That raised hope that prices return to a normal level, but upon asking I found that 330 is for downstairs, upstairs it's still 380 Baht. Nonetheless, I asked in some other places (haven't been in a Bangkok gogo for a while and don't plan to go again soon, too expensive!)

(Bar name, drink price (non-alcoholic in my case), off fee, recommended/expected short time tip, show times, based on asking one member of staff outside the bar; underwear style from memory)

Soi Twilight (clockwise from Hotmale)

Hotmale 320 (update 18.01.2015: 350)
(custom-made trunks, white and light blue, horizontal zipper in front, come off after 10:30) 

Dream Boys 330 (ground floor) 380 (upstairs) 650 (negotiate between customer and boy)

X-Size 300 600 1500 (but see their occasional promotion 200 Baht drink 300 Baht off-fee: (individual underwear)

Classic (depends on customer)*
320 400 2000 (extrapolated from a boy who wanted 2500 for long time, but left with 2000)
(individual underwear briefs/trunks)
Update 24.10.2014: 350 600 1500 (22:30)

The Zeus 300

Fresh Boys 320 (22:00, 23:55)

X-Boys 300 500 (don't know)
(briefs black and white horizontal stripes for gogo, style changes about once per year; individual briefs for coyote)

Surawong side sois, Patpong

Jupiter 2002 330 400 2000

Screw Boys 300 450 1500 (individual underwear)

Tawan 300 Sun-Thu, 350 Fri-Sat (?)

Silom Soi 6

Super A 150 400 1000 (individual briefs/trunks)
(visit on 11.07.2013, short time room 200, details here:

Golden Cock (fully dressed) (short time tip 1000, information from a friend) Update 22.09.2014: 140 400 1000, some boys in underwear, details here:

Nature Boys (wide boxers)
Update 13.08.2014: 150 400, details here:

Saphan Kwai Pradipat Soi 20

BeHigh 140 300 1000 (from visit 17.09.2013, see post)

Update Nov2016: closed for good mid-2016

I would be grateful for my readers to help fill the gaps, and will venture out again soon.

*I have known the doorman/waiter at Classic for a while, he is clever. Last year, I bought him a few beers and had some chats, until I found that his interest in me is entirely for buying him beer. Now I keep conversation to a minimum. When I asked him, I got these smart-ass answers: drink price depends on who and how many people, why do you ask, come in to find out!

Copyright 2014 ChristianPFC

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wat Rong Khun (The White Wat) Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun (The White Wat) Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun วัดรองขุ่น, also called „White Wat“ has been on my list and is the reason for this stop in Chiang Rai on the way back to Bangkok.

It’s 13 km (from bus station) south of Chiang Rai. Free entry.

There was a sign at the gate that foreign tourists are only allowed to enter with a guide, but I got in single and I didn’t see anyone else accompanied by a guide.

Sunday 09.02.2014

I arrive at the bus station in Chiang Rai 15:00 and ask at information for bus to Wat Rong Khun: platform 7. Bus leaves 15:25 and arrives 15:55, 20 Baht. From the main road (Pahonyothin road, the same as in Bangkok, but 900 km further north) it’s about 200 m walk.

Coming from the main road, the first impression is: “why did they build this unique wat that close to a road – with all the noise and traffic – and residential area?”. 

But once on the temple area, everything fine.

Warning signs against alcohol and tobacco:

 More impressions of the main building:

The mural paintings (work in progress, about half finished when I visited) in the Ubosot are amazing, closest description I can think of is fractal geometry or M. C. Escher. 

Photography not allowed inside (and I complied), a few pictures of the mural paintings are here:

Ancillary buildings:


Stuff people lost on the premises (one of two cabinets):


All buildings except the toilet are white, the toilet building is golden:

Several websites say it closes 6 pm, however when I went only few visitors were admitted after 5 pm, and the gate was closed around 5:15 pm (which allows you to take pictures of the temple at sunset without people in the picture).

Return on songtaeo to bus station in Chiang Rai 17:49 – 18:16, 20 Baht.

Walk around in town, watch and listen to the clock tower at 8 pm (there is about five minutes music and moving artwork every full hour). Clock tower is from same artist and in same style as White Wat, but in gold/yellow.

Further reading:

Monday, 17 March 2014

Finally! (Getting laid locally)

Finally! (Getting laid locally)

Around 00:30 on March 17, I finally succeded in getting a local into bed, an endeavor that started end of January 2013, when I moved here.

That was a long and difficult road, read here (that post is about a different boy):

I have been chatting with another group since February 2013, when I moved here. After initial excitement over a Farang who speaks Thai, interest faded. But two months ago, I first got that group of boys into my room, to play internet and eat sweets.

Further visits followed, always in group, with a lot of noise (there were two complaints from neighbors), looting my fridge, ravaging my room, and some petty theft. I managed to reduce number of boys, noise and damage.

We got to watching straight porn, dry fucking* (in all ways, even simulated group sex in my bed - stains from dirty feet on my bedlinen), comfortable touching each other (that took a while, initially some of the boys didn't' want to sit next to me because I am gay!). Then I offered 100 Baht (yes, 100 Baht!) for watching them wank. Some showed interest, others not.

The problem was, once they knew I am gay, they had a fixation on anal intercourse, basically they were afraid I would rape them. It took long to get this idea out of their mind, like taming a wild animal. 

Then today, on my way home about midnight, I walk past boy A in front of the internet cafe. We chat and he says he wants to come to my room alone later. A is not so much my type, but to get the stone rolling, I agree. Five minutes later, it knocks on my door, but not A, it's B (one of the cutest, unfortunately the loudest when in group, and a petty thief). We confirm the deal (100 Baht, pants down, wank), he searches for straight porn on the net and I watch him wanking (he was open for sucking or getting wanked as well, but doesn't like nipple or ball play).

That's the cheapest paid sex I ever had (pro forma, I just came back from a wank with a friend, so I was not horny and not hard), but it took some preparation and spending many hours talking with the boys in Thai and spending many hundred Bath on drinks and food over several months.

You might chide me for being cheap, but I don't have to pay more, I'm in the comfortable position that I'm not horny, it's just a demonstration of viability.

This boy has already paid his rent and food from his daytime job, now it's just the difference being horny (he was hard before we started the porn) and having no place to watch porn on a big screen; and wanking in my room with aircon, free food and drink, internet and me watching and touching and leaving with 100 Baht. 

If this had happened a year ago, it would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration.

*I mean fully clothed, no erection, no body liquids:

[quote]when both a man and a woman simulate sexual intercourse by rubbing their genitals against each other with friction but without actual penetration. Usually done through embracing with each partner between the other partners legs. Very erotic when both genitals are clothed.[quote/]

(I even had a dry fuck with another group of boys in a supermarket, initiated by the boys, probably caught on CCTV.)

Coyote night party Castro RCA 06.03.2014

Coyote night party Castro RCA 06.03.2014

On 06.03.2014, Castro held their "Coyoter (sic!) Night Party", of which I learned in advance from one of the gay magazines, so I could go there and invite Burmese Woman to join me and bring friends.

After meeting another friend in Ladprao, I take bus to meet Burmese Woman in her new room in Minburi (successful combination in space and time of two events, getting to Ladprao to meet first friend takes over one hour by bus, so this time is not wasted).

Then we take taxi to Castro Pub (in RCA - Royal City Avenue) where more of her friends are waiting for us. Have dinner, they invite me!

Enter Castro Pub 23:45. Few other customers are there. We order Johnny Walker Red Label 1 Liter and mixer for 6, 1758 Baht, I pay. Castro allows people to enter in flip-flops, other venues have a "closed shoes" policy, there are booths that sell closed shoes to those who came in flip-flops. Customers smoke cigarettes and shishas. The entrance of Castro is to the main road now (was to the side before). 1:00 to 30 coyote boys on stage, then life music, followed by a lady (?) who sings and entertains. Our group has a good time, Burmese Woman is singing and dancing and hugging ChristianPFC (unfortunately, she gets unpleasantly cold sweaty). 3:20-40 coyote soda show, 3:50-4:00 coyote, after that we leave. Maximum occupation that evenig was 50 %, around 2 am. Burmese Woman takes the whisky (half left) with her, no problem. (Compare IDOL Pattaya, where I had to leave the bottle, with a ticket with validity 1 month to come back.)

Altogether too loud, too cold, too late, same as previous visits.

All standing taxis ask for inflated fares (so many excuses, I could write a book), but hailing a driving taxi that will use  the meter is no problem.

Pictures in chronological order:

(end of post)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ramkhamhaeng gay discos update 15.03.2014

Ramkhamhaeng gay discos update 15.03.2014

Went with a friend on Saturday, 15.03.2014. I was having dinner at the food court and the lady who sells drinks remembered that I like the cats (that was months ago!), but they were away the entire night, I looked for them several times.

Enter Singapore pub about 00:45; coyote dancing 1:25 to 35; six boys (who work as waiters), a few new boys compared to last time. After that some lipsync, then stage open for audience.

My friend had Spy, I had drinking water (500 ml glass bottle), together 110 Baht, however the water is not cold (had the same with coke last year), but still, two people for two hours for 110 Baht, that's value for money you don't get in Silom! (My friend is not a drinker, nor a party-goer; with other friends I spend 2000 in a night, to set the balance right.)

I walked around and poked my head into other venues as well. Harlem and Meeting / Be High closed all night, Gstar Paradise good atmosphere; DoorDum too dark, annoying flashing lasers from all sides, smoking allowed, but shirtless dancing boys (customers) on stage.

Around 2 am seems to be the maximum occupation in all bars, at 3 am significantly reduced numbers, and at 4 am last customers leave Singapore and Gstar Paradise, but DoorDum is still full at 4:30 am.

Cutest boys however were about 2 am on the parking lot, twinky waiters from a nearby restaurant playing football shirtless; and several twinky boys parking attendants.

In Gstar Paradise, I meet a boy from Soi Twilight whom I had three years ago and haven’t seen since and we exchange a few words.

Around 4 am, I have a look into a nearby professional gambling den (i.e. they operate every day and it has a table for that purpose). A single Farang as bystander (among many Thai who seem just to look) doesn’t raise any interest. Piles of 20 and 100 Baht notes, two Thais set 1000’s, each of them must have 50,000 Baht in his hands, and a total of 200,000 must be circulating on the table.

Boys hang out around the food court after bars close, around 4:30 am I could have gotten many phone numbers, but none of them my type, go home alone (my friend had left about 2:50 am).