Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fake underwear in Silom

Fake underwear in Silom

I buy all my underwear in Silom (the part between Saladaeng and Rama 4), and they sold me fake underwear (the underwear is real, but not the brand it claims to be) once again:

"made in Farance", three years ago:

"underwer" two weeks ago, the crocodile fell off after two days:

They cheated me for 100 Baht in each case!


  1. If you paid 100 baht per pair you did not believe even for second those would be real, did you?

    They still look decent, fuck crocodile

    1. No I didn't. (My sense of humor to make it sound like I did.)

  2. at the night market near Saran Rom they cost 59 or 69 bt-2 for less. Probably same quality.
    There are also used (yes, 2nd hand underwear) boxer shorts for mostly 35 bt/or 3/100. Used shoes are 100 bt/pair (nike, Adidas etc.)

  3. The style of underwear I like (briefs) is only available in Silom. I checked in markets that are for tourists in Pattaya and Khao San, they have mainly trunks and fewer brands than in Silom.

  4. I also have bought briefs from the Silom pavement market - not too bad quality, HOM and CK i think. Also from the markets near Nana BTS on Sukhumvit Rd. Seem to be the same stuff plus lots more boxers etc as u wrote.

    Main point of advice is to buy TWO sizes larger than your real size - I now buy XL briefs though I am 33" waist and a medium in western sizes. I don't know why they are so small...

    Have bought some real, cheap cute thai made white briefs in a dept store too - great value, but also small for the size. The real designer brands in Siam Paragon are so expensive, I can get them cheaper back home in London, or much cheaper online I think. The attentive assistants (so many that there are about one for every ten pairs of briefs) were offputting (all female I remember) since they chattered away and giggled as I was browsing. Possibly speculating on what size I needed :)

    Love the blog, can't wait to get back to BKK in late June.

    Tom (

  5. Tip for getting the right size: put the underwear around your neck. If the ends touch, it's the right size (or try with underwear you already use how they fit around your neck to have a comparison). Now I have enough underwear for myself, but still buy for boys to wear when we meet.


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