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Gay Magazines distribution problem

Gay Magazines distribution problem

There are currently four magazines I know of (alphabetical order: Desire (former Variety), Max, Out in Thailand, Thai Puan) and two maps (GB guide, GM guide) that are distributed for free in gay venues.

Picture of issues from 2014:

However, only Out in Thailand is delivered regularly, with good coverage and timely. As for the other magazines, I could not find them at the beginning of the month, in some cases it took longer than the 20th of the month until I got a copy, or not at all. (27.02.2014: under construction, update 25.10.2014: still "under construction")

(no website I know of, 27.02.2014)
(update 26.03.2014:, update 25.10.2014: "coming soon")

An important part for me is information about events in that month (therefore the need to get them early in the month).

In Max Magazine it's called "Who What When Where",
in Desire "Calendar Guide",
in Thai Puan "Event",

but they are only in the print version, not online (there are problems with updating websites and keeping an English and a Thai version anyway). I have been looking for a monthly schedule for events in gay discos on the internet, in vain.

Seems I will have to follow individual venues on their websites or on facebook, where they advertise their events.         (Gstar Paradise)

There are events like "Miss Jumbo Queen" which I have no interest in (I like slim boys, not fat women), whereas I would go for underwear fashion show, if only I knew about it in advance, and not after it happened.

Places I know where these magazines are available:

Balcony and Telephone (Out in Thailand, Desire, maps)
Lomchoey Massage (Out in Thailand)
X-Boys Bangkok (GB map)
Screwboyz (Desire)
Pattaya Jomtien information center (Max and Thai Puan)

If you know more places, please let me know.

(I have addressed some of these points in this thread already:

Update: the above article refers to Bangkok and Pattaya, there is a website for Chiang Mai:

(thanks Bon Tong, comment below) 

Update 15.03.2014: got the February edition of Max from Tawan bar (for free). 

Update 24.03.2014: got the March edition of Max and Out in Thailand in front of Boyz Boyz Boyz Pattaya for free.

Side note: Thai Puan has no date/year/month, you have to look for dates in articles to see when it was published. Desire and Max have issue number, month and year printed on the spine, very convenient! 

Update July 2015:
Out in Thailand stopped printing, last print edition is April 2015, online edition continues: 
Discussion of Out in Thailand see e.g. here:
Thai Puan and Desire merged:  

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  1. Thai Puan can be picked up from Om Yim Lodge, Desire from HotMale bar

  2. Interesting observations. It won't help you in BKK, but we have an online gay events calender for Chiang Mai :

    We try to keep it up to-date, but its hard, especially for the more Thai places, for exactly the reasons you give.

  3. MAX is the most regular, but 3/14 is not yet printed.
    They come in stacks at the advertisers-who may give them away for free. Only how to know who advertises? TAWAN bar does in most and they have them outside-the boys will ask for 20 or 50 bt-just laugh.
    Indeed many places that used to have open access sites are now on fb only. As is about the whole of Thailand anyway.


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