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Prices in Bangkok gogo bars

Prices in Bangkok gogo bars
I was in Soi Twilight last night (Wed 19.03.2014 about 00:30) and saw a sign "drink 330 Baht" in front of Dream Boy. That raised hope that prices return to a normal level, but upon asking I found that 330 is for downstairs, upstairs it's still 380 Baht. Nonetheless, I asked in some other places (haven't been in a Bangkok gogo for a while and don't plan to go again soon, too expensive!)

(Bar name, drink price (non-alcoholic in my case), off fee, recommended/expected short time tip, show times, based on asking one member of staff outside the bar; underwear style from memory)

Soi Twilight (clockwise from Hotmale)

Hotmale 320 (update 18.01.2015: 350)
(custom-made trunks, white and light blue, horizontal zipper in front, come off after 10:30) 

Dream Boys 330 (ground floor) 380 (upstairs) 650 (negotiate between customer and boy)

X-Size 300 600 1500 (but see their occasional promotion 200 Baht drink 300 Baht off-fee: (individual underwear)

Classic (depends on customer)*
320 400 2000 (extrapolated from a boy who wanted 2500 for long time, but left with 2000)
(individual underwear briefs/trunks)
Update 24.10.2014: 350 600 1500 (22:30)

The Zeus 300

Fresh Boys 320 (22:00, 23:55)

X-Boys 300 500 (don't know)
(briefs black and white horizontal stripes for gogo, style changes about once per year; individual briefs for coyote)

Surawong side sois, Patpong

Jupiter 2002 330 400 2000

Screw Boys 300 450 1500 (individual underwear)

Tawan 300 Sun-Thu, 350 Fri-Sat (?)

Silom Soi 6

Super A 150 400 1000 (individual briefs/trunks)
(visit on 11.07.2013, short time room 200, details here:

Golden Cock (fully dressed) (short time tip 1000, information from a friend) Update 22.09.2014: 140 400 1000, some boys in underwear, details here:

Nature Boys (wide boxers)
Update 13.08.2014: 150 400, details here:

Saphan Kwai Pradipat Soi 20

BeHigh 140 300 1000 (from visit 17.09.2013, see post)

Update Nov2016: closed for good mid-2016

I would be grateful for my readers to help fill the gaps, and will venture out again soon.

*I have known the doorman/waiter at Classic for a while, he is clever. Last year, I bought him a few beers and had some chats, until I found that his interest in me is entirely for buying him beer. Now I keep conversation to a minimum. When I asked him, I got these smart-ass answers: drink price depends on who and how many people, why do you ask, come in to find out!

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  1. Zeus, drinks 300
    Classic Boys, drinks 320, off fee 400

  2. are you sure night boys is still there? is it on same side as super A?

  3. You are right. I mean Nature Boy, not Night Boy (closed about 2 years ago). Just changed it in the post. (And the bar in Pattaya is called Nice Boys.)

  4. Current prices in gogo bars: Hotmale 320, X-Boys 350, Fresh Boys 350, Classic Boys 350, Dream Boys 350/400. (Selection, those that had prices clearly displayed.) Sunday 22.06.2014

  5. Dream boy drinks 400

  6. Taiwan bar drinks 350

  7. Sorry
    Tawan. Not taiwan

  8. Dream Boy 3000 for short time:

  9. Why sudden spike on the prices?I was shocked earlier when they actually asking for that as well

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  11. Could someone educate me on the procedure on entering one of these venues, paying the entrance fee, having to buy a boy you like a drink, having to pay the manager to go off with the boy, having to pay the boy who stays the whole night. I seriously have no idea what kind of rates we are looking at. Not sure if i have the guts to go that far but knowing what to expect will help ease my anxiety. Cheers

    1. In short: drink for you + drink for boy + off fee + short time tip for boy in Bangkok Soi Twilight 350 + 350 + 500 + 1500 = 2700; in Pattaya Boyztown 200 + 200 + 400 + 1000 = 1800. Estimates, averages. For details read the gay Thailand forums.

  12. 17.01.2016 Prices have risen since my last stroll in December 2015:
    Tawan 400, Screw Boys 300 unchanged, Hotmale 380, Dream Boys 450 (unchanged, but was 500 during highest season), X-Size 360, Classic 350 unchanged, Fresh Boys 380, X-Boys 400.

  13. If i just want to go in and watch the shows, do i just need to pay for my own drink?

    1. You pay only for your own drink. Don't let mamasan talk you into buying drinks for her and for boys. Unless you want to have a boy sit with you for chat and touching, then it would be rude not to buy him a drink.


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