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Nine Wat day trips to make merit

Nine Wat day trips to make merit

BMTA (Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, ขสมก องค์การขนส่งมวลชนกรุงเทพ) offers day trips to 9 wats in various provinces to make merit. In Thai, number 9 (เก้า) is pronounced like ก้าว which means “to progress, step forward” and is therefore considered an auspicious number. 

I became aware of these trips when I saw their adverts in buses (please excuse the poor quality of following picutes) and read about it here:

From Bang Khen on Saturdays to: 1. Ayutthaya 2. Pitsanulok 3. Mae Klong 4. Hua Hin ... 13. Chanthaburi

From Bang Khen on Sundays to: 1. Bangkok 2. Ayutthaya 3. Singburi 4. Mae Klong ... 13. Chanthaburi

From Mega Bangna every Saturday, Sunday, public holiday to 1. Ayutthaya 2. Pitsanulok 3. Singburi 4. Suphanburi ... 9. Nonthaburi

These buses leave on Sat or Sun in the morning (between 6 and 8 am, depending on destination and bus garage) and come back in the evening. Prices are between 300 and 600 Baht, depending on distance. I am wondering how they manage to drive to Pitsanulok, visit 9 temples, have lunch and drive back to Bangkok in one day. There is not much time for every temple. Even for closer destinations, it must be a rush through the temple. So it might not be suitable for sightseeing.

in English, with list of bus garages and destinations, you can find which bus garage has trips to which province or which province can be visited from which bus garage. But Mega Bangna bus garage is missing.

in Thai, with links to facebook pages with photos for most temples, for trips offered at Bang Khen bus garage (offline at time of writing this article, part can be found on

Someone has done the 9 wat trip of Bangkok and reported here:

Has any of my readers experience with these trips? I might go some time, either alone or with a Thai friend.


  1. They do not run all sundays from all garages, they use the normal orange old AC-buses. Some of thse buses have numbered seats. Sometimes In the buses you can see other notes announcing which runs they do next sunday-you must pre-reserve by fone or at that garage. Bang Khen is closest to where you (still?) live.
    In some weeks of the year its free, with red buses, along 9 wats in BKK, in the older parts of town.
    In fact I don not think they do Phi-loke, its too far. Most Ive seen announced go to Chachoengsao or west of BKK, Nakorn Pathom.

  2. That's what I meant by "depending on garage and destination", some buses are every weekend, others only once per months. Bang Khen has the largest choice and was clostest to my old place, now I live in Sathorn and Klong Toey garage is closest, with little choice.


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