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Special Cinema (1) Laem Tong in Klong Toey

Special Cinema (1) Laem Tong in Klong Toey

Laem Tong (แหลมทอง lăem tong, “golden peninsula”)
1208 ถ. พระราม 4 พระโขนง กทม โทร. 2491437
1208 Rama 4 road Phra Khanong Bangkok Tel. 2491437
(but the place is in Klong Toey district, not in Phra Khanong)

13.7201353,100.5560776 = 13°43'12.5"N 100°33'21.9"E
Link to google maps (more detailed for this area than bing maps or openstreetmap)

From MRT Klong Toey about 5 minutes walk. Take exit 1 and walk eastwards (out of town) on Rama 4 road. You pass a 7/11 (branch 0064 คลองเตอ Klong Toey) and before Kasikornthai bank (green color) turn right. The cinema is about 100 m inside the soi. (Similar distance if you come from MRT Queen Sirikit Center.)

View from Rama 4 road, I drew a black oval around the sign, it says โรงภาพยนตร์ แหลมทอง (Laem Tong cinema), it is not illuminated:

Opening times: 5 - 8 pm or 11 am - 8:30 pm, depending on whom you ask. But I was told that there is activity in the afternoon, not only in the evening.

Sunday 18.05.2014
Arrive 17:45. Entry 60 Baht (displayed at the cashier, but the ticket says 50 Baht). After entering, I need minutes for my eyes do adapt to the darkness, the only source of light is the screen. A ladyboy leads me down the stairs and involves me in a chat. She tells me gays are in the back and a blowjob costs 200 Baht. Straight porn, at first quite interesting, centering on the man, but the following clips were centered on the woman. Quality of movie ok.

There were about 50 customers (one other Farang, the rest Thai), the majority sitting in the chairs, mainly in the back of the cinema (away from the screen), few standing or walking around in the back. Customers are in their 40s and 50s, I guess. I witness several blowjobs and saw several customers smoke cigarettes.

Every second row of seats has been removed. Everything old and worn, some seats loose. There are several aircon, only one is in a position (back of the cinema, about 2 m above ground) that you can get your upper body in the cold air stream. In the cinema it’s not as hot as outside, but still warm. I leave 18:20.

Verdict: I find neither the environment nor the patrons inviting for sex. My visits are merely for educational reasons.

How did I know about this place? A Farang friend at the Malaysia told me about it, gave directions and even had a used ticket. That was three years ago.

I have been there before, on Wed 21.12.2011 and reported here:

Then I go to a porn-cinema (Laem Tong, แหลมทอง, literally golden peninsula/cape) that was recommended by a friend on a previous holiday. It’s located between Klong Toei MRT station and Klong Toei market, you can walk there in about 20 minutes from the Malaysia hotel. Entry is 50 Baht. I entered about 15:20. Hetero porn was on the screen, about 50 people were in the cinema. Coming from daylight, my eyes were not adapted to darkness, so I couldn’t see anything apart from the screen. I had to ask one of the ladies who work there to guide me to a seat. After some minutes, my eyes adapt and I can see what’s going on. Every second row of chairs has been removed for easier access. Customers are sitting, some ladies and ladyboys are standing and walking around, offering their services. Gays are on the upper end (information from a ladyboy, confirmed by a Farang friend). I was warned to watch my wallet or even better leave everything valuable in my hotel room, but I felt completely safe. I observe and walk around. The customers seem to be 30-50 years old. Too old for me, in addition I don’t like cinema sex (maybe I should try before rejecting it?), it’s too dark to check out others (unless you want to get really close). A price of 100 Baht for a blowjob was quoted to me, I overheard one of the ladyboys talking about 50 Baht to a potential Thai customer. But I didn’t understand the rest. Realizing that there is nothing for in me in the cinema, I leave at 16:10.

Disclaimer: There are reports about thefts and robberies occurring at such places, to be safe I take only a small amount of money with me and leave my phone home.

Update Mar 2015, Feb 2016: walked past, still open.

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  1. Is theatre still open and showing porn? as of October 2014 /.

    1. Friday 07.11.2014 14:50 cinema open and people sitting around, but didn't check if they show porn.

  2. Repeat visit Wed 16.09.2015, 15:48-16:20, entry 60 Baht. About 30 customers, several smoke cigarette in the cinema. Witness several hand or blow jobs. Porn (Indian woman and black or white man) on screen, conversation in English. A woman sits next to me, bares her breasts and strokes my leg and rubs my crotch. I shake my head and say "ไม่เอา" (I don't want this) several times, finally go elsewhere.

    1. So there are still ladies offering their services?
      About how many and how old?

    2. Yes. Didn't count, don't know. The wast majority of customers was male.

  3. It actually is in “The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project”:

    Cheers, andy

  4. Wondered if you have gone back recently ?
    Want to explore this place.

    1. Sunday 23.10.2016, stay 16:55-17:12. Entry 60 Baht. Estimated over 50 customer, get offer of blowjob for 200 Baht. Outside there is now a street restaurant, might have food there another time to observe customers coming and going. These cinemas are not for me, only when I’m around at the right time and have nothing else to do, I do my share of research. But a Farang friend goes often and scores.


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