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Kwan Riam Floating Market in Minburi

Kwan Riam Floating Market in Minburi

13.800074,100.710124 = 13°48'00.3"N 100°42'36.5"E

ตลาดน้ำขวัญเรียม Kwan-Riam floating market
45 ซอยรามคำแหง 187 แยก1-4 แขวงมีนบุรี
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10510 Thailand

Open on weekend and public holiday.

About 30 km by road from central Bangkok. I got there by bus 115 (8 Baht) from Sathorn 13:38 - 15:27 Siam Park, then walking (3 km), arrive 16:08. But there are buses that drive past. Accessible from Ramkhamhaeng Soi 185/187/189 or Seri Thai 60. Between Wat Bampennuea วัดบําเพ็ญเหนือ and Wat Bang Peng Tai วัดบางเพ็งใต็.

There is an elevator/lift for elderly or disabled to get them over the bridge.

Walkway (right side) and restaurants on boats or rafts (left side):

Even poultry is kept on rafts:

The toilets (aircon, scented, clean, 5 Baht, sophisticated toilet bowl but I just needed to pee so I didn't try it out) are on a raft:

The market is on land:

Bridge over Saen Saep canal:

This is not a real floating market. The market is on land, and some restaurants are on boats or rafts that are moored. The only cruising boat is for visitor to drive along the canal (20 Baht, 25 minutes), with not much to see, apart from a factory (right next to the market) that was obviously abandoned after a fire. The canal is Saen Saep แสนแส, the same which has canal boat service, but the last stop is kilometers away from the market.

How did I know about this place? It is mentioned in Thai language tourist guides, and search on the internet gave two English language sources, both in high quality (usually I have to sift through heaps of junk when I search on the web):

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  1. there should be-now or soon, also on weekends a BOAT service via the canal from Bangkapi (end of Saen saep normal line) to Minburi. or maybe it starts on weekdays/peaktimes only.
    There are 2 main roads Ram-Min, Sukaphiban 2 or 3, both have freqeunt buses, also AC. Is this market approachable from both those roads?

  2. There is no Sukaphiban road in that area. It's only a few km from the last station on Saen Saep canal, but there is a sluice gate some hundred meters west (inbound) form the market, so they would have to make alterations to allow boats to pass.


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