Monday, 23 June 2014

Low season, drink prices in gogo bars

Low season, drink prices in gogo  bars

Sunday, 22.06.2014

There was heavy rain around 5 pm, then light rain until 7 pm. Walk through Soi Twilight 20:50. Scorpion bar has 9 boys (some cute ones by my standards) and owner, zero customers, drinks 100 Baht. Gogo bars few customers and lower number of boys (as far as I can see through the open doors)

Soi 4 about 100 (generous estimation) customers all venues combined. With concentration of customers on Balcony and Telephone, you can have other bars entirely for yourself.

Still standing taxis on Silom road, refuse to turn on the meter. Ask standing Tuk-Tuk for price to Sri Bam Pen: 100 Baht, then lowers to 80. Ask standing taxi: no meter. But some of these boys are cute! Finally take driving taxi opposite: less than 50 Baht to my room in Sri Bam Pen.

Back to Soi Twilight 00:15. Scorpion 6 boys. Gogo bars have some kind of show (as far as I can see through doors and curtains, but without sexual activity after military coup and new order?). Same for Screwboys.

Patpong market low activity, some areas empty (no merchandise displayed).

00:30 about 100 customers in Soi 4.

DJ station 00:40-01:50. Entry 150 Baht. Ground floor full, 2nd floor 1/3 full, 3rd floor empty. When I leave still busy.

Current prices in gogo bars: Hotmale 320, X-Boys 350, Fresh Boys 350, Classic Boys 350, Dream Boys 350/400. (Selection, those that had prices clearly displayed.)  

Update Wednesday 25.06.2014:
Fresh Boys 320 Baht drink (on Sunday, there was a sticker 350 Baht that covered the 320).

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  1. deadly mixture of coup and low season , boys may be starving. All bars other than HotMale seem to up drink prices, I may be next who will start wishing them luck

  2. easy pickings i say, get a nice boy for good price no need pay silly bangkok price!


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