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Oh my god! (4) Ouch!

Oh my god! (4) Ouch!

----- A good reason to wear underwear (due to my underwear fetish, I have always been an adversary of "go commando", now there is a good reason for wearing underwear; source: The Sun 2010)

----- Serves him right! 

(ChristianPFC is against sport with animals.)

----- Penis injuries from masturbation with vacuum cleaners (sic!)

The original work, a doctoral thesis in medicine is in German:
"Penisverletzungen bei Masturbation mit Staubsaugern", let me translate some interesting facts.

The patients inserted their non-erect penis into the vacuum cleaner for stimulation by the air stream. The penis got hit by the rotating fan and suffered cuts. The author explains the inability of the patients to see this danger by their low level of education.

Case 15. The father of case 14 didn't believe his son and accused him of adultery and assumed the injury was caused by a bite. To proof it is impossible to sustain such injuries ...
(you can guess the rest, indeed low intellect) ... The penis became very small and almost completely retracted into his abdomen.

All cases were by one model of vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer changed the design. It does not say if they change it to prevent injuries or to make it unsuitable for masturbation.

Article in German Wikipedia:

Original work in German, with detailed description of 16 cases and pictures (black-white):

----- Blow jobs and orthodontic braces

Similar to the case above, a story told by a friend. He has a bisexual friend who got a blowjob from a woman with braces. His foreskin got caught in the wire and was cut, requiring medical attention. "He had such a nice dick before this happened."

----- Zoophilia: a rare cause of traumatic injury to the rectum

Title of an article (Injury, Int. J. Care Injured 33 (2002) 367–368). Let me quote some lines:

Sexual contacts with animals (zoophilia, bestiality) are
rarely reported. The second well-documented case of
life-threatening rectal injury resulting from anal intercourse
with a boar is reported herein.

The patient eventually confessed that the complaints started after he committed sexual intercourse with a boar. He related that he had had previous similar experiences with animals but did not provide other details.

Linke to full article (only for subscription or pay):

related links:

In comparison, public bathroom cruising or sex cinemas are rather tame and mainstream.

How did I know about this? In a pile of printouts of chemistry articles left by a co-worker, I found a printout of this article.

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