Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ornamental street signs

Ornamental street signs

I noticed ornamental street signs in Thailand before, but didn't think more of it until I became aware of this website:


Here my own collection of ornamental street signs in Thailand. 

Roi Et:

That's a wot โหวด [wòːt] and the numbers I-0-I (101, Roi Et means 101 in Thai):

The wot occurs in lampposts as well:

And they even have wot monuments in the park:

I saw this only one time in Roi Et, for a small dead end soi:

Nang Rong (Buriram province, closest town to Panom Rung):



Koh Si Chang (island near Sri Ratcha):

Chiang Rai:


This sign is labelled as temporary:


This one point to the public park above the "PATTAYA city" sign on Phratamnak hill:

(I will add more pictures when I come across new designs.)

Aranyaprathet (between border crossing and town)

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