Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rainy season

Rainy season

Rainy season is here! When I first came to Thailand (2009), I was living in England*, where the rainy season is from July 1st to June 30th. I thought such weather must be as horrible in Thailand as it is in England. I was wrong!

(*I like being pedantic, so to satisfy me readers: I was living in the part of the United Kingdom that is called England.)

Rainy season in Thailand is quite pleasant and completely different from England. It usually rains once per day in the evening, short and heavy. 

I rarely carry an umbrella with me. Either rain is so light I don't need it; or it rains heavily, and I rather seek shelter and wait it out (usually 5 to 10 minutes) than being in the rain with a small umbrella.

Sky is covered during day, which makes the heat bearable. Covered sky is much better for taking pictures, no shadows.

Before it starts raining, you often feel wind picking up, can hear thunder and see lightning on the horizon. Then it rains lightly for some minutes, then torrential rain follows. Overall, you have about 10 minutes to seek shelter.

There is one downside: flip flops on wet floor are slippery, I have to walk carefully. Thai people have the same problem. Afterwards, puddles of water, often ankle deep, remain in some places (flip flops are best footwear, water flows in and out).

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  1. So true :) I also like it. And it never gets cold. I am living in Germany and we did not have more than 20 degrees the whole June. Wish I was in Bkk. Frank

  2. The 'cooler' November-February season in Bangkok is fine but I agree that the rainy season is perfectly OK too.

    Thank you, Christian, for all your posts on a most interesting blog!

  3. when it starts raining it's perfect time to park oneself in some restaurant and have a meal or in one of massage places and outwait rain while being mutilated by the boy

  4. Eaves and tarpaulins are an annoyance. Long after rain stopped, it is still dropping from eaves and tarpaulins. Weak rain can still give heavy dropping, because water is concentrated over the full area. Tarpaulins can have areas where water collects in a pool, I once almost got wet when a vendor pushed up such a pool so the water flows out.

  5. This year's rainy season is different. Started later than usual. It can rain any time of the day, and there were days where it rained for prolonged time. Had to change my plans several times this year due to rain.


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