Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saranrom update Fri 13.06.2014

Saranrom update Fri 13.06.2014

bus 47 from Sathorn to Sanam Luang 22:15-47, 6.5 Baht

22:50-23:55 about 25 boys in the area around the palace, but no boys at the canal

The first boy I saw looked very promising, and I asked for his name and kept him in mind, but when I came back after first round he was gone. General advice: turnover is high, don't wait! When we were chatting he asked for 20 Baht, I was already reaching for my wallet when he added: for cigarettes. Wrong answer! I told him smoking is bad for his health and he might get cancer.

Chat with a man who lives/works/hangs out in the area, ask him about one of my favorites from last year whom I haven't seen since then: arrested for possession of drugs. Bummer!

Out of my 3 favorites, this one is in prison, another one now works in Soi Twilight, the third one got boring. 

Dinner in City Walk (gay karaoke in the area) 23:55-00:55 (it took half an hour until I got my food). One third full. They have a high turnover of staff, I don't remember anyone from last year (there were two cute boys I chatted with several times last year). 

Another round 00:55-01:30, about 10 boys. One of them involves me in a conversation, rubbing my front (trousers) with one hand, and I intercept his other hand as it is going towards my pocket. In the course of this, I can have a feel of his abdomen (throught the shirt): too fat.

Taxi back to Sathorn 90 Baht.

Disclaimer: I have been warned by several Thai who buy or sell in that area that there are pickpockets. A Farang friend told a Thai friend about my exploits and the Thai was aghast because no respectable person would be seen dead in that area at that time.


  1. Thanks Christian. Informative as usual.
    One Tip: Change the word "throughput" to "turnover".

  2. I found your statement ' no respectable person would be seen dead" very re-assuring, ,thank you.

    Great report as usual, informative and free of BS as promised


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