Saturday, 21 June 2014

Saranrom update Thursday 19.06.2014

Saranrom update Thursday 19.06.2014

Went with a friend who has a car. First time by car for me. Overall, rather awkward to go by car, drive slowly, lower window, wait for boy to come over, chat with boy. Not at all my style, I will keep walking.

Arrive 10 pm. Very little business, but quickly picking up. When we leave 10:45 (after several rounds), more than 30 boys, several cute ones, high turnover. Very promising!

My friend is a top, so he asked the boys: the majority is straight and top only. I don't care, I just want to get my dirty hands on their bodies which does not need any discussion.

There was a video interview with boys from that area posted here:

(and on sawatdee-gay-thailand, but I can't find the topic)

direct link to youtube:

worth mentioning again (even though I think the numbers are highly inflated).

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  1. Did you take a boy?

  2. No boy. This was just a reconnaissance trip, not a predatory trip. And the two trips before, there was nobody who matches my preferences.


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