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Special Cinema (2) Hawaii near Wongwian Yai

Special Cinema (2) Hawaii near Wongwian Yai

Address (from ticket):
โรงภาพยนตร์ฮาวาย (สำเนา) 186 ถ. เจริญรัถ แขวงคลองต้นไทร เขตคลองสาน กทม
Hawaii Cinema 186 Charoen Rat Road, Khwaeng Khlong Ton Sai, Khet Khlong San, Bangkok

13.724965,100.494559 = 13°43'29.9"N 100°29'40.4"E

From BTS Wongwian Yai (S8) about 10 minutes walk. Take exit 3 or lift and walk northwards on the street between exit 3 and the lift (Charoen Rat 4 = Saraphi 3 สารภี 3 = Soi Krung Thon Buri 1). When you reach Charoen Rat, the cinema is in about 100 m to your left. Closest 7/11 are 0227 เจริญรัถ Charoen Rat and 5398 ตลาดวงเวียนไหญ่ Wongwian Yai market. From Wongwian Yai (traffic roundabout, which is about 500 m by air from BTS station) it’s behind Mery King department store. From outside, you wouldn’t notice it, either enter in front or take the alley (leading to a parking lot, underneath the showroom as I would guess from the curving of the ceiling) on the left.

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 11:00-19:40, Sat-Sun 10:30-19:40

Highest number of customers on Sunday (information from lady who sells drinks).

Friday 30.05.2014
Arrive 17:20. Entry 60 Baht. After entering, I need minutes for my eyes do adapt to the darkness, the only source of light is the screen. Most of the seats have been removed, in the center of the cinema a group of about 200 seats remain. Straight porn with Whites is show, quality ok. There are two aircon in the back, at about 2 m height so you can get into the cold air stream. Several fans. Temperature ok. Nobody approached me the entire time I spend there. Leave 17:50.

There were about 30 customers (all Thai as far as I could see), spread evenly over the chairs and some standing in the back. I did not witness any sexual activity, but saw some people smoke cigarettes.

It looked like some activity takes place in the toilet (didn’t witness anything, but more people than you would expect in the hallway and the toilet). With light, it didn’t look so bad, there was one bordercase.

How did I know about this place? From (I thought the chairs are in much better condition than in Laem Tong in Klong Toey, and this thread reports that they have been upholstered recently.) Some additional information here: Thanks to everyone who participated on these threads.

No website I know of, web search in Thai or English didn’t give relevant hits. Mentioned in “The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project”

This paragraph is worth quoting:
It might not look like much today, but the Hawaii Theater was once a state-of-the-art cinema, one of the few in Thailand to feature an escalator in the lobby. Time and a lack of tender loving care, however, have taken their toll. Most of the neighborhood residents I spoke to didn't even realize that the Hawaii is still open, stealthily showing pornography to cover its costs. In fact, when I visited the Hawaii at 9:00 o'clock on a Saturday morning, there was already a group of customers lounging around in the lobby awaiting their fix of smut. An off-duty cab driver, sipping from a bottle of white whiskey while sitting on a milk crate in the lobby, explained that "society thinks of us as criminals. It's against the law to do what we do. But you know what, buddy? We come here, we do what we do, and when it's all done, everything is better." A bit of insight into the mind of the sexually deviant.

Disclaimer: There are reports about thefts and robberies occurring at such places, to be safe I take only a small amount of money with me and leave my phone home.

View from Charoen Rat Road:

Central entrance, turn left where the motorbike is:

Upper floors are inaccessible:

Some of the pissoirs have been blocked permanently with concrete:

Art in the cubicles, translation: suck cock 200 Baht / 20 min, fuck ass 400 Baht / 20 min.

View southwards from pedestrian overpass from Wongwian Yai, turn left before the Art Deco style building with the yellow vertical stripes. Opposite (across Somdet Phra Chao Taksin) is another building with vertical yellow stripes, turn right before this building and you get to Wongwian Yai railway station.

Update Saturday 21.06.2014
Arrive 18:45. About 15 customers. Leave 19:00. Ask staff: today there were 85 customers.

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