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Wat Pa Kung in Roi Et province, “the Borobudur of Thailand”

Wat Pa Kung in Roi Et province, “the Borobudur of Thailand”

Wat Prachakomwanaram (Wat Pa Kung) sand stone chedi วัดประชาคมวนาราม (วัดป่ากุง) เจดีย์หินทราย
Tambon Si Somdet, Amphoe Si Somdet, Chang Wat Roi Et 45000, Thailand
ต.ศรีสมเด็จ อ.ศรีสมเด็จ จ.ร้อยเอ็ด

About 22 km by car south-west of Roi Et.

No public transport, you could take song thaeo in direction Wapi Phathum วาปีปทุม on highway 2045 (e.g. line 4210, I saw one of them on hwy 2045) and walk or hitchhike the remaining 6 km from hwy 2045.

I asked several people in Roi Et how to go there, for hiring a driver at the bus station a price for return trip was estimated from 200 to 2000 Baht. I think 400 would be reasonable (by comparison with Bangkok taxi meter).

Monday, 09.06.2014

From Roi Et town, a friend drives me in his car 9:56 – 10:23; return 11:38-12:17 (with stop at Wat Sa Pang Thong). I saw about 20 people during the time I spent at the wat. The wat’s area is vast, walk about 5 minutes from parking at the pond to the chedi.

Pond with pagoda:

Chedi inspired by Borobudur:


Glazed tiles, heaven and hell:

entrance gates to the wat:

Conclusion: A wonderful and unique place, worth the trip.

Further reading: (in order of decreasing significance by my judgement)

Shown on the front page of “Thinknet map and handbook for tourism in Thailand ’56” (2013 edition, in Thai language, my translation) 

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  1. and quite like Borobudur indeed


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