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Fantasia Lagoon waterpark at the Mall Bang Khae

Fantasia Lagoon waterpark at the Mall Bang Khae

There is some confusion about name and location elsewhere on the internet, it is Fantasia Lagoon The Mall Bang Khae เดอะมอลล์บางแค แฟนตาเซีย ลากูน.

Confusion of name or location in these following links?

Some of these links mention the same songs played over and over again, I don’t remember any music being played.

The Mall Shopping Center
Bang Khae Nuea, Bang Khae
Bangkok 10160, Thailand

Northeast of the intersection of Phetkasem (national highway 4) and Kanchanaphisek outer ring road

View from pedestrian overpass:

BTS station under construction:

Inside the mall:

General information:

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 10.30 - 21.00, Sat-Sun-public holiday 10.00 - 21.00
(the large slide closes at 18:00)

Entry for adult 200 Baht, child 120 Baht. You can walk around in your street clothes and shoes. Going into the water only with shower cap. You can rent various stuff:

(in my case: towel 20 Baht, locker 20 Baht, shower cap 10 Baht, and 150 Baht deposit), but if you bring your own you just pay 200 Baht entry, use of changing room, toilet, shower is free.

The slides end in shallow water, my butt touched ground in all cases.

The “lazy river” flows in a circle, water is injected to give it a current, so it flows without slope, and the current is so strong that I barely could swim against it.

Everything clean, well maintained, I would say Western standards. Life guards at every pool.

16:50, it gets windy and staff ushers everyone out of the water (I could see dark sky on the horizon before, announcing rain). Minutes later, everything is deserted and everyone inside and it starts to rain. Despite the sudden rush, only short waiting times in locker room, showers, deposit refund.

Good view of surroundings (however there are no landmarks to see from there), the park is on the rooftop and the building is the tallest for kilometers.

Accessibility: a BTS station is being built right next to the mall. Until it opens, either take taxi from Wongwian Yai BTS or bus lines 7, 7ก, 84, 84ก, 164 westwards from Wongwian Yai roundabout (you have to walk about 5 minutes from BTS).

Gay stuff:

Last time I was in a similar environment was about 20 years ago. But when it comes to satisfying my fetish for swim- and underwear, my depravity knows no limits, I even went to this waterpark to ogle at unsuspecting customers. No signs of cruising. But I spot some cute boys, several in a group. Just hang around and wait. One of the group asks for my name and invites me to join them on the slides. But before more interaction is possible, it starts to rain heavily (see above). In the locker room, more ogling at cute boys. Shower cubicles are for one person, but there is space for two. I smile at a cute boy, hoping he would follow me into the cubicle, but he doesn't.

After showering and changing, back into the Mall. Many people. By chance, I meet the group of boys from the pool again. Chat and exchange phone numbers (he is on Line, so we can and already did chat there. Will meet some time. My contact person is not my type, I have to make sure the cute boys are around when we meet again and see what’s possible).

An interesting experience. You can see Thai people of all ages in swimwear (few briefs, mainly trunks, some covered from elbow to knee), in a natural environment and with good light (unlike disco, sauna, gogo bar). The vast majority of the swimwear is not a style I like. There are some fatties of all ages around, it’s amazing how the fat wobbles around their body when they walk.

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  1. access; Its NOT BTS being built, its MRT-underground.
    As BTS is now extended to the Phetkasem road, can take any bus westbound there. Note that due to the constr of this metroline, its giant jams all the time. You pass yet anohter renovated shopcentre then, FUTURE/Seacon Bang Khae, which has no waterpark, but a childrens funfair toytrain riding along the foodcourt. After that the giant old-style Thai market of bang Khae and then a TEsco. Bg Khae also has a poh-flick oldstyle theatre and 1 or 2 gay massageshops.
    I think this MALL has also been criticised in the past, of course by TA, as it also has/had a children small zoo.

  2. I think it's BTS extension past Bang Wa. MRT above ground is further north.

    The mall with the zoo is Pata Pinklao.

    Where is the porn cinema and the the gay massage shops?

  3. so what is the real address?

    1. The Mall Bang Kae เดอะมอลล์บางแค
      Thanon Phetkasem ถ.เพชรเกษม


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