Monday, 4 August 2014

Seed moved to new location

Seed moved to new location

(See original post for updates and reader’s comments about closing and relocation.)

Sunday, 20.07.2014

4 days since I last had sex. It just isn’t that important any more. But my readers would chide me for sitting in my room and playing on the internet instead of going out.

Early afternoon. Call one boy: doesn’t pick up (but messages me at night). Message another boy: message still not read. Message a third boy: slow in reply (and 20 km away), and haven’t met before, postpone. Chat with a forth boy (new acquaintance) in Camfrog, slow in reply, obviously not interested (but is looking for money). Anyway, in my experience boy being 10 km away, time to my room 2 hours; 20 km away, 3 hours.

I said it before: It is often easier (cheaper, faster) to find new sexual partners (free in sauna or paid in Saranrom) than meeting old acquaintances again (unless they live next to you, then they can be in my room in less than one hour).

So it’s time to visit Seed which recently moved to a new location (near Ramkhamhaeng university, easily accessible by bus line 22, 109 or 115 from Sathorn).

Layout (from memory, please excuse inaccuracies):

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker, bathroom
2nd floor lounge with TV, small gym, sauna (can accommodate up to two), bathroom
3rd floor two rooms with a dozen computers with internet each, bathroom
4th floor two rooms with screens showing white twink gay porn, sofas and couches in these rooms, bathroom
5th floor one large and two small rooms for group action, bathroom
(rooms on 4th and 5th floor have no lighting, only light from screens and from outside)

There are no private rooms! In retrospect, this is advantageous for me. I am a bit of a voyeur, and don’t care if others watch me. I would say on a scale from voyeur to threesome, I am 80% voyeur and 20% threesome. I want to watch, touch, but don’t get involved too much. This is well catered to in the group rooms.

Enter 18:30, locker number 29. Entry 50 Baht. Condom, lube, one small towel. Cross paths with a cute boy in nice underwear in the locker room, and he follows my or I follow him, with some smiles and touching, on my first tour through Seed. Finally I realize there are no private rooms, and he wanted me to follow him into the bathroom before. So I finally follow him into the bathroom, due to lack of other lockable room. That constitutes my fastest hook-up in sauna, less than five minutes from entering into room.

Groping, kissing, wanking. Skin temperature perfect at the beginning, but then both of us start to sweat. Furthermore, he is a head smaller than I, so I have to bend my knees or spread my legs to get down to his level. He cums, but I can’t get hard under these circumstances (uncomfortable position, sweat), so I give up. He points upwards, so after showering I go upwards, but can’t find him. Then down to the locker room, but he isn’t there either. Obviously he left before I could ask for contact information.

General observation: sauna is a good place (apart from poor lighting) to meet free sexual partners, but a horrible place to have sex in (this case was the worst, standing in the bathroom; but even if there is a private room, I would prefer sex in my room, only massage rooms are as good or even better for sex than my room).

19:15 quick walk through the premises to count customers: 20. I thought that is it, come back another day, but then there is high activity in 5th floor group room, about 15 busy with each other. Everyone is fooling around with everyone else, and I find one boy who is slim and has warm dry skin and is in a position I like (bent over to suck another one, I like this view from behind where the waist appears small in comparison to butt and shoulders). So I get both hands on his body while someone else is working on me until I cum (on the floor, no tissue for wiping, others will walk through it).

After another round through the premises, I think of going home, but a stunner S (for stunner) enters the place. Fiddle around in my locker so I can have a look at him while he is undressing, nice underwear! He doesn’t seem interested and quickly hooks up with another boy O (for other boy). They go to group room, I follow and get my hands on him (great body and brown skin I knew from locker room, and warm and dry). Minutes away from second ejaculation, someone lubes his ass and wants to fuck him, but he doesn’t want to, so S takes O and they leave. I follow in safe distance, don’t want to be obtrusive.

Suddenly it occurs to me that I should just leave my phone number in his locker, but don’t remember which exactly, it boils down to a choice of two lockers. The same for the first boy, if I had remembered which locker he had, I would have known if he is still in or already out. Lesson learned: if you see someone you like in the locker room, remember his locker number.

S and O spend some time on the internet, then tour various room but do not seem to be interested in group activity. I even manage to catch S alone for a moment and ask him for his locker number, but he doesn’t understand or is in a hurry to follow O.

Finally I leave them alone and find another boy who is slim, no body hair, warm and dry skin in the group room to get my hands on and cum a second time (again on the floor). Newer happened before. That makes 4 visits to Seed (3 previous location, 1 new location), and cum 4 times (only one visit without finding a partner). For other saunas (Babylon, Chakran) the statistics is 5 to 10 visits to find one partner.

I start to understand the purpose of low light rooms (not fully dark); finding a partner is only a matter of body shape and skin temperature, no need for cute face, brown complexion, absence of body hair. But if it’s too dark, maybe I can bring my own light (battery powered LED) that shines light on the ceiling and reflects to the entire room.

It’s time to leave. The receptionist shows an interest in me, and I wouldn’t kick him out of bed to let my dog in (figure of speech, I don’t have a dog). He doesn’t know why the shop moved (and I don’t remember him from the old location). Out of the two lockers that could be S’s, one is open; and S is still in so the other must be his. I write more information on the back of my name card to allow him to identify me (“German with glasses in yellow Diesel underwear, want to meet you again”), but when I am done with it S and O are in the locker room, so I can’t slip in his locker, have to hand it to him with some words.

That was an awkward and time consuming procedure from the beginning (even asked the receptionist if he remembers the tall and slim boy and which locker number he gave him), next time remember locker number to make is easy. I think my chances of meeting him again are rather low. But if I don’t give him my phone number, he cannot call me, without doubt. If I give him my phone number, he might call me.

I estimate maximum number of customers 30. Still coming and going, I guess there were 100 customers during the time I stayed there (about 3 hours, leave 21:20). More than 2 whom I could have sex with in light, and more than 5 whom I could have sex with in low light. High numbers, compared to all other saunas I’ve been to. Estimate age rage mainly 20 to 30, mostly in good shape, some nice underwear. Will be back soon.

Back to Sathorn (bus). Five minutes before I reach my room, a number that’s not in my phone register calls me. (Translated from Thai, from memory, shortened, leaving out repetitions where I didn’t understand the first time.)

ChristianPFC “Hello, who is calling?”
Caller: “I am the one you gave the card with phone number.”
ChristianPFC “I am back in Sathorn already. Do you have Line?”
Caller “Yes.”
ChristianPFC “Let’s write on Line. I am not free now, but I hope we can meet next week.”
Caller “Ok.”

Update Thursday 24.07.2014

Go again, 22:15-23:15. Entry 50 Baht (promotion, from following day on 99 Baht), about 10-15 customers with a turnover of about 10 per hour. Two of them cute, one even in nice underwear, but not interested. Exchange Line with cute receptionist.

Talked again with the stunner on the phone, but have problems to understand, despite repetition. Was waiting for Line automatically adding him as friend via phone number, but it doesn’t! Have to look for an app that records phone calls so I can play the talk back to a friend to explain. I asked the boy where he works and when he is free, but couldn’t grasp the answer and gave up after one repetition. 

Update 31.07.2014 Have app that records talks on phone, and it works.

Copyright 2014 ChristianPFC


  1. Entertaining as always.
    It feels like watching a tennis game, long and boring, but sometimes brilliant action.

  2. was Seed known as something else before?

  3. where is it in Ramkhamhaeng?

  4. The name is the same, it moved from near the Mall Bangkapi to near Ramkhamhaeng university. I won't share exact location here, email or pm me if you want to go.

    1. May you pls share your email address? (i could not find it here - thank you)

  5. Thanks for update. I'll pm you for location


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