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Bangkok Ten sauna = Bangkok 10 sauna Aug 2014

Bangkok Ten sauna = Bangkok 10 sauna Aug 2014

Update 02.03.2015:
Opened on 28.02.2015 under new name Fab Sauna: 

Update 21.12.2014: walk past, closed with nothing posted outside. See here as well: (Sep 2014 “this account has been suspended”) (Sep 2014: still active with new posts)
for address and maps see their website,
accessible from MRT Hua Lampong or Si Phraya pier or bus

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 15:00-24:00
Sat-Sun 14:00-24:00

Entry 150 Baht, promotion:
Mon-Thu before 18:00 entry 100 Baht
Age 20-25 years entry 40 Baht (every day)

Tuesday, 12.08.2014 first visit

Enter 20:10, entry 150 Baht. No other customers in entrance area and locker room, that gives already an idea of what is to come. About 10 customers during my stay there (all Asian, too fat and old for my taste, all in towel, leave 21:00). Cashier says Fri-Sat-Sun 5-7 pm is busiest time.

Toilets and shower on all floors, shower gel in showers, no condom or lube provided. One large white towel of good quality (further large towels for 10 Baht or small towels for free available). Floor in steam room (corroded concrete) and elsewhere (plastic mats) unpleasant to walk on.

There are turnstiles at entrance and exit, with box with numerical touchpad, fingerprint scanner, and chip reader. You hold the chip from the keyring on the reader to get in and out.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker, Jacuzzi (not in operation, cold), steam room
2nd floor labyrinth with rooms (no light in rooms, walls do not reach ceiling so light from the dimly lit labyrinth that enters through the gap is all)
3rd floor karaoke, small cinema (5 double beds and 2 couches for 3, US-American (?) movie or series dubbed and subtitled in Thai) even a schedule without titles posted outside, micro gym (just one device)
4th floor roof garden, sauna (big one, can accommodate estimated 30 people), bar, lounge
5th floor roof garden (smaller than 4th floor)

Safety and cleanliness ok, just needs more customers. Will go again on a day when it’s supposed to be busy.

Friday 05.09.2014 second visit

Enter 21:00. There are boxes with condoms and lube in the locker room (didn't spot them on first visit), 6 condoms left. From the rooftop garden, you have a good view.

Only cold water in shower. There is a fan that is not covered by a grille (i.e. you can seriously hurt your hand if you touch it; when I was young I touched a rotating fan, there was blood). There is an artificial fire (cloth blown up by wind, illuminated by red light from LED). However they put this into an empty refrigerator with glass door, airflow is hindered and the effect is not as good as in an open space.

Naked zone in the labyrinth. A member of staff (fully dressed) sits at the entrance and makes sure you take of your towel and hang it on the hanger on the wall. 

About 20 customers. One cute boy who seems interested. But then he gets his mobile phone from his locker and plays on it (but looks up when I walk past, which I do several times). I have indicated interest long enough, I won’t sit next to him to chat him up while he is playing with his mobile, leave 22:00.

Conclusion: I would have to spend an unjustifiable amount of time and money until I found a partner in this place, I will move on to other saunas.

This sauna is advertised for bears and those who like them, and there were some fatties, but with majority of customers in other saunas too fat for my taste it's difficult to say if they are even fatter than average.

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