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Farose 1 sauna Saphan Khwai

Farose 1 sauna Saphan Khwai

About 15 minutes walk from BTS Saphan Khai. Pradipat Soi 19, the first side soi to the right, there is a sign in Thai language.

The whole building is dilapidated/in dire need of maintenance/neglected, to put it mildly. Smoking is allowed everywhere. There was a stench of stale smoke near the bar that almost made me puke. Stench of urine in the floor in front of some toilets as well. I couldn’t find a clock (in sauna or massage, I take off my wristwatch, so a clock is important).

The sauna consists of two parts, only connected by the reception/locker room. Bathrooms and showers on all floors.

Left side:
1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker, sauna, steam room (was lukewarm), jacuzzy (not in operation, but filled)
2nd floor (mezzanine) large aquarium with fish, gym
3rd, 4th labyrinth, rooms
5th roof garden, free food

Right side:
1st stage (2 floors high), bar with free coke/Fanta orange/water/whisky(?)
2nd (mezzanine) seats and tables overlooking the stage
3rd, 4th labyrinth, rooms; one large darkroom (very dark) where a lot of action took place after the show

Tuesday, 06.07.2010 first visit:
I go to sauna Farose. Around 20 Thais in there, it seems I’m the only Farang, I get some proposals, but it’s too dark and too dirty. Broken mirrors in the rooms, I saw a used condom on the floor. I won’t go there again!

Saturday, 30.08.2014 second visit:
“asian big size night party” prompted me to go again (and my curiosity, reading reports that it got even worse, and my policy of visiting each place twice before casting a judgement). The show was scheduled midnight in Farose 1 and 2 am (Sunday morning) in Farose 2. Midnight suited me better, and I was in Silom before so I could go by BTS, otherwise I would have gone to Farose 2.

Arrive 23:40. Entry 220 Baht before show (200 Baht after show). Walk through all rooms and floors. There is one man in the maze who looks slim and twinky, so I stand next to him. I am sure he would not stand my scrutiny in light (later confirmed), but in semi-darkness body shape is perfect, underwear ok, warm skin. However when we talk he reeks of cigarette smoke, so I excuse myself for the show.

There are about 50 customers, the vast majority too old and too fat for my taste, I saw only 3 bordercases during my stay (23:40-02:20, during which I saw about 100 other customers). Some manage to wrap several of the small towels around themselves to make it look like real clothing.

The gym is used for preparations by the performers of the big cock show – spend waiting time there, make dick hard wanking and watching porn on mobile, straight porn as far as I saw). When standing at the door to watch (other customers do so as well), one of them (Cambodian, good English) invites me. We chat and I have a grope. He asks for my phone number, I gave it to him (should have asked if he wants money, I would be surprised if not). Others ask if I want them to fuck me and offer their or their friend's services (1000, 500, 700 was quoted).

Show 00:30 to 02:00. Mix of ladyboy, lipsync, big cock show (about 10 performers, some from Lao or Cambodia, average 6 inch estimated, base of the dick tied off with condom), acrobatic fucking show. Performers then shortly roam the audience so those who are quick can have a free grope.

I was the only foreigner there, the Thais were chatty (this time no drunks or smelly smokers), and the whole atmosphere was very cheerful. Leave 02:20. It will be at least another 4 years until I go again.

Check karaoke places in Pradipat 20: some still busy, others closing. Taxi to Sathorn 90 Bath.

Copyright 2014 ChristianPFC (except for the picture which is from Farose website)

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  1. thanks for report please goto farose2 & cruisey 1 sauna soon!!!


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