Monday, 8 September 2014

Oh my god! (9) Bangkok buses

Oh my god! (9) Bangkok buses 

Most bus rides are uneventful, but sometimes I see something unusual.

Sleeping baby in the bus, in a cradle:

There was an article "Lack of Toilet Breaks Forces Thai Bus Conductors to Wear Diapers" here: which I think is a hoax. I have been to the last stop (bus garage) on some rides, there is time for a toilet break and a meal, but it might take 2 hours in traffic to get there. 

Here the final photographic proof that fare collectors do not wear diapers (could be filed as "butt crack of the year" as well):

On the subject of "butt crack of the year", here last year's winner, published before on gaythailand:

But back to buses, here the youngest fare collector. That's no joke, there was no adult except for the driver around, this boy collected fares without supervision:

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  1. great and entertaining post, you are on the roll

  2. it IS true for some very long lines-caught in jams many times-to take over 4 hrs end-to-end-and as busstaff mostly eat+drink while they rest in between-nature calls. Most know where the public Wcs are along their route.
    You mainly show pictures of private buses=rot ruam-most couples are real couples-and they have to take the kids with them on non-schooldays-and some like to teach their sons how it works-for later. Sometimes this is only for short sections-ma might be shopping or eating and gets on late as the real ticketseller.
    BKK's longest busline is 50+ kms-and none of it on expressways.

  3. More about buttcracks:


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