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Silom Sauna in Sathorn Sri Bam Pen

Silom Sauna in Sathorn Sri Bam Pen

This is not a gay sauna but it's the only stand-alone (i.e. no connected to and operated by a hotel) sauna I know in Thailand. There are stand-alone mixed saunas in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, both very simple and mainly used by locals. Other not gay saunas in Bangkok are connected to other businesses (e.g. the sauna on top of Pinnacle hotel belongs to the hotel).

Soi Sri Bam Pen, from Malaysia or Ibis hotel walk east, past Tivoli Hotel, but before The Blooms. Large red sign with white script “สีลมเซาว์น่า Silom Sauna (Chinese script?)”. Opposite is a car park with a Thai boxing ring. "Silom" means "windmill", there used to be windmills on Silom road hence the name, but Silom sauna has nothing to do with Silom road and is not in Silom road.

Entry 200 Baht for adult, 120 child. I did see only men using it. The sauna is in a former warehouse, you can see the walls and roof (corrugated iron). Smoking is allowed. They have a car park in front of it. Once walking past, I saw two Porsche there. A Korean restaurant is accessible via the same car park.

Thursday, 04.09.2014

Enter 20:25, leave 22:10. About 30 customers any given time, turnover about 10 per hour. Customer base mainly Thai, a group of Russians, some Indians.

The sauna is well lit and hot. So is the steam room. Both are among the hottest I have encountered, wouldn’t want to spend more than 10 minutes in them. Both can accommodate about 10 people. There is an indoor swimming pool (about 10 meter long) and a cold water pool about 3 m long. It is very cold, I wouldn’t want to spend more than 1 minute in it.

There is a gym and deck chairs in front of a TV. Plenty of tables and chairs. Complimentary fruit (pineapple, guava, watermelon) and soft drink (cold water yellow from tea leaves (?) and Fanta strawberry / Naam Daeng (?)). You can order other food and drink.

Cold showers, unlimited towels, even shorts are provided. There are disposable razors (stored in disinfecting liquid), shaving cream and combs.

Upstairs (2nd and 3rd floor) there are VIP rooms, and on the ground floor are plenty of massage ladies, I am sure they can give special massage.

When I left 22:10, it was still busy.

Update Oct 2015: There is another branch on Sukhumvit Soi 22 (about midway between Sukhumvit and Rama 4) with very similar layout. Entry 200, open 12-24.

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  1. In fact ''steamrooms-with herbal infusions'' are quite common in North-TH and Laos (and thus likely also isan). But these are small-more like the Finns have sauna's in their backgarden en are only heated up when they will be used. Remember having used such a thing once in LuangPrabang, one can see often advertising/notes fro them in the north.

  2. Forgot to add: since the sinking of the Titanic, I haven't been in such cold water like the cold water pool of this sauna.


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