Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2

Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2

Update Dec 2015: permanently closed

As I already surmised, Wave Club (เวฟคลับ) is the newest reincarnation of ICK (then Singapore, now Wave). After some reconstruction in the soi (with at some time only Door Dum left open, but blacklisted due to inside smoking), is has opened in August 2014.

They had some interesting events on 05./06./07.09.2014 advertised in gay magazines and facebook:

I had to go to check it out!

Saturday, 06.09.2014

A surprise visit by a Thai friend, quick change of plans. First go to Silom Soi 4 (he hasn't been), and I thought it better to take him to Wave than Patpong and Soi Twilight afterwards. Taxi 110 Baht, about 30 min. Arrive 00:45, just during the last minutes of the model show. I didn't know it would be so early, adjust my plan for the following day. Beer Heineken 150 Baht (no other choice of beer). Check DoorDum: show with Geisha ladies, smoking inside. Leave 01:20.

Sunday 07.09.2014

The main visit, planned in advance with Burmese woman and a friend. Arrive 23:30 (taxi from Sathorn 110 Baht, 30 min).

Construction of "The Cube" has started (diagonally behind the gay bars, near the canal), but won't affect the bars. The roofed alley is closed off (no access to G-Star Paradise and Harlem), DoorDum is closed.

Main entrance to Wave Club is from the east, next to the toilets (which remain unchanged). Inside some changes, main stage in the disco:

The stage for the contest is in the roofed alley, no music there. Start midnight, about 1 hour show and boys on this stage (videoed and shown life in the disco), then from 1 to 2 am in the disco. Some gay prominence around: Danny the Beach (owner), Plernpiss and others.

The boys are on the hunkier side, none of them appeals to me, even later when they are in underwear.

The number of customers was just right for easy moving around, some tables were left empty. There were two very cute boys (friends, on the same table), I had my name card out of my wallet, but missed several chances to chat them up and give my phone number. The contest was over about 2:55 am (Monday morning), customer numbers were declining from 2 am on. We left about 3:30, after my friends got into taxi I went back to disco, lights were on and everyone was leaving about 3:45.

I am in favor enforced closing 2 or 3 am. I don't want to stay up longer, and when they close while the party is still going you a surge of customers on the street, chatting in groups and waiting for taxis, which is the time when contacts are made and phone numbers are exchanged. Much better than when the party peters out from 3 to 4 with slowly declining numbers of customers.

Music level was far too loud (used earplugs), but music choice was good. We (party of 3) initially ordered beer (3 bottles, 150 Baht), then whisky (Benmore Four Casks 0.70 liter, including mixers and popcorn 490 Baht, and half of the bottle is left, in my room now).

Both visits were enjoyable, I will go more often.

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  1. By any chance did you see there guy with big tattoo on his right chest featured on the ad above ?
    He was on cover of few magazines and played in at least 4 movies from GThai series, his name is Charin Boonyang and I'm salivating to see him for long time.

    One of models in your pictures . one with tatoo on his left chest is familiar face too, I posted his picture yesterday on GT forum in "Some Models" thread.
    It looks that that club attracts to it's shows quite a few hunks

  2. I don't remember him from this visit, but I'm sure I saw him before in one of those events. And I remember from gay magazines.

  3. thank you for your answer , I hope to hunt him down one day somehow

  4. The tattoo guy lives over here on Ramkamhaeng (near soi 50). I see him often, and he is on Hornet every day.

  5. Wave club closed down right? ? Their Facebook has been removed n no update since June 2558/2015

  6. They have another facebook with recent entries:
    I went yesterday (Friday 09.10.2015), open but low visitor numbers and reduced show.


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