Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Buddhist hell garden in Wat Mae Kaet Noi near Chiang Mai

Buddhist hell garden in Wat Mae Kaet Noi near Chiang Mai

Wat Si Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam / Wat Mae Kaet Noi วัดศรีดอนชัย ป่าตึงงาม / วัดแม่แก้ดน้อย

วัดแม่แก้ดน้อย หมู่ 5 ต.ป่าไผ่ อ.สันทราย จ.เชียงใหม่
Saturday, 18.10.2014
From Chang Phuak bus station ช้างเผือก take green (metallic green) songtheo line 1234ข (it's not straightforward, these are labeled to Rom Luang ร่มหลวง or San Sai สันทราย or Mae Jo แม่โจ้ and there is a new line สายใหม่ so there might be an old line as well, and it was not clear to me whether it would go past the wat or if I would have to walk 2 km), 10:43-11:47, 18 Baht. The songtheo goes via Warorot market ตลาดวโรรส (which is a detour, but more passengers will board there). I was lucky, the songtheo drove past the wat.
The wat itself looks like others:

The interesting part is the Buddhist hell garden south of the wat. It's the weirdest I have seen so far (7: Chonburi, Pathum Thani, Ang Thong, three in Roi Et, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai province).

Entrance from rural road (there is a direct entrance from the wat as well):

When you insert at 10 Baht coin, there will be light / sound / movement:

Such statues are all over the place:

Some of the statues have a description in Thai, for this one it is missing (blue field right bottom). Caption?

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  1. the sai mai on those buses/transpo. does not mean new line, but ''takes the new road''. F.e. between ChMai and Uttaradit one may take buses via the old and the new road, signed as such. But often all lines follow the new road, as the old may have been closed.

  2. I will go there on next week!


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